The Hexa Experience

When it comes to cars, I have always been a Tata loyalist all my life and an invite to the Tata-Hexa Experience center only rekindled memories of our 15 long years of journey with Tata so far! In fact our travel frenzies started with our Tata Indica before moving into Manza and all along the experience has been smooth like the journey of life so far.


The best part about Tata vehicles is its space, strength and low maintenance aspect and the new Hexa is all this and much more as it comes with loads of new features in its steely best! The first look is definitely awe-inspiring that will give a run to all the other SUVs and is bound to be a sure hit among car enthusiasts drooling over its fiery robust looks with power-packed features.


Some of the highlighting features are its 8 way adjustable driver seat, cruise controls to set the speed, ConnectNext Touchscreen Infotainment System by Harman and a ConnectNext App suite, great seat upholstery, 19inch machined cut alloy wheels with Hill hold and descent controls, its rain sensing wipers are fitted not adjacent to each other but at opposite corners that aids cleaning the entire frame of wind shields perfectly well on a rainy day! And importantly it is a 4 cylinder diesel version of manual cum automatic transmission type with Super drive modes, Sports mode and Race car functions _ all these without much maneuvering hassle of the stick!

The vehicle is to be launched by Jan 18th 2017 and the price would range anything between 12 Lakhs to 18 Lakhs for the low and high end models and of course Blue is the mood this season!





The Hexa Experience was definitely HEXTRAORDINARY with that adventurous ride on the rugged test tracks. It was a 10 minutes ride where the driver piloted the stylish monster perfectly well with absolute ease, greeting, instructing and explaining to us like a captain on a flight, running us through steep ascents of metal slopes and marshy ditches, halter breaking on the descending slopes and accelerating on a ascending hill of steps and wooded patches of uneven logs, bumps and also did a kind of side wheelie with one set of the side wheels on the ground and the other set on a high muddy mound.


After this rugged, off the track ride, we also went for a test drive on the roads and I must say I really loved the pickup and driver seat adjustment that enabled me to take the beast in complete control! The ease of the stick and smooth maneuverability of changing it from manual to automatic to sports mode seemed like fun.

Hexa looks like a much better version than its predecessors like the Safari or Aria!

Hexa, as I understand is based on the term Hexagon _ the six sided star symbol that represents union of strengths, the hexagon is also used to depict the bonding strength of the molecular structures in chemistry typically, it also perhaps is symbolic of the 6+1 gears, whatever the reason for its name but Hexa is certainly Hextraordinary and I would definitely drool about owning it as long as the Tata customer service centers buck up to give the best and it is priced competitively!

However I will still complain that no car designers(all brands) have so far made sense when it comes to designing space for keeping water bottles, the space allocated is often very small that cannot even hold a regular 1L Bisleri water bottle nor does it have any safe fall-proof place to keep mobile phones handy especially when fitted with app suites. (Accessories don’t help much in both these cases) and helpless co-passengers often end up as mobile keeping stands and water bottle wading wives.


Anyways it was a well-organized event with adventure, food, fun and good music although bloggers never like to pay for their food but listening to the wonderful numbers of the 90s _  Aafreen Aafreen and Mayiri songs after a really long time kept our spirits high and of course the fun games did keep the kids engaged giving us adults some breathing space to listen and list out and then there was also a little corner promulgating the concept of dog adoption set up by CARE amidst the exuberance of Cars, which I thought was very thoughtful to encourage hands that gear up the tough to  lend a helping hand to the needy.

All in all it was time well invested and yes we did ask the Hexa man for an exchange offer to reinvigorate our travel spirits with a new high called Tata Hexa with its power packed, feature loaded adrenaline pumping effects!