CBSE 10th Board exam results doesn’t matter anymore!

The 10 std CBSE results will be soon announced but honestly the arrival of the results(so late) make no decisive impact today as admissions for most PU and 11th std schools are already done and even the classes for the new academic year have begun!

The schools/colleges have made their creamy choice selecting only those students who have secured a 9pointer and above for science stream, 8pointer and above for commerce or arts. And all these calculations are based on the grades/performances obtained from the internal exams/FAs/tests/pre-boards conducted by schools that accounts for 70% of the academic assessment of a student rendering the importance of board exams to only a 30% leverage. In the context of the current admission processes followed by most schools where children are enrolled for 11th standard based on their yearlong performance(10th std) or even previous year’s academic records(9th std) that are taken into account, the board exam is reduced to just a mere formality.

While people might argue that the actual potential of a child is measured through the CCE where every exam adds to the final score thereby reducing the stress levels of the child who previously accumulated all that stress for the final board exams where only one exam determined the fates, at the outset it sounds all holy and chaste and seems to make lot of sense but the fact is that the burden today is simply passed on to the parents from the child where only the length of your pockets decide the institute that one would get into because every school is busy racing for ranks and cherry picking 9+pointers or atleast that is what they seem to declare like morally upright and meritorious institutes when in reality they are doing a disservice to the meaningful cause of education by devising these cut offs where a certain percent of merit is of course taken but the same cut off is thrust at the face of other parents to craftily collect donations and normalize a channel for exorbitant collection of money.

 It is impractical and unbelievable that a whole batch of students enrolled in a class are all toppers with only cent percent marks. Are these cut offs just a mechanism to mint money? Most parents pick those CBSE schools that have 1-12th std so that they do not have to worry about looking for newer colleges after  matriculation but unfortunately many schools deny seats to their existing students after 10th std while enrolling newer students from other schools and collect fat donations from them under the garb of building funds and stuff like that and all this is done even before the board results are announced, as if it does not matter at all!

Is it some kind of nexus amongst private schools where even a 9pointer is shown out and denied the subject of his/her choice thereby forcing parents to cough up for the donations that come under various terminologies like building fund, charity fund!

Today the fees in a private school in Bengaluru starts from anything close to a lakh rupees and this is the standard slab across 1-10std. This exorbitant amount is somewhat normalized and hence made imperative in the mindsets of parents that it is okay to shell another additional lakh or so towards donations for the 11th standard admissions! Some schools are charging a fees of around 90 thousand plus the donation of another 75 thousand, plus bus fee of 26-40thousand plus uniform which is another 3-4thousand, books 4-5thousand! Additional coaching classes for 11 would be another lakh rupees! Education industry has simply become a loot bazaar of late and a politician’s side business!

The CBSE rule advocating that schools cannot force parents to purchase books is another joke, as most schools charge anther 4-5 thousand rupees for books, and this is compulsory, there is no question of reusing previous year’s books, as each year they purposefully add or remove/twist/rephrase some content to make it look like a changed version but nevertheless they do ironically preach about reuse, recycle, global warming, how to be ecofriendly and dedicate many activities for the same by again cutting some charts and making big banners! I have heard that even for NEET seats, most colleges are collecting Rs.5000 in cash for blocking a seat lest they have to let go of the seat and it is non refundable and no receipts are given for this amount!

Coming back to the trauma of this transition period of moving from 10th to 11th, the post is incomplete without mentioning about the extra coaching classes and all those crafty institutes running the same, without succumbing to whom the parents are in a parental peer pressure to compulsorily admit their children lest their children lag behind in regular school. These institutes have good teachers compared to the regular schools but why cant regular private schools hire these very good quality teachers instead of letting these after school institutes blossom? Or are the schools and the institutes are being run by the same people?

Most teachers even in the top schools today are women, who decided to kill time by taking up a teaching profession, sometimes they take it up because they get holidays at the same time as their children and also because it is seen as a light job without much stress! This is not to demean women or underestimating their abilities but to reflect on how the teaching profession is today looked upon. During our times, people took to teaching because of their passion to teach, we had equal number of male and female teachers because teaching profession was thought of as a noble and serious profession with a lot of responsibility of shaping young minds but today it is not unusual to find mostly housewife turned teachers across schools. Again I reiterate that this is not to demean those ladies who are passionate teachers and there is nothing wrong if one takes up a job that aids in balancing home and work life as long as they love teaching but it is shocking to see that the male teachers are almost missing from schools and on the contrary are found in bigger numbers in the coaching institutes! What explains this? Is it because teaching in schools is seen as below dignity for engineers and doctors who pursue teaching profession? Is it because high qualifications and merit are met with meagre pay scales in private schools or is it the lack of social respect for the teaching profession itself in primary and secondary schools that forces the qualified and deserving people stay away from school atmosphere!? Women too are present in these extra coaching institutes but certainly not in the same numbers as men! Are the deserving and the dedicated deliberately hired only in extra coaching classes leaving the schools with substandard candidates, if this is not the case why then are some CBSE schools openly running integrated programs in alliance with these coaching institutes? Or is it that the schools are money happy and don’t bother much about merit or meaningful education anymore? Or are the schools unable to do justice to push for perseverance among students because of CBSE’s very own guidelines of ‘less homework less writing policy’ wherein schools cannot impose or give elaborate writing work, hence encourage external coaching centers to churn marks which is challenging to achieve in the current scenario where rules bind the hands of the CBSE schools in leading the children to practice to perfection by writing more?

The results will be out anytime from now but there is absolutely no excitement or eagerness in awaiting a board result today unlike our times where the 10std board exam results shaped our paths and our choice of educational streams and institutes! The board exams for 10th std in its current form seems to have lost its relevance as an important exam that was once a turning point for many, either the HRD ministry should attach more importance to it and make it a deciding exam by announcing the results before the admission deadlines or at least there should be a rule where schools/colleges can proceed with admissions only after taking into account the board exam results along with the internal exams of the schools.