The Hexa Experience

When it comes to cars, I have always been a Tata loyalist all my life and an invite to the Tata-Hexa Experience center only rekindled memories of our 15 long years of journey with Tata so far! In fact our travel frenzies started with our Tata Indica before moving into Manza and all along the experience has been smooth like the journey of life so far.


The best part about Tata vehicles is its space, strength and low maintenance aspect and the new Hexa is all this and much more as it comes with loads of new features in its steely best! The first look is definitely awe-inspiring that will give a run to all the other SUVs and is bound to be a sure hit among car enthusiasts drooling over its fiery robust looks with power-packed features.


Some of the highlighting features are its 8 way adjustable driver seat, cruise controls to set the speed, ConnectNext Touchscreen Infotainment System by Harman and a ConnectNext App suite, great seat upholstery, 19inch machined cut alloy wheels with Hill hold and descent controls, its rain sensing wipers are fitted not adjacent to each other but at opposite corners that aids cleaning the entire frame of wind shields perfectly well on a rainy day! And importantly it is a 4 cylinder diesel version of manual cum automatic transmission type with Super drive modes, Sports mode and Race car functions _ all these without much maneuvering hassle of the stick!

The vehicle is to be launched by Jan 18th 2017 and the price would range anything between 12 Lakhs to 18 Lakhs for the low and high end models and of course Blue is the mood this season!





The Hexa Experience was definitely HEXTRAORDINARY with that adventurous ride on the rugged test tracks. It was a 10 minutes ride where the driver piloted the stylish monster perfectly well with absolute ease, greeting, instructing and explaining to us like a captain on a flight, running us through steep ascents of metal slopes and marshy ditches, halter breaking on the descending slopes and accelerating on a ascending hill of steps and wooded patches of uneven logs, bumps and also did a kind of side wheelie with one set of the side wheels on the ground and the other set on a high muddy mound.


After this rugged, off the track ride, we also went for a test drive on the roads and I must say I really loved the pickup and driver seat adjustment that enabled me to take the beast in complete control! The ease of the stick and smooth maneuverability of changing it from manual to automatic to sports mode seemed like fun.

Hexa looks like a much better version than its predecessors like the Safari or Aria!

Hexa, as I understand is based on the term Hexagon _ the six sided star symbol that represents union of strengths, the hexagon is also used to depict the bonding strength of the molecular structures in chemistry typically, it also perhaps is symbolic of the 6+1 gears, whatever the reason for its name but Hexa is certainly Hextraordinary and I would definitely drool about owning it as long as the Tata customer service centers buck up to give the best and it is priced competitively!

However I will still complain that no car designers(all brands) have so far made sense when it comes to designing space for keeping water bottles, the space allocated is often very small that cannot even hold a regular 1L Bisleri water bottle nor does it have any safe fall-proof place to keep mobile phones handy especially when fitted with app suites. (Accessories don’t help much in both these cases) and helpless co-passengers often end up as mobile keeping stands and water bottle wading wives.


Anyways it was a well-organized event with adventure, food, fun and good music although bloggers never like to pay for their food but listening to the wonderful numbers of the 90s _  Aafreen Aafreen and Mayiri songs after a really long time kept our spirits high and of course the fun games did keep the kids engaged giving us adults some breathing space to listen and list out and then there was also a little corner promulgating the concept of dog adoption set up by CARE amidst the exuberance of Cars, which I thought was very thoughtful to encourage hands that gear up the tough to  lend a helping hand to the needy.

All in all it was time well invested and yes we did ask the Hexa man for an exchange offer to reinvigorate our travel spirits with a new high called Tata Hexa with its power packed, feature loaded adrenaline pumping effects!


“BJPWalker” Rocking Kerala Election

Kerala, the spice capital of the world, the land where many ancient civilizations flourished, once renowned for its culture and traditional values is today less about culture and more about communism and their communal violence with the advent of communism post India’s independence,, yet Kerala is often seamlessly promulgated as the state with the highest literacy rates, but the insidious truth remains that even with a literacy rate of 93.91% as against the national average of 74% the state of Kerala tops the unemployment rate at 7.4% which is almost 3times the national level of 2.3%.

So where did the state go wrong?

Before understanding where it went wrong, the people of Kerala need to shun their prejudiced pseudo secular filters and understand why it went wrong? The answer lies hidden in an ideology that was adopted six decades ago!

Communism _ an idea of a classless society where society shares all property and wealth in common, in simple terms somebody else who may or may not have worked hard enough, shares profits of your labor. In short Communism is a slow poison that harvests lethargy, kills the spirit of competition and learning, disintegrates the idea of a robust economy and completely disregards merit leaving the strings of decision making with a powerful few.

The economic inequality during post Independence led to the hope of an equal distribution of uneven wealth accumulations amongst the peasants who were overwhelmed when Land Reforms and Ordinance Bills and Education Bills were passed, reversing everything as they went on to become the land owners overnight but the sad truth is that even after 60 years of Communist/Congress rule in the God’s own country, the manufacturing activities are almost nil, the unemployment graph is only surging, industrial progress is bleak, today the multinational companies are reluctant to invest or set up new business in the state of Kerala owing to the lack of infrastructural development, fear of industrial unrest by communist aggressors who do not allow the benefits of globalization to be passed on to their people. Hence there is a dangerous trend of skilled and unskilled labour drifting away from Kerala to distant shores for greener pastures that leaves the economy dented and dependent only on NRI remittances, tourism and trade to some extent!

NRI remittances are good but can an economy depend only on remittances alone which can be at stake in the adversity of a war or political disturbance?

Even tourism is a lack-lustre business in Kerala as most tourists dread about the safety aspects and lack of good hotels and good food especially vegetarian food except for a few posh unaffordable resorts.

Also communism by far claims to be Godless and pro people but on a closer look it is just a vicious combination of pseudo secular and power mongering brokers that has changed the demographics of free thinking and peaceful living.

It is in this context that the people of Kerala need to thwart down the pseudo secular rhetoric and leverage their voting rights in large numbers giving BJP a fair chance to prove them self in the larger interest of the state’s development.

The BJP candidate Kummannam Rajasekharan has been playing a pivotal role in stirring a nationalistic conscience amongst Keralites.

Mr.K.Rajasekharan has been a journalist, editor in various publishing houses who after working at Food Corporation Of India, quit his job to become a social activist. He has led the Nilakkal movement in 1983 against encroachment of temple lands when a church priest claimed that a stone cross established by Jesus’ apostle Saint Thomas in 57 CE was unearthed from near the Mahadeva temple at Nilakkal near Sabarimala, and proposed to build a church on the site, Hindus mounted a protest that lasted for six months and finally resulted in the relocation of the proposed church. In the Marad massacre incident in 2003 where Hindus were attacked with swords and the killers escaped into the local Juma Masjid, police were prevented from entering the mosque by Muslim women, as the General-Secretary of Hindu Aikya Vedi, Kummanam Rajasekharan played a tremendous role in this movement for justice and fair trial. He has also led agitation against the Aranmula International Airport project which was a detrimental to the fragile ecosystems and had various environmental violations. He has also led movements against Elavoor Thookam and Palazhi untouchable practices. He had earlier contested in 1987.

The communal and divisive vote bank politics prevalent from the last 6 decades has let down the people of Kerala with only a secular jargon coined time and again but with no visible development or opportunities whatsoever.

In the past many BJP/RSS candidates and workers have been ruthlessly murdered or eliminated through violent methods from the political corridors but in spite of the constant communal violence from the communists and Congress and all their allies, strangely it is the BJP that is termed as hardliners who involve in communal politics.

But this time around the BJP has made its presence felt remarkably, connecting and reaching out to the common man, thereby instilling confidence amongst people who had lost faith in democracy.

“The #BJPWalker rocking Kerala elections” program was an exciting experience for the voters of Vattiyoorkavu constituency in Kerala as they indulged in the festival of democracy, witnessing a glittery march with people carrying illuminated portraits of Sri.Kummananam Rajasekharan the President of BJP, Kerala State and a candidate for the assembly elections due on May 16.

The BJPWalker created with the portraits of Sri.Kummanam and Prime Minister Modi ji were carried as a light weight back packs by volunteers. They were also wearing three dimensional masks of Modi ji and Kummanam Ji. The pedestrians, commuters and bystanders witnessed such glittering fervour first time in their life and they seemed to simply love it as they took selfies and sent them to friends, BJP is connecting well with voters and ensuring that they read the content published on BJPWalkers , they are taking feedback from different section of voters and involving low cost interactive communication system with high Return of Investment says Buddha Chandrasekhar @buddhabjp creator of BJPwalker.

In addition to the bjpwalker they are using Hydraulic moving display of Modiji and Kummanamji, large balloons and models of electronic voting machines in training voters, says Buddha Chandrasekhar

The election for Kerala Assembly is picking up speed and heat as BJP is using unique campaigning techniques to reach out to the voters. BJPWalker was inaugurated by Minister of Chemicals and Fertilizers Shri.Ananthakumar and covered by major local Kerala channels.

The Communist ideology that swept with quick succession, the gullible minds of the peasants six decades ago seems to be fading away as a farce into thin air as the people now realize that hard work and a legitimate developmental plan with an earnest will to implement it alone can take a state forward!



Honey Sweet Home!

As a content writer I was recently required to do a write up for an artificial power drink that claims to hasten fat metabolism and build muscles by pumping high quality ripped protein into the body that carves your muscles like any celebrity in just a couple of months.

While doing this write up I researched several diet charts and health prescriptions but by the end of the day I could only conclude that it is the natural and healthy diet along with ample physical activities that always aids and enhances one’s fitness attributes and not any artificial or quick yo yo diets that crash your inside health along with those crash diets.

Starvation is never the answer to losing weight!

In short there are no short cuts to a healthy and fit body you simply have to earn it by practicing a healthy regimen every day. A healthy regimen includes frequent portions of nutritious food, exercise, yoga, good sleep and a healthy mind.

Being Indians we always believed in fresh healthy cooking with variety of spices and sweets to seduce our palates but of late it is surprising to see that we are adopting anything and everything that promises to sculpt you into shape without giving a second thought about the damage that these crash diets do to our bodies.

When we have the fittest answers to all the fitness freaks in our own backyard in our own ancient Ayurvedic recipes, do we really need to fall trap to these quick money missions who are least interested in our long run health?

The first thing a crash diet does even with any number of artificial protein supplements is alter your fat fall and muscle build up drastically which is disastrous for the heart.

The Leptin hormone in your brain controls hunger, modulates metabolism and promotes fat burning, when fat levels fall drastically in a crash diet even the Leptin hormone falls triggering a starvation signal to your brain that is when your cravings get the better of you resulting in weight gain. In a crash diet you lose your energy and also lose out on your muscles.

Instead it is always safe and long lasting to choose a healthy natural diet!

A healthy diet in a simplest way is to start your day with a spoonful of natural honey with some warm water because honey can cleanse the body inside out with its natural disease fighting ability with loads of antibiotic properties in it, the daily consumption of honey pumps antioxidants into our blood streams killing the oxidative stress that causes many chronic conditions.

Honey has the ability to mobilize unused fat in the body, it has natural valuable vitamins, proteins and Folate and also aids in increasing the good cholesterol in the body, it reduces cardiovascular strain in the body which means you are going to be fit and energetic throughout the day by just adding two spoons of natural goodness of honey in your routine.

At the Zuri Hotel, Dabur Honey Diet Bloggers Meet

At the Zuri Hotel, Dabur Honey Diet Bloggers Meet

See! Honey can really shrink the kids!

The kid of wild cravings! by supplementing natural sugar to your body.

This does not mean that you have a spoon of honey and then continue to abuse your body with all fatty food fervor for the rest of the day, it is just that honey aids you to be healthier you along with a healthy lifestyle.

Along with Honey Diet a nutritious and healthy homemade food with lots of vegetables, legumes, milk, fruits and cereals in frequent little portions make for a great health recipe.

I heavily bank on honey for all the household remedies like coughs, cold, constipation and skin irritations and resist using allopathic antibiotics that are prescribed and available just like that unless it is really needed.

Let’s bring honey into our lives back and say Honey Sweet Home!

Did you know?

Honey is used to cure chronic conditions like cancer, Alzheimer’s, psoriasis. It can also be used on burns as an antifungal and antiseptic cream.

House Hunting Series

We were newly married and had just returned from a flamboyant offshore trip and were on the lookout for a house, since my hubby’s job involved travelling we thought it would be best to live in the safe enclosure of nested houses so we finalised on one such haven and ended up paying a bomb for this dingy hole and moved in one fine day.

But soon it dawned on us that even a small sneeze would wake my neighbours up and vice versa we could detect their slimmest farts, to add to the injury the company had changed its travel policies after marriage or so I was duped. A late night movie at the mall meant that we lost our premium parking space or perhaps the gate would remain locked forcing us to jump the gate like thieves to get into our home, the icing was when a fight broke in one of the nests or a rogue child cried __ the effect was complete like in a cinema tent but love was in the air everywhere and so were the close relatives whose close proximity haunted us frequently at all odd hours. While I romanticized a masculine musk imagining his footsteps like in a typical Sidney Sheldon novel a harsh truth filled the air with a pungent garlic odour emanating from the neighbour’s wok clouding our windowsill, a nice jazz music would often be interrupted by a crass neighbour who blew his nose hard and cleared ½ a kilo of sputum from his chest, in short our new marital home and all its surroundings had all the ingredients like in a ‘Chameli ki shaadi’ and I decided enough was enough so we hurriedly shifted off to my mom’s place as my in laws lived in another town. We were back to square one with our house hunting series season 2 the expeditions of which was very tiring as either the house didn’t match our requirements or didn’t fit into our budget and when they did it was in the outskirts of my defined boundaries so on one such day my mom suggested that we could as well stay in the ground floor house and that the tenants would soon be moving out. It sounded good and mutually beneficial too as my mom was staying alone and my presence would be a moral support to her and even I wouldn’t be left alone whenever my hubby travelled so we readily agreed to this offer and we settled down for good.

Weeks and months passed by and life got busy visiting and hosting friends and relatives immersing myself in the nitty-gritty of married life, soon we were blessed with our first child and my whole life seemed to revolve around my baby. My mom was a pillar of support during these trying times of new motherhood and we showed our gratitude by being there for her whenever she needed yet ensuring that both were independent but together without infringing upon the others space and without any financial exploitations and this combo seemed to work well. As my child grew up I even took up a job totally banking on my mom which began to nudge many on the wrong side. It had never occurred to me that I needed to own a home to call it mine until I decoded many daunting verses from close aides that set me thinking if my staying here really reflected my image.

Elsewhere several miles away lived many cousins whose lifestyles never mattered to us but since I showed my face around locally I was tagged as the local daughter-in-law amongst my people because success to many folks in India still means taking up an onsite opportunity and posing up in hot pants as this was a default qualification that every other cousin possessed, it was almost religiously undignified and petty to be staying here back home in India that too in my mom’s place, Nayyy…..!!

Years had turned like pages in this chapter called life where the material aspect had risen above me to become the protagonist and I was now seen merely as a poor little wretched child tossed from a wok to a pan on one side while the others thought I was a staunch mommy’s girl living in my mother’s strong castle dancing to her tunes and it echoed wherever I went, although I was thick skinned enough to brush the ills aside the frequent roasts on both sides did err and stir our minds if not for image it was certainly for our children who were now growing and needed more space to play around and even we needed a novelty in our expressions and more so a space that we could call exclusively ours fearlessly because ‘Apnapan comes with Apnadhan’, fortunately we had invested in a flat sometime back and it was now ready for occupation, it was really hard to come out of my childhood shell but we decided it was time for a session 3 but we knew our destination this time. #StartANewLife






Togetherness Unlimited

We were a big pack of 4siblings at home 2boys and 2girls always at loggerheads over the pettiest of things around that kept my parents on high alert at most times. The eldest was the sober and stylish types and the only one who believed in non-violence who dreaded to endorse us as his family when we teemed-up together on our Vespa scooter sticking out from all sides like in a mini bus calling out to him at the cricket ground, my sister was often like the eye of a storm calmly playing music during her number crunching mission while others struggled to concentrate, the one who would simply undo the braids till my mom had appeased her with a perfect centric partition, the third one was the notorious type whom I dreaded even in my dreams whose adventurous stints at school and neighborhood were nothing short of a Horrid Henry series and lastly it was me who was a plagiarized version of a little bit of all their traits as I looked up to them and probably had inadvertently absorbed like a staunch copycat but being the youngest in the family I always had an edge over others as I was pampered and easily forgiven one by my parents which often invited the seething ire of my overbearing siblings but was somehow saved every time. We buzzed like bees constituting our house into a home. We would walk long distances to the traditional ground nut fair in Basavanagudi or went trekking the rocky hill temple of Ragigudda or shopped together for festivals and believed that we would stay together for ever but years later as we grew up we were all headed in different directions busy in the walks of our everyday lives so much that meeting everybody together became a treasured moment which happened only once in 6months or perhaps sometimes once in a year. Especially my sister, while we don’t give up making meticulous plans to meet up, discussing and analyzing why the previous plan failed, weeks and months pass just like that, although we live in the same town today we only get to talk on phone. We all have friends and well wishers everywhere but staying in touch with your roots your family, reconnecting and refreshing the bygone era of childhood with your siblings has its own charm that certainly enables and nourishes the emotional balance in you else you feel dejected and uncared for without really understanding why.

So one such day when the yearning had reached its roof I decided we all had to meet somewhere out in the open and we all agreed to just get out and meet at my brother’s farmhouse. On the D day loaded with food and games we drove down the narrow lanes leading to the farm. The weather was pleasant and cool, the many inmates of the farm the cows, hens, rabbits, dogs kept staring at us amusedly and we began singing ‘Old Mac Donald had a farm….and on his farm he had some cows……’ and kidded my brother as the old Mac with grey hair now, we spread the mat and lay there under the trees while the kids played in the inflated swimming pool and danced around the sprinklers, we kept chatting for a long time on varied topics about kids, schools, their silly home works to the fate of software engineers and our hubbies to the lack of exercise and how ugly the city life had become and how one day we could all settle down to do farming and agriculture hinting at my brother to hire us as laborers in the farm we kept chatting and joking without the slightest hint of what was in store for us. The weather was dilly dallying and it began to rain, the nature lovers that we sisters were we began admiring the lovely weather in our poetic language and even took a few steps out in the rain and exclaimed how we missed all this fun and how boring we had become. Soon the weather was dipping and the evening was setting in so we thought it was time to head home. My sister is normally the first to panic and jump on her toes whenever she casually looks at her watch, even if it is not late she will remind others that she will leave in the next 2 hours and will keep announcing it every 15minutes on prorate basis till the final goodbye moment arrives, so she was the first one to bid adieu to this much planned lazing grandeur, we kept waving at each other holding on to the window sharing many last minute stories and my brother in law finally plugged the ignition on and lo and behold! The vehicle roared and skidded behind since as it was parked on a steep slope and the rains had made the soil very soft and slushy. We kept a big rock behind the tyres and he tried to take off once again but the tyres were losing traction and each try only sent the vehicle deeper into the soil, so this time we found some really hard huge rocks and planted a series of them and stuck them into the soil. At this point all of us stood behind the vehicle readying ourselves to lend a push, we cried many slogans like ‘dum lagake haiiya and ‘Jai bajarangabali’ and my brother in law finally whirred off spluttering a pile of mud sludge at us and we stood there like ‘Hema, Rekha, Jaya aur Sushma’ modelling perfectly for the Nirma ad completely covered in slush but my brother in law wouldn’t stop and headed straight until he reached a flat surface. So it was session 2 now and we had to scurry down under the low level tap to take cold showers and clean up the muck as we were now shooed off from getting into the car. We finally washed as much as possible and sat like untouchables in the car and drove back home really late but it was a day well spent. The whole muck drill had actually cleansed our minds and brought us together to re live old memories of fun and frolic, the next day I woke up in the morning feeling rejuvenated and flashing broad grins at myself in the mirror ready for the day ahead feeling like a new bud altogether, that’s the magic of togetherness, which is like a therapy to rid dreariness out of you.