Democracy or Hypocrisy

The word Democracy is perhaps the biggest sham in contemporary politics the world over. Most of us tend to believe that it is rule – by the people, for the people and of the people, but if you read carefully:

Democracy is a system of Government where citizens exercise power directly to elect their representatives to form a governing body

But the truth is your power ends exactly there, your right to elect only means that you have to select from the cesspool of whatever is already there on the stock pile. Once you have elected your representatives there are no easy ways to reprimand or seek punitive recourse against them for any of their inefficiencies or administrative apathy however you will be penalized for the pettiest of nonconformity. Democracy too was launched as a remedial governing module to achieve an egalitarian society but in this quest for instituted equality what has emerged is a debilitated society which vies to be more unequal than ever for socialistic privileges sanctioned under our constitution, rendering Democracy as a sophisticated social veneer to hide the fangs of oligarchy. While Democracy in itself is a great idea but when inflicted with socialism the very essence and spirit of Democracy is harmed.

In ancient and medieval times, the system of governance practiced was mostly monarchy along with some cases of oligarchy but at least things were pretty straight that the king and his bloodline was the supreme authority that remained unpunishable by the ordinary. And those that wanted to change and challenge the regime had to encounter with muscle and military prowess or match up in shrewd strategy to overthrow the king. It is common in history to read about how the nobles of royalty conspired against the king or how slaves came to become prominent and overthrew the very rulers they served, not that things are any different today under Democracy but at least the law of justice was immediate. It was an out and out battle for power where the strongest or the most shrewd survived but at least battles fought were for upholding territorial integrity unlike today’s hypocrisy where power hungry men line up as messiahs to serve the public even if it were at the cost of compromising the national integrity and security.

The British who condemned and castigated away the monarchic system of Kings and introduced Democracy here still continue to have an Oligarchic front in the form of a queen who still wears the stolen diamond on her tiara. And all their Royal Weddings are still the talk of their town, their neighbor’s and everybody else’s town. While such forced propaganda is quite categorical of the autocratic imperial west, the pursuit of our popular editorials to romanticize Monarchy or a dynasty is telling of all that is wrong with our setup of Democracy where mindsets are still engrained with eternal enslavement to past invaders and tyrants, so much that we are unable to take bold steps without a precedent and shudder to believe that what is good for the goose is good for the gander too! But the ground reality is what is good for the goose is never good for the gander because no matter how many new governing modules are brought about there is always going to be a ruling class and then the ruled class.

Democracy was brought in as a path breaking alternative to end all those struggles for power with unlimited conspiracies, bloodshed, vengeance, ambition, persecutions, disaffections and defections that prevailed under the monarchic system. If Karnataka, Kerala, Kashmir, Mizoram or West Bengal is any hint, what different is the situation today? Invasions still happen it is just that the world order and all their invasive mechanisms are more sophisticated and more foolproof today.

Although Democracy is the biggest hope, a state ridden with obsolete diktats with a socialist moribund handbook as its guiding force has today legitimized constitutional inequality setting stage for those very vices, reaping rich dividends of division to power brokers who with or without authority still wield powers and whip popular mandates into subjugation, thereby nullifying the spirit of democracy.

Ironically the last time a convicted politician who served his full sentence without bails or paroles was perhaps during the independence struggles under the autocratic rule of the British. The post independent India with a British instituted democracy, even after 70years, still breathes the air of autocracy amongst our Government offices, judiciary, police and bureaucrats who work for the powerful political masters instead of people where petition after petition are heard at the dead hours burning midnight oils to settle matters involving the political elite but justice for the ordinary masses takes decades together. This political-bureaucratic nexus has always kept people in fear and away from participation, abusing the constitutional loopholes and rendering democracy as a farcical facade for ensuring a thriving tyrannical rule.

To add to this, our constitutional lingo filled with Greco-Roman jargons with old English still remains a cryptex to common people. The indecipherability, inaccessibility or lack of understanding or awareness of the constitutional provisions coupled with the problem of nexus nobles of government departments who collude and collaborate to dictate and dilute or even reverse almost anything, is still an imperial slap that aids a reduced participation of the common man in democracy. Post-Independence, India, even after a ceremonial institution of Constitution lost hopes of public participation _ be it the taxation policies, Emergency or the quashing of a SC judgement by bringing an ordinance or dynastic overbearing, autocracy had taken over all along by discarding or deploying those very constitutional provisions at will to suit their unscrupulous functioning, thus systematically discouraging people participation or engagement.

Democracy for the record was an eyewash used merely as an electioneering tool in the last 70 years where people were mostly disconnected from the framework of governance but off late when people are becoming more aware and have starting participating in large numbers, democracy is certainly in danger, you know for whom! The recent bloodbath during West Bengal elections is testimony to the appalling tyranny enforced to curtail the participation of people where there is absolutely no scope for accommodating any adverse opinions. This makes one ponder if it is the despondency of Democracy or the diffidence of leadership to assertively evoke constitutional powers to thwart such tyranny that has emboldened such anarchy!

Even Monarchic times of the kings engaged with people, there were Darbaari Darshans, Diwan e aam, Diwan e khas, and there were times when Kings disguised themselves and went for Gupt darshans where the King engaged in discussions with his people to understand their problems and sought their opinions. The king consulted his ministers, decentralized and delegated powers amongst his trusted folks. The Magadhan kingdom during its ascendancy had social groups called Sabhas that consisted of commoners, priests, elders, military chiefs from all clans and classes. There was no autocracy as it is generally made out to be. The king took advice from the people through these Sabhas that were casteless. In fact there was a clear cut line drawn that Kings were for wars and enforcement of law and order while administration was done by a senate of elders where everyone were given a voice much like in a Democracy. Many kingdoms employed a system of Dvairaajya or Diarchy that prominently emphasizes the importance given to military preparedness along with a mechanism to ensure that the economy and administrative affairs of the kingdom were taken care. There was no need to participate in shrill mindless media debates amidst anti-national panelists or to pay apologetic sickular human right homages by filing FIRs on their own Sainiks _ Traitors were simply put to death, offenders dealt with sternly – justice was done immediately – no haggling in courts for years together. There was no UN obligation of ceasefire but only firing till the enemy ceased. There was no need for a king to appease any caste hence merit, talent and efficiency was nurtured and respected. As a matter of fact the Indo-Gangetic plains during Magadhan ascendancy were dominated by Shudra kings while the Kuru and Malwa regions were dominated by Brahmanas, so you see, clearly Brahmanas were not confined to temples alone nor were the Shudras confined to lowly labour work. Every class fared an equal chance prior to Mohmmedan and British invasions. Hence the Mayawatis and Mulayam Singhs steer clear of Shudra politics and resort to the new liberal lingo of ‘Dalith antics’ because Shudras unlike modern day Dalits did not play social victim card nor sought any reservations but fought many brave wars and lived more equally not by vilifying Brahmins but by seeking spiritual and administrative guidance and living in harmony.

BharathaKanda always valued democratic principles even before the concept of democracy came to be constitutionally instituted. In the past a King’s reign was ascertained as successful or tyrannical depending on the freedom, prosperity and happiness quotient of his people, this was certainly a measure of the democracy that prevailed. Just like bad presidents and good presidents today there were good kings and bad kings, prosperous reigns and tyrant anarchic regimes. Essentially in any module of governance it is the intent and ability of the ruler that matters most. If China and Russia and Japan have suffered under dictators and monarchs in the past, today it is the same dictatorship or Monarchy module that has led to their rising economic and military status. This is not to justify dictatorship or Aristocracy or Autocracy but India after centuries of tyrannical rule has finally gotten itself an indigenous leader who can connect and work for its masses but suddenly all those who had stumped and stampeded Democracy are today worried about its upkeep and many do not seem to realize its value or do not deserve democracy at all for they choose to be ignorant and isolated. And when those very tenets of Democracy are misused for the cause of crass communism and intervention by BreakingIndia predators to contain India’s rise and to dethrone a good leader, I wonder if they really deserve democracy.

During Monarchic rules, five hundred years ago, it took the congregation of the five Deccan Sultanates to bring down the Vijayanagara Empire, five hundred years later, in a Democracy – where people’s mandate is allegedly supreme, it is still the same story where a Mamta, KCR, CBN, Kumaraswamy, Mulayam and all their Ku Klux clans are all set to confederate again.

The orchestrated separatist unrests, manufactured civil dissensions and corrupt collusions continue unabated in the current order of Democracy nullifying the very essence of Democracy which is the people’s mandate. Hence it makes it suspect if Democracy is any different from its predecessor modules and if India should go the China or Russia way at least for the next 25 years if there has to be another Vijayanagar in the making!



My First Experience with Consumer Forum

Sometime back I had enrolled my child into one of those premium coaching institutes for IIT/JEE entrance training program under parental peer pressure. Since we were still undecided, we had enrolled for all four core subjects.

But during the orientation session it was categorically and condescendingly proclaimed that the child has to decide if he would go for IIT or Medical and pick PCM or PCB accordingly! Since it was made out to be a life or death moment although we had made the full payment for all four subjects we decided on the batch and had to drop the additional subject towards which we had already paid.

After the decision was made I approached them for a refund of the additional amount we had made initially towards the extra subject which had to be dropped now because of the segregated batch system.

I was told that the amount would be adjusted against the fees for the next year and that no refund would be possible which meant that we had to remain trapped like bonded laborers and invariably enroll for the course next year too whether or not we would be satisfied with their service. This was an unacceptable business module to me as it was not communicated in advance at the time of enrollment. I was not willing to relent and hence kept following up with them. After much insistence they asked me to fill up a refund request form and sent it across to their head office and after acknowledgement of the same nothing much happened. My subsequent telephonic reminders and emails evoked no response and after midyear they simply refused to refund at all. I told them that I would certainly continue for the next year’s course provided they showed some professionalism and good ethics in administrative matters but to no avail. I felt let down that an educational institute had to behave so unprofessionally.

A year had passed by but there was no sign of any refund, I began searching and reading about how to seek redressal with Consumer Forum, I came across and tried signing up online. Although the site did create a login and sent me a password, the INGRAM page never allowed me to register a complaint, the captcha code never verified and the submit button never worked. When I tried again after some time, this time I had forgotten the password and when I requested for a password reset the site never responded.

Digital India is still a long way with so many flawed applications and mediocre softwares and last but not the least the unskilled folks interfacing behind those shoddy softwares and tools.

I later tweeted to the various Consumer Forum twitter handles but there was no response.

As a last resort, I called up the toll free number on the consumer forum helpline website and luckily it was answered. I narrated the whole episode and finally a complaint was registered but with a wrong spelling in my name. The executives attending these calls are not so well trained but they did a decent job keenly hearing to the complaint and registered the same. A couple of days later I got a mail from the Consumer Forum with a complaint docket number to be followed up. I kept following up with the Forum support staff and they assured me that it would take some time but it would certainly be processed and that they would do their best to resolve the matter within the ambit of the Consumer Forum without further having to go to the COnsumer court.

There is no difference between the Consumer Forum and Consumer Court but the Forum is the place to begin with and matters that don’t get resolved in the Forum are transferred to the Consumer Court which is an extension of the same to be dealing with sticky matters. But here still, you don’t have to take any legal help and you are on your own where you narrate your side of the story with clear documents and receipts that stand your case. Consumer Forum is the first step where matters of lesser monetary value can be resolved however if the company/brand you are complaining against is unyielding the matter might go to Consumer Court where you have to write to the Consumer Court with your detailed complaint, you may also be required to go physically to the Consumer Court where your case will be heard. However the Consumer Forum helpline operators will guide you to the extent of giving you the jurisdictional address and the right people to contact in case the matter is unresolved at the Forum level.

Coming back to my case, almost after a month’s time after the complaint I received a call from my coaching center guys inviting me for a discussion. It was heartening to know that something had worked and those guys who were until recently refusing to respond to my calls or mails were now calling to have a discussion with me. During the discussion the coaching institute asked me to settle down for the next year’s course where the pending refund amount would be adjusted against the fees, I clearly declined the offer and once again reiterated that I would like to start afresh after they had refunded.

When they sensed that I would not budge, he agreed to refund the money and settle the matter however for his ego massage he did say that I could never ever enroll anybody with them ever again to which I said Amen!

Clearly it was bad business practice demonstrated yet again but for his ego massages, anyway I came back home a happier person.

But even after 20days nothing had moved, this time the Consumer Forum guided me to send a written communication to the institute reminding them of their commitment and I did the same. And after some 15 days of my letter I received my refund cheque.

Thanks to the Consumer Forum, it really worked for me all within a span of 2months.

I really wish these entrance test coaching was made a part of the school curriculum for the 11th and 12th that would reduce the parent and the student’s burden because if it is the NEET ranking or the entrance scores(CET etc) that decides the fate of the child why can’t such coaching be given mandatorily in schools, why should parents pay extra elsewhere and be over burdened when they are shelling out in lakhs as school fees. Currently our educational institutes are nothing more than loot bazaars especially for the General Merit category which is milked by these coaching institutes.

I still wonder what is it that held back the institution to honour my simple request in the first case, if only he had refunded without any fuss I would have probably continued with the same institute but for his dishonesty, nevertheless there still exists a forum that does not allow the normalization of unethical business practices.




Salaried Class – the budget mules

Union Budgets have been the most dreary topics for me and the very sounds of Latin smeared budgetary jargons like fiscal deficit, federal surplus have had repulsive effects of delirium if not a nightmarish experience during my college days. As if the lethal usage of ultra-formal undecipherable flamboyance with Anglicized Roman/Latin/Greek derived English words (much like our constitution vocabulary) were not enough, budgets from times immemorial have been more about political equations and revenue generation and less about real welfare of the people. Nevertheless year after year Budgets have often spoken about welfare of poor farmers or benefits to the big corporates so much so that the middleclass has come to believe that it is somewhat normal for the salaried class to be the silent donkey, bearing the tax burden without even a tsk.

Till recently the honest tax payer made no qualms of paying up his taxes even if it meant his exploitation to subsidize other non-taxpayers nor did he make any noise on the lavish rebates given to the rich corporates as they were deemed as job creators. But the pinnacle of corruption and misuse of the tax payers’ money during the UPA rule where a new scam was unveiled with each passing day, the ugly culture of nexus between the politicians and bureaucratic layers had revealed the fallacy and futility of all those populist policies that the common taxpayer had had enough.

The accumulated dissent of over 70years had reached a saturation point where he could take no more. To add to the dissatisfaction the unbridled excesses of secularism unleashed unabashedly triggered the otherwise calm middleclass for an actionable response. The Gujarat model of Modi and the overt (2002 )vilification model of Congress, lingered in the minds of the masses. And in Modi, people saw an unbreakable promise, a messiah to counter the corrupt and the carcinogenic. Also the many articulate and irrefutable voices like Ravi Shankar Prasad, Nirmala Sitaraman, Piyush Goyal, Smrithi Irani etc of the BJP central leadership countering the Lutyen hegemony came as an avenging respite that the common man could readily connect with. Their voices seemed to comfort the common man against the disdain shown towards anything Hindu or anything middleclass as for far too long it had been a depressing sight to watch the inability of the BJP/RSS spokesperson to articulate or command answers or even ask the right questions.

The eve of 2014 Lok Sabha elections saw an impatient India waiting to throw the Congress out. And in this whole process Indian voters had upgraded themselves into an informed lot who now knew like never before _ what goes into the making of polity of the nation, so much so that every other step by the Modi Government was and is carefully watched, weighed, certified or crucified. The Modi government which is almost at the end of its tenure is still seen like a 4 year old baby by its supporters who have reposed their faith and invested their dreams in this current leadership and are obnoxiously possessive about every step taken. The slightest sign of deviation or lack of understanding or communication is naturally met with utmost apprehension because we are the same set of people who fretted and fumed when a panelist lost to a corrupt Congressi on a TV debate.

After 70 years of being let down consistently, it is unthinkable to be let down once again that too by those very people whom we voted with a lot of hope! It is precisely for this reason that the 2018 budget has received so much attention and flak from the salaried class who until recently did not indulge or mince words simply because there was no hope nor scope but today they are seemingly getting restless to reverse the flaws of the many decades in just 5years.

With no relief in the tax slabs and reintroduction of standard deduction that offers nothing much to cheer about, plus an additional Education cess on income tax that negates the standard deduction has left the middle class today disillusioned and disgusted and why not? When the salaries of the President and Vice President were deemed important to be increased and the salaried class was yet again chosen to remain the torch bearers of socialistic virtues, the anger is only justified. Limiting this post to just one of the many aspects but an important one that goes a long way in defining and shaping a developed India _ Education, a quick look tells us that the root of the problem lies elsewhere, not that it is a new discovery but for the sake of reiteration at the cost of being repetitive lest we allow it to be forgotten, we shall understand the purpose of this new addition. So we will be paying an Education cess after all those special grants and allocations for SC/ST and everybody else on earth but for the salaried class.

But where is that education cess going to be used?

It is going to be expended on training teachers for B. ED programs.

But why don’t they hire already trained teachers on par with private schools?

Because of reservation quota policy to bring social equalities where merit and logic have no place making way for obnoxious political bigotry.

Has reservation system reduced inequalities in the society?

No, it has failed miserably, as a matter of fact it has further divided and stressed on the castes

Has education system improved because of reservation?

No, Government education system is a monumental misadventure to which consecutive budgets keep adding by dressing them up with digital boards when they are clueless about basic Maths. The fact that Government pushes RTE quota in private schools where private schools make up only 7% of educational institutes is proof that 93% Government schools have failed. Also, if Government schools were good and if equality could be instituted by governmental legislations then our politicians would do good to send their children and everybody else’s children to Government schools only. Our parents and grandparents received education in Government schools and colleges and have been successful without anybody having to pay any Cess because the baton of education was in the hands of meritorious teachers who were mostly Brahmins. When there was no reservation system everybody went to the same schools and hence the quality of education and the idea of social equality were automatically taken care of. It is to be noted that social equality does not imply intellectual equality and the misconception of equality or lack of it emerges with this wronged notion that one size must fit all lest we control and curtail competition like in a communist state.

Has reservation or Government education system created equal opportunities for all?

No, only creamy layers are benefitting and exploiting while merit class are committing suicides to strike a balance.

Can we shun reservation to change our flawed education system?

No, it does not suit the election narratives in the country as the opposition(any) will ensure that all hell breaks loose and create an oppression theory and negate any good work done. No political party worth its salt will ever dare to put Removal of Reservation System in their election manifestoes anywhere in the near future. The only way out can be to dilute all reservations by creating a merit reservation within caste reservation.

So what can we really do to solve this problem?

An accumulated adversity over the last 70 years cannot be shunned overnight in just 5 years, perhaps for another 10 plus years the salaried class will have to restrain itself from seeking any tax recourse and continue to bear the burden. And this we will have to do compulsively without letting down our good leaders even if it is antagonizing and frustrating to be exploited but frankly there is no other alternative educational or infrastructural or administrative set up to cater to any immediate changes or reversal of the rusty processes. Change in our policies especially public educational system is a long way to go where Governments should infuse quality bit by bit on priority basis until a majority of people availing reservation themselves realize the farce employed in the name of equality. And it is in this kind of creation of an informed atmosphere that our Governments should strive and invest in, which is what would make this education cess a meaningful one.

As for the budget, the special attention or outrage that this budget has received especially from the salaried class speaks about increased people’ awareness and seeming enthusiasm/frustration to participate and build/set right the system by seeking more realistic and less rhetoric budgetary practices that comply with actual needs. This new interactive and participative polity created by Modi is here to stay and is a message to the forthcoming budgetary practices and administrative policies that the masses are willing to cooperate for genuine concessions but incumbent Governments can no more play out the same old populist pro poor theories if they did not work on the implementation part earnestly at the ground level reforms to its fullest potential.







Koregaon-Engineered Dalit Riots?

A 200 year old alleged historical win of British over the Peshwas in the Anglo-Maratha war is being celebrated in Bhima Koregaon as a commemoration of Dalit victory over Brahmins as many Mahars sided with the British army against the Peshwas even when some of the historical journals  reveal that it was more of a retreat on both sides. It is a known fact that until Independence most kings and communities either sided or fought against their local rivals by aiding or aligning with the British/Mughals in various permutations and combinations which had been the reason for a prolonged British rule but to milk it now for political mileage by casting cards of divide amongst communities  under the mask of fighting for Dalit rights and honor is not only shocking but simply alarming as these acts of deliberately instigating communal hatred and rioting is nothing but absolute ideological terrorism in the name of political narratives. Even if the Dalits had been oppressed as repeatedly alleged by historians and history text books how does it help restore their social dignity by instigating them against another caste or resorting to violence and damaging public property? By provoking and pitching the Dalits of the nation against another community the organizers of the protests are only creating a reverse oppression where the so called oppressed are instigated to turn oppressors. This is only becoming evident in the unabashed predatory polity of the Congress and all its subsidiary alliances that engage in rabble rousing speeches which are nothing short of hate speeches that are detrimental to our pluralistic society.

The British Army was mostly reluctant to recruit Dalits in their armies as they deemed them as non-martial races hence Ambedkar who belonged to the Mahar community had highlighted this aspect of Koregaon where Dalits too had fought along the British and that they should not be castigated as non-martial races. He had sought the inclusion of Mahars in the British army who were otherwise reluctant until the world war when they were forced to recruit them in order to save some white lives.

It’s been 7decades since the British left and in all these seven decades mostly Congress rule in its varied Avatars with their many populist schemes and caste reservations, and all those chants of ‘Garibi Hatao’, if Dalits are still feeling neglected and discriminated then there needs to be a serious reflection into the aspects of providing reservation systems based on castes as these quotas have done more harm by pinpointing their caste than uplifting their social status in the society.

Amongst the many Anglo-Maratha battles fought, Koregaon is one of the last few battles before the end of the Maratha regime and all Maharastrians take pride in being a Maratha but for anybody to be celebrating the defeat of the native rulers against foreign invaders in these contemporary times is a new low in the vulture polity practiced today. That the Congress party supports and outsources the riot mongering protestors at the cost of disrupting communal harmony and breaking the social fabric of the nation is telling of the ideological terrorism that is brewed today in the name of rights and honor of the oppressed. A closer look at recent riots, be it in the Una, Pattidar or Jat reservation riots or Panchkula riots and now the Chembur protests blaringly reiterates one aspect _ that that these engineered social disorders have mostly occurred in BJP ruled states making it for an open case of suspect on the Congress party’s role in it as it has been very vociferously supporting any and all forces that could embarrass or oppose the BJP in the most vicious form even at the cost of breaking India. For all their temple running attempts at transforming to shun the ideological image of a Congress that is apparently soaked in a history of minority appeasement politics with an obnoxious manifesto of communal and caste divides often cheering by the side of anti-India elements like Umar Khalid, one wonders if there really exists any ideology at all in this melee of political hooliganism that gets passed off as political strategy in the erudite corridors of English speaking hubs and concocted media panels. What is even more shameful in this whole episode is that the rightwing is naively engaging in rebuttals of egalitarianism and reiterating real history when the fact of the matter is that the Koregaon protests is no protest for Dalit integration or Dalit celebration but a blatant ploy to break India along with some vote shares if possible, and all those lengthy academic English pieces of history and rebuttals do not reach the Dalits on ground. The larger point is this_ a Congress with a miniscule parliamentarian presence still owns and runs the entire political ecosystem with no obligation towards nation building hence there is an urgent need to conceptualize a constitutional legislation extending the virtues on the lines of prevention of atrocities act against SC/STs to all other communities and criminalize the use of the word ‘Dalit’ or any other suggestive caste names by media and political parties and precautionary arrests of riot causing forces. The Koregaon incident is a deliberate attempt to break Shivaji’s legacy of Maratha pride which is almost synonymous to the Maharashtrian identity irrespective of whether one belongs to Dalit or any other community, and the presence of the Muslim Personal Law Board member Moulana Abdul Hamid Azaari and anti-India elements like JNU student Umar Khaled along side Jignesh Mevani in the rioting platform should ring a bell.

In the wake of upcoming elections in Rajasthan and Karnataka the hate brewing industry will only grow shriller in its political splitsvilla of casteist divides unless they are dealt with iron hands of law much against political correctness.

The origin of Neech Politics

The election fevers are soaring high in Gujarat and the Hindu heartland is witnessing a gale of newfound Hindu enthusiasm from its otherwise bespectacled secular saints who are now working overtime to resuscitate their gasping Hindu image! Be that as it may, as one can only attribute such last minute hitchhike pro-Hindu gimmicks as a political Ghar Wapsi stunt but what explains the callous dysphemism (this word is exclusively for the Farrago or Dichotomy types of kale angrez who have made a career out of complicated English words with no obligation to use their brains) of Mani Shankars and all their Neech politics that they now, know not, what could come from what goes out of their mouth! Whether or not he intended to say that the prime minister belonged to a low caste, but surely the Congress in its subconscious slip of tongue or a conscious clutter of borrowed mouths has not only revealed its lack of civility or respect for constitutional authorities but has also exposed its own intolerance and incompetency to counter productively in the interest of the nation or state for that matter. But a sneak peek into history only reaffirms and reconciles that the narratives of today’s Congress is no different from the past!

It is no secret that Mountbatten found in Nehru a British heart, beating beneath his brown exteriors, who dreamt of ruling an India, for whose freedom many fought and died but with middlemen like Gandhi and Nehru, freedom had to be ultimately negotiated!

Here is an incident that happened on the Indian Independence day celebrations in New Delhi August 15th 1947

Pamela Mountbatten, the 17 year old younger daughter of the Governor General, arrived with two of her father’s staff. The venue was jam packed and with great difficulty she worked her way towards the wooden tribune where Nehru and Mountbatten were to address the crowds. But at a 100 yards away they came on an impassable barrier of people, all seated tightly with hardly any space to breathe. Spotting her from his place on the tribune, Nehru shouted at her to cross over the people to the platform.

“How can I?” she shouted back, “I’ve got high heels on”.

“Take them off”, replied Nehru.

Pamela couldn’t dream of doing something as undignified on such a historic occasion, “Oh”, she gasped, “I couldn’t do that”

“Then leave them on” said Nehru, “Just walk over the people, they won’t mind”

‘Oh’, replied Pamela, ‘the heels will hurt them’

“Don’t be silly girl, take them off and come across” Nehru had said!

The daughter of India’s last Viceroy had treaded over the carpet of gleeful human beings who helped her reach the platform allowing her to tread on their bodies.  (Ref from Freedom At Midnight _ Dominique Lapierre and Larry Collins)

Nehru with his elite English mannerisms was a darling of the British, as he was very much like them, he neither had concern nor connect with the villages of India or its people. The above incident only shows how he treated and thought of the poor masses of India _ as indignant and worthless enough, to be treaded upon and how he still bent back to worship and accommodate imperialism, it is past seven decades of this incident but the fact that the Congress of today is still smitten by the same white imperial arrogance with epithets like ‘ Neech’ is telling of their rigid feudal mindsets.

But the unfortunate irony is that the masses who came to celebrate India’s Independence from the British had allowed the British Viceroy’s daughter to tread on their backs on the very day of Independence forgetting the Battle of Plassey, forgetting the 1857 mutiny, forgetting the brutal lathi charges, the treacherous usurping of land, treasury and faith, the killing and hanging of many freedom fighters and their divisive politics but will the masses in Gujarat that are backing the white face of imperialism even today allow themselves to be trampled at the feet of communal dynastic politics and forget and forgive the nincompoops of Neech politics who were and are no different from the East India Company or will they ever realize and realign with India in heart and soul is something only time will tell!


Srinagar Houseboat stay!

A reverie of those serene paths snaking uphill

As if to embrace the blue skies

Seemed to rekindle our wayfaring thrill

The mountains were calling …And we set sail like little travel flies!!

We grabbed a great flight deal and before we knew it we were in a cramped rear seat onboard an Indigo flight flying to Delhi and then to Srinagar. We had customized this travel itinerary with a Srinagar based Travel Agent called Milli Tours and Travels, flight bookings were our own!

IMG_20171002_162106975 (1)

We reached Srinagar on 2nd October at 3pm and were picked up by our driver Gulzar. Srinagar is big town with tall old Chinar trees, lakes, ancient bridges and broad busy streets laden with carts of fruits and dry fruits along with an eye popping number of Army personnel and patrols present everywhere.

IMG_20171003_085825567 (1)

As we drive past the Jhelum River in the backdrop of ancient bridges, I wonder how this ancient town of Srinagar – which ideally means the land of Goddess Lakshmi (Sri-Lakshmi, Nagar-town) came to become the hotbed of terror.

Driving in and around Srinagar felt like visiting a different land altogether _ with a 98% Muslim population it felt as if I was in some Islamic country. Shops and streets are filled with Phiran clad, typically sharp bearded men and hijab or burqa clad women who gaped at us Bindi wearing bare headed tourists like aliens from Mars! As we passed avenues of tiny shops which were all with Islamic names with not one Hindu name or presence to be felt, we realized there was nothing strange about the alarming presence of the army.

IMG_20171002_162041304 (1)

If we could travel with open hair and a Bindi on the forehead, it was because of the Army’s presence. En route to Dal lake I saw CRPF personnel engaged in Swatch Bharath initiatives where they were sweeping the roads, it was quiet annoying and saddening to see them employed for this work but it is also possible that this method is employed to get them acquainted with all the streets and the ongoing activities.


By 4pm we reached our houseboat in the Dal Lake, where our night stay was scheduled.


Dal lake is a floating boulevard of Shikaras, Houseboats, gardens, handloom and textile shops, paper mashe artworks and a whole lot of trinkets, Saffron and Khawwa(local kesar drink) sellers. The backdrop of the tawny towering Himalayan ranges encapsulating the expanse of the gleaming waters makes for a picturesque sight! Dal in Kashmiri means lake but yet people like us call it Dal lake!

IMG_20171002_162812069 (1)

But my first impression about the Shikara was very disappointing as I was hoping to see some overtly decked up colorful swan like Shikara with a lot of vividly hued flowers like in the Shammi Kapoor song. But we had to settle down into our sober looking Shikara along with our entire luggage to shuttle in to the Houseboat hotel for the night stay.


We dumped the luggage at our destined Houseboat amongst the many Houseboats that were lined up as if at the onset of a boat race. And then began our complementary Shikara ride of 15minutes arranged by the Houseboat via the agent. Shikara rides cost around Rs.200-Rs.300 per hour per head as claimed by our Shikara chap Majid Bhai.


It was sunny but the chill factor was still there. The lake is a vast stretch of green waters filled with obnoxious amount of weeds in spite of 4-6 weed cutting machines deployed across it. The lake seems to have lost its original beauty because of overt commercialization and Eutrophication which means excess nutrients being present in the water leading to growth of too many plants, algae and weeds robbing the lake of its oxygen. From the Dal you can view the Shankaracharya hill.


Within 5minutes into our pristine ride, began the annoying harassment of pleading vendors and leech like photographers who wouldn’t let go of us till we yielded. We were charged an exorbitant amount of Rs.1500 for 15 photos when we had asked him only for 2pics. Also the quality of costume, jewelry and the picture quality is pathetic in Dal lake, you could try the same in Nishat garden where the costume and the background are extremely beautiful. But if you want the lake background pay him a couple of hundreds borrow the costume and do your own photography.


Since we did not want to turn the ride into an ugly experience we succumbed to his exploitation and let go of him. Going forward we were on the hit list of many such pesky vendors. We decided we shall not talk to anybody or even make an eye contact and it really worked.


Houseboat of Gul Gulshan Gulfam fame

Majid Bhai our boat man showed us around the lake pointing to distant boats of significance, one such houseboat was where the Gul Gulshan Gulfam teleserial shooting took place and another large antique boat turned out to be a British era DhaakGhar or the first floating post office of their summer capital.


British era Floating Dhaakghar

Gradually the conversation turned to the tourist influx and their routines, their source of income, livelihood and things like that. Then came the topic of stone pelting, we were cautious not to ask questions that would get us toppled into the waters but then Majid Bhai was more than friendly and shared quiet some opinions. He did not deny the stone pelting incidents but is not too happy with the media. He holds them responsible for a reduced tourism into this part of the country, and that this slowdown of tourism itself is a potential reason for radical exploitation of the unemployed youth in his opinion. He also concedes that there are people who dont want tourism to grow. I could almost connect his thoughts with the braid chopping incidents where tourists were being beaten up as being suspects. But I was determined to insist on a nice bob cut in the event of such attemptsJ. As he shared his opinions the Azaan calls blared out from the nearby mosques one after the other muddling up the serenity of the lake.


However in my brief stay here I saw that most places I stayed did not subscribe to main stream English news channels. They watch Hindi channels largely and most of them were local channels except Zee Kashmir Express. Perhaps our Government should air freely some of the important news channels here. Essentially the messages of national bonding do not even reach here and they rely on fake whatsapp forwards and videos. My driver told me that he has a whatsapp video of army personnel pulling up some innocent guys and shooting them. It is disturbing to note that such fake propaganda where such staged fake attacks are carried out by militants themselves wearing the Army combat gears to conspire people against the armed forces is shaping the mindsets of these impressionable and religiously bigoted minds. Army uniforms are easily duplicated and available in the markets. In the recent past there have been many attacks by militants wearing the BSF, CRPF and Army uniforms

The Government should perhaps  send counter whatsapp push-alerts/videos and texts revealing the truth perhaps through mobile service providers or banks via their mass sms or whatsapp/emails. As of now most of these people don’t deserve the convenience of the social media and the inherent freedom that comes with it, to that effect internet connections in Srinagar are often down and disconnected for security reasons. Hence it is better to keep print outs of all your travel plans, contact details and enough cash but remember make card payments only to these folks, let them pay up their taxes and be reminded that they are Indian citizens!

No amount of peace or diplomatic talks can help contain the demographic decadency in the valley as I witnessed while driving past places like Ananthnag (in the later part of our trip) and the situation here demands a curt hand at plucking out religious radicalism that is vehemently and unabashedly propagated in the Mosques and Madrasas here with their blaringly fanatic speeches of instigation for upholding a dominating Islam with an anti-Indian pitch. There is nothing religious about it but only rabidly radical repression of vulnerable minds. For security reasons loudspeakers must be banned here and Mosques and Media houses shut down as they are the root cause of the unrest. On a lighter vein the Hurriyat and other separatist leaders should be given protection by these very duplicate olive green uniforms in their fake combat gears.

Maybe we should parcel some Southern land sharks or set up some Idly Vada shops and mellow them down or deploy some brash pan spitting Bihari/UP babus to change the demographics there!


Anyways coming back to the Shikara ride, it was a good ride but for the overt commercial activities. We were later taken to some Handloom shops where I bought some salwar suits and sarees only to realize later that the same stuff was available for lot lesser in the outside markets.


We also visited some paper mash art shops and bought some trinkets as souvenirs which were again available for ¼ of its price in front of Shalimar Bagh. The shops near Dal lake are pricy and you can shop only if your bargaining skills are sharp and shrewd.

A fifteen minute complimentary Shikara ride turned out to be a 3 hours affair as we were haunted by several marketers and spent lot of time in the shops and saying no. It is a predetermined quid pro quo arrangement between the Shikara and the shops hence he had willingly extended it so generously.


It was 8.30 in the night and the temperature was dipping, finally we went back to our houseboat. A nice hot vegetarian dinner was served in the living room of the boat, the boat had 6rooms totally and only 2 were occupied.


The insides of the houseboat seemed like a spooky setup in an old Bollywood flick. The dim lights, walnut wooded ornate interiors with their velvety bedspreads and mink blankets were very inviting not for us but the mosquitoes! It had been almost 19hours since we left Bangalore and our eyelids were collapsing. it was completely a ‘Wud-ja-makki’ hour and we just sunk into the cosy bed hoping not to be bitten by any termites.

Next day early in the morning we woke to shock! We could hear Hanuman Chalisa at a distance!!

Following the Hanuman Chalisa were several blaring rounds of Azaan as if in some Jugalbandi. I wondered if the mosques had suddenly become secular but then we quickly found out that the sloka was coming from the Shankaracharya Hills which is guarded by the army.

It had worked like our morning alarm and we began our day quiet early. The bathroom was neat and with steaming hot water as the geyser was on all night. After a quick breakfast, by 8.15am we were jet setting to Kargil.

Wait for my Leh and Ladakh posts!

Babas of Philosophy or Politics?

No rapist should ever go unpunished under the court of law, more so when the person claims to be a spiritual guru with a large fan following of gullible devotees! Spiritual Gurus are supposed to be torchbearers of Dharma who effect social harmony in societies but when Gurus take to dramatics and still wield the powers to generate a violent outrage through their devotees, distorting the very idea of devotion, one cannot help but contemplate if such reprehensible reactions are really spontaneous or staged?

It is no secret that politics often takes refuge under philosophical leaders making them larger than life personalities but then for a religious mob to be assembling in such large numbers and resorting to such violence that too on a 15 year old case whose outcome was almost predictable leaves no doubt that this rioting incident was very well-planned and propped up. The recent reports of recovering AK 47, petrol bombs, 2500 Lathis and other such arsenal from the Dera Sach Souda vehicles goes on to prove the same. There is nothing wrong in religious groups forming Mutts or Deras, infact Deras have been regarded as casteless platforms of equality for social bonding and security for the poor but the whole gung-ho about the Dera chief’s dirty department raises questions as to how any religious group could get access to arms and arsenal! Was there any political angle to it? Who would benefit from such mass disruptions and halting of public life? Why would a ruling government willingly let loose mobs to run amok when their own administrative acumen would be at stake and under the hawk eyes of the media?

With some Congress men even tweeting that this violence should go as a warning to the BJP if they even dared to touch the Gandhi or Vadra family, it may not be premature to say that like the farmer’s protest in MP that was hijacked by the Congress goons, even the Panchkula rioting incident appears to be orchestrated by the Congress as their stalwarts are involved in several land grabbing cases here. Apparently the Khattar Government has been pursuing all illegal land grabbing cases of the Vadras, it is another speculative thing if any politician in India will ever go to jail for a full term.

The speed with which the media demanded Khattar’s resignation when a 14 year old rape case that was dangling in the air under congress rule is taken to its logical end under the BJP makes Congress’s and their lynched liberals’ frustration evident! Remember there was no such ask by the media when Bengal was burning!

Gurmeet Singh the spiritual baba cum actor cum writer cum philosopher cum sportsperson cum social libertarian cum music director cum hero cum Dada Saheb Phalke film foundation award winner for the most popular actor and director is the 3rd chief of the Dera who was given a VVIP status with Z+ security under the erstwhile Congress rule. But when these Babas do not pay political dividends they will be vilified as Hindu Rapist Godmen whether or not they really promote real Hinduism! Not that RamRahim was any holy cow but the issue is about how easy it is for the political chancers to suddenly deem a sect as a separate identity either for garnering votes or for vengeance politics. Whichever way they go they leave no stone unturned to belittle an entire indigenous faith and ridicule all spiritual leaders of that sect when one Baba is caught. Post independent India has been a secular era at the cost of Hindus all along till now, ironically the Dera Sacha Souda that was founded by one Mastana Balochistani in 1948 basing its faith on secularism, quietism, individual and strict social disciplines is today used/misled by shadow clouts of politicians to unleash violent disruptions where lakhs of gullible followers are let loose from the Congress ruled Punjab into Haryana as if to deliberately create a political turmoil in the state of Haryana just before the verdict!

The British encouraged formations of newer cults of secularism all along starting from Bramho Samaj, SaiBabas, Dera etc alongside missionary activities. Whatever be the intentions of such newer introductions and propaganda, Indians have absorbed and adapted them all into their indigenous cultures as their own but what is intriguing is the fact that although India has always been the land of sadhus and sanths who reformed and rejuvenated our societies it is only in recent times that Sadhus are able to mobilize chaotic mobs leading to killings of their own followers.

Such mob mobilizing is witnessed not just for a RamRahim but also on the calls of radical Maulvis or Padres who have in the past instigated riots against the system. Be it the Christian mischief of alleged Church attacks in Mangalore or Orissa or the recent communal violence and rioting in Bengal where instigated mobs stood blindly with their masters who whip their minds and inflict their subterfuge political agenda making it into rabid religiosity.

It is for this reason that the BJP has to forcibly penetrate the ugly communal religio-political empires built during the Congress regimes to neutralize not just political mileages but to contain the separatist dance of division politics from disintegrating the society into warring groups against the system. Since the damage is already done as this identity politics has seeped deep within. It has become a dangerous mind game today as it starts off with the poor and then percolates amongst the privileged, brewing its ugly portion of separatism across all classes. And in this identity politics while the media hyperventilates on only Hindu saints, carefully choosing to ignore all misdeeds of Maulvis and Padres, some right wingers today seem to play down the theatrics of the Baba and deem that he was a centrifugal wall against Christian conversions in the Punjab and Haryana regions, fair enough if evangelical activities are eating into our societies, let us demand for a categorical ban and a strict constitution legislated against missionary activities but until then should we convolute the integral aspects of Dharma fearing Christian conspiracies and stand beside a bogus baba is left for everybody’s introspection.

Punjab and Haryana have always been a concoction of Congress/Akali/regional party strongholds that plunged the state into drugs and cultural debauchery during their regimes largely because of maladministration with no inclusive growth. The lack of opportunities coupled with cultural bankruptcy of an impressionable group has been well encashed by replacing the absence of modern administration and facilities with liberal dozes of celluloid and crass Rap cultures. It is no co-incidence that the all in Baba who donned ridiculous Gladiator like costumes, playing a lover, a macho with those trendy bikes, becoming a hero, a savior in all his avatars via films, sports, music and drama served like a bespoke design to pull and engage those gullible crowds (read vote banks) with absolute ease.

Gurmeet Singh has been an ardent Congress supporter for a very long time and it was only recently during the 2014 change in the political wave that he chose to drift along the sweeping tides of the BJP or atleast that is what was announced although numbers don’t indicate the same. His conviction could have come much earlier during the Congress rule if only there was a political will to duly deliver justice but Congress being Congress can only do what it is best at – to aggravate and orchestrate administrative lapses only to score brazen political miles at the cost of 30lives and 300 innocent injured victims and a whole lot of damage to public property.

But the BJP that is scrambling to contain and cut into a Congress eco system of communal politics and violence will be better off by being equally ruthlessly prepared for all such future charade of chaos with more astute, affirmative and agile administrative demonstrations because we live in interesting times where on one hand we have people taking out candlelight marches to see that the rapist is convicted and then there are those who petition for the mercy plea of the rapist and then there are those who burn down towns when a rapist is convicted!

Spiritual leaders are essential illuminating torch bearers for our societies who aid in upholding the Dharmic quotient without any limelight but when affinities and ideologies of the perpetrator of the crime becomes a determining factor to ascertain the gravity of the very crime then it is evident that there is more politics to it than any acclaimed philosophy. And all such philosophy of Babadom or Maulvidom or phedophile Pastordom should be ruthlessly shunned.

CBSE 10th Board exam results doesn’t matter anymore!

The 10 std CBSE results will be soon announced but honestly the arrival of the results(so late) make no decisive impact today as admissions for most PU and 11th std schools are already done and even the classes for the new academic year have begun!

The schools/colleges have made their creamy choice selecting only those students who have secured a 9pointer and above for science stream, 8pointer and above for commerce or arts. And all these calculations are based on the grades/performances obtained from the internal exams/FAs/tests/pre-boards conducted by schools that accounts for 70% of the academic assessment of a student rendering the importance of board exams to only a 30% leverage. In the context of the current admission processes followed by most schools where children are enrolled for 11th standard based on their yearlong performance(10th std) or even previous year’s academic records(9th std) that are taken into account, the board exam is reduced to just a mere formality.

While people might argue that the actual potential of a child is measured through the CCE where every exam adds to the final score thereby reducing the stress levels of the child who previously accumulated all that stress for the final board exams where only one exam determined the fates, at the outset it sounds all holy and chaste and seems to make lot of sense but the fact is that the burden today is simply passed on to the parents from the child where only the length of your pockets decide the institute that one would get into because every school is busy racing for ranks and cherry picking 9+pointers or atleast that is what they seem to declare like morally upright and meritorious institutes when in reality they are doing a disservice to the meaningful cause of education by devising these cut offs where a certain percent of merit is of course taken but the same cut off is thrust at the face of other parents to craftily collect donations and normalize a channel for exorbitant collection of money.

 It is impractical and unbelievable that a whole batch of students enrolled in a class are all toppers with only cent percent marks. Are these cut offs just a mechanism to mint money? Most parents pick those CBSE schools that have 1-12th std so that they do not have to worry about looking for newer colleges after  matriculation but unfortunately many schools deny seats to their existing students after 10th std while enrolling newer students from other schools and collect fat donations from them under the garb of building funds and stuff like that and all this is done even before the board results are announced, as if it does not matter at all!

Is it some kind of nexus amongst private schools where even a 9pointer is shown out and denied the subject of his/her choice thereby forcing parents to cough up for the donations that come under various terminologies like building fund, charity fund!

Today the fees in a private school in Bengaluru starts from anything close to a lakh rupees and this is the standard slab across 1-10std. This exorbitant amount is somewhat normalized and hence made imperative in the mindsets of parents that it is okay to shell another additional lakh or so towards donations for the 11th standard admissions! Some schools are charging a fees of around 90 thousand plus the donation of another 75 thousand, plus bus fee of 26-40thousand plus uniform which is another 3-4thousand, books 4-5thousand! Additional coaching classes for 11 would be another lakh rupees! Education industry has simply become a loot bazaar of late and a politician’s side business!

The CBSE rule advocating that schools cannot force parents to purchase books is another joke, as most schools charge anther 4-5 thousand rupees for books, and this is compulsory, there is no question of reusing previous year’s books, as each year they purposefully add or remove/twist/rephrase some content to make it look like a changed version but nevertheless they do ironically preach about reuse, recycle, global warming, how to be ecofriendly and dedicate many activities for the same by again cutting some charts and making big banners! I have heard that even for NEET seats, most colleges are collecting Rs.5000 in cash for blocking a seat lest they have to let go of the seat and it is non refundable and no receipts are given for this amount!

Coming back to the trauma of this transition period of moving from 10th to 11th, the post is incomplete without mentioning about the extra coaching classes and all those crafty institutes running the same, without succumbing to whom the parents are in a parental peer pressure to compulsorily admit their children lest their children lag behind in regular school. These institutes have good teachers compared to the regular schools but why cant regular private schools hire these very good quality teachers instead of letting these after school institutes blossom? Or are the schools and the institutes are being run by the same people?

Most teachers even in the top schools today are women, who decided to kill time by taking up a teaching profession, sometimes they take it up because they get holidays at the same time as their children and also because it is seen as a light job without much stress! This is not to demean women or underestimating their abilities but to reflect on how the teaching profession is today looked upon. During our times, people took to teaching because of their passion to teach, we had equal number of male and female teachers because teaching profession was thought of as a noble and serious profession with a lot of responsibility of shaping young minds but today it is not unusual to find mostly housewife turned teachers across schools. Again I reiterate that this is not to demean those ladies who are passionate teachers and there is nothing wrong if one takes up a job that aids in balancing home and work life as long as they love teaching but it is shocking to see that the male teachers are almost missing from schools and on the contrary are found in bigger numbers in the coaching institutes! What explains this? Is it because teaching in schools is seen as below dignity for engineers and doctors who pursue teaching profession? Is it because high qualifications and merit are met with meagre pay scales in private schools or is it the lack of social respect for the teaching profession itself in primary and secondary schools that forces the qualified and deserving people stay away from school atmosphere!? Women too are present in these extra coaching institutes but certainly not in the same numbers as men! Are the deserving and the dedicated deliberately hired only in extra coaching classes leaving the schools with substandard candidates, if this is not the case why then are some CBSE schools openly running integrated programs in alliance with these coaching institutes? Or is it that the schools are money happy and don’t bother much about merit or meaningful education anymore? Or are the schools unable to do justice to push for perseverance among students because of CBSE’s very own guidelines of ‘less homework less writing policy’ wherein schools cannot impose or give elaborate writing work, hence encourage external coaching centers to churn marks which is challenging to achieve in the current scenario where rules bind the hands of the CBSE schools in leading the children to practice to perfection by writing more?

The results will be out anytime from now but there is absolutely no excitement or eagerness in awaiting a board result today unlike our times where the 10std board exam results shaped our paths and our choice of educational streams and institutes! The board exams for 10th std in its current form seems to have lost its relevance as an important exam that was once a turning point for many, either the HRD ministry should attach more importance to it and make it a deciding exam by announcing the results before the admission deadlines or at least there should be a rule where schools/colleges can proceed with admissions only after taking into account the board exam results along with the internal exams of the schools.

Traffic Woes of Bengaluru, Can We Counter It?

Ideally a tar road laid should endure for good 10+years but the current apathy of roads speaks volumes about the sorry state of administration where corruption has grown multifold. Today the perpetrators no more hesitate to wear venality on their sleeves, as being corrupt is the new normal and the more the vice the more powerful the person is perceived to be!

For far too long we have discussed and debated about the pot holed roads, foam filled lakes and its menacing traffic but the influx of more traffic by each passing day seem to be unnerving Bengalureans and it is going to be worse with the current system in place! There are several reasons responsible for the asphyxiation of Bengaluru but the most atrocious one being the mismanagement by the authorities that has led us to witness this unavoidable evil, day in and day out. If the trajectory of traffic woes stem from too many vehicles, bad infrastructure, bad city planning and a dysfunctional municipal body on one hand, on the other hand we have erratic fellow drivers, rashly driven abhorrent BMTC buses that care a damn for anybody or any law, those imbecile unpredictable spooky two wheelers who could creep in or drift from nowhere and keep racing up to the signals to claim their medals until they have completely blocked the opposite side, and not to forget the admonishing attitudes of traffic mates which makes our daily lives nightmarish inch by inch, bumper to bumper.

This kind of menacing traffic woes is reducing our lifespans and productivity. It is also cutting down on the quality time spent with family which might lead to depression and frustration.

The foremost problem leading to traffic snarls today is the sanction of building approvals for big commercial malls right in the middle of already throttled traffic necks, If you take for example the Banaswadi-Whitefield ring road, no matter at whatever time of the day or night one attempts to glide through the stretch, one will invariably end up getting struck in the terribly slow moving traffic there. The major reason being the presence of Phoenix mall whose car happy customers occupy one half of the road as they line up to enter the mall while occupying half of the road, eating into the space of the otherwise broad roads leading all other commuters into desperation. In actuality the Government should impose traffic causing cess on such constructions and the concerned Government officers who sanctioned these types of nuisance projects should be penalized and transferred to the remotest village or should be made to chauffer drive citizens for 5years continuously from one end of the city to other on a daily basis for 8hours.

Another abhorrent aspect is of the never ending surge of apartment complexes where all and sundry are in the spree of developing apartment complexes. And most unfortunate is the springing of clusters of apartment and commercial complexes on narrow roads where hundreds of cars would trickle down from these complexes onto the same narrow lanes choking the traffic. Apparently Bengaluru should stop construction of any new apartment complexes or malls in the interest of reviving the green gardenia that it once was! Or at least the Government for a change should be prudent enough to allow Malls only on the outskirts of the city and put a limit on the upcoming number of apartment complexes and allow it only if the roads connecting them are broad enough to accommodate them all. A huge green lung space was gladed away to make space for Forum Mall on Kanakapura road which is also a highway and apparently many apartment gates open out to this road throwing traffic out of gear.

Who would want to drive amidst the chaotic lanes if ample public transport were available with smooth connectivity? In my opinion the grand metro rail projects are just an eye wash where hundreds of crores of rupees are siphoned off without seeing the light of its meaningful purpose, because all that the citizens needed was a decent connectivity with ample number of buses plying continuously across the length and breadth of the city ensuring that people don’t have to stuff up like cattle to meet their schedules. But the fact is that even after so many years there are not enough buses to meet the growing needs as newer hitech buses are futilely allocated in non-demand areas and to add to it the steep prices of the Volvo/ Vajra buses are anything but at par with Auto fares hence most Vajra buses ply empty as common people would rather opt for hiring a private vehicle from their door step rather than go in public transports when they have to pay the same price. So the very purpose of having additional buses is lost when at the end of the day it does not benefit the common man, which also includes the most harassed IT professional, owing to whose presence, Bengaluru is on the global maps today!

Also till date there is no bus route app or a streamlined chart or digital bus route information board put up at the local bus stops to assist the passenger to ascertain which bus goes where and which are the areas connected from a particular stop and at what time it would arrive, which would help people plan their day’s commute. Maybe it’s time to have an app dedicated to planning local bus commutes.

If the Government is unable to handle the public transport system it should at least aid and facilitate private players to pitch in to compete fairly along with Government transport services but unfortunately any private player who dares to make the price absolutely competitive is unduly harassed at the hands of red-tape and hegemonic government policies with deliberately tedious procedures making it an unfriendly affair altogether for anybody to even venture out there. I use the term deliberate because if consecutive governments ever intended to ease out the operations and encourage efficiency most obsolete policies could have been done with long ago but the fact that such policies prevail reveals the much prevalent intentions of the policy makers and keepers who refuse to make anything worth benefiting the common man.

The recent case of Zipgo, a private startup that took on the challenge of curbing the menace of traffic woes in Bengaluru city was shown the door demanding elaborate documental approvals which is not rocket science to decipher what it meant, the latest addition being curbing the cab pool services of Uber and Ola which effectively are signs that there is no body out there in the ruling state government who cares about the lifestyle disorder called traffic abuse which is costing the common man his time, money and health! If not the Cab pool, the Government could at least make it mandatory for all big private companies to provide compulsory shuttle services to their employees, which is the only way the Government could choose to positively harass the private sector while also benefitting the common man and thereby reducing traffic woes.

As if it were not enough there are those blood sucking banks that loans out lavishly and today Bengaluru is in such a state that even if the Karnataka Government comes up with some unrealistic proposals like odd-even formula, most houses already have two cars _ one with odd number and one perhaps with even! And it is not about elitism or prestige of owning 2cars but it is just that people have given up on getting any kind of bargain from a feeble public transport system endured by a lethargic government and there is little hope from the alternative transports like rikshaws or Taxis who are unresponsive or mostly seen as unreliable and unsafe.

If the idea of public transport were to be revamped in a big way in Bengaluru, then like exams even commuting will be a festivity where the Government could put a cap on the number of new rikshaws, two wheelers and cars hitting the streets. Cars and fuel should be made more expensive so that people compulsorily take public transport and two wheelers should become an absolute luxury like in foreign countries but all this only after a grand revamp with a thoughtfully well-knit network of connectivity and ample number of buses in sight, if at all it ever happens!

And to top the list of woes it is not at all unusual to come across fellow drivers engaging in a brawl right in the middle of the road, over a rear-end hit or crashing of the side mirror. But what is appalling these days is that if you are hit by the Cab driver class types then they will neither stop nor own up or bear the damage costs, instead they may pick up an assaulting tone of fight and flee, even if you report to the police, it is not of much help as such cases are neither filed nor followed up seriously.

Now if you reverse the situation and it is you _the salaried slightly educated idiot who has been taught to be nice and law abiding who cannot think of getting into a physical fight nor know the tactics to get the cop on your side, who bumps or even touches caressingly, the rear end of a cab or their likes, then chances are that you will be surrounded by a big group as it doesn’t take them much time to gather fellow folks around to aggravate things to the extent of using slang epithets or engulfing blows or threaten and make sure that they relieve you off from all cash. To counter such hooliganism you will get no recourse from the cop as he is mostly cognizant of such loots and knows for sure that he will get his fair share. The cops usually side with them and worse you may end up being harassed by the cop for questioning. If the intruder has given a phone number and left, chances are that he will never attend your call! The concept of amicably settling and agreeing to seek third party insurance claims is still a rarity. Setting up complain help desks or call centres for the same will be practically of no use, installation of more CCTVs and an additional deployment of a patrolling cop with more decision making powers across every street would perhaps help ease ugly tiffs but with current police forces facing shortage of staff maybe the states could consider recruiting eunuchs as traffic woes’ attendants or traffic managers and make their lives more meaningful relieving them of their horrendous routines of begging and harassing citizens in signals and shops.

Essentially our traffic woes are a culmination of lack of good public transport system, lack of good connectivity, lack of urban city planning, inept government bodies filled with crimson red-tape, an ineffective and ill-defined law which is not fool proof when it comes to traffic related woes, rampant corruption, lack of genuine concern among leaders and cops for the welfare of the common man, apathetic citizens and ever growing urbane challenges of fitting the classes of law abiding and the impatiently lawless, together!

Is the Bengaluru urban development department listening!!



The Fear Factor

It has been a bloody Ramadan this year with mass killings at Orlando, Paris, Lebanon, Yemen, Baghdad, Istanbul and Dhaka, today one can say that terms like ISIS and terrorism can be used interchangeably!

As a child I remember watching the movie ‘Kaabuliwaala’, the story of a friendly Afghan man selling sundry articles to make a living back home but I do not know when the destitute Kaabuliwaalas turned into dreaded Talibans running for the trophy of Khilafat.

Did they change jobs? Or did they suddenly excel in the economic, educational, technological and military spheres? Or did the futility of their meagre earnings redefine their rigidity?

Well the very definition of Terrorism goes like this

Terrorism is the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, especially for political purposes”.

So it is important to understand who is ISIS (Islamic state of Iraq and Syria)?

The Middle East or the Arab countries is a cradle of Abrahamic religions. The Gnostic and Iranian religions were replaced by Judaism, later Judaism split up into Christianity and Islam. The Jews and Christians pride themselves as superior to Islamists and mostly use them as pawns in any given crisis.

The desert clan was a savage community that fought amongst each other for power and mostly sought to meet its basic requirements, either by conquest or conceit or simply conniving with power masters.

Around 1902 due to an oil spillage incident it was found that the Arabian Peninsula might be a great resource for oil. During the First World War, the need for oil reserves was strongly felt. Both America and the Soviet Union invested in the Arab land for further digging of oil.

A pipeline network of 3200kms of sea route in the Suez Canal was built to facilitate large scale supply of oil in alliance with King AbdlAziz.

Since Soviet Union and America the super powers with robust military and technological advancements, the duo constantly compete with each other by cutting down each other’s power abettors. But sometimes they shake hands and make up and share the loot at the end.

Ever since America set its eye on the oil reserves in the Arabian countries, it has carefully pitted every king, every little country and every tribe against each other so that the Americans can continue to rule them.

In the 1970s the CIA used the Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt to disrupt the Soviet expansion and prevent the spread of Marxist ideology.

A former British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook told the House of Commons that Al Qaeda was unquestionably a product of Western intelligence agencies and that the CIA nurtured Osama Bin Laden. Mr. Cook explained that Al Qaeda, which literally means an abbreviation of “the database” in Arabic, was originally the computer database of the thousands of Islamist extremists, who were trained by the CIA and funded by the Saudis, in order to defeat the Russians in Afghanistan. (Ref link)

Al Queda was actually a carefully planned foreign policy of the US.

Later when Saddam Hussain’s power was growing, initially the Americans used him to wage a war on Iran and later when he refused to be a dummy for them and showed signs of independent ambitions, the Americans together with the Britain and France spread rumours of fear across the world that Iraq had undeclared piles of WMD (weapons of mass destruction) and that Saddam Hussain might perpetrate a chemical, biological, bacterial and even zoological war perhaps:)!

A bloody war was declared on Iraq in 2003 and in a short time Saddam was ousted and plucked out by public hanging.

The Iraq oil belt had temporarily quenched the oil thirst of the US and in 2005 the US intelligence terminated the search efforts for any unconventional weaponry in Iraq.

The Iraq Intelligence commission concluded that the judgements of the US Intelligence about any existence of weapons of mass destruction was misconstrued and wrong.

But the Western agencies will never be blamed for their inhuman interference upon other nations.

It reminds me of Yamadharmaraya’s story, the story goes like this:

Once Yama’s mother was upset that the whole world would curse and accuse her son for causing death and regard him abhorrently as the death giver, Yama then calmly showed a glimpse of the affected families and friends…

At one home, the inmates cried that their beloved son died in an accident, they blamed the truck that hit their dear son. In another home the wretched Cancer had caused the death, in yet another house a murder, so on and so forth…. Yama smiled reassuringly at his mother and told her…See nobody ever curses your son, in fact I am revered as the Lord of death”

While Yama is diligently doing his dharmic duties, the West continues its dubious adharmic quest for the greed of global power without anybody pointing fingers at them!

In an interview with Fern Britton on a TV program, Tony Blair the then prime minister of UK claimed that even if he knew that there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq he would have still waged a war on Iraq.

Clearly winners get to write history, the other side is often a victim of vilification.

Remember Muammar Gaddafi of Libya? Oh my god, he was a real bad bad guy! Another dictator, Isn’t it?

The propagandists employed at their hands through various media houses were deployed in the task of vilification of Saddam Hussein as a dictator, a ruthless and a wretched leader. They blew up the theory of a biological bacterial war telling the world how it was the need of the hour for America to intervene and play the super protector in their sincere humanitarian effort to save the world from terror when they are the manufacturers/co-producers of terror.

Much later the American citizens realised that George Bush and Bin Laden’s families were long time partners in many dubious businesses.

The fact is that today with no evidence on the WMD, Iraq is reduced into a lawless, leaderless land seized by looters and stooges of the imperial west to reap their opportunistic fortunes amidst the distressed and unsettled communities.

Today the CIA claim that as per their intelligence reports Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction are hidden buried somewhere in Syria hence their humanitarian urge yet again to intercede and bomb Syria.

Syria’s Shia president Bashar Al Assad is a Soviet sympathiser and an ally of Iran. After Israel and Egypt, Iran is the next growing country with nuclear ambitions, a Shia dominant state which is a threat to Jewish Israel. Also Iran lies between Syria and Iraq, now that Iraq is a fallen state, Syria is the next target to weaken Iran for their idealism of global domination.

The US, UK and France are unable to push their agenda of going for a war in their favorite battleground _ the middle east through UN approvals as China and Russia will veto down their aspirations. Hence the trio can either go to NATO or play their usual humanitarian and world protector card because they want only Israel to remain powerful in the Arab region as it fits their power equations.

As to why the US and Israel act like conjoined twins can be largely attributed to the political Zionism lobby and their shared intelligence and military interests.

(Zionism is overt and covert methods for a pro Jewish policy across the world).

The CIA in its bid for its WMD theory has deployed its media houses to prove to the world how much they care for humanity even while they are supplying arsenal, recruiting and funding rebels in 62nations across the world.

This is the advantage of popularising a common lingo _ the English education to your subordinates, your mind is easily enslaved to their ideology as you can never read or comprehend an Iraqi or Iran’s point of view because of the language barriers.

But after Bush and Bin Laden’s secrets were out how can they still run their foreign policy in the same name hence they have now scripted a new name called ISIS with an invigorated focus on Iraq and Syria, as if to tell the world and Iran in particular that first it was Iraq then, and now it is Syria, next it will be you!

Although Syria is a sympathizer of the Soviet, the Russians and the Americans might shake hands and share power consensually in their common quest for oil and power.

It is  upon every other nation to challenge the western foreign policy instead of being mute spectators because today it is Syria, tomorrow it might just be anybody who dreams of growing big.

Syria is bound to fall if the soviet and the other powerful nations of the world are simply going to watch.

The US army does not like to shed much Christian and Jew blood of their soldiers across foreign soils hence they do local recruitment by misleading the youth of the newly sieged country in the name of Islamic Jihad.

Interestingly ISIS never messes up in China or Russia or North Korea or Japan for that matter, it is only in countries that might grow to be a potential threat and who are Soviet sympathisers or neighbours of powerful nations.

Today the new bad boy in town is the North Korean leader Kim-Jong-Un, he is ambitious ruthless wretched and a hard core dictator as projected by the media. Whether or not the Koreans think so who cares, we think so because we will believe what we are being led to believe and yes his growing nuclear aspirations are a threat to US and UK and Russia too.

Today the Imperial West is pumping crores of rupees into India for establishing Wahhabi Universities across India.

Wahhabiism is an extremely conservative form of Islam that propounds the theory of hatred, violence and injustice against non-Muslims and their own creed of Shias and modern Sunnis and women who don’t subscribe to the rigid theory of Sharia.

Wikipedia suggest that it might be the British Secret Service that set up and strengthened the arm of Wahhabi Islam along with their dummy puppet sheiks in Saudi Arabia. Interestingly these Saudi sheiks have all Jewish/Christian wives and Saudi as a state is just a glorified dictatorial family business of the west and less of a nation as people do not enjoy any rights or freedom.

As per an India Tv report Rs.1700crores was pumped into India recently for establishing Wahhabi centres of preaching, Rs.800crores have been allocated to set up Wahhabi institutes.

The equation for India is clear, with Pakistan on the west and now Bangladesh on the East and a treacherous China and a whole chunk of Wahhabism pumped into India with poster child faces like Owaisis and Zakir Naiks, the new catchword is ISIS and one can see it surrounding us in Kerala, Kashmir, UP, West Bengal, Hyderabad and parts of Karnataka with their fear mongering strategy because like the Mountain Mist slogan Darr ke aage jeeth hai if this fear is extinguished then they will be unable to rule us.

(Here is a video of ISIS fake beheading)

In the wake of such serious scenario at our door steps, it is a right step if the centre axes the root by stopping Saudi funding and banning faces of terror in totality.

If the US is serious about its War On Terror then it could simply stop aiding financial and military supplies to the ISIS, why ISIS, it could stop its arms supply to Pakistan first of all. It could contain them by blocking Youtube channels and other social media sites of ISIS across the globe, it could cut their food supplies but if they did all of this how can they remain powerful? So it is quintessential for them to keep the diplomacy of divide and rule and continue to spread fear through fake money and fake terror but with real blood!

Our media is going berserk covering the innuendos of the Islamic terror and eagerly showing smiling pictures of youth sporting guns like Vandom, and then we cry it is because of Islam! No I am certainly not saying unrealistic things like ‘terror has no religion”. Yes, today rigid Muslims have become synonymous with the face of terror. The conservative concept of Islam and their heinous crimes in history has besieged and drawn India backward by many yard miles but what are these Islamic terrorists worth without the western military and financial backing? Why the hell should Indian media call any Owaisi or Naik or a rigid mullah on a national debate unnecessarily glorifying him? Nobody would today care a damn if they were arrested and imprisoned or executed but for the unnecessary limelight and secular sympathy!

Why is the west together with their Indian media houses pitching only an Islamic face for terror? It is because the desert clan has already made its savage mark in history through its various invasions and inhuman acts. If it has worked in the past why change the game now when they can easily flare up a communal angle to anything and everything.

Also the first and second world wars have reflected poorly on the humanitarian image of the imperial West and today they have set up many councils for the cause of World Humanity and other fallacious foundations which will come out as farce if they blatantly began another world war hence the new strategy is religious terror and cold wars.

The vehement attempt of the West in keeping the turbulent history alive has been a huge success in India so far and if it goes any further, India will never be able to stand up and resolve its issues on its own. India should neither rely on Russia nor US as they are both like Pepsi and Coke with not much difference in their ill effects and dependability for good health.

The Mossad, the CIA, the British Secret Service have their own dedicated illegal and unscrupulous banks and printing machineries to run a dual and dubious economy so that they keep their recruited rebels that includes not just terrorists but also politico, activists, journalists, NGOs warm and running.

Maybe the Indian ministry at the centre today, should focus on similar tactics and buy out these glorified pseudo intellectuals and gruesome goons within, by compensating them as much as their western counterparts with the same dubious mechanisms and completely confiscate their Foreign incomes and cut contacts or deal with them with iron hands lest millions of rupees will be wasted in the futility of endless meaningless debates in and outside the parliament on a farcical fear mongering called freedom of faith.

Dar Ke Definitely Jeeth Hai if the central government really wishes to curb this foolery of fear once and for all from the roots lest you never know tomorrow the CIA and MI might say that Saddam had shipped his weapons of mass destruction to India!


Siddha in a secular jam…

As the grand old party’s symbolic hand gets murkier by the day with a plethora of scams and lies unfolding each day, the more it tugs at weeding out the lotus bloom, the deeper it is sucked into its own corrupt slushy marsh accumulated over the years. The hypocrisy of secular/pro-poor/pro-farmer rants is fast evaporating into thin air as the people now see through their farce. The veteran party is left with few states under its iconic hands and hence few political strategies left! It is in this context that when all promises of progress and development have fallen flat and the party is exposed more than it could dare to bare, that the Congress crew is now desperate to retain its power bases and make the most during its current reign in states like Karnataka and is explicitly playing its caste card and vote bank politics to retain its secular passengers.


I saw this big ad on DH today and wondered how much more divisively explicit can a party chest beating about secularism get?


Whatever welfare of all people under Indian constitution meant, the Siddaramaiah government’s unapologetic obsession with Ahinda politics and minority appeasement is only growing!


We the salaried, private school educated middleclass majority are the new Dalits in the bizarre system of socialistic equal opportunities where the prices of our essential commodities, services and education facilities are sky-rocketing by the day because of the appeasement policies to subsidize and provide everything free to the Muslims, Christians, SCs, STs and backwards.

The Anna Bhagya scheme gives free rice, palm oil at Rs.25, salt at Rs.2 and sugar at Rs.13.50 per kg. Then there is Ksheera Bhagya and Ksheera Dhaare. As if the BPL schemes were not enough now there is also an APL (above poverty line) scheme in the form of Rajiv Arogya Bhagya and Hut-Free housing scheme where the beneficiary pays 30% and the rest of the 70% medical and housing expenses are paid by the government. That’s not all, there is also another unique bhagya called Runamukt Bhagya which waives off the loan taken by SCs, STs, backwards, Muslims, Christians and after that they are again eligible to get fresh loans to take newer economic activities.

Under this scheme 395crores of SC’s loans, 69crores of ST’s loans, 514crores of BC’s loans, 363crores of minority loans were waived off!

Loans these days make you more secular if not secure!

While on one hand we are bogged by the Karnataka state’s many sprucing Bhagyas squeezing the middleclass Hindus, on the other hand the center wants us to empathize with some more poor people and forcibly surrender our gas subsidy! It is another thing that I have to pay another Rs.20 to the poor gas delivery boy as an extended corrupt compulsive responsibility!

While the minorities and backwards are backed with free education, reservation quotas and schemes like Vidya Siri Bhagya, the middleclass are naively shouldering the burden of RTE quotas as the schools now stealthily pass on this additional cost to the middleclass parents by hiking their already exorbitant fees.

hitler's quote

In Bengaluru, schools are charging anything between Rs.73000-Rs.90000/- for even a class I student and the bus fees is Rs.20000-Rs.65000/- irrespective of the distance. Three years back when the RTE quota were not yet introduced the school fees was considerably lesser but unfortunately in India the very poor are exempt from tax and the very rich evade the tax, it is the gullible middleclass who is a superficial citizen of India paying up all taxes, following all the rules and regulations, paying penalties and interests but with no obligation from the administration whatsoever.

All moral values, hard work, fables of truth and honor, good manners, etiquettes, discipline, niceties are for the middle class morons while the power mongers have always flexed their muscles and thrust their hegemony.

With a state government that is too busy audaciously appeasing only non-Hindus _ the middleclass can only hope that the center devices some schemes of respite for the tax paying middleclass as well, since removing the evil of reservation politics is a distant dream, the least it could do to bring about a balance is perhaps include more and more merit and middleclass into the reservation list thereby diluting this acrimonious divide with dual economies in a caste thrust secular society or will they ask the creamy third generation reservation candidates to forgo their quota and pass on this social status accruing subsidy to the others?!


Brahminical Tyranny! Really??!

Braminical tyranny, they cry! “Brahmmanvaad ke kilaph ladenge, nahi sahenge……whatever” they cried. They hyperventilate about being suppressed by Brahmans from time immemorial but ironically Babasahaeb Ambedkar was raised and educated by a Brahmin who also gave him the name Ambedkar! We worship a Cow herd and venerate a non-brahman Valmiki who went on to become a Brahman!

The population of Brahmins today has come down drastically their literacy rate is above 85% and mostly excel in the fields of education, law, medicine and legal systems without any reservation systems because of honesty and hard work.

Brahmanism is more about following a particular life style than about just being born into a caste.
The one who knows the Brahman _ the supreme self, the ones who live a life of simplicity and dedicate their life in pursuit of knowledge, the one who does not harm or cause blood shed of any emotional beings, the one who believes in his mental strength than any violent physical strength and the one who is against all dark evils and stands by a fair justice system, it is in this context that in Indian mythology all the bad Asuras and demons who spread evil are portrayed as dark and the one who destroys the evil is the seeker of a fair justice whether this evil destroyer is dark or white is immaterial and our Vedic puranas are proof enough to this.
In the South Indian temples you will see that all deities and idols are carved in black stones, the Krishna idol in Udupi is in black while the Krishna idol in Vrindavan is made of white marble!
Krishna means black in Sanskrit. Rama, Krishna and Shiva, Durga or Kali, the Hindu Gods are always depicted in blue which is symbolic of being extremely dark in complexion! But unfortunately our historical mythologies have been hijacked by the non-believers and twisted to suit these agendas.

A sect worshipping Mahishasura, the evil demon! Really! The pseudo secular reign in the past has seen the addition of many new Jayanthis in their overwhelming zeal to commemorate the Dalits. Our sages and spiritual leaders were also not spared their castes were deliberately flaunted to create an artificial dissent among fellow Hindus. Revered sages like Valmiki, poets like Kanakadasa were leveraged to inflict a casteist divide, but they forget the very definition of a Brahmin _ “The one who knows Brahman” and it is for this reason that the Brahmin community never opposed or played into any of these moves as they believe in respecting knowledge no matter where it comes from and this has been amply demonstrated all along and stood the test of time.

We have been hearing from our births that there is a social oppression of lower castes by the hegemony of Brahmanism, I do not know when really the Brahmins got a chance to oppress amidst the last 800 years of sabotage and invasions but this is what the Joshua project says
“Brahmins are a key community in India who uphold Hinduism. Please pray that the light of the gospel breaks through the veil that blinds this community.
Pray that the true God will reveal Himself to this community and use Brahmins to preach and teach about Jesus Christ”.
The white man is hard at work to erase Sanathan Dharma by wily deploying Brown British moles across the length and breadth of India who are often disguised as rights activists or Green brigadiers or evangelists of freedom, creativity and liberalisation and not to forget “senior journalists” and “rational thinkers”!

My converted Christian colleague at office could not stop himself from piquing at me about my staunch vegetarian habits. He would say “Din mein teeka, raath ko chicken tikka” meaning a Tilak in the morning and chicken sticks at night! I was dazed at his guts and unprovoked shot at piquing me but was equally amused at the disrespectful ignorance and the hatred that was inflicted in him.

Truly a new convert is more religious than the preacher himself!

An IAS officer Uma Shankar in Tamil Nadu in the recent years openly propagated, preached Christianity and ridiculed other faiths, he also advised his followers to retain their Dalit Hindu status to avail the benefits of reservations but become a Christian at heart! Such is the hypocrisy of freedom of speech and beliefs in our country.

En route to the Manjunatha Swamy temple in Dharmastala, in Karnataka, there is a  large Dhwaja Stamba topped with a golden cross in the front yard of a church. I am talking about this here is to simply reiterate the fact that our symbols, scriptures and sacredness has been time and again manipulated and meddled with in a hush-hush way in the country sides, hill regions, amidst the untouched tribal areas, amongst naïve farmers and poor artisans who know not the evils of World’s religion based-power politics, while our media is busy blaring about the how narrow minded we Hindus are!!

But with the current day obsession with worshipping anybody and anything that is derogatory to the majority community’s belief where Mahishasura is elevated as a Dalit pawn deployed to denigrate the supreme Durga as a white skinned Aryan prostitute, which is one among the various atrocious attempts of the white man to vilify the Hindu mythology through their brown skinned commies, the Brahmin haters will never miss an opportunity to denigrate Brahmins, because when all logical reasoning ends, begins violence and vilification of the sober cult that is long shown the door out of its country by inflicting caste based reservations. Because that is the only way the white man can consume this nation and burp out his misgivings and stand tall as a super power.

If you have to appear big, cut the other person down to size!

Unfortunately Ravana and Shurpanaka were Brahmins hence no Jayanthis in their honor! Else we could have expected some Jayanthis on their name as well!

Even Ravana and all other demons are depicted as dark, symbolizing the darkness of the evil thoughts that is associated with them but the propagandists of equality will selectively cry hoarse when Mohammed the prophet is called a gay and cite freedom of speech and belief when Goddess Durga is denigrated.

They will not stop there, but shout that all Brahmins are white skinned and SC/ST are dark skinned as they have tall stakes in the divisive dividends of India. People living in tropical and extremely hot climates are bound to have higher amounts of melanin pigment and people in colder regions have less melanin which makes them fair skinned. Now the obsolete Aryan-Dravidian theory cannot be applied here anymore because going by the leftist and Maoist ideologues, all Kashmiri Muslims are fair skinned Brahmins! Isn’t?

It is Baba Ambedkar’s 125th birth anniversary this year, the architect of our constitution, the mascot of Dalits, who proposed the reservation policy only for 10years, so as to bring about a social equality, but ironically even after 70years of this policy, we remain divided and continue to fill the census forms with castes and sub castes defeating the very purpose of devising this policy of reservation.

But polity thrives on this division and they will not let go of it any soon.

Dalit Scholar Commits Suicide” was the headline a month ago, now it is “Privilege Motion Against Smrithi?” Ever since the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, Rahul Gandhi in his 45th year is attending more colleges than perhaps he ever did during his 20s, so the catch is clear! Smrithi Irani might have been late in asking Rohit Vemula, the dalit student as to why he was wasting time indulging in politics than focusing on his academics and education, the seat that he secured via the reservation quota, denying many a meritorious students what they rightfully deserved but the prince charming is never late for any of those staged campus furores.

There are several thousands of other students who commit suicide as they cannot make it to the premium institutes in spite of decent scores that fails them to scramble up the thin 40% left for the General category students with a 90+% cut off. But our secular media will pique on Dalits, minorities! Whether the Dalit students died of an over burdening load of academia or because of social inequality or was done off with, by those very people he stood with, we do not know but people will continue to come forward, not to join the forward posts on the border but for the celebrated posts of backwardness.
The union budgets will continue to appease the backward classes, time and again allocating crores of rupees(today’s budget allotted 500crores for Stand Up India Scheme _entrepreneurship scheme for SC/ST), sanctioning for more and more schemes for the welfare and upliftment of minorities and SC/STs by breaking the backs of the middle class (a large number of cunning Brahmins included!) who donkey the political loads of income tax burden entrusted upon them as a moral virtue from time immemorial. They do not make any ruckus for reservations, they never complain or file a case in courts when their clan is denigrated every time at the altar of secularism but will read some more scriptures, gulp it down and continue to shoulder it all and contribute more only in the hope that someday India will be a super power when merit alone will triumph.

I do not have anything against anybody’s religious choice but if you interfere with mine and think it is rational to masquerade as one amongst us and indulge in spewing venom against us then your divisive agenda is out in the open and calls for corrective actions from our end by participating profusely in the political and administrative decisions of the nation.
“Brahmins are non-violent and peace loving people but never tyrannical, in fact they have been systematically oppressed in an organized way today so stop using words like Brahmanvaad!”

Nidar Nirbheek and Nirbhaya

Impact of The Make In India concept has been roaring ever since the Modi Government launched it in September 2014 with an aim to renew our manufacturing sector and play a key role in the global supply chain, and why not after decades of a slumped image, if today India is making eyeballs roll and is being acknowledged the world over for its technological prowess and its striding pace of economy, it is only natural for every Indian to indulge and take pride in the Swadeshi fervour! Having said that the recent Make In India week caught my attention for two wrong reasons, one the devastating fire, whether it was an accident or designed to its fine execution, only time will tell, two the launch of the lightest revolver ‘Nidar’!

The manufacturers of Nidar claim that it is the lightest Indian make gun weighing only 250gms and that this palm sized beauty can empower and ensure women safety by aiding them in adverse situations and that it costs only Rs.35000 which is better than its previous version, Nirbheek which weighs 500gms that costs 1,22,000!

Yes 35k might be peanuts in today’s cosmopolitan world where people do not hesitate to splurge half a lakh for fanciful accessories like watches and smart phones but then if arming people with guns were to empower them and ensure their safety why then do we need any courts of justice at all?

If guns were to reduce rapes and other social crimes against women why then was Jessica Lal shot down, why then was Sunanda Pushkar killed, why then was Geetika, an airhostess driven to commit suicide by a minister called Gopal Khanda? They were all elite women sharing proximity with powerful people. If that is the state of people who can afford Rs.35000 then what speak of people in the lower ranks of the society?

A domestic help in a minister’s house was murdered, would she feel empowered with a gun? Would she be saved if she had a gun? Or could the Barduan sisters who were raped and hanged in public saved themselves from the evil clutches of political hegemony and social atrocity? If grabbing a gun makes one feel safe then UP-Bihar would be the safest place in India!

If only our police constables and patrol police were armed with guns and a little bit of social sensitivity then the hands that preyed upon Nirbhaya would not have dared to think of such heinous acts.

Our western counterparts, mainly the US realise that they have already messed up infesting their own courtyards with the gun culture and are today struck knee deep in a society of violent crimes as a result of their own superficial constitutional rights. Successive presidents have stood mute and succumbed to the heckling between the bankers and the pro-gun brigade but have not legislated anything meaningful to its citizens

“You are 15 times more likely to be shot dead in the US than in Australia” said the Australian deputy Prime Minister Tim Fischer. The US witnessed 350 mass killings in a single year recently.

The United States of America harvests foreign souls on its shores to reap global reigning power for the few non-native aristocrats who rule them all, who weigh their success with the weight of their weaponry, so civil rights and individual safety and all that hammed up solidarity extended to the victims of shootout is just a foolery of the masses who surprisingly still believe that those very law makers who masqueraded a violent gun culture as a constitutional right will someday soon save them from this horror!

In the Indian context, in our gusto to keep pace with our western counterparts it is imperative that we do not lose focus on real development and overlook the disguised perils that come as destructive freebies which bear direct repercussions on our culture and is capable of wreaking havoc if implemented casually.

The recent launch of Nider revolver with all its aplomb about women safety measure with an assurance from the home ministry to amend Indian Arms Act to make gun procuring more easy and affordable to Indians is a sinister option given to an already lawless and corrupt society where issuance of fake degree certificates, fake Khatas, fake ration cards and even fake passports can be done in a jiffy. In a country where even land allotments can be faked right under the nose of the government, in a country where we are still recuperating from the adversity of Aadhar card issuance where Voter IDs bear wrong spellings and wrong date of birth information with mismatching photographs!

With the home ministry softly signalling to harvest a crop of gun wielding violent citizens in the name of empowerment, who will be accountable for lawlessness that looms large at us in the near future?

While the awkward exhibition of power in some recent political fervours where party men were seen flaunting their illegal guns and muscle power by shooting bullets in the air itself sends shivers to a layman the fact that the Government is talking of making it officially affordable and easier to procure a gun is quiet disturbing and definitely not what the people of this country voted them for.

Women don’t feel safe by just carrying a gun, you feel lot safer only when you know that nobody roams down the street with weapons in their hand bags! Also the acts of violence on women in India are mostly out of sick mind sets that are born out of social and educational inequalities and regional/urban/rural disconnect which can only be countered effectively by imposing visibly stricter punishments and giving faster justice.

If one compares US and Saudi Arab, two starkly opposites in their approach towards individual rights and freedom it is ironic that the violent crime rate of America, a free thinking country far excels that of Saudi Arabia.

Even with the utmost strict law impositions the violent crime rate of America is 68% more than India, their gun crimes are 21times more than us and their rape rate is 15times more than India in its current status where fear of law among Indians is lot lesser when compared to the US citizens’ fear of crime , that being the case, where India is better off without the gun culture to contain crimes India certainly does not need to wear the talismans of the pro-gun Zionist hailing brigade!

We did not follow their path on our mission to Mars we did it indigenously from our perspectives that struck the world in awe of our scientific prowess! India does not want to and should never tread on the paths of America especially when it comes to culture and values because that is what sets us apart, and we are proud of our values!

Nider and Nirbheek cannot save the Nirbhayas, it is the moral conscience that has to be empowered and ensure strict implementation of laws with harsher punishments thereby renewing the faith and fear among the citizens.

Their rightful place is in the hands of the law keeping forces and never in hands of the common man!

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.



Are Moral Values A Scarcity Today?

Navigating through the hostile glaciers, they march with hearts of gold on days and nights that are always ice cold! Armed with armours of unconquerable will, packed with patriotic fervour, spiritedly they secure our borders and follow order after orders.
Away from their dear families, away from the puerility of polity and all its profane political correctness and insinuating innuendoes of vicious verbatim _ they stand guard in the gruesome glacial garrisons _ not for the love of fame, not for the love of the ugly warring game _ but for the love of his country and to sustain his dependants. He knows not, all that creative rhetoric _ he knows not, the frenzy of fan following because all they know is that, they are here to fight with all their might for the honour of his country.
The white icy sheets shimmer serenely hiding beneath her belly, that twinkle of hope of our brave men who stood the fury of these glaciers so sharp, only to contain the shrewd enemy who might harp, on an opportunity to disintegrate and dissect us apart!
If only they were to steer into the heart of the nation, the very nation they stood guard for, they would encounter an even more spine chilling hostility _ they would be sunken in the avalanche of lies that were and are still being peddled as truth. They would realise the harsh truth that the real threat is not from our external enemies but the deadly ones sitting in the sanctified sanctorum of elite educational institutions and plush political bungalows that are funded by tax payer’s money, with such elitism that they will shoot you only with eloquent English, infiltrate and hijack our vulnerable youth with an ideology of hatred and divide. They are adequately armoured with the audacity to sensationalise and derail our country in the name of freedom of speech and misconceived struggles.
From the last sixty years of overtly secular storming to this day when we have steered this gigantic Noah’s boat called India that sailed against all odds with its all species of castes and creeds, the tidal waves of communalism and pseudo secularisms have finally calmed down as the ship was anchored by the robust strings of statesmanship and is now gripped with a mast of vision and compass of development that has largely changed the crest in the formation of waves.
But politics is all about race for captaincy of this ship. And in this blinkered lunacy to oppose everything and anything just to derail a ruling government chosen by popular choice, have the politicians and all their student winglets lost the ethos of polity itself, has the urge to remain powerful drowned moral values itself? Has polity stooped so low that the passengers themselves make holes in the ship to sink it down just because they did not get to lay their hands on the steering wheel?
In the context of the recent developments at JNU, it is appalling to see the youth of this country being inflicted with the inability to distinguish between right and wrong. Are the youth enrolled in such prestigious institutes, deliberately misaligned without any patriotism or nationalistic integrity? If so what has led them so far away, so much that they seem disconnected from that very land that is sheltering them?
People form opinions based on visual representations and tend to believe in what is constantly blared out at them. A loud lie told repeatedly might sound like a truth for the gullible. It is in this context that a strong moral foundation among youth of this country is foremost for integrating nationalistic and meaningful healthy politics for the betterment of this country.
Many countries in the world have a conscription policy where all its citizens are compulsorily enlisted in some kind of national service mostly military service. Citizens are required to compulsorily spend 1-3years of their early lives (after 18 years) in the military services. While many free thinkers and activists argue that it is blatant slavery and involuntary servitude that does not in any way portray patriotism, but the fact remains that people who have been in the defence and military services have always held their nation in high regard. It is true that in case of an unfavourable government formation or a war like situation where you do not endorse the policies, it would suffocate people and may even force them to think of leaving the country.
But in our country where people proclaim to leave the country without any provocation, it is only imperative to embed some moral values amongst the masses from early stages itself so that people at the decision making and opinion building levels differentiate between the gravity of the role of opposition with the role of opposing the country itself thereby botching up its integrity and image.
If not for all citizens this concept of conscription should be made mandatory for those contesting political elections, those seeking party tickets, those candidates in the central and state level Government services and perhaps even aspiring journalists to compulsorily spend 3years of their lives in military services before joining any Government services.
This would ensure a real connect and a deep understanding of the worth of securing freedom for our nation, it would also ignite strong feelings of nationalism to truly understand the value of freedom!

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Tears of Irony!

The president of USA, one of the world’s most powerful countries today and the largest manufacturers and suppliers of weapons of mass destruction whose expenditure on the arms and ammunition industry exceeds more than 3% of the world’s GDP, cried in public, remembering the shootout at schools, addressing his institutional inabilities to contain their own home grown germs of gun culture germinating into their playgrounds!

Ironically the US thrives on the arsenal industry for its economic prowess and global supremacy, with this muscle power it monopolizes the middle east throwing bullets like biscuits to control the oil reserve and anybody who does not comply or opposes its hegemonic diktats face the ramification of being found guilty of nurturing nuclear interests or labeled as an autocratic dictator and a series of other esoteric lies that are organically spewed in the minds of million through a behemoth network of its enslaved media. And then there are tools like peace keeping, human rights issues, secularism, liberalism and global warming issues, world health et al that are either plagued or piped periodically to pack the situation.

They talk of peace with India but pump Pakistan with arms against us, they talk of human rights but include countries that chop and flog out free thinking bodies into their UNHRC body, they condemn terrorism but aid the ISIS with arms and ammunition but with the advent of the social media it is no secret anymore that the carcinogenic growth of religious radicalization and global terrorism are just pastime toys in the hands of uncle Sam to contain and keep a tab on third world and developing countries that pose a threat to excel independently and leave behind the so called developed nations far behind!

If religion is a means to divide people and weapons are the ends to rule people in which money and hegemony alone are declared winners! In today’s scenario where US troops are carrying out drone attacks and aiding groups that pump guns and bullets in the hands of young kids, it is indeed an irony that Obama chooses to shed a tear amidst a fun fare of gun-fare!

But the larger question is who will really bell this cat!?


Trips of Polity, then and now…..

During the Sino-Indian war of 1962 when the Chinese army first intruded into India in the Thagla area in September, Nehru, the then Prime Minister of independent India was attending the Commonwealth Prime Ministers Conference in London, he did not return back immediately to take charge as the head of the Defence committee of the cabinet during the Chinese incursion but what was even more startling was the fact that Nehru proceeded further from London to Lagos, Nigeria in the hour of crisis and returned home only on 2nd October when the war was irreversible, to make matters worse he appointed BM Kaul his cousin as the General and instead of leading the country he left for Colombo, Ceylon on 12th October absenting himself from the helm of affairs when the country was in dire straits and needed him most. Fifty years have passed and that very dynastic regiment now sits in the opposition pondering on the effectiveness of foreign trips.

Ever since the May 2014 Lok sabha elections the numerous foreign trips of Prime Minister Modi has been the talk of the town with rumours doing the rounds on social media often questioning and quashing the purpose and benefits it has brought back to the nation irrespective of the billions of business and global image makeover that it has given Indians, not that the previous prime ministers did not travel enough but the intentions and aspirations are out in the open for all to judge. Back then the Prime ministers of post independent India travelled reckoning and receding to the western benefits accepting and accommodating their diktats, whose travel or treachery nor travesty ever made for any headlines but today here is an Indian prime minister whose trip to US or UK creates nostalgic history, whose aura augers well with his audience, the charismatic connect that he brings with the common man and more importantly  his striding pace of dedication to deliver on his words is what has kept the limelight fixed on him throughout, with or without foreign trips!

Bihar, A Bygone Bonanza…?

A decade ago when I was in the marketing team of an educational institute selling IT courses, the foremost thing we were taught is never de-sell another brand, never show them down but instead talk about what best you can offer and equip them amply with enough information and allowing the customer to completely comprehend and analyse the pros and cons of the different options available in the market, because to convince is marketing and to confuse is sales and there are no shortcuts for marketing, it is an ongoing process.

In the context of BJP’s Bihar debacle whether the voters were well informed or ill informed, irrespective of the education levels and backgrounds and the caste factor it was imperative that the PM was over used, when all that the citizens expected was a local connect with an acute understanding of the ground reality(not that the PM lacks an understanding of the developmental scenario in Bihar) but with a local face missing the BJP certainly missed out on catching up with local mind sets. Modi was a hit in Gujarat because he was a local who knew the inside out there, of course his seamless administrative ability and statesmanship led to his rise in the Loksabha elections but during the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, the people voted decisively because they could connect with the man, they knew for sure was the right prime ministerial candidate, the man who would rule the country and take it forward plus a clear manifesto of development was largely visible in the backdrop of a successful Gujarat milestone against the corrupt stage the Congress left behind.

But in Delhi and now in Bihar, a local face was strongly missing!

It was evident that banking only on the Modi factor and not establishing a strong and charismatic local face to connect with the local people and dismissing some dismayed differences amongst cadres as minor sparks blew the fumes of the big fall setting a posthumous pyre for the BJP. Of course loose canons like Shatrugan Sinha should either have been tightly hugged or shown the door initially itself. The Manji mantra was as bad as the timing of the cow tantra as the people of Bihar seem to have chewed down the fodder(chara) kutantra.

While the over use of Modi in all the campaigns was not only too relegating for his stature but also implicitly elevated the corrupt trio as developmental messiahs amidst the politically illiterate masses of Bihar who chose the lantern in the age of LEDs. Plus the negative election campaigning and the acerbic jibe war was too unsophisticated to be drafted for a person of Modi’s calibre. Maybe it’s time Modi stayed away from election campaigns as he is now the PM of the country and Amit Shah should realise this and delegate work appropriately. The premature stances by Amit Shah and Ravi Shankar Prasad that Nitish Kumar will resign and walk out at 2pm on 8th Nov was the last nail in the chest of arrogance and over confidence. Remember Amit Shah’s invitation to Arvind Kejriwal for the swearing in ceremony during Delhi elections!

Maybe team BJP should introspect and introspect hard as to why they have failed both in Delhi and Bihar. Perhaps it is the ‘Yuddhakaale Shastraabhyas’ anecdote that the BJP needs to shed along with a few kilos of ego and gear up on the ground as the election season will soon blossom yet again on the murky grounds of UP and Karnataka.

Elections are not won with starry auras and magic wands nor is brand loyalty earned by mere superficial logos but by establishing a strong connect which can be done by creating awareness consistently and continuously in consumable doses because people will only believe in what they see and hear every day. Whether the rationalist was eliminated by the seculars or the pseudo seculars nobody knows but the communal monkey is often saddled upon the ideological ogres, made out by a malevolent media blowing the bugle of intolerance day in and day out until the cryptology of political equations are finally settled, now that the Bihar elections are over and a conducive mandate given to the solemnised seculars hopefully there will be more tolerance across media houses on the intolerance debate.

Nevertheless, team BJP must pull its socks and concentrate on some hard core reforms like Swatcha Media and clean up the media houses by acquiring them and relieving it from the banality of their foreign masters thereby reiterating the ‘Make In India’ concept and also investigate the bank accounts and assets of all the journalists and stamp them clean because like the black money there is a black intelligence that is peddled and embedded in young minds today.

But with the meagre political clout in the Rajya Sabha, the least BJP can do is  identify the Mir Jafars within and contain its internal and external enemies without fanning fanaticisms of any kind and stay focused on endearing the common man of India with some tough and quick delivery on the promises, the benefit of which should be passed on quickly to be felt and remembered by the common man across India because elections might be over but the electorate is waiting and watching!

The Mukerjees Saga……

The Indrani Mukerjee case has been running successfully all over the Indian media ever since its release from the past one week, even as the audience are still trying to decipher where really would this investigative needle point to, whose horse shit will the media really scathe out and to whom will it be a major blow to in the end this multi starrer mega movie is only getting more and more speculative by the day which seems to have sent Ekta Kapoor into a tizzy and Kapil’s comedy now looks like a horror show. Jasleen Kaur and Hardik Patel are biting their nails in a corner wondering how their trending hash tags were consumed off so soon by the Mukerjees.

While a leading daily reported “ Indrani is being served Chai Poa for breakfast in jail”, Radhe maa heaved a sigh of relief and the FTII students decided to draw an inspiration or two and infer from this Mega movie making skills which seems to be playing as if there is nothing beyond this for Indians to watch and all Indians are more or less as immoral as it is programmed to be. The Bihar and Bengaluru polls can go to hell, who cares if the Nifty fell or if the onion prices rose, who cares if POK wants to be part of India or if Palmyra is razed out, who cares if US funded the ISIS or if Bihar is ruled by Laalu or Pappu but isn’t Sheena such a pretty face??

BBMP Results Bhagya

Bengaluru has been gaping with potholed corridors of corruption, stinking in the mounds of garbage piles and pending rat eaten files, our hard earned money was pitched into vote bank bhagyas while we suffered the Durbhagya of a never ending metro rail work convoluting into myriad and terrible traffic woes, the arrogance in the fair investigation of the mysterious death of an honest IAS officer DK Ravi was perhaps the death knell the Congress chose to ignore, the secularly casteist census strategy to divide us further, the BBMP’s notorious building demolition spree, farmers suicides, froth filled inflammable lakes, harassing the non-congress electorates without Kaveri water and non-issuance of Katha forgetting that it was that very electorate that had swapped the BJP with Congress remorselessly a few years back coupled with all that negative anti national pyjama politics in the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha have driven the people to give a responsible mandate which should keep the Congress on their toes for the 2017 elections and do some ground work.

The BBMP polls might have decisively ended with people vociferously voicing their choice but some people will never learn….

This was the secular tone on today’s socialist newspaper


This is the age of social media, superfast with intelligent inference, gone are the days of rigid hero worships and brand loyalty, ye public hai ye sab jaanthi hai gone are the ‘karenge ya marenge’ times….it is ‘Karo ya maro’ time now and also  an auspicious time for some hard core introspection on your secular credentials instead of refusing to see that the emperor is really stark naked. All play and no work makes Jack a really dull dud head!


CASTEing Couch

Japan recently commemorated its 70years of the Hiroshima incident, lakhs of people were killed, their economy crashed and the developmental works of many decades was decimated but today Japan is the second largest developed economy and the third largest in the world in terms of nominal GDP, a world leader in electronics and the fourth largest purchasing power, a member of G7 and has steered ahead with competitiveness and innovation even with no natural resources and an aged population. Now contrast this with India, like Japan even we celebrated and commemorated the 70 years of freedom but our parliamentarians are still struck with pyjama politics and struggle to pass a GST bill.

We are the only country in the world that castigates itself with caste and take pride in reeking with reservation quotas, 90% of our schools are Government run since last 70years but reservation rules over resourcefulness so much that even the 10% of private schools left are sucked up to for another 25% charity (RTE) to elite socialism that we garlanded ourselves with in the guise of seeking equality. Professional courses, public sector jobs are inflicted with reservations not on financial backwardness but social backwardness, but who decides who is social backward and how can politicos ascertain the benefits of rationing resources when majority of them and their brethren seek medical aid and education abroad? Who decides social backwardness when majority of merit students are socially ostracised from the country’s main stream education and employment sectors? Who decides backwardness when food growing farmers are evicted into cities to wash dishes at Pizza hut? Our intellectuals are forced to boot polish western economies while the socialists’ chest beat about secularism and continue to castigate and dissect the society into various castes and sub castes. The diversity that we were once proud of is vilified out of proportion and a bane today with meaningless reservations and conservations.

Reservation is all about rationing availability with employability they say but all that has been rationed is the country’s economic and developmental prospects.

The Bollywood might be suffering with casting-couch but our socialists and even our constitution suffer from caste-couch, When skills have no values why not all the secularists and socialists and those seeking reservations take an austere pledge of parity that they will only employ and seek services from the most backward reservation candidates, they will send their children to Government schools and also get married to the most backward and oppressed tribal folks of the country and go under the knife with the lowest calibre medicos to promote egalitarianism.

The Vernas or the Castes were defined by the nature of the job a person did but today the job is defined by the caste you belong to. With the new caste of socialism clogging the clouds of reasoning, will the Government have the guts to evict this rut called reservation?

Will Indians ever learn to wait in a queue?

You are soaring over the skies at 35000feet drifting amidst the expanse of loosely knit bales of clouds, there is empty space all around you making you feel you are the only one beaming beneath the golden rays and then suddenly there is an announcement from your captain that the flight will shortly land, and within minutes you experience a tumultuous uproar around you not because of any external roughage but the internal rage and urge of fellow passengers to get out first, especially if it is a flight full of joyous explicitly emotional Indians.

A few years back I was the privileged one to encounter such overwhelming gestures of a hurried frenzy which turned out to be quiet a horrid one for me. I had just dozed off at the end of a weary flight with a sick child with me, just then suddenly a heavy hand bag crashed on my head almost breaking my neck as a fellow passenger was in a great hurry to unload and get set even when the plane was still moving on landing.

This is a killer instinct embedded in most Indians _ it’s called the “me first, no matter what!” syndrome.

You head to the conveyor belt your luggage is not doing ringa ringa roses yet and you almost want to choke that moron who put your bag last, you head to the taxi stand, your intolerance factor gets rising and you wish you could have had the first taxi at your disposal. So far so good, then you head on to the road that is raging with rebellious road revelers who are all smitten by the fury of great hurry and seem to say ‘me first’ so much that one can be inspired to make a new video game on surviving the Indian traffic.

You head to a restaurant and you will find many glorious well-dressed hungry beggars who will gape and inch towards you with every spoonful that you empty eyeing to lay siege to your seat, this is because we don’t trust the queue system as all that we are left with now is the push and rush system.

At the bus stop and in the bus you have to apply Darwin’s theory of survival of the fittest, sweaty armpits, elbowing passengers welcome you but you have to fight the brutes and fight them hard until you get back the change from the conductor who usually absconds to the far end just before you have to get down first!

At the billing counter, people will click their tongues and curse you for making a detailed shopping list and say ‘arre bhaiya hamara sirf dhohi item hai’! Hamara pehle bill kar do!

At the parent teacher meeting you will get shoved sophisticatedly by educated brutes who otherwise share all possible moral values and positivity in their virtual social worlds.

At the wedding reception too, the more important ones bypass this trivial tail of travesty that the whole event has reduced you to and all you can do is stand tall on your stilettoes and curse your luck while your eyes scan if you knew somebody ahead in the queue.

At the park, at the clinic, at the result announcement, at the traffic signal, at the air show, at the cinema ticket counter, at the railway station, hotel, metros you name it and we know how to simply elbow them out, we know how to get there first.

If you have climbed a local train in Mumbai, if you have driven on Avenue road in Bengaluru and walked without getting hit on Agra’s narrow roads then you can even trick death or drive in hell and still be first in the line!

Any those silly westerners think they will issue driving licenses to us Indians who can zip zap zoom whichever way we want?

Now of all these queue breakers the most outrageous and offensive are the devotional geeks who seem convinced that the more they push the more devotional you get, the more you elbow, the closer the salvation. The harder the Darshan … the more Paapa Parihaara it is! Bigger the mad rush, higher is the spiritual significance!

Time and again we hear about stampedes in religious places but neither the shrine administrations nor the government neither the religious heads nor the devotees at large give any thought about it because we are never taught and will never learn to wait in a queue.

Maybe the religious heads should really make earnest appeals to pilgrims to follow this basic need to wait in a queue patiently! The government should simply get rid of the Hundi system as it is because of the greed to fill these Hundis controlled by state governments that unsuspecting and uncontrolled numbers of devotees are sandwiched into a stuffy wait! The significance of an auspicious day should be explained and perhaps could be extended to the whole month so that people don’t end up rushing at the same time.

Customs are made in context to contemporary situations, 50 years back people in South India donated the Nava Dhaanyaas and some goodies to the married ladies all packed in a wooden winnowing tray(marada baagina) but today when no woman uses this traditional method of winnowing and in this age where we buy cleaned and packed stuff, how relevant is a wooden tray?

I am certainly not questioning the ritual but the obsolete mode of practice?

I live in an apartment that houses 1200 houses but only with one swimming pool now, imagine if all 1200 with their families adding up to some 3000 were to come and jump into the pool at the same time, then there is bound to be confusion and chaos, so it is about rationing and making optimal utility of a facility available with utmost regard for everyone in stake.

But today in spite of most shrine administrations earning crores of rupees there is little regard for the sanity of spiritual sanctity or sanitation and almost no hope for crowd management techniques.

With no proper regulations, where all rules are relaxed for the rich and powerful,commoners are stuffed like petty fillings in the swelling columns of overflowing devotion to brim up the pots of offerings.

With no stipulated control on the total number of people a place can hold and no limitations set, are we really reminiscing the spirituality in us for real?

Back then a south Indian would be more than happy if he visited Rameshwaram in his lifetime but today with the ease of connectivity and affordability the list is only getting longer.

The last time I went to Tirupathi, Nathadwaara, Vrindaavan or Amritsar, with my little one clinging on to me these thresholds of spirituality meant to evoke the humaneness in us thrust me into an endless wait amidst unruly harrowing push systems the crowds resorted to where the decency to decipher spirituality is thrown into thin air as if only the robust and mighty could make it to the finishing line. Such was the insane pulling and pushing that I only hoped and prayed to god that I got back home intact in one piece with family and with a little bit of spirituality still left in me because following a queue system is a distant dream for Indians to accomplish unless there is some very stringent law adopted to control crowds and heavy penalties levied on the administration who mindlessly allow lakhs to gather when the place cannot even hold thousands.

Stung by Shashi’s speech

Shashi Tharoor’s speech at the Oxford Union with all his sophistication went viral and even got congratulatory gestures from the Prime Minister Modi, it was almost like Akshay Kumar gunning the villain down at point blank range in Holiday without lifting his little finger but what is new about all that he said? Even Rajiv Dixit, an IITian turned social activist said the same thing in Hindi but he was ignored by the main stream media, perhaps he did not feed into the spunk quotient which is a prerequisite for the TRPs or perhaps we still believe only when endorsed by westerners and in polished accented English. Did we not know that the diamond that the queen wears is stolen from India? Did we not know that our economy is still recuperating from the treacherous loot and divisive politics they inflicted upon us even after independence?

If at all they were to compensate even an iota of that grand loot they took away with them we could probably have 1000 smart cities by now but the point is _ if seeking reparations and apologies for all the vile invasions were to ease and endorse a good bilateral relation today in an international debate then why is it that even a mention of the Mandir in Ayodhya, Kashi or Mathura always seen as stirring a communal pot by our own media houses, will we ever shun all vote bank secularism and seek reparations for the Moghul invasions too? Do we have the guts to acknowledge history rightfully?

Whether the queen feels ashamed to wear a stolen Kohinoor diamond on her tiara or not the fact, that Shashi Tharoor with his overwhelming qualifications of elite English integrity is of late leaning to charm the Bhakts and their Gods, reminds me of this scene from the Akshay Kumar starrer ‘Holiday’!


where he aids the corrupt officer with two guns to choose from for a respectable remembrance.

In the gruesome context of Sunanda’s death mystery, whichever way the elite man chooses we all know that behind every successful man there is always a woman!

Relook Into The Sino-Indian Ties

China is and has always been an expansionist and aggressive neighbour whose growing military ambitions and close proximity with Pakistan and warming up to Russia and Srilanka cannot be wished away by India anymore.

Back then the British had cleverly made Tibet a buffer zone to safeguard the northern frontiers of British India by signing the Anglo Tibetan Treaty in 1904 with Dalai Lama thereby restricting concessions to other foreign powers and gaining direct influence over the foreign policy of Tibet.

In 1910, China invaded Tibet and Dalai Lama fled to India but returned back in 1912 and drove out the Chinese garrisons after the Chinese Revolution had weakened China’s power politics.

In the 1914 pact of Simla Convention Tibet refused to acclaim China as its authority and forced China to accept an autonomous Tibet with fixed frontiers but China did not ratify this agreement and did not accept the inner outer Tibet boundaries and never endorsed the Mc.Mahon Line.

From 1912-1950 there were no more Chinese attacks on Tibet as at that time the British dominated the world politics and China was weak and hence did not confront.

In World War II Tibet chose to remain neutral and resisted Chinese pressure to open up Tibet for war communications.

Effectively Tibet never accepted the suzerainty of China but was time and again grabbed by conquest. For centuries India and Tibet lived peacefully without any defined land demarcations but with a hostile neighbour like China the British had smelt danger and hence they made Tibet as a buffer zone to protect the northern frontiers which we naturally inherited after independence.

Post-independence India was busy trumpeting her new found freedom and laden with formulating her constitution, while Nehru championed against colonialism but gave our manes in UN’s grip by messing up Kashmir, China declared to annex Tibet in 1950. Tibet sought our help but we refused to intervene as we were a peace loving nation ready to risk our strategic defence fronts the British had created on the northern borders altering our geo-political balance. Tibet appealed the matter to the UN, on 23rd November 1950 when the Tibetan appeal came for discussion in the UN general assembly; the Indian delegate opposed the inclusion of the question on the agenda and insisted that the matter be settled peacefully between Tibet and China as they were historically associated.

The matter was dropped!

Contrast this with India’s appeal to the UN today about Lakhvi’s release, China has openly supported Pakistan _ this surely does not come as an aftershock because China is known for its treachery and Pakistan for its imperial slavery whose power politics take birth and die in the queen’s abode.

In 1950 we advocated our own disaster by supporting China’s cause in the UN which they wilfully justified that their action was only a measure to contain the western plots to turn Tibet into an American base and prevent imperialism from invading an inch of their territory.

After the 1947 war of India and Pakistan, Pakistan confronted us yet again in 1951 only to realise that they were no match for India after which it did some serious thinking in order to free themselves from any kind of future intimidations from India, hence in 1953 Pakistan signed the Mutual-Aid treaty with USA and joined its security pacts of CENTO and SEATO. Pakistan traded its military bases in exchange for military aid as Pakistan on the southern boundaries of Russia was an invaluable base for the US troops too. Pakistan’s military coffers were filled with American aid _ money, construction of military accommodation, Patton Tanks, F-86 fighter aircrafts, radar equipment, medium and heavy artillery guns and latest weapons.

When the US and Pakistan scratched each other’s back Nehru used his ultimate weapon _ he expressed dissent over this, America offered aid to us without any strings but we refused it as we were a peace loving country and philosophically thought that we could be free from power politics of the world.

Pakistan is a crucial ally for America to keep Russia at bay and to keep India from overriding them hence we can almost forget resolving the Kashmir issue with a UN support unless India really builds up as a military and economic superpower.

While India was just scrambling with ineffective and indecisive policies and resources, burning with the Kashmir issue, seeking the UN mediation and the world’s sympathy _ China was silently patrolling and building roads and airfields in Tibet, educating and indoctrinating bright young Tibetans in China who came back to be more communist than the Chinese themselves in key administrative roles in Tibet, by 1953 all important towns were connected by telegraph and by 1954 China had been linked with Tibet by two major roads, opposite to NEFA they had built a 3ton road and a railway line was also contemplated.

In 1954 we signed the Panch Sheel agreement with China and recognised China’s control and formally wrote off Tibet in return for China’s good behaviour by voluntarily giving up our military, communication and postal rights in Tibet but failed to get a reciprocal benefit of settling the border agreement because the Indian diplomacy and political acumen was on its deathbed.

Nehru visited China in 1954 and came back impressed with a grand reception thinking that Chinese noodles were indeed tasty and healthy and even advocated her name in the world body. But just after the Panch Sheel agreement there was a border incident when China claimed Bara-Hoti was Chinese territory, this warning, India had failed to read!

It was only in 1956 when China refused to accept the Mc.Mahon Line we first conceded that China was a threat to us but still did nothing. We neither prepared or resisted nor made concessions. We did not debate or discuss seeking public opinion, did not build or ready or strengthen the military forces and refused to realise that History Politics Policies and Strategy are interlinked. We were napping with un-readiness to counter a first class ruthless power with love, peace and hopes. Yet Nehru chose to extoll Sino-Indian friendship of 2000years while China was slyly surveying routes to Aksai Chin at that time and we remained ignoramus until in 1957 when China announced that they had built roads on the Indian Territory and would soon open these routes for trade. We sent an investigating team of which one was arrested by the Chinese but Nehru did not reveal this humiliating incident in the parliament as he thought that the time was not right.

We had fearfully or foolishly or both seemed to meekly accept and build a national policy of China appeasement to hide our political incompetence, diplomatic oversight and military negligence by simply singing ‘Hindi Chini Bhai Bhai’ banking on hopes and Chinese assertions that they would not attack us.

Perhaps it was the mind slavery that Indians suffered that led us to such a low self-esteem then, because although Tibet was a much smaller state they did retaliate, when China invaded Tibet and compelled Dalai Lama to accept the 17 point agreement breaking its pledge to respect Tibet’s autonomy, the Dalai Lama government rejected this agreement on 11th March 1959 provoking a full scale military assault by the Chinese, during this time of crisis Tibet sought India’s help and intervention but we refused and counselled them to adopt slavery and subservience in the name of peace. Then, Dalai Lama had this to say about Nehru “ The worldly wise who by their lack of courage and faith block the progress of human race not towards the moon but towards humanity itself, these persons have a myopic view and forget that nothing stands still in history, not even the Chinese Empire”…

On 8th September 1962 China intruded India into the Thagla River area but we dismissed it as minor border incident. Still we did not carry staff studies or reorganise our field formations nor studied the pattern of weapons or communication equipment nor were any mountain warfare orientations initiated for the army staff because our heads never anticipated anything like this.

At 5am on 20th October 1962, the Chinese army stormed and swept the Namka Chu Valley and intruded a good 160miles inside India and struck terror for 30 lightening days completely checkmating an unprepared and disoriented India that thrust its un-acclimatized, untrained and ill equipped army in front of a massive trained and well equipped army who outnumbered us in numbers and weapons who cleared the route to Assam in just 3hours.

In spite of visionary warnings from General Joe Lentaigne, Shyama Prasad Mukerjee, Sardar Patel and General Kulwant Singh who clearly foresaw a draconian disaster from the dragon state and came up with detailed reports on this mounting threat from the Chinese to our Northern frontiers it was ignored by the then governing trio Pandit Nehru, V.K.Krishna Menon and B.M.Kaul the commanding army general who overlooked the gravity of the military situation which snowballed and consumed our national pride and international status, buried and stalled our economic progress almost nullifying a decade’s developments.

As Brig.Dalvi points out in his book ‘Himalayan Blunder’ that a powerful China has always been an expansionist and ambitious China which India still does not seem to understand.

What is the use of past if we don’t learn from history?

If you look at the Chinese strategy then and now it remains the same, even after Modi’s pompous visit to China recently there was a military line-up _ a show of strength by the Chinese army to nudge India, and now they have sided Pakistan in the UN against Lakhvi’s release. In the wake of current developments where China is blatantly siding Pakistan and wilfully militarizing airstrips in South China sea and even proclaiming that Indian ocean cannot be India’s backyard and keeps publishing wrong maps of Arunachal Pradesh indicating to India at every possible instance the military language of might it is only imperative that India keep its mitrathaa aside and practice diligently China’s policy of heavy self-reliance and self-strengthening strategies as we can never make the mistake of blindly banking on American goodwill or UN sympathy or even trust any long associated foreign power to bail it out in a growing hostile scenario of power race.

(Large references from J.P.Dalvi’s Himalayan Blunder’)

India-Pak: A Cock Fighting Match?

Cock fighting is a bloody sport where two roosters raised and trained to fight to become gamecocks to slash each other’s flesh until one succumbs with defeat or death. Their legs are strapped with metal spurs to make the wounds they inflict upon each other more deadly and are released in a fighting ring called cockpit. If these roosters are calm and are not frenzied with each other then, their cockers pick them up, blow on their backs or yank their beaks or hold them beak to beak to reignite their frenzy. Every time they are pitted against each other like this the roosters jump and kick and parry till the cockers fill their pockets and till the cocks pay with life and blood.

Pic credit: Alasdair Baverstock

Pic credit: Alasdair Baverstock

Cock fighting is a favourite sport of the British and one such cock fighting match happened in 1947.

The two roosters were India and Pakistan and the cockpit was Kashmir, the cockers were of course the British and the match was called India Pakistan Kashmir War. The metallic spurs were the loads of arms and ammunition that the British aided both countries.

I reproduce a few lines from the Book ‘The Himalayan Blunder’ by Brig.John.P.Dalvi..

The Kashmir War was a strange war. The two sides were led by British Commanders-in-chief, General Boucher of the Indian Army and General Gracey of the Pakistan Army. They had access to each other and were reported to have held talks every evening to discuss the day’s events”.

Yes, the Hindus and Muslims have a long dreadful history but the very purpose of partition of Bharat was to have a separate state for Muslims called Pakistan and a separate state for Hindus called India, but when a few instigated tribals on the bordering lines of Pakistan attacked Kashmir, Kashmir sought to be acceded with India and eventually India did take control of the situation by overpowering them militarily but unfortunately Nehru chose to refer the matter to UN for a ceasefire even when we had clearly taken stock of the matter and when there was no evidence that Pakistan had indeed participated in those attacks.

But when the betting stakes are high there has to be a match and there have to be some odious opponents, whether India and Pakistan are gamecocks till today I leave it to you for your scrutiny!

London, The Exile Haven

From Benazir Bhutto to Nawaz Shariff to Pervez Musharaff or for that matter Imran Farooq or Altaf Hussain London has been an abode of exile for many Pakistani politicians and even some corrupt Indians like Lalit Modi! For some strange reason London is an easily accessible antidote to all the evaders and the self exiled and anybody with loads of money bags invariably become close to the realms of the imperial crown .

Although Indian polity does not seem as vulnerable as Pakistan in its face when it comes to military coups and dictatorial presidential quests, the #Lalitgate, is certainly intriguing as to why money laundering barons and power tycoons go for exile only to London? And more importantly why is it that these scumbags are even allowed to escape seemingly deliberately and then all the whining vilification starts on media after they are escorted to scoot away!

If you Google about Indian Independence in Wikipedia it says that The Indian Independence Act 1947 was as an act of the Parliament of the UK that partitioned British India into the two new independent dominions of India and Pakistan.

Dominions are semi-independent polities under the British crown. It is for this reason that the Queen of Britain visited India and Pakistan in 1997 without a visa and was greeted with a 21gun salute which otherwise is reserved only for the President of India.

Essentially our freedom was a neatly packaged gift from the British after raising enough brown skinned Britishers here and not because of any glorified fasts!

It is for this reason that most VIPs take a tour or secretly go for a holiday or austerely fall sick and get treated only in the cozy hospitals of Britain where the narrative of the press, election polls, ranks of politicians, freedom of speech, tolerance levels are predetermined. It is in this context that pawns like Lalit Modi are forced to flee the country by the Brown Britishers and sheltered safely by the white Britishers only to let loose the canons at the right time and take stock of India’s rising stature which is a direct threat to the white Suzerainty.

The Bubblegum Match

Women rights activism and all that jingoism about women empowerment is like a bubble gum blowing championship league with eminent(as they claim) and scholarly English speaking panelists across mainstream media channels who mistakenly believe that they represent all women at large and women of India in particular.

There is a thin line between rights activism and feminism but when this is botched up losing focus on the real issues they sound like exploited facades of political vendetta where the scream of egalitarianism only echoes as shallow hypocrisy.

The recent remark of Modi on the Bangladeshi Prime Minister Shiekh Hasina that “despite being a woman she has tackled terrorism well” was perhaps well meant to exemplify his appreciation of a woman leader in a country where women rights is a still a distant dream, where the society is still grappling under radical fanaticism but for our media’s obsession with Modinama, and why not, he is the darling punching bag for all _ be it activism or feminism, secularia, or insomnia, whether it was sexist or social or just a slip the fact that his pun of words, his style and his very persona always is a breaking news and he sure is the bread and butter for all the hashtag twitter fervour, whoever said he has not heeded to the problem of unemployment, think again!!

A select few lines are picked from a speech to begin a national debate to ridicule the generic play of words and the bubble gum match begins, the bigger they blow the matter out of context the more scholarly they qualify as panelists, the fiercer they criticize for nothing and make a mountain of a molehill, in this case there was neither a mole nor a hill but the debate was blazing on the screen, a blazing debate need not necessarily mean a heated debate but some graphics of flames blowing on your screen make it Mercurious. Okay coming back to the debate.

No! Not the debate about India’s prime minister achieving a milestone by signing the Land Border Agreement, Teesta water sharing talks, or the 22 agreements signed or neither about the two countries pledging of zero-tolerance on terrorism nor about MOUs signed on cooperating to control human trafficking, fake currencies, narcotics smuggling or about the newer bus routes connecting Agartala-Dhaka-Guwahati-Shillong-Dhaka but about why he spoke about “women”, because the point of contention here is how can anybody highjack Rahul Baba’s pet patented slogan of Women Empowerment and its symbolical word ‘women’ it doesn’t matter if key portfolios in the Modi government are held by women, what if this word is high-jacked what will Raul be left with? Farmers! APSC! Harvard University!? or perhaps about Kalavathi!

And the contenders in this match were:

Priyanka Chaturvedi of Congress who is a columnist for Tehelka never opened her mouth when a woman employee of Tehelka was sexually violated, who never stood up for justice for Sunanda Pushkar , the second one was the Calendar judge for the skimpiest Bikini Shoba De a frog in the glamor world who likes to believe she is an intellectual journalist, the third one was new entrant with a big bindi, remember bigger the bindi bigger the activism! I wonder where were these activists when Gopal Khanda a Congress minister sexually harassed and abetted the suicide of a young airhostess and her family!

But the melodrama was at par excellence with TRPsand tweeples rising but the only glitch was that the bigger they blew the bubble of hypocrisy louder their bubble gums of frivolity popped for all to see.

Bangalore Demolition Authority(BDA)

In the wake of the sudden environmental enthusiasm of the Siddaramaiah government which is off late on a bull-dozing spree breaking homes and hearts, Bangalureans wonder if this middle class ethnicity cleansing law adopted in the name of restoration of the city is well meant for the welfare of its tax paying citizens!

Laws are made for the welfare of all but in the current scenario where the law makers themselves (BDA/BBMP in this case) who are the face of the government has flouted rules duping hundreds of innocent gullible citizens robbing them off their roofs, how justified is it to break homes that were allowed to flourish from the last 3 decades? Will the homes of the erring officials and corrupt politicians be razed off like this without rehabilitating them or without arriving at any consensual legal settlement??

When it is a classic case of the fence eating the crops the Karnataka Home minister Mr.K.J.George pitches in to say that the government is mulling to bring about a bill to protect the economically weaker section that have lost sites and roofs over their heads during the on-going demolition drive. So Mr.Minister what is the definition of weaker section in this secular era where caste census becomes a stately prerogative taking precedence over the welfare of the taxpaying gullible citizen who is punished at the fancies of an enlightened environmentalist overnight by swatting homes just like that? But the fact is even those whom you thought are very elite have today become economically weak and socially deprived after losing homes at your hands.

Successive governments have come and gone pleasing their near and dear ones by selective notification or convenient de notification of lands, while the common man still struggles to decipher this ploy of this polity and wonders where were these chest beating environment enthusiasts when layouts were formed, sites allotted, loans given and taxes collected and Khatas issued? How come the authorities have suddenly woken up from their deep slumber who until yesterday were working in connivance with builders and babus but today are talking about saving the city and all its ecological-demographic effects after having allowed it to develop haphazardly

The print and television media were abuzz with headlines like land encroachers/land grabbers and many more decorative phrases during the demolition of the buildings on the Sarakki/Banaswadi lake bed encroachments but silently somewhere near Sankey tank yet another reputed builder is granted permission to build beside a lake.

Maybe years later after many bucks have been made and when the builder washes his hands off the project and the babus have moved out to other departments the muck will be on the citizen again questioning him for the legalities of the property that was once endorsed by them.

Today the BDA, BBMP, Builders and the Banks are a nexus that seems to work around organizing and hyping up this loot bazaar called real estate leaving the common man wonder if it is saner to own a property at all. Is there any one stamp, one authenticity that the government can vouch for its citizens?

The Rape Debate Is Back With A Vengeance

Our taxi driver at Delhi kept pestering us to share the wifi password given to us at the hotel I wondered why he couldn’t wait till AAP came in, was he a case of IIN ….the Idea ad I thought as he quickly showed off his flashy smart phone that was perhaps much smarter than mine. I am only trying to prove that today internet info right or wrong has become a rage amongst all classes of Indians. In this context the way the BBC has released the Nirbhaya video inspite of our Government banning the documentary, it is time our people who are enthusiastically sharing this video stopped and introspected this documentary called ‘India’s Daughter’ that the BBC, NDTV and their counterpart bloggers are falsely claiming around that this video is just an awareness against Rape in the society.

I watched the video today the screen flashed in bold saying “SHARE THIS VIDEO IF YOU WANT TO SPREAD AWARENESS AGAINST RAPE IN THE SOCIETY’.

The video starts off in a typical Slumdog Millionaire style with explicit footage of our dirty slums, gutters, half naked starved clueless malnourished faces, all that Oscar winning poverty traits that would perhaps force you to give them some concession for raping! And why not it is truth after all isn’t it? Poor people have been living like this in India for decades now ever since the British Queen started wearing stolen gems and jewellery from India installing their stooges to run India for more than half a century.



After this the documentary goes on to show the rapists’ destitute hungry and poor parents weeping as if the Government is a monster and not the rapist who had to helplessly proceed raping that girl which is vehemently backed by the reservation quota lawyer who vows that he will burn his own daughter if she were to step out with a boy after 6pm.

Picture Abi Baaki Hai

The camera zooms on another rapist’s house whose destitute wife and kid are shown for all to sympathise and understand that hey the December deadline for hanging is fast approaching and the stage has to be set for some human rights’ activism to defer the hanging, to defer the fear and get more women raped.

The camera is back on the rapists, one of them the fruit seller slightly smiles feeling like a hero with all that special attention by a white TV crew while the parents of Jyothi Singh/Nirbhaya weep miserably recollecting the agony of their daughter who are now left flinching in grief.

I waited patiently for the message and awareness the documentary claimed to spread against this epidemic called rape that is alarmingly raising in India from the last 10years and is only raging with each media coverage, I waited to understand how it could be ridden off and looked forward if they would tell us how we could better our boys but then came these punch lines from the rapist again ____“ WOMEN SHOULD QUIETLY GET RAPED INSTEAD OF RESISTING ELSE IT WILL INSTIGATE A SODOMY, HANGING US IS GOING TO BE MORE DANGEROUS FOR GIRLS, HENCEFORTH NOBODY WOULD LEAVE THE GIRL, EARLIER THEY RAPED AND LEFT THE GIRL THINKING THAT THE GIRL WILL NOT TELL ANYONE BUT WITH ALL THIS CRIMINALITY NOBODY WILL LEAVE THEM IN FUTURE LIKE WE DID, THEY WILL KILL THEM, DEATH……. He proclaims like a crusader to control women.

But wait this is what the activists are also lecturing all along but in a more subtle and sophisticated way.

So where is the anti-rape message?

Of course the elite educationists, lawyers, SC judge, psychiatrists and others in that video opine in accented English that education is the only way to resolve this gender disparity which is the root cause of rapes which only the Bikini judge Shoba de can decode not the security guard who might watch this video and whistle at you.

And how can you achieve it? By broadcasting it treacherously to the large illiterate masses who may not know to read or write or comprehend what these elites are saying but will surely know how to click on obscenity.

This video insensitively only captures the rapists’ sadistic view that can trigger gullible misled people to sympathise and look up to this rapist in the video that would kindle more sick minds to commit the same heinous crimes to teach women a lesson oh yes to teach women a lesson.

If it had anything to do with scientific research they could simply choose to publish a thesis of the same and educate rehab homes and schools why circulate cunningly?

If they ever did a research on how to hang rapists and broadcasted it rape will be eradicated like smallpox.

Religion and Culture were and will always be like Gandhiji’s walking sticks to the colonial minds and all their brown stooges who will rip it every night for all their experiments but the least we as Indians could do is stop sharing this insensitive video and show BBC their place.



Why Delhi Dumped BJP

Most words emerging from my crossword today “rout, anger, underdog, bend, burst” they all seem to reflect the Delhi mood, the newspapers are wrapped with headlines of how the Mufflerman has emerged as the Pokemon amidst Delhiites twitteratti humour is at its creative best with all kinds of political satire about the boom of the broom and the doom of the bloom.

Arvind kejriwal the man whose face was blackened, called an anarchist and almost ostracised by the media has shot back reconnecting and rediscovering himself amongst people from ground level along with his 40000 strong volunteers who left no stone unturned in marketing their brand called ‘AAP’, call it perseverance, hard strategy or over hyped media magic or a consolidation of the Congis or foreign hand work but the fact remains that the BJP smugly muffed in the last 9 long months allowing the muffler a clear win. The biggest mistake of the BJP was perhaps its negative campaigning and relying only on rhetoric abracadabra by banking on personalities rather than on performance without any strong ground work which clearly set the stage for an unhindered AAP victory.

Pitching Kiran Bedi in the nth minute was looming large the ineptness of BJP in choosing an existing prominent face and blindly banking on starry faces, this did not do any good as AAP knew more about her than the BJP workers, the induction of Shazia Ilmi, pouching of Congress candidates like Krishna Tirath was not well taken as people really looked up for change in the leadership to see a change in the way things worked but by inducting those very people in a new attire was unlikely to fool a watchful Junta. Also the honesty and the upright cop in Kiran Bedi is something that BJP will find it difficult to stomach in the coming days. She will perhaps need lot of diplomatic lessons in the ugly school of the male dominated politics.

The energy of a cosmopolitan Delhi was well captivated by Kejriwal with clever social media tactics, there was this viral spoof video of Kejriwal doing the rounds which had shown him as a drama king but recently I came across this one. Do click on the links and watch the video to understand how well Mr.Kejriwal and his young talented team en cashed on the popularity of these viral videos to undo the damage done by those very videos on his reputation, this spirited makeover attitude along with his acceptance of past mistakes without conceit and door to door campaigns talking to every house and the enormous social media mind making that they pitched in was really astounding, this has been the best management lesson so far to make fortune from a fallacy we would be fooling ourselves if we didn’t concede to his unwavering determination to pursue Delhi, while Kejriwal was busy cementing his porous political wall the BJP was still honeymooning, badmouthing and boot licking the Americans, their over-dependence on Modi for everything and Amit Shah’s strategies that seemed very predictable and lacklustre without any solid work done.

The people have voted for a change to make India free of corruption, free of mindless caste reservations and caste quotas with a dream to have only merit based selections for all educational, employment opportunities where there is a uniform civil code of conduct for all with clean water to drink, unadulterated and affordable vegetables and grains to eat, clean and safe roads to move around, good education at lower costs, we cannot understand how nuclear energy is good for India when America does not have one since 1979 nor do we understand the gum chewing protocols at a republic day event as we the commoners don’t even understand what constitution is all about as we can never comprehend what the hell is written in it, only Manish Tiwari, Mani Shankar Iyer and other Stephenly clan can attempt to decode it. We the commoners cannot understand why our humble prime minister had to get a designer suit worth 10lakhs from London while coining slogans of ‘Make in India’, okay he might be misled by a Zionist designer who is all out to defame him stealthily but what then are we really making in India __ ugly political concoctions luring insignificant people like Manjhi. No! We send rockets to Mars as well! Now with reservations we get leaders like Manjhi with merit you will gets Mars Mission but unfortunately we are still struck with secular communal caste debates when all our country needs is merit and swift actions. Today’s news headline is “Christian school attacked’ now who is communal? the media or the masses? I am perplexed, recently 30 nursery kids fatally injured in a bus accident near Ram Nagar in Karnataka but who cares when it’s not happening in Delhi or Mumbai.

But why am I talking irrelevant stuff amidst Kejriwal’s glory, for the simple fact that each day of this BJP rule should be well utilised and put to the fullest use to curb and reform our corrupt system reeking of red tape and multi layered hypocrisy oops bureaucracy! only then will the losing grip be reinstated only then can we become a developed meritorious nation. To cry that AAP won because of media glare sounds like a sour grape story, if Kejriwal promised “cheaper electricity and free wifi” what stopped BJP from countering it with “online Khata” but unfortunately the BJP was having a hangover of Loksabha when AAP was having hangouts on google.

At least now instead of pretending to celebrate Congress decimation the BJP must realise that nobody is indispensable in a democracy and introspect hard as to what really led to 67:3 ratio which is something serious and certainly 3 is not very far off from 0, not that we are not aware that Jamaat Ud Dava is a cloned offspring of Lashkar I Taiba and that even if it is banned/decimated it’s offshoot will still pop up like an online ad at a different location in disguised DNA s which people of Delhi will realise a little late in the day but the point is AAP has clearly outsmarted BJP in all its campaigns by playing the holy cow on television media while it did vilely take to ugly gimmicks like this on social media to defame and discredit an honest and upright Kiran Bedi by pulling up her estranged marriage issues and discrediting her of her brave honest image by attributing those stints to someone else, we all know that Kiran Bedi was the iron lady who had the nerve to tow Indira Gandhi’s car when it was wrongly parked, we all know that the media would grab every chance to vilify and demonise Modi but what we don’t know is if Modi would stick to his ‘man of action’ image and display this iron will?

Musing Behind The Mufler

The Obamas have come and gone yet another time, whether it was of any significance to India’s sovereignty or detrimental to the long built relationship with Russia who cares about it as long as the muse sizzles in his muffler grabbing prime time space with his uncanny knack of sprucing spices out of a bitter split up satiating the media oomph for pseudo-secular sycophancy. Arvind Kejriwal, the poster boy of Delhi the synonym of the common man with his symbolic broom stick and the muffler is back in action after dumping and degenerating hopes and Crores of rupees down Delhi’s drain.

The large anti-corruption image that brewed up quickly amidst a corrupt congress regime cascading a clean aura upon Kejriwal with ease until recently in 2013 has now stagnated and has bred a new cult of voters, the cult that is smitten by the anopheles of scrutiny who will now introspect hard and read between every line as they now know that the man who cried the loudest about corruption joined hands with those very corrupt people against whom he breathed fire now stands exposed and has proven that opportunism is the mother of hollow hypocrisy.

Today Arvind Kejriwal making spiteful jibes and calling his ex-colleagues as opportunist reeks of narcissism or nervousness or both is for Delhiites to decide.

Okay even if it required him to play an opportunist to take control of the failing state of a corrupt capital why then did he go back to street activism when he was the one in power? What was the extreme moral compulsion to quit when he had already compromised on his party’s basic ideology of moral tenets while joining hands with a corrupt congress?

Though he was instrumental in reinventing the terms RTI and Jan Lokpal Bill into the lexicon of the common man alongside Anna his large political aspirations perhaps drifted him from the crux of his crusade and led him to grossly miscalculate and misread the mood of the nation.

Scanning his job history I found this:

1985-Joined IIT Kharagpur (ok highly recruit able but didn’t know he would cut the branch he sat on)

1989-Joined Tata Steel

1992-Resigned from Tata Steel to take Civil Services Exams

1995-Joined Indian Revenue Services (IRS) after successfully clearly exams in the first shot

2000-Went on paid leave to pursue higher education with a bond not to resign for 3years after resuming work, during this period he started an NGO called Parivarthan while he was taking government salary.

2003-He resumed work and continued for 18months and went on unpaid leave for next 18months

2005-Started another NGO ‘Kabir’ along with Manish Sisodia while he was in Government service

2006-Quit IRS stating that 18months work and 18months unpaid leave had justified the 3year clause his resignation was only accepted in 2011 after he paid the dues of 9+lakhs.

(This honest officer was never transferred out of Delhi, the norm for transfers is once in 3years)

2011-Started the India against corruption alongside Anna Hazare

2012-Formed Aam Aadmi Party on 26th November

2013-Elected the youngest CM of Delhi on 27th December

Jan 6th 2014– Kejriwal claimed he would not contest Loksabha elections

He went around subsidizing power without any practical back ups

January 17 2014– there are news reports that Kejriwal rethinks his decision not to contest

January 19th 2014– Kejriwal declares he will contest Loksabha elections

Jan 31st 2013-The National thermal power corporation (NTPC) had rejected AAP’s plea not to stop power supply to BSES Yamuna power Ltd for defaulting payment citing lack of funds to pay NTPC , BSES Yamuna Power Ltd the backbone of Delhi’s power supply has threatened to cut power supply to Delhi for 10hours

February 13th 2014– the controversial Jan Lokpal bill was tabled in Delhi Assembly without sending the bill for recommendation to the Lt.Governor before introducing it in the legislative assembly but Kejriwal refused to follow any constitutional protocols and threatened to resign if the bill was not passed in the immediate upcoming assembly session even without a debate. If Kejriwal was serious about bringing the Lokpal why then did he let Lokpal to be bogged down by egoistic autocracy instead of a strong sensible debate?

February 14th 2014– The cupid struck Kejriwal and he made the supreme sacrifice of the chair for the love of Lokpal or Loksabha we don’t know!!

The job hopper in Arvind Kejriwal orphaned Delhi in just 49 days and that he calls Delhi to vote for him yet again sounds like a desperate child who lost his tart for the toffee with no vision. The people today are skeptical that Lokpal was a scapegoat or an exit strategy for AK’s Loksabha run else one can easily see through why a CM of a state shunned away from a debate for which the people had voted him.

Aspirations are good as long as they don’t become overtly overambitious hare-brained misadventures but for the man who claims to be the simplistic Aam Aadmi, maintaining the credible equinox of polity and principles is the need of the hour, talking about why he is good for Delhi and why people of Delhi should believe him yet again after expending crores into futility would perhaps do more good to his image instead of instigating ugly jibe wars and engaging in mud-slinging, rhetoric, cheap gimmicks, cheap comments like a seductive siren in an Ekta Kapur soap where all roads lead to destruction of civility.

Whether he is an anarchist or antidote to our corrupt politics as he claims one can only hope that he doesn’t make a claim to contest against Obama in the next US presidential elections!!

Kiss Of Love

After Kerala, Kolkotta and Delhi now Bengaluru is smitten by this campaign called Kiss Of Love that has been newly coined by pseudo liberals and modernists who claim to achieve freedom and liberty through kissing in public.

But in a country that is bogged in rapes, child abuse, dowry, honour killings, female infanticide, where Ghoonghat and Hijab are symbolic with pride of religious values when in reality these women are at the bottom of the pinnacle to voice their concerns, what liberty and freedom are these messiahs of love talking about? What empowerment or revolution will a public display of lust disguised as love bring forth amongst masses that are still struggling with basic things like lack of good education, drinking water, pollution control, food adulteration and traffic woes?

Love, an intangible adoration and respect you show for your dear ones, an expression of care by being there for each other is not just about lip service quiet literally in this context where lust is confused as love. It cannot become a commodity at the hands of media and unsophisticated mania of pseudo liberals who refuse to accept that the kernel of love between a man and a woman is sacred only when it is a secret consensually behind four walls. But the argument seems to that in India when you can piss in public why not kiss… so what are they suggesting that if you cannot control the pissing in public you can justify that by kissing in public?!! But then even dogs kiss and piss in public then why do we really need any social code of conduct at all which is brazenly highlighted as moral policing.

If there was no such need of a code of conduct why then do we need a censor board in movies, why then do we restrict obscenity on kids’ channels, why then do we have something called as public space and private space. Do we lock lips with all those whom we love? It is this social decorum of conduct that needs to be maintained in a society as diverse as ours but it is an irony that in India a man displaying his privates’ will be booked for obscenity but the so called human rights/ social activists will run a cleavage campaign and shout their lungs out to adopt the trashed cultures of the west in the name of liberty.

Moral policing they cry but can we really wear all those fanciful pieces of clothes of a fashion show and walk on our streets? Are we so smitten by unrealistic Bollywood fantasy flips that these day dreamers expect a swarm of junior artists to swing and dance around them when they engage in kissing?

No wonder Indian cinema and media is reported to be the most biased and sexist against women that objectifies them as commodities of sex.

Take any commercial ad or any TV/Movie actress, if she does not strip enough she will be thwarted as non-glamorous. Obscenity is celebrated as bold act.

Will this obscenity and vulgarity that often takes shelter under the name of creativity, elite modernism and liberal thoughts invoke any kind of respect for the women who walk on the streets or will it trigger adverse effects affecting one’s safety?

So are these icons of liberal ideology going to bring freedom and modernity with their wild lip-locking in all that limelight when our government schools are locked and jammed in obsolete wilderness?

I wonder how liberty and freedom can boil down to a carnal aspect. If the furore is to spread love and liberty then they could probably extend it  to all those kids and trans-genders begging at the traffic signal and free them from their destitution. They could even extend this kiss of love to all leprosy patients and soothe their souls.

In spite of so many bigotries in our country that are crying for the attention of our youth today if these misled youth front-ending to settle some political scores believe that kissing under the media glare is all about liberty and freedom then it is high time they look out for ground realities that are really slowing our nation down. They can still kiss or hiss inside their private walls or dark jungles without any disturbance by moral cops or media soaps. But the larger question is who is sponsoring such cheap gimmicks amidst our gullible youth?



Indians are the most versatile species on this world who will survive anything anywhere and even succeed, we are the richest in culture and heritage, we are the gurus in IT, innovation, yoga and spirituality, we are foodies with the largest variety of cuisine, we love socializing, we are the oldest civilization but… but… we are also one of the dirtiest and one of the highly polluted countries of the world.

So where is the problem? Why have we not succeeded on this aspect?

Image source:Google

Image source:Google

Why are we so insensitive to our surroundings when we make every effort to keep our houses spic and span? Is it because it is auspicious inside and unholy outside? or do we only complain and crib about it but never act on it ourselves?

Gautama Buddha asked the distressed Gotami to get a handful of mustard from a house which never saw death, on similar lines if he were to ask today to get mustard from that Indian who has never thrown a plastic bottle or a chips cover out in the open then it would dawn on us that we are all equally guilty and that the moksha from garbage lies within us.

It is true that there has been a drastic rise in production and consumption which is directly proportional to the wastes that is generated be it domestic, commercial, industrial or institutional wastes but are we so ill-equipped to deal with this mess? Are we so primitive not to understand where we are heading?


The biggest problem is the Mind Set ……as long as the filth is out of my house or my car or my vicinity everything is just fine. This is called the ‘All izzzzzzz Well’ syndrome!! People of one street walk up all the way to the corner of the next street and happily dump their garbage bags in the open in front of another house oblivious to the inconvenience they are causing to others and the environment. The moment that toffee is eaten or that chips packet polished it has to be thrown out of the window instantly else our hands itch and pants burn. Why not, we are elite and above all isn’t? But we cry ‘Izz desh ka kuch nahi hone wala hai’!!

If you are a clean crusader your questioning or any garbage policing will invite unwarranted cynicism, mistrust and arrogance from noble souls.

So the simplest thing you could do is pick it up yourself and applaud them for their nobility.

But the same set of people if they were to live abroad they would shut up and follow every rule of that land and just fall in line lest they get fined or even imprisoned.

Essentially it is utter disrespect for your own neighbourhood and your own country.

Have you ever thought of having a little plastic bag/bin in your car to dump waste until you find a trash can?

I do this all the time when I travel.

If you are disposing waste anywhere and everywhere you have lost your right to complain.

We Indians love food and that too street food

Every time you dispose that use and throw plate after your Paani Puri have you wondered how much of unnecessary plastic we are using?

You could probably ask your gaadiwaala to use leaf plates and earthen cups and when you dispose it please segregate the straws/plastic spoons from the leaf cups/tender coconuts.

Talk to them about the minimal use of plastic and maximum use of trash cans that would help build a clean India.

Every time you parcel some food or buy stuff, carry your own bag/box from home don’t ask for a new plastic bag. This will surely help reduce the mounds of plastic strewn around.

Lesser Consumption = Lesser Garbage Generation = Lesser Pollution = CLEAN INDIA

We are very spiritual and religious too

But why are our holy places and all its surroundings so dirty and over-crowded and over-flowing with dirt, people and plastic?

Our huge insensitive population is one of the biggest reasons as to why our country is so dirty.

The premises of the Govardhan temple near Mathura was utterly shocking, people just drank/ate lassi/prasadam and threw it on the floor as if it was a ritual. I wanted to prostrate and offer my prayers but alas I could hardly see any floor space left, it was full of paper/plastic cups.

A darshan with overt pushing and stamping each other brings more punya, if you have not tripped while taking prasadham then you are a sinner!!

It would be more peaceful if the devotees did some cleansing of their minds as well by not elbowing and rushing in the queue. I guess even this should be taught to our folks.

Your TRUE KAANIKHE(OFFERINGS) Should be in keeping the Temple/monument vicinity clean.

Heritage centres, Monuments and Tourism

India is full of travel wonders with rich monuments and shrines of great heritage but sadly most locals around that place don’t value or understand its importance nor do the weary visitors realise when they leave behind loads of plastic and waste as their trail mark.

Lakhs of us travel across India, visiting our serene hill stations, dense jungles, beaches and waterfalls, ancient monuments and architectures but unfortunately most of them are badly maintained with people littering and even defecating around mindlessly.

When I visited the Nihargarh fort in Jaipur the guide led us to view the queen’s bathing place we were welcomed with a stench lined by festoons of red altha like paan markings on all corners, floors, walls the grandeur was when we saw a gentleman peeing in the queen’s ancient toilet. A few couples itched their love eternally on the outer walls. The guide or the police are equally helpless like me it is this insensitivity that needs to be addressed.

A few steps that the Government should also impose and enforce:

  • Eateries should be penalized if they don’t have adequate dust bins, in fact every shop/road side carts should compulsorily keep a dust bin for the customer’s benefit.
  • Every street should have large stench free dust bins which cannot be robbed overnight and should be maintained effectively with appropriate lids.
  • It is important to telecast the history and importance of local heritage structures in the local radio/television and emphasize the revenue it could generate if it were a sought after tourist place to the locals and bring about awareness to people about their apathy towards their land.
  • The Government could incorporate adequate trash cans which we can approach without closing our nose at all public places especially tourist and religious places along with clean functional toilets.
  • The Government could also make tourist and religious places PLASTIC FREE ZONES.
  • Controlling the number of devotees per day and vigorous efforts to infuse the clean-up culture among devotees and the staff by training the staff adequately and educating the masses by way of playing videos, identifying where to dispose waste and making appropriate provisions for disposing waste in a hygienic way would surely make our pilgrimages more holier and more inspirational.
  • The Government could tie up with brands like Harpic/Domex/Sanifresh/Dettol to maintain public toilets and call them Swachh toilets. As a pilot project it could be tried at all petrol bunks where most toilets don’t have a door, even if they have one the latch is missing or you will probably end up flushing it with your own Bisleri bottle before using it. I told you about the ‘All izzzz well’ syndrome.
  • They could also employ eunuchs and reformed criminals as Swachh police across India because our people only understand ‘Dhandam Dasha Gunam’.
  • The unruly and callous attitude of the Pourakarmicas should be corrected, they normally collect garbage from only those houses who pay them up every month and those who refuse to pay will simply see the garbage of the entire area lye in front of their homes.

The least we could do is

  • Not dispose trash anywhere and everywhere,
  • Be more organized by carrying our own water bottles and refilling it
  • Carry our own bags instead of asking for a new plastic bag each time,
  • Pick up at least one plastic bottle or one chips wrapper thrown in the open and put it in the bin. I do this simple thing wherever I travel.

A few brand names could market their products by donating sturdy bins along with labels of their association with Swacchata in public places and also own up maintenance of few areas. The government could tie up with reputed business/IT folks like this and provide tax rebates to such firms.

Image source: Google

Image source: Google

Did you know that more than a million seabirds and 100,000 marine mammals die every year because of plastic rubbish? Syringes, cigarette lighters, toothbrushes were found in stomachs of seabirds.

It will be hazardous if it enters our food chain because what goes into the ocean will come back on your dinner plates. Read more:

Ostentatious Birthday Parties/ Marriages and other ceremonies goodie bag child

Have you ever thought of how much trash you are generating when you throw that flamboyant birthday party with all those steamers, balloons, wrapping papers, hats, whistles, paper/plastic cups and spoons, boxed/ canned food, goodie bags that are full of plastic crap packaged further in funky plastic bags which loses value just after minutes of that party and accumulates in the trash?

Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn. -Benjamin Franklin

Can we think of having green parties?

I don’t mean any austerity here but certainly you don’t need plastic to have fun isn’t?

When I say going green it is essentially cutting down on unnecessary plastic usage and avoiding junk unsaturated foods and making the party a fun filled and memorable one for your child by baking a cake yourself or with your wildest creative insights on games and activities. Goodie bags could be replaced by caricatures, plants or crafting your own pencil box/toys with the waste materials and many more. Just let your imaginations drift away from plastic crap.


End of the day it is more about what is the message you want to give to your younger ones.

If you want to bring about a change be the change yourself

Your child will pick qualities from you, if you are savvy about gadgets so does your child, if you are an avid reader your child picks up a book, if you are painting and potting your child innately follows you, if your child is snatching the remote from your hand it is because you are hooked excessively to the TV/internet, if you put the trash in the bin and emphasize on a clean surrounding your child will simply imitate you.

This post is a contribution to the Clean India Campaign of IndianTopBlogs. 


A Peek Into Mizoram

Mizoram caught my attention recently as many governors were transferred there as if in a punishment. Their Mizo girlsconsequential refusal and resignations only furthered my inquisitiveness about the whole scenario and dig up some more about Mizoram.

Wikipedia says Mi means people, Zo means hill and Ram means land, the Mi and Zo which forms Mizo– ‘people of hill’ is relatable, but ram is the corroded word for ‘puram’ which is the word for land or a town.

Mizoram is the southernmost state of North East with a tribal population of 95% and a sex ratio of 975 females:1000 males. It went on to become a part of British India in 1895 and the 23rd state of the Indian republic in 1987. It is geographically a volatile land that falls under a seismic zone often witnessing many landslides and severe floods.

Its economy is directly dependant on other states for its fuel, water, electricity, food etc.

It borders with Islamic and Buddhist countries but 87% of the Mizoram is Christian as the local tribes have been converted to Christianity from their original animist faiths.

Earlier the Mizos followed gerontocracy of Garo customs where the eldest in the clan rules the group and the young automatically surrender. These tribes were hunters who had once raided the British in the 1840s the British in turn raided them and took control of the entire Lushai region along with the support of other local tribes. These inter-ethnic tribal raids by British were mostly done for loot, slaves and retaliation.

A region that knew no religion or spirituality that thrived in its own culture and customs was an easy and essential target for the missionaries to stake claim and have a hold. This vision of the missionary that has hit the bull’s eye today really amazes me.

The naïve tribes feared that Bengali language would be forced on them and hence surrendered to the British, the Christian missionaries developed a script for their spoken Lusei language and translated the gospels into their own language which the Mizo tribal folks readily accepted and honored the Christian Missionaries with a title ‘Zosap’ meaning saahib for Mizos.

The Welsh Christian missionary that acquainted the English culture and Baptist churches to the locals left after planting several hubs of aggressive missionaries and finished the unfinished land.

Post-Independence when the rest of India was busy studying the greatness of the gory Moghul atrocities leading Indians to believe that all about Hinduism was a myth while all the drafting and crafting was being done as to what the children of India the new secular breed of crops needed to study, the missionaries were busy rampantly converting and baptizing large gullible masses without any noise.

Of course we practice freedom of religion but how free is it when one religion de sells another? How free is it when it is thrust upon innocent naïve tribes in luring traps in the name of civilizational development and education?

If learning English is equivalent to education and conversions were to yield development and earn equal social status then a little peek into the developmental statistics tells that Mizoram has a rural poverty of 35% below poverty line way above India’s 25%rural poverty line even after 100years after conversions.

In a population of 10lakhs 4169 people are infected with HIV Aids as per 1990 reports.

Most people end up in small petty jobs and are not seen in any higher posts in mainstream India in spite of having a great literacy rate,  now that should not go on to become another burden on the already overburdened general merit category.

Even the equality in social status is questionable as sadly the Mizo people still face discrimination in their own country this is largely because they were kept disconnected from the majority and we have been disconnected from them all along.

The first time I came to know about Mizoram was when I saw the ‘Mile Sur Mera Tumhara’ video and I wondered who spiky headgear tribes were, pardon my ignorance but I had no way to know about it then.

Maybe a little introduction about contemporary cultures across the country in the education system would help today as this disconnect is there even amongst North Indians and South Indians.

Had there been any attempt to cover them in the academics then the blasphemy of the missionaries would be out in the open.

I am no religious fanatic but what is it that you cannot achieve without converting to another religion?

Even today a modernized traditional Mizo religion called Hnam sakhua exists which stresses on Mizo culture and seeks to revive traditional Mizo values attacking the influence brought about by Christianity on Mizo people.

Also the Reang community who follow Hinduism, are getting wiped out of Mizoram where the church is very aggressive.

More than 50,000 of the Reang tribe fled violence over a decade back and remain in relief camps in neighbouring Tripura, when they wanted to return, the Mizoram government rejected their demands and announced rehabilitation elsewhere keeping them separate.

Other clans like Chakmas who follow Buddhism, Lais and Maras, Hmars claim they also face discrimination at the hands of Mizos.

As per the Inspire Magazine from the United Kingdom 1 out of every 500 people in Mizoram is a missionary. As per the statement made by Mizoram Chief Minister Pu Zoramthanga in 2004, it is sending out one lakh missionaries from the state, then the proportion of missionaries to the Mizos will be 1:9 since the total population of the state is merely about 9 lakhs (900,000 according to 2001 census).

The UK missionaries shared the Gospel with the Mizo hunters hundred years ago today the Mizos are partnering with the UK Church and sending more missionaries per capita than any other nation in the world.

Tell me what does Mizoram export? asked a visitor to a church leader in Mizoram to which he replied “We export the Gospel.”

This obsession with religion reminds me of Mahatma Gandhi’s saying “a convert’s enthusiasm for his religion is greater than the person born in it” in his book “The Story Of My Experiments With Truth”.

A little political history you must know:

Soon after India’s independence the Lushai Hills, now Mizoram, experienced a terrible famine in 1958 due to a situation called as rat flood.

The bamboo boom or Mautam(death by Bamboo) is a phenomena which occurs once in 48years in the Lushai region where the protein rich bamboo plants flower extensively, this multiplies the rat population alarmingly that in turn ate up all the food stock of the people. The situation continued for 2-3years, due to this famine like situation hundreds of Mizos died every year. The many pleas sent to the Indian Government for aid went unheard. The tribes who had recently been included into India felt let down and formed MNFF (Mizo National Famine Front) under Pu Laldenga where every Mizo decided to help a fellow Mizo by giving food. With no help from the government the famine passed but the blemish remained in the minds that they were not cared for, the MNFF went on to become a rebellious MNF(Mizo National Front) demanding a sovereign Mizo country as they had now gained popularity among the Mizo masses due to their relief works.

This opportunity was well made use of by East Pakistan who aided these rebels with enough arms to carry on guerilla warfare in India.

In 1966 the Mizo National Army carried out ‘Operation Jericho” a well-planned surprise attack simultaneously on Indian treasuries, fuel stations, communication centers neutralizing the police forces taking all senior non-Mizo government officials captive and dared the Indian Army by executing officers and other Mizo informers of the army, as a result of this Indira Gandhi ordered Airforce action.

It was masterminded that if the plan succeeded then Pakistan would help Mizos to hoist their flag and get a UN approval for a separate country but their plan was sabotaged by Indian forces. Read article TimesCrest: Gaddafi in Mizoram

Air attacks in Mizoram, 1966 – our dirty, little secret)

The Chakmas wanted to be part of India because of their similarities to the Bengali and Assami culture, refrained from the warfare but the Mizos of MNF wanted to be a part of Pakistan but during the siege when their leaders like Laldenga and Lalnunmawia escaped to Pakistan with all the MNF funds leaving their rebel army back broken the rebels had no choice but to surrender.

This is where, perhaps, the “Lal Salaam” slogans emerged from:)

The Indian army took control of the rebellious region of Mizos by deploying ‘Operation security’ the brainchild of Lt.Gen.Manekshaw that helped in controlling the rebellion. The Mizos claim there were lot of atrocities by the army also on the natives but things became peaceful only in 1972 when the Mizo Peace accord was signed.

The decades of British and Indian misadministration that had failed to transform and reconstruct the Mizo tribal society into a rational one was brilliantly handled by Manekshaw, who led the primitive tribal folks to the light of urban democracy and civilization by regrouping them and providing financial aid to those who surrendered and promised to rehabilitate them.

However the immediate beneficiaries of this economic reconstruction in the modern Mizoram were mainly the Mizos who had rebelled as other clans like Chakmas, Maras, Pawis, Reangs who deliberately chose not to support the MNF insurgency were simply regrouped without any aid and felt un incentivized.

This undue favour showered on the rebel Mizos led to mixed reactions among those who remained loyal to the Government during all these insurgencies. This discrimination increased the economic imbalance that led to neo-rich Mizo classes who dominate the politics of Mizoram today.

Also the Chakmas who supported the Indian army were attacked and avenged by the hostile rebel Mizos who killed and burnt down many Chakma villages later, but they never received the largesse favours from the Government unlike the rebellious counterparts who were given a glorious resettlement

For all that Indira Gandhi fought to resurrect Mizoram, her son Rajiv Gandhi in his 1989 election Manifesto declared that if they voted for Congress then the Government would run on the teachings of Bible.

Ever since the formation of Mizoram it has largely been ruled by Congress alone yet ironically in a recent debate on NDTV the congressman asks what the new 3month old government has done so far for Mizoram when the parody is that their administered governors(Sheila Dixit) themselves are refusing to go to Mizoram for reasons best known to them.

One of the big challenges in front of the new government is to dissolve this disconnect between the Mizos and the rest of India.

Today although America and Britain claim that they are tolerant, the Vatican has a lot of stake in all their decisive policies because all along history it has been proved that religion, power, politics, financial stability, are all inter-connected and RELIGION has been the biggest weapon either to divide or unite or gain power or money for time immemorial.

Our secularism should not in any way be mistaken for easy infringement by radical Baptists whose only aim is to divide and render India a weak nation in the name of divinity.

No Muslim No Christian is lesser Indian than any Hindu but if only our people overcome the overpowering radical spell of the religious divide created by external forces and really see through the dirty tricks there would be no stopping for India.

“A convert’s enthusiasm for his newfound religion is more profound than a person born in it” but that belief should not blind him to see the truth.

I really look forward to travel to Mizoram some day and connect with my fellow Indians.

Did you know that there was a report that claimed that the pilots who bombed Aizawl during 1966 were Rajesh Pilot and Suresh Kalmadi(Read link in the article)



Bon Voyage Mr.Nitish Kumar

After a heavy pizza party Lalu and Nitish are seen singing ‘Ye Dosthi Hum Nahi Chodenge’ that has many Bollywood actors biting their nails as this flick surely has more heat and passion than any of their new releases. Even as critics and media are still clueless as to how such a mind boggling chemistry was churned, Nitish might be heaving a secular sigh of belief as it was Laalu’s political economics that parachuted Nitish from his egonomics that went on to reiterate to Biharis that there can’t be a samosa without Alu.

As this new love story brims in the social media, an enthusiastic Nitish looks assertive that there is no looking back now as he has turned into a new leaf holding the lantern of love with disciples of power simply following him so austerely that he really cannot differentiate between fodder and French fries. Thanks to the Bodhi tree under which he was enlightened about Communalism and all its vices during the lok sabha elections, that lead him to such saintliness that he even shunned his CM gaddi but for Manji who was kind enough to bring back Nitish from his reverie.

Now with election waves rising, will this Noah’s boat of secularism set to steer in tested waters attested with known foes turned friends, will Bihar really hit the icicles of development or will Bihar see through the paparazzi of power hungry gimmicks fed to them at their own cost?

Mind Pollution

The smoke struggles to rise

Thickened and blackened by all our vice

Air water and sound pollution

Can be dealt,

But that illusion of mind

Can we really melt?

People big and small racing up to their work

In search of money, fame and luck

Seeking the decree of degrees paying a big buck

To claim the glory of attainment that we never duck

At ethics and humanities we throw muck

In the name of honour and prestige

But with no vestige

Of remorse or empathy,

In horror and apathy we gape

And sympathise oh it is a rape

Is it because she did not drape?

Or is it because of red-tape?

Which let them all escape.

Images of nude mutilated and battered women we share

Spreading gory pandemonium as if to scare

And say we care,

On witnessing a sneering glare

Or a jeering at some unholy square

Do we really dare not to spare

That mental pollution

To give every girl every woman a soothing solution

Or do we still live in an illusion

In the name of saving our skin

Wandering in life akin to a lifeless ghoul

Devoid of any inner soul

When morals go insane breathing is a bane

Hiding pain in the long mane of lawlessness in vein

Waiting for the black smoke to disperse when

The thick soot of vice lies deep rooted within so fierce.


(This post can be originally read at Pollution: With a difference

Sexual Terrorism

Each day we wake up to horrific news of rapes everywhere, I wonder if extensive coverage about such barbaric incidents trigger more ill minds and go on to become an epidemic in the society, should the media be talking more about the punishments meted out to them instead of stalking the affected victims? Is the society at fault or is it the law makers and law enforcers? But end of the day it is everybody’s responsibility and morality that is in question.

The rape of the 6year old in Bengaluru by her own teacher during the school hours sends shock waves reeling in our spines. If only the fellow teacher at the Vibgyor school could prioritize humanity and moral responsibility over her job security, if only the principal could prioritize ethical values over his prestige I could repose some faith on our society but all that cover up only leaves one thinking as to who was more brutal the rapist or those who tried to cover him up.

Have we stooped so low that we  cannot stand by our conscience? How many times have we tried to stop an eve teaser and stood by the vulnerable, can we reiterate our presence by our alert responsible actions and make a difference in our own little way and hope to put an end to this sexual terrorism.



The emotional break up in the India Against Corruption was a bitter news for the people of India, the wide split between Anna Hazare and Arvind Kejriwal was thought as an ideological difference initially but then with Kiran Bedi standing by Anna and making her stand clear against Arvind’s aspirations, the muse of the masses only added to their speculation.

Soon the anti-corruption baby was reborn with a new name to connect well with the common man the Aam Aadmi.

People still believed that here was a man, an IITian who would really make a difference to the country and bring about many reforms, the many exposes, the articulate arguments, promise packed discourses brightened the hope of developmental extravagances, the corruption free rhetoric goodies simply kept the cheering crowds well connected or rather too very well connected with each and every move of the crusader so much to even assess the nitty-gritty and the integrity of this toddler.

The unseemly friendship with a known foe, the Delhi blunder and the empty Lok Sabha thunder all proved to be a terrible miscalculation.

As if it was not enough the Magsaysay awardee even cut a sorry face by trying to clinch back Delhi in his last attempt to reclaim the lost glory.

One could easily have discarded it as the slipup of some over ambitious person but the timing of Shazia Ilmi’s resignation followed by Capt.Gopinath’s exit and now rough relation with Yoginder Salim Yadav and Naveen Jaihind’s departure is looking more like a make shift shop being shut down, the scenario certainly raises many a misgivings about the very intent of the formation of this party, it is indeed sad that a party that had won millions of educated minds overnight is disintegrating its hard earned trust by its own dismal disintegration. Is it a classic case of misplaced talent or is it a well-orchestrated ploy deployed?


Being MODIfied

A resounding verdict and an even more gratifying victory, people of this nation have indeed made their choice visibly loud and clear by giving the largest mandate to a single party which is a record in post- Independent India. I see a sense of pride and overwhelming happiness emanating from all corners on the social media, among the morning joggers, among the evening gossipers, even from those who never spoke of politics.

The vernacular by the UPA that the social media wave was a farce didn’t quite go well with social media fanatics who exist in real.

The constant denial of the underdevelopment, the stoic defence on the ever pervading scams and rampant corruption, the rise in the lawlessness, the persecution of the middle class by anti-middleclass policies with unjustified price rises, the horrendous inflictions on the farming lot, the bleak opportunities provided for the youth and most importantly concealing all these fiascos with mere English rhetoric, venomous media campaigns banking only on white imperialistic faces have really taken an ugly embarrassing toll on the veteran party.

Even those who seemed to establish connect with the young and the educated failed miserably. The Aam Aadmi in this country can certainly see through the filth and dubious intents. The detrimental Delhi Drama only furthered and facilitated the people to make their choice wisely. Canoeing in the deep sea with an eye on the big vessel has not only failed the strategist but also the people of Delhi. The dramatic ditching of Delhi eyeing a fat share in the Lok Sabha polls was just an over ambitious reverie of the young debutant literate party who is now destitute for power with deficit of credibility and people’s trust.

Don’t underestimate the intelligence of a common man (Aam Aadmi)!!

Also the communal baby fostered gently by the pseudo secularists all along their tenure has suddenly burped and is now throwing up at them. It is indeed interesting to see the melodramatic media debates all mellowed down and accrediting themselves about their speculative expertise.
The fact that Modi who was constantly vilified and bickered of being communal has secured a colossal mandate from the masses, this is a stark reflection of the ground reality and it’s really time the rhetoric experts and the many social activist agents who worked hard to keep the media debates secularly communal and amusing learn their lessons and realize that people are well informed and any attempt to radicalise thoughts would be castoff off categorically.
Maybe it’s time to redefine secularism and communalism in India.
Ye Public hai ye sab jaan thi hai!!!
People are more aware and no longer succumb to false propagations and are not bound by sentiments or hero worships but purely by virtue of the policies and the quality of polity.

Amidst all this euphoria the Modi Government certainly has a grim task ahead to tame and shoulder a dinosaur of a responsibility because clearly the people have voted for the man with loads of expectations, so how tactfully or how tacitly will he handle the power hungry pocket filling clan and how soon will he bring a sigh of relief to the poor and the middleclass of this country or how impactful in one’s everyday life will this change of guard bring about is to be waited and watched because in India corruption, inflation, communalism, illiteracy, nepotism, red tape, reservation is all inter connected and multi layered hence any alteration will conveniently snowball only a communal angle denigrating and thwarting the very idea that was envisioned for the country’s developmental aspects and bright prospects of this intelligent nation. It’s time to retrospect and reinvent ourselves by allowing the new leader a free hand to achieve a striving and thriving India and flow with the feeling of being MODIfied.

Its Jibe Time

Its election time in India and it’s raining rallies but more so there is a hail storm of jibes and raging vibes spat against each other amidst a crowd that can hardly update itself about the daily dose of the many ‘tu tu mein mein’ bulletins because all these entertaining words of war are meant for the aam elite couch potatoes sorry social media pumpkins who de-stress by watching the many yelling and yelping debates.

But it’s not our fault you see these rally speeches are like political subhashitas. In fact the acerbic and filmy jibes are far spicier than a Ekta Kapoor’s Saas Bahu soap, who said only women can bitch and bicker? Our male netas have outdone them.

It is not just the speeches and rallies, every gesture, every ad every talk is a befitting answer to the opponent party.

First came the poverty anthem where malnourished men and children jump and clap in their slums as if they have achieved the Nirvana of contentment and can’t wait to enter the ‘Alice’s wonderland’ which was quickly countered by the ‘thaki haari jantha’s’ curses.

Then came the ‘chai wala’ comment, the commenter probably thought that it was not as glamorous as a bar tender’s job. The humble chai soon brewed, broiled and was branded emerging as a new patent that fast sold the brand name and its brand values.

The endless and unseemly bickering of blood and their bloodiness took a toll on the EC who now runs like a referee of a punch bag amidst the secular communal punches.

The chowkidar jibe, the gunda jibe, the toffee jibe the trophy jibe, the married bachelor jibe, jibe after jibe maybe they are missing Meira Kumar’s ‘shaanth ho jayiye’ lullaby but as the masses look forward to hear out their favourite Netas to get some appeasing words of assurance about what their party can really do and how they can change the existing misery, the rally stricken Netas are smitten by the reel neta syndrome posing in their many avatars.

Deriding and belittling the other to override and over power has become the mantra but this is not what the people of the country want to know and hear from tall leaders.

The people of this country want to know if there will be egalitarian educational opportunities for all without playing vote bank politics,

The people of this country want ample employment opportunities in accordance with their merits,

The people of this country want to know if the rising costs of basic commodities will ever come down, if so how?

A layman like me cannot understand and digest the number of zeroes in the many scams that we are scrummed with, all I am concerned about is that the rickshaw wala does not demand more from me, the gas delivery boy does not demand an extra 10 buck from me, an RTO goon does not harass me for a bribe to get my license, a municipal officer does not demand a share for giving me my ‘Khata’ . I don’t want to be stalked and whistled at but I want an assurance that I can walk safely on the streets, I want an assurance that honest and upright IPS officers like Manjunath(the IPS officer who was killed by petrol mafia) and Narendra Kumar(IPS officer who was killed by mining mafia)don’t get killed or people like Ashok Khemka and Durga Nagpal don’t get transferred for raising their voice because I teach my kid that this is a great nation and that honesty and truth always win, I do not want him to feel cheated and misled tomorrow when he grows up to know about this stench of deep rooted corruption plaguing every nerve of the country.

I do not want to know what the other party did but I want to know what you will do and how?

A Rape Stricken Society-is bollywood responsible?

Every day we wake up to ghastly incidents like a minor girl raped, a 3year old raped, a 40 year old raped, journo gang raped, medical student gang raped, law/media interns sexually harassed, school girl molested by her own teacher, minister exploits airhostess sexually, college girl eve teased so on and so forth.  Have we ever wondered why?

This rapidly rising rape statistics is a grim reminder of the casual nature of our

  • Law upholding forces, the politicians who cannot take tough stands to handle crimes against women
  • The casual normalization of vulgarity in the name of creativity and modernisms by mass media and most importantly
  • The callous attitude of the film fraternity who play a massive role in shaping the minds of a vulnerable and highly impressionable society.

Every other news channel is busy covering the verdict on the Mumbai rapists, they name it as Mumbai’s shame, Delhi’s shame, Kolkotta’s shame etc, at the lok sabha they scream their lungs out demanding more reservation for women, the national leaders talk about women empowerment et al but just then paradoxically an erotic commercial with a bikini clad model breaks in diluting all that serious shit and calls out all the hairy men of India for an AXE EFFECT BOAT PARTY reducing women absolutely to nothing more than a piece of fleshy oomph.

All the feminists and FOE activists might jump and say I dare not teach our women how to dress and brand me radical, saffron, pink, blue, burgundy or yellow but the point is when you cannot enforce curt laws, when you cannot ensure the safety of our women, when you cannot educate filthy mindsets in an unequal society with varied laws for different people, when you cannot and don’t want to differentiate between vulgarity and creativity you have no business to mislead people into believing that it is okay to wrap yourself in a handkerchief and call yourself modern and broad minded.

If modernism had anything to do with flaunting bare skin then the textile industry would be in utter chaos but I see today’s pseudo modernism as more of an invisible cultural scam inflicted on us with shallow thoughts but deep with repercussions on the moral fabric of our society because modernism after all is not skin deep that can be ascertained by one’s outfit, unlike poverty it is in fact truly a state of mind.  I wonder how relevant this boat party is to those Indians who queue up their buckets for their daily dose of water. How disconnected is it from the real India where rural and urban womenfolk are found walking in fully clad salwar kameez or jeans t shirts and not in bikinis yet these very women feel unsafe in the society largely because of the way in which women are portrayed as nothing more than sexual objects especially in cinema!

This post is not about what people should wear but certainly about how and why are women portrayed as only a sexual commodity in the most important mediums of visual communication that impacts millions of minds.

What social responsibility are these mass mediums meeting by resorting to unnecessary nudity and vulgarity to capture audience?

What impact will this kind of content have on hairy rickshawwalas, rag pickers, sweepers, security guards, barbers, coolies or truck drivers and numerous other educated or uneducated folks who cannot in any way conceive the cleavage or the slit in the skirt as creative freedom? Will these kind of ads make them swell in pride that India is fast developing and becoming all modern, empowering women to shed clothes equally or will they hallucinate that appeal from every other girl walking down the street?

The visual media should come out of its bigotry along with the CBFC(censor board) which consists of our bollywood and many other regional woods surely has a lot of responsibility on its shoulders in entertaining, educating and in bringing out the real India and real issues out without tinkering with the ethical etiquettes of people from all strata.

The detailed visuals of a rape and violence against women in cinemas, incessant coverage of rape, molestation cases, acid attacks and murders and portrayal of women as easily accessible sexual objects in skimpy clothes have only ragingly augmented similar kind of crimes across the nation. While awareness is good, it is the punishments meted out to these criminals that should be highlighted more than the gruesome crime so that a strong message is sent.

Even film personalities have an important responsibility towards the society as their claims and choices have a large impact on millions of fans. How many celebrities really think about contributing some social good other than their personal gains? The CBFC the wing of Information and Broadcasting ministry is a toothless tiger that can hardly make a decisive impact and is subject to brutal bullying by the media houses and creative evangelists in case it chooses to act but whether we like it or not the fact is that the growing crime rate of sexual crimes against women is to a great extent the result of poor portrayal of women in the obnoxious Bollywood masalas.

In a recent Bollywood flick Dabbang 2 Salman the macho policeman takes his younger brother to an A grade cabaret in a red light area as a mark of celebration for his machogiri, it is A grade because it is Kareena who swings sways and thrusts hard for a Fevicol, oblivious to the fact that she is portraying women as piece of fleshy shit when men get high.

Another film Dhoom3 has Katrina performing an Indianized strip tease to hook a job offer even as many Munnis and Chemelis and Sheelas roller coast their silicon assets, the white junior artists swirl and shake their best, making it an uncomfortable affair to be watching a Bollywood flick with family. And then there is Honey Singh who has outdone all of them with an Indianized Bay Watch doing a ‘pani pani’,  while the video with its outright lewd appeal is by no means artistic creativity, the liberals may argue that even Helen or Zeenat Aman in the 70s were more brazenly bold(Read vulgar). But the fact remains that Indian cinema indulges in one of the most excessive objectification of women and there are reports to suggest the same hence one cannot deny it to suit their concocted narratives. This concoction is setting a dangerous precedent by normalizing obscenity and portraying women as easily accessible and loose sexual objects, at least this is what an unsophisticated mind perceives, this is how women are going to be viewed and approached by the adolescent genre largely because of visual media and cinema. To add to this the obsession to achieve equality in mere celluloid with those unrealistic concoctions of love stories between a poor roadside rag picker and a high class babe are giving a high to the local bus cleaners, rag pickers, security guards and rickshawalas to hit on every jeans tee clad girl or woman for that matter with their lusty eyes. Equality can be achieved with economic policies and social reforms on ground with administrative difference and not by mere shrill love stories in the air.

Today all leading actresses who are often role models to millions choose obscenity and immorality as a shortcut to fame and money in the name of glamor and freedom, often confusing and contradicting a society that is far away from the what is projected on the celluloid. A Rape or sexual harassment is definitely a result of an inhuman sick mindset devoid of moral values lacking any kind of respect for a woman but when this crime rate is directly proportional to the amount of obscenity and nudity being thrust upon the ingenuous impressionable masses day in day out by the visual media, Bollywood and many other woods, it is a mockery if these same people were to talk of women empowerment and justice for rape victims.


Pappu Cant Talk………

It appeared as if Arnab Goswami had vigorously practiced Hatha Yoga and levitated for a week to keep his mind calm, it was as if he had nested a looped command for the tongue to simply stop working whenever his blood rushed rashly to the brain, it was as if he had mastered the art of listening and achieved the sainthood of naivety. It felt as if a thunderous storm had just subdued only to swirl and form another robust wave of attack collecting all the weak specks together to dash against a puny kid with no ground under his feet who is thrown into the harsh sea without a life-saving aid left to be consumed in the sea of words.

It is the nature of the sea to dip and dash at whatever comes its way but it was a little surprising to see Arnab so composed and calm who actually proved the FM Radio guys wrong who are going tom-tom that that Arnab and Google have something in common and it is that that both of them don’t let you complete your sentence. Hey but Google told me that before a Tsunami the sea calms down or at least that is what is made out to be.

At tea time somebody expressed that Rahul was like an item girl who stood completely exposed , whether Rahul got a mileage or got exposed but Arnab surely got a great deal of TRP along with wide publicity and a meaty topic for one whole week that is still being roared in Times Now den.

Rahul appears to be a simple head who was cruelly caught and pushed to be sacrificed at the altar of dynasty politics just because he carried the race the creed with an exclusively toned white skin like a brand ambassador who does not have anything much to offer other than visual motivation. Kareena Kapoor too walks off in a flashy dress selling some notebook but is it fair to start asking her about the technicalities of the gadget when she is hired only to induce the visual senses and simply seek attention for the brand.

He sounded more like a Miss World contestant who lost out owing to a deficit of reasoning and timely wisdom and gross inability to relate to the question as he kept talking about women empowerment umpteen number of times when the women of the nation are unsafe everywhere forget streets they are unsafe even in a five star hotel.

He suddenly went into a ‘kyonki mein jhoot nahi bholta’ mode and accepted that Congress goons were involved in the1984 riots but as it dawned on him that the harsh twilight would eclipse him soon he quickly fell into amnesia and tried pulling everybody else’s lungi when he didn’t have one for his cover as he sat at the tip of the chair revealing a highly unconfident body language.

The interview was insignificant as it was inconclusive and didn’t make any impact on anybody. It’s time we debated more relevant national and international issues that makes a difference to us instead of simply chanting a Rahul, Kejriwal, Modi Sahasranama or an anti Modi rhetoric day in and day out.  India is not just Delhi or just Mumbai the spirit of India exists wherever people with an Indian heart live.

To pursue any profession one has to be passionate about the profession/service/work that you do as impassion erupts pessimism leaving you lurch with loads of compassion from people of this country.

Yes we have compassion for Rahul and request him to take inspiration from the movie 3idiots.

Don’t simply do things just because you are told to do so just pursue what you really think you are good at.

And people just leave him alone don’t simply glamorize a wart to be a beautiful mole that would only do more harm than decorate an already fractured chin.

Are Media Houses Anarchic Too?

The media’s frantic coverage of Arvind Kejriwal with every detail of all his actions from his dharna to his security, his topi, his cough his cold Wow! What more can a political party ask for but all this overly staged craze leaves me speculating if this is just another cover up of some major flaw that got nodded. Such media hype would leave a nervous Rahul Gandhi biting his nails enviously in a corner. But then you have to actually run the marathon to receive the winning trophy you see.

There is a huge ruckus over Kejriwal’s actions but if the media is so dismayed then why this obsession of covering it all day and night even while Sunanda Pushkar’s body with a dozen injury marks is cremated in a great hurry with a dignified silence it is after all a high profile personal matter and irrelevant for the cattle class to know the ugly truth isn’t it? The media will surely not dare to run a cobrapost on this one but will worry about who was snooped at whose gate. We still don’t know in which holiday resort Mr.Gopal Kanda is spending his pious life in but we are regularly updated about Asaram. We still don’t know what political implications led to the Devyani Kobragade drama that kept showing her various sizzling pictures night after night and was followed up till she returned home safe but we do not know what happened to the maid’s family who was killed by the BSP MP’s wife we don’t even know if she is in jail at all. Is it something like only noise makers can have a voice?

Arvind Kejriwal whether right or wrong whether a seed of congress or a pesticide of US whether a virtuous cow or a venomous snake has certainly succeeded in stinging the home ministry upfront.  Whether he is an anarchist or an Alzheimer in the vein of politics he has certainly stimulated the autocratic reflexes of a troubled home minister the same home minister who said people will forget the Coalgate scam just like other scams.

Amidst all this political and media drama has the real burning issue escaped like an intangible ghost? One reels in thoughts to understand if the drug mafia is stronger than any government CEO? it is an open secret that Delhi and Punjab are a hub for international human trafficking and drugs, what is so undemocratic  about investigating those suspected in a crime as grave as this. Why is Somnath Bharthi being portrayed as if he pulled his gun and smacked somebody’s face like what many ministers have demonstrated at toll gates?

Inflicting Drugs into our youth is a disguised form of ambush on the promising potential of the country. Drugs weaken our youth and captivate them away from the many burning issues of this nation. I wonder why drugs are so rampant only in Punjab and Delhi most Punjabis are physically very fit and very high on the emotional quotient who thrive with patriotic hearts so if you anesthetize them with drugs then the job is easier for those crooks who have sold their souls at the boots of power and money.

There have been many instances where the Delhi police have anonymously disclosed that they are discouraged from pursuing cases connected with drugs as they are driven yes quite literally charioted by the center’s whip and grip no wonder Delhi is so lawless and unsafe for the common man that he succumbs to the vile anarchism day in and day out at the very hands of democracy without much to change.

Vroom Broom Broom

The Delhi Election polls are being watched like India Pakistan match everywhere. It is a battle of the A B C (A=Aam Aadmi Party, B=BJP C=Congress) where many hero worship campaigns and tall speeches and brandishing brands seem to be swept away by the broom stick together with the raging ire of the common man the ‘aam aadmi’ who has emerged to be the clear winner and decision maker echoing the true spirit of democracy.

Whether it is an anti-incumbent wave or the emergence of an alternate choice, the mood of the nation is fast taking a toll on all the corrupt parties and waiting to see a new ray of hope deliver.

What are the tasks ahead in front of the succeeding Party in the event of it forming the government?

  • The common man wants his basic needs met without being looted.
  • Basic requirement like food, water, electricity, good roads and a safe secure atmosphere have become a luxury and an unthinkable aspect today under the savage of the powerful and corrupt these issues should be addressed at top priority.
  • A commoner may not understand the many complexities legalities of polity,

He only wants his everyday meal to be cheaper

He only wants to get his dl/khata/any transaction done  without paying a bribe,

He only wants the women of the family to come back home safely.

  • There has to be development but it should take along our famers to become self- sufficient and generate employment without having to be at the mercy of multinationals always.
  • Drastically improve Government school education system by employing able candidates with merit as teachers as they form the foundation for a shining India and really lead towards inclusive growth.

Any party that comes to power be it in Delhi or at the central level the need of the hour is to pluck out corruption which is an epidemic today bugged by many vicious tools like reservation  quotas, dynasty politics, handicapped law and order forces, biased and fractured bills, unregulated regulations and absence of patriotic people in polity.

A country that seeks inclusive growth and development but divisively refuse to include merit will only be limping behind leaving us compromised and always vulnerable at the hands of developed nations. As long as there exists caste based politics and divisive laws and law makers we will only continue to be listed among developing nations in spite of our prudent potentials.

The people of this country want not just change but quality deliverance else any legacy however powerful will be swept clean either with the vroom of a broom or a buoyant banana republic.

Look Who Is Speaking?????????

Gone are the days of depending only on television media as it is mostly biased and selective so digital media is the in thing. The digital media has certainly opened up minds and is more indulging and interactive.

Indian TV news channels are airing a debate on operation Blue Virus carried out by Cobrapost a sting operation on ‘Paid Social Media’ and go on to conclude that the Modi fever on facebook, twitter, youtube are paid to do so hence the government is now scanning many small IT firms.

Is the digital media posing a super tough competition to television news channels the hand tool of successive ruling governments and driving the audience away from the TV news?

What about the paid news channels? Is there going to be a debate on that? Is there going to be a sting operation on TV channels? But who is going to bell the cat?


Ordinance to save lawbreakers

The recent ordinance passed by the cabinet negating the supreme-court direction to disqualify convicted MPs and MLAs sends me reeling in thoughts corruptionif monarchic rule was better than fascism thrown at us in the name of democracy. The proposal and passing of the ordinance is not only undemocratic and shocking but simply belittles the very idea of democracy. A vicious network of our politicians who can alter anything in order to save the tainted lot looms large in the current context.

Our constitution under article 123 empowers the president to pass ordinances in case of unforeseen circumstances that arise in the most unexpected manner but look at the way our leaders arm twist the scope of amendments in our constitution. What was unexpected here in order to have an ordinance? The Lalu Prasad Fodder Scam case has been going on from the last 15years and congress MP Rasheed Masood who is involved in the MBBS seat allocation scam which has been dragging from last 20years, recently he also sparked a row by stating that people in Delhi could eat a sumptuous meal with Rs.5. Time and again it has been proven by courts claiming them guilty but to no legislative nerve or political willingness to ensure justice.

The Indian constitution is one of the most frequently amended constitutions in the world with almost 115 amendments till date. Anything that comes in the way of politicians making money calls for a new law or an amendment. Earlier attempts have been made to even dilute RTI act but today the Supreme Court’s ruling is vulnerable at the behest of a political ploy to save the lawbreakers through unconstitutional ordinances.

Passing ordinances and making amendments are required with changing times but passing ordinances to save lawbreakers amounts to openly promoting lawlessness sending wrong signals to the society. Why is law different and accommodative for an MP/MLA unlike when a common man is subject to all laws of the land? bharath matha crusificationLaw cannot be applied selectively, an ordinance for unconstitutional purposes is completely undemocratic and anarchic.

The president of India Mr.Pranab Mukerjee also a Congress loyalist should prioritize constitutional values over corruption and principles over party in the interest of the nation else India as Rahul Eashwar says will remain only a notion and not a nation.


Back in the 80s when I was a kid we lived in a place called Bidar an How-Media-Works-Funny-Pictures-Photos-Indiaarid town with extremely hot climate in the northern part of Karnataka, it was election time and we were told that Indira Gandhi would be coming to our dusty town to address a gathering so our school declared a holiday and asked all children to attend this gathering compulsorily. On the D day we had all assembled in the hot sun in a huge field scheduled as the venue for her speech it was thronged by truck loads of people carried and brought from nearby villages. We waited for four long hours as they kept saying her arrival was delayed due to her busy schedule. Finally the iron lady as she is often referred to I do not know why, arrived swiftly in a black sari and kept waving for the next 15minutes till the crowds stopped cheering. She then began her speech in Hindi but alas most of the rural crowd assembled there did not understand what she said even as many ladies gaped at her fair skin and whispered how white and clean she was in this hot sun. The workers who stood in between us like soldiers occasionally hinted at us to cheer and clap and we clapped fearing they might scold us.

A year later we shifted to Bangalore we had got a color TV probably one of the first houses in our area to possess one. We had many neighbors visiting us to watch that news on Doordarshan. Back then the enthusiasm to watch these moving images at home was so very high that we switched on our television sets even before the scheduled time and waited impatiently looking at the blank screen that buzzed like rain. Then the official doordarshan logo the globe would revolve like a heavenly object in the background of the signature tune of doordarshan that was composed by Pandit Ravi Shankar with the help of Shenayi expert Ustad Ali Ahmed Hussain Khan in the saare jahan se accha tune. The sheer excitement it incited in us makes it a nostalgic moment of our lives. There were no set top boxes and no remotes required and the whole family watched it with peace and tranquility without wrenching for that remote.

News then was brief and covered all headlines national and international read by neutral non-judgmental non-opined pleasant voiced readers like Meenu, Mrinalini, Geethanjali Iyer, Salma and others that was quiet legendary. There was no melodrama high drama no sensations no breaks or breaking news and no barking as well it was just plain news and not views. It was read focusing on the problem and not on the person giving its viewers ample scope to analyze and interpret it with their own wisdom and sense.

The monopolistic political syndicate understood the significance of the wide substantial promotion the visual image could yield them hence slowly mobilized it as a propaganda tool, soon often we saw Indira Gandhi waving and walking briskly, shaking hands and getting garlanded everywhere.

In 1991 the Narasimha Rao government liberated the broadcasting industry leading to the advent of many foreign channels like CNN, Star TV, MTV that replaced our national channel by hooking millions of naïve and impressionable viewers.

Today every news channel markets itself claiming they are the best and it’s their impact that got the authorities to deliver, news hour debates are more like fish markets where each seller screams to woe his customer, the customer being the poor viewer here it is quiet dramatic to see politicians and media anchors acting as entertainers expressing and emoting forcing their opinions on others and making personalized attacks against the panel deviating from the topic and derailing the discussion without any fruitful consensus. Patriotism, integrity, national interest and tolerance is a thing of past all that sells today or rather marketed is vehement usage of complicated English coupled with arrogance and unconnected interrupting arguments leaving the viewer feeling dithered and stressed.

What news falls under prime time is often decided by the TRP ratings, the judgmental notions of the media editor and not to miss out the pseudo secularists’ big weight and big money that could win them a ‘ big fight’. The terms ‘secular’, ‘dalit’, ‘minority’ and their due appeasement in their vocabulary is like chanting shubashitas. Why should a secular media call it as a ‘dalit judge’ or ‘dalit raped’ I was not aware of the many casts in Karnataka until the media spoke of the Vokkaliga vote bank or the Lingayat vote bank. With this kind of divisive talks echoing everywhere I wonder how long it would take us to simply classify people as educationally and economically empowered or weak.

It is these economically and educationally backward classes who are contained from decades with the same social status that form the vote bank of the UPA government who polarize issues of poverty and secularism making a mockery of the nation’s poor. Today’s polity is not about principles and nation’s growth but all about pocket filling calculations and verbal scoring points

When you cannot belittle an enemy best thing to do is to equate yourself with him. This is what the congress is doing by comparing an able statesman like Mr.Modi with a spineless and naïve puppet like Rahul. I have not seen a single talk show with Sonia or Rahul on any of these news channels debating about the perennial problems of India and taking a stand on it. The media should invite Rahul and give him a fair chance to discuss and prove his political ability and connect with people through this wide network of modern media.  I wonder how some able veterans in the congress can unquestioningly tolerate dilution in administration by silently promoting dynastic rule even at the cost of being ruled by totally unworthy scions. The ones shielding and praising her highness Sonia and the Royal simpleton Rahul are pronounced saints who deserve holy-grail and are promoted rapidly. But how is this monopoly achieved? What is more powerful plain white skin or pure black money?

Its time our politicians owned up some moral responsibility instead of peevishly nit-picking and passing the monkey off their backs blaming opposition for every other incident. The venomous mid-day meal episode that killed 22 children in Bihar is noteworthy to debate how can a Government wash its hands off by saying the opposition planted poison and filth in the meals, the UP government should act responsibly and apologize to the people and own up their short comings. The involvement of nefarious elements if any should be investigated and guilty punished instead of refusing to own it up.

Every other debate revolves around defaming and demonizing Mr.Narendra Modi blissfully ignoring the development that Gujarat has seen raking up the violence issue on all occasions even when SIT has given a clean chit to Mr.Modi. If Gujarat has scored high in developmental statistics then our prime minister should be graceful enough to congratulate him on his success. Latest debate being US’s visa denial to Modi the media and UPA are busy mocking it instead of questioning the face value of the fact that how can a country like US that drops drones and wages war on muslim nations wear a secular mask by denying visa to Modi. In the hour of uniting nationally against US’s decision to deny Modi a visa the UPA along with the media is busy bickering about Modi’s credentials playing cheap politics coupled with cheap journalism, has the media ever followed up with Rahul Gandhi’s detention in Boston Airport for illegally carrying US$160000. Where did it come from? See links below for more information on Rahul’s Gandhi’s detention in US.

As per these reports if Rahul Gandhi were to go to US today he would be arrested and sentenced to 144years in jail. What happened to the Robert Vadra case? Why is Indian English media downplaying serious corruption issues leveled against top congress men and women?

I wonder if these Media houses which are run by business giants whose revenue runs into millions of rupees were institutionalized mouthpiece of Congress that work like a coterie at all times.

But even after all those stressful debates I must admit that there are a few stress relievers rather entertainers like ‘Renuka Choudary’, ‘Manish Tiwari’ and the intelligent and always arrogant ‘Mani Shankar Aiyar’.

Because of the numerous scams emerging the congress needs more spokespersons to browbeat journalists and fool the common man hence recently even the sex scandal tainted minister Mr.Abhishek Manu Singhvi has been brought back honorably.

Whenever there is an extremely important issue which has gone out of hand the Congress resorts to their Hydra headed warriors like Ms.Renuka Chaudary who seems more like an unaccomplished Bharathanatyam dancer throwing her emotive irrelevant expressions often when she is countered and cornered but she still vehemently argues with that cynical smile shaking her head questioning panelists like a school teacher if they believed in law or not when the actual debate is all about why there were dilutions of those laws. Then she quickly resorts to dubious interruptions and personal attacks which is a great strategy to hijack the issue thereby denigrating the prime time news hour.

Next savior is Mr.Manish Tiwari the Wordsworth of congress who never answers the query but goes back like a time machine defending all scams with an epee of sophisticated English and justifies all their scams by digging the fossils and filth of the opposition. That filth I do not know why it lingers so long without getting resolved even after 20-30years. Maybe the ruling party keeps many cases pending against the opposition so that these cases can be raked up n number of times and used as a face saving shield to cover up their own misappropriations. Of late Manish Tiwari is believed to be mentoring congressmen in spokesperson ship along with the English coach Mr.Shashi Tharoor.  See link below about Manish Mentoring skills

Another bigwig of congress Mr.Mani Shankar Aiyar the euphemist who always forgets to take his BP pills on time he keeps the media, opposition and his own peers speculating as even he is not sure what he might utter the next minute. All those who question him will be slandered and slapped tight with brazen high headedness and colossal English vocabulary.

The English media is profusely propagating Rahul as the next PM, youth icon and things like that I wonder why these videos of Rahul were never aired on CNN IBN, NDTV or Times Now

Today the media is a power-house which can arm-twist anybody who points a finger at it, it can thump and rise to get justice to a Jessica Lal or it can simply black list someone like it did to Mr.Rajiv Dixit’s mysterious murder. Are they becoming kangaroo courts succumbing to political pressure for personal gains misleading millions failing to unravel the truth demeaning the very nobility of journalism?

Watch out when you say ‘CHEERS’

India is the second largest producer of tobacco and a dominant producer of alcohol in the world but we are a population beer mugwhere 89% of people abstain from consuming alcohol for their lifetimes hence are a vulnerable target of international liquor industries who find a potential market in the Indian society. The growing urbanization invasion of foreign goods into our markets, increased affordability and massive mass marketing techniques have created an urge to splurge thereby weakening the delicate fabric of our society by directly trying to alter our values and beliefs in the name of modernization and liberation.

The Indian Government has enacted a legislation called “Cigarette and other tobacco products Act 2003” that bans any form of direct and indirect tobacco advertisements but ironically there is no ban on manufacture of these fatal products also overseas trade rules have been relaxed for liquor giants only some states like Gujarat, Mizoram, Manipur and Nagaland have enforced prohibition of consumption of alcohol. There are countless arguments that a taboo on alcohol is not going to stop people from consuming it but the ground zero reality is that a taboo is definitely going to reduce the growing consumption rates and save people from the many problems directly inflicted by alcohol and tobacco.

  • Alcohol is a depressant drug containing mood changing agent called ethyl alcohol.
  • Alcohol has no nutrients and does not relieve any stress or tensions. It is rapidly absorbed by blood stream altering brain receptors and neurotransmitters resulting in aggression.
  • Alcohol and tobacco are fatal to health and directly responsible for growing violence, crimes, accidents and poverty levels in the country.

But why can’t India shun this deadly killer?

The liquor industry is like the goose that lays golden eggs by providing huge tax revenues to the government. The liquor barons argue that it provides employment to lakhs of people but even betting, bribery involving touts, prostitution and terrorism provides employment does that mean we can legalize anything that fetches revenue and everything that goes out of control? No wait I am not cynical, alcohol has existed even in pre historic times but the way it is promoted today rapidly conquering our almost abstinent middleclass and youth signals a dangerous trend setting in. It appears to be a well calculated far sighted strategy deployed to contain a country like India with enormous potential from becoming a super power.

By banning direct advertising of liquor the government concedes with the fact that it certainly is harmful for the health of its people but again by allowing the manufacture and unhindered promotion of these products by various devious means the government is simply downplaying a serious issue taking shelter in the name of modernization, development and global compliance.

If governments take an intrepid step like banning alcohol how are they going to garner votes? If people wake up from their inebriated slumber and start thinking how will the policy makers survive? If prohibition is socially not acceptable overnight then it should be controlled and curtailed by making it expensive and levying exorbitant duties on them instead of relaxing and tampering with regulations that were already in place. There should be stringent mechanisms like checking for an identity proof to ascertain age instead of selling across the counter in order to restrict minors from purchasing tobacco and alcohol. Levying heavy penalties and cancellation of licenses to those selling liquor and tobacco to minors could control this menace to great extents. The recent Gurgaon incident where 100 minors were caught in an organized sex alcohol party reveals the blatant violation of rules and an appalling ground reality of our existing laws and its implementation.

Since the implementation of this ban on direct advertising the liquor and tobacco companies have found a god father in the film industry and are resorting to surrogate advertising ways by placing their product in the hands of the hero or heroine who are often worshipped by the masses especially among illiterates.

The role of cinema in promoting alcoholism and tobacco:

Fashions are easily imitated from films into the society. Sporting hairstyles and trendy dresses inspired from Bollywood is an in thing failing which you are rejected among peers.

Young boys perceive holding a cigarette or dashing a beer mug exclaiming with a ‘cheers’ as a cool thing attributing it to style statement and a macho image. The aggressive marketing patterns of these liquor companies are vehemently targeting women. Lead actresses are depicted as smokers who are portrayed in films as independent, glamorous, modern and focus on equality with men by way of smoking making it a very elite corporate affair. Most movies in India show lead actors resorting to alcohol and cigarette as an outburst reaction in the event of stress or tension, but the reality is association of alcohol as a solution to stress and depression is completely a myth.

There are instances where Bollywood actors have confessed to being contacted by liquor industry to promote their products in movies. Aamir khan is one such actor who was contacted but had refused to endorse such products and practices. About 89% movies contain alcohol and tobacco scenes and 75% movies have lead characters endorsing them.

The funniest part is just before a smoking or booze scene comes up a disclaimer of statutory warning is displayed. What value does it add when 450 million people watching movies in this country are illiterates who cannot read or write?

In today’s scenario where the private education institutions are resorting to visual lessons to make the children understand better and improve standards the liquor companies are using these visual images with a lot of captivating dialogues for commercial gains making a dangerous impact on the minds of ignorant millions which is a grave concern. Such explicit selling of alcohol and tobacco in a disguised form is like offering a lucrative platter of poisonous food to a person totally unaware and ignorant of its dangers.

Some statistical info

80% of alcohol consumption is in the form of hard liquor or distilled spirits suggesting that the majority drink beverages with a high concentration of alcohol.

3 to 45 % of household expenditure is spent on alcohol. Use of alcohol increases indebtedness and reduces the ability to pay for food and education.

There has been an 8% increase in consumption every year.

say noOur politicians who make tall claims to improve the lives of the poor are unaffected by the growing violence and crimes against women both in domestic households and public life because of alcohol. In fact the Karnataka CM has gone a step ahead and announced a proposal to provide cheap liquor to the poor. These poor do not have basics like food and water how justified is the government’s approach in feeding them liquor.

We are languishing with age old problems of poverty, illiteracy, caste systems plagued by reservation policies based on castes which are further divisive and only reminds people of their castes, as if this was not enough we are embroiling the society with alcoholism, tomorrow there might be a gun culture and governing bodies might even pass a gun bill.

Can we change the game? Be a teetotaler and impress your peers.   Don’t succumb to false notions just be yourself, make it fashionable to be a teetotaler.

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Jarring Juveniles and the Justice System In India

These days laws keep changing like fashion, what was fashionable in the 70s and 80s like the high rise hairstyle that 3376206-knife-crimewas obsolete until recently has suddenly picked up a rage now. The big debate in India about redefining the juvenile criminals’ age from 18 to 16 was talked at length everywhere in the regional and national media along with the public ire and uproar so much that it forced the parliament to set up various legal expert panels and revise the anti-rape law on a fast track basis. But the supreme court of India upheld 18 as the juvenile age.

The fact is until the year 2000 the juvenile age for boys under the Indian juvenile justice act was 16years. The need to increase the juvenile age from 16 to 18 came to effect in conformation with the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Child (UNCRC) a human rights treaty that was signed in 1992.

Earlier when there was no rehabilitation or reformation homes juvenile offenders received the same treatment as any adult criminal would this resulted in the juvenile emerging as a hardened criminal, many got abused by older adult criminals. Hence there was a need to carve separate laws, set up reformation homes and justice system for juvenile felons.

This UNCRC signed up with 193 countries came into being with its intent to define and protect child rights and to increase the child rights representation in all countries. It aimed to end children’s participation in military activities, prohibiting child-prostitution, child pornography, child labor, child abuse.

When countries like US have not signed this convention owing to their federal policies where each state has set different age to define the juvenile age what is the context of this convention in India a country so diverse in its societal structure with varied culture, practices, social norms with disparate economic statuses and varied upbringing?

Now let us understand the Indian scenario where children alone constitute 400 million of India’s population yet they are the most under represented and largely abused in the society. Although India has signed the international human rights treaty to care for its children preventing any kind of abuse and assures them social, educational, emotional, economic support to exercise their rights in the society, much of it is only in paper. Today child labor is rampant, child sexual abuse is growing dangerously minor girls forced into prostitution right under the nose of the police.

In India the legal age for marriage is 18 and 21 for girls and boys respectively, you are issued a driving license at 18, voting rights are given at 18 and as per the UNCRC treaty criminals under 18 years of age are sent to juvenile courts under juvenile justice act. Fair enough this norm is practiced largely in many nations.

On retrospection the norms defining a child that were made some decades back according to the then mindset, maturity of the children and social conditions of the society attributed physical maturity as criteria for defining juvenile age. This was substantiated when many researches also proved that adolescents think and act more impulsively than adults without contemplating the consequences of their words and actions.

In today’s internet age the gadget savvy children have a great deal of exposure to everything necessary and unnecessary. Even while I write this article and look up the internet for any statistical references I see many ads opening up from nowhere with scantily dressed female bodies selling various products and websites. This is the kind of exposure that today’s youth have. Information right or wrong, sought or unsought is just a click away. The mental development of children today is far more advanced than what it was 20-30 years back. It is not just the internet there are several other forums where they get awareness from like the DVDs, movies, wide variety of satellite TV channels even when you are watching a cartoon channel or news program there are advertisements playing that are not suitable for a child to view. Now what is good or bad for children to view is something that differs from family to family. The fact that many adolescents as young as 15 to 17 are breadwinners for their families in India who are well versed in handling their survival may well be in total contrast with another youth of the same age who is all protected, escorted to and fro from school.

Mental maturity of a person surpasses all logic that defines a child by way of physical age. Every individual is raised differently matures at different age and impacted by different societies, so to assess that all youngsters have the same maturity levels at a particular age is not pragmatic. Law should be applied depending on the intent and grievous nature of the crime. The debate about the age criteria cannot overlook the fact that a heinous crime is often committed by a sick mind disregarding the democratic right of another person.

Aftermath the Dec 16 Delhi gang rape case there has been a hue and cry by the public to lower the age of juvenile offenders from 18 to 16 as one of the key convict was 17 years old. Likewise even the child rights activists are seething with ire to uphold the current juvenile definition at 18. As a commoner I am aghast with the number game which makes no sense, a dreadful crime committed and an irreparable damage done which no child could dare to think, plan and execute.

Justice can be done only when intent of crime is assessed and definitely not the age and background of the criminal. Punishments awarded should take into account the mental maturity and intent of the crime. If a boy of 17 years can trick, rape, sadistically insert an iron rod and kill he is perfectly able to plan, manipulate, capture, instigate and murder which certainly is not becoming of a child’s traits or definition.

The rights activists battle it out back and forth for the criminals and reject the discussion to reduce the said juvenile age from 18 to 16 but are perfectly okay with the age for consensual sex being set at 16.

India is a country where the institution of marriage is most successful across the globe and regarded highly by most people. The Indian Government in its confusion over redefining rape laws instead of awarding tougher punishments for the guilty it has laughably set the age for consensual sex at 16 which not only makes more girls vulnerable to rape and cases being dismissed as a consented affair but also authenticates that yes the juveniles are mature enough to handle their lives and can consent to a sexual relationship outside of marriage. The child and women rights activists go berserk debating and condemning the idea to lower the juvenile criminals’ age only to save a rapist, they also make loud noises condemning the demand for lowering marriageable age to 16 calling it crude, backward and curtailment of freedom but choose to call it as modern and cool to consent for sex at 16 even if it were outside of marriage and attribute it to freedom of choice. I am certainly not advocating child marriage nor am I recommending live in relationships I am only igniting some thinking about the current happenings around us. If some adolescents choose to have an intimate relationship with consent it is completely their choice and responsibility. If this intimacy turns into intimidation then it is more of an organized rape. The fake rape charges if any must be investigated appropriately but to counter fake rape charges creating a new law setting the consensual age at 16, it is only going to increase the rape statistics where FIRs could easily be disposed as cases of consented sex. The new law does not in any way strengthen the anti-rape law instead it has given more horse power for vicious minds to rape and get away.

More amusing is the debate as all hell breaks loose when one of the key accused in the Delhi gang rape case has committed suicide. There is an enquiry ordered by the home minister to probe the death of a rapist who did not hesitate to move down the victim they had thrown out of the moving bus, human rights activists cry foul, media reports extensively about it but these human rights activists never pick up the nerve to fight for the victims why is it so that they always take the side of the convicts and mess up and hinder the emergence of tougher laws. They always talk about reforming the sick minds and criminals but why can’t they buck up and reform these sick minds even before a crime is committed. Today in India a 14 year old can easily buy cigarettes, alcohol, acid or poison across the counter, children are sent for household slavery with increasing child labor in many industries, hotels and factories, children are also trafficked in the begging mafia where even infants are not spared you can spot them all over at traffic signals, bus stands, railway stations, religious places, tourist spots as these are some hot business hubs for these abusers who run a business out of begging.

If these problems are addressed at the right time there wouldn’t be a need to play number games and wake up only when something dastardly happens.

The trial and conviction of a rape accused must be fast tracked with stringentl and tough punishments meted out it should make an example to others and impact the society in such a way that one should dread to even think of committing such a crime. The law should definitely instill some fear for the offenders by way of issuing the harshest punishment lacking which will only keep increasing the rape ratio.

If rape trials are not fast tracked and appropriate punishments are not awarded then justice is delayed and the message will not reach the masses we might wake up to another rape case where even girls as young as 5years are not spared. The need of the hour is to bring in laws that would deter a person from committing a crime.

The biggest reform would be  to teach our children to graduate gracefully from adolescence to adulthood and create law abiding citizens which is possible only when basic requirements of children like food, education, health are taken care of along with ample emotional support.

All In The Name Of Secularism

The word secular means ‘not religious’ and a secularist is one who believes that religion should have no place in civil affairs unfortunately our politicians have largely misinterpreted this and used it conveniently to suit them. Today in India anybody who speaks for the larger community of the Hindus is communal but the one who brings up the minority quotient for vote bank politics is a secular diva.

Recently I saw an article in a remote corner of a leading Indian daily which said in tiny letters that the court had ruled that Muslim girls could marry at the age of fifteen, this new law came as a mockery just when the union law minister was busy urging for 4.5% sub quota for dalit muslims in central educational institutions. Fortunately the supreme court of India rejected the petition and saved the merit class in a system that is already over-burdened with so many quotas. How ironical indeed if only the quota mongering people understood what this filthy reservation is all about? On one hand our politicians pretend to work for uplift of the minority community while on the other hand they are letting them down jeopardizing their future by encouraging practices such as child marriage and bigamy passing separate bills thereby appeasing some hardcore religious fundamentalists.

The very purpose of providing a quota to improve upon the social, economic and educational condition of the dalit or the oppressed is lost as they are making laws which threaten the very idea of progress and reform.

How can Indian economy improve when the people rebuff education and defend it in the name of religion? How can we progress and bring about developmental changes when we don’t have one law for the entire nation? People should stop believing and endorsing politicians who portray themselves as their caste mascots.

The word ‘dalit’ means ‘the oppressed, backward and deprived’. Originally the policy of giving reservation to dalits was an after effect of the long sufferings and humiliation meted out to the Shudra sect among the Hindus. In order to bring about an equal status for all, the Government of India introduced the quota culture to accommodate the backward classes in educational and Government institutions and to further their increased participation in all streams at par with other higher castes. These quotas are still being given everywhere and it is also being given in job promotions.

I agree that this kind of revolution was much required at that time six decades back, for providing an egalitarian opportunity to one and all and to really change the mindset of the people. Ambedkar the man who fought for the uplift of dalits in India had sought reservation for backward communities only for ten years but unfortunately the quota system is getting extended endlessly. Today reservation is largely misused as a result of which even after sixty years of giving quotas nothing much has changed because the focus of all the successive governments was never intended to give education or improve the lifestyles of these dalits who were poor and ignorant and are still poor and ignorant. The political syndicates want the deprived masses to follow them without pointing a finger at them whatsoever even at the cost of keeping large masses illiterate. Nowadays the term “dalit” and “reservation” has just remained a hot favorite among men in polity and the media men who often act as middlemen of the politicians.

There are poor and oppressed people deprived of many an opportunity in every community which categorically suggests that all castes have some amount of dalits among them who are backward in their own communities and are waiting to get some help and be heard. But the pseudo secularists instead of addressing the real problem of economic backwardness still collect the caste details of every citizen during census. It’s time the Government picks up the nerve to introduce some drastic step bringing about a reform and take a decision for the good of the larger masses by eradicating this epidemic called caste reservation. If at all any reservation is given, it must reach the economically weak failing which all those politicians demanding caste based reservation quotas ought to adhere to austerity in a true sense and choose to take medical treatment from a dalit doctor who got a seat on reservation basis and not by merit, they should get their children educated by untrained or under trained teachers who get selected as teachers through reservation quotas in Government schools but the grim reality is that most Indian politicians seek their medical treatment abroad and send their kith and kin to study abroad.

The quota system introduced by the spurious secularists has become a communal bane for any kind of development in this country. Undeserving, dishonest and corrupt officials have become the order of the day.

How can one’s social status improve if he is pin pointed that he is a reservation candidate, what kind of pride does it give to call yourself backward even after sixty years of consideration? People should feel ashamed and refuse to call themselves backward and strive to get into jobs with their own capabilities instead of basking in the ill-gotten glory of backwardness peevishly. The quota policy that sought to curb caste consciousness has only ended up further dissecting the society into several castes and sub castes.

It is important for every one of us to think seriously and vote sensibly shedding all our prejudiced feelings of casteism and choose an honest and upright government.

An awareness among backward classes that education along with hard work is the only way to improve their social and economic status and that the religious quotas is only going to jeopardize the nation’s growth is required. More and more educated and honest people should join politics and reform the current caste scenario by spreading the need for education and its role in the progress of our country.

I dream of a day when parents counsel their children to take up a Government job or politics as their profession with pride without depending on any caste quotas.


Arise, Awake, Stop not till you Reach the Goal (Swami Vivekananda)

Each day we switch on that television or grab the morning newspaper we wake up to a new scam. The headlines scream out that an untidy cupboard of scams has been unraveled or an emphatic bill has been passed in great haste to deflect from the core issues throwing the aam aadmi into a corner.
corruption2The impressive layouts of the newspaper thus run us through the scams, price rise, crimes, new policies, a little bit of opinions, monopolistic decisions, soaring markets but unaffected by all that hue and cry we inevitably get struck in the most unproductive element called cricket.

The youth is totally consumed by this rage unaware of the more crucial things happening around them. I am awed at the fact that crores of rupees are spent on cricket, its players and its promotion by the Government and some private players. I understand sports need to be promoted and encouraged but why only cricket and why so extensively? Is this a strategy to disengage and deviate the youth interest and attention away from the core political issues haunting the nation.

If the big wigs and the consistent inept Governments had prioritized, promoted, glamourized and provided quality education so much like cricket, we as a nation would be far more developed today. The majority of the youth is busy facebooking, SMSing or hero-worshiping some Bollywood/cricket star who don’t contribute to the society in any constructive way. They would comb every little information about their favorite stars but how many of them know what it takes to secure a ration card, do they at least know who is heading their constituencies and how qualified and credible their leaders are.

It is only when the youth of the country is empowered and encouraged to actively participate in community decision making, bringing about structural reforms with innovation, idealistic goals with a little hand holding by veterans with integrity will this country make progress. In fact every political party should have a 15% youth quota in their list of candidates.

The youth is lacking direction, focus and vision. The very patriotic feeling for which our ancestors gave their lives itself is missing. We cannot blame them either as they might have witnessed the demand and supply of corruption at an early age by way of their parents getting a DL done or getting a house plan sanctioned by paying a bribe and getting the job done conveniently thereby failing to adhere to the rules.

Now bystander criticism will not help improve democracy, how many of us actually adhere to the municipal authority law of letting the 3ft space around our houses. If every other house in the vicinity is constructed end to end and so you are also tempted or forced to do the same. When your plan is not in accordance with the rules and you still want it to be sanctioned you are obviously bound to pay an incentive to the official, effectively you are demanding corruption and when there is demand the supply follows. So don’t do lip service by saying this country is corrupt and things like that. If only you had adhered to the law you never had to go through all this (not that you don’t get harassed by the official otherwise).
But considering the current real estate rates( which is again hyped and hiked because of corruption ) it is not easy to procure the space that you actually need so definitely people would try to fudge with the law and try to get that extra space. This kind of inch to inch construction has become the order of the day and so is the bribe taking. If building houses so close to each other is rampant and are even being approved by government officials the 3ft rule only exists in the papers then it is pure red tape, this rule is obsolete and should be changed if not it should be imposed and adhered to strictly.

Corruption was there in the past also but people were more sensitive and honest even without much facility and awareness they were content.
Today even with so much technology, awareness, amenities and even the buying power (artificially created by infesting loans and credits) people are less credit worthy, un empathetic, insincere, dishonest and far more greedy be it from an auto driver to a top level bureaucratic official. Even with the hawk eyed media reporting and pointing the glaring irregularities one scam loses focus with the emergence of a new scam, core problems are not addressed and issues are diverted by using highly qualified persons who can pun with the words using the best of their vocabularies to confuse the common man if not convince him.

The forces to keep law and order of the country are like spine in a human body. When it is not empowered enough and is constantly infringed by nepotism immoral and dishonest officers cripple the body and render it useless leaving the common man in the lurch.

It’s time the police force is made a glamorous and noble profession. There should be no place for quotas based on caste, creed categories thereby recruiting only deserving, honest, qualified and patriotic candidates in the larger interest of the country.
In fact there should be a hiring clause that every candidate selected for the police service should compulsorily serve for a min of 3years in the military service as well.
This way there would be more patriotic and genuine officers in the police force who have taken up the profession because of their passion to serve the country and not just for a mere earning or extra earning!
Also their salaries should be at par with any IT employee as this would boost their moral value and increase competence and contain corruption.
To implement the above into our system we need the strong will of the government which is today crippled with scams, corrupt and dishonest politicians hailing dynasty politics. As corruption increases the economy falls flat this is when inflation soars high and people are plundered day in and day out in the name of price rise.
If this dirt has to be cleansed then it has to happen from within the system that is within the Government itself unless there is direct democracy in place or an effective strong lokpal bill has to be passed.
But this is becoming a farce because of people’s ignorance, aloofness, indifference towards community problems, regional and linguistic attitude towards the society and not to forget the PUBLIC AMNESIA.corruption1

Scrolling back to a few major scams and how our judicial system works:
Bofors scam : in 1986 under Congress rule:

Implicated            Rajiv Gandhi (then Prime Minister of India)
Amount involved 64 crores officially (which was a big money at that time)
Beneficiaries Ottavio Quattrochi the Italian business man close to Gandhi family, A.B.Bofor
Convictions             None
Money recovered   None

BHOPAL GAS TRAGEDY: In 1984 30 metric tons of methyl isocyanate escaped into the atmosphere

Implicated :  Warren Anderson the CEO of Union Carbide Corp
Deaths caused 15000 deaths(3000 immediate death,8000 deaths after 2weeks from the occurring.8000 more died in time because of toxic gas related problems.5,58125 people injured

38478 people partially disabled

3900 people permanently disabled.)

2000 animal carcasses were found bloated due to toxic gas inhalation.

Convictions On 7thDecember 1984 Warren Anderson was escorted out of India by the then Government of Madhya Pradesh very safely overnight.In 2010 after 28years some 8 people were found guilty out of which 1 is no more, they have been convicted for causing death by negligence and slapped a fine of $2000 each.Keshub Mahindra got 2years jail after 28years of people’s suffering and who are still suffering but Anderson is still a free man spending his old age in America.
Compensation received $470 million received and kept in account since 1992.
Ground Reality This compensation meant for 1 lakh people was distributed among 6 lakh people, which means an average of Rs.12000 was received per person which is a mockery of a human life. Even to get this amount victims had to contest after much protest they were given overall compensation after 20 years in 2004 after an order by the SCThe abandoned site is still contaminated with thousands of metric tons of hazardous toxic waste. The soil, ground water, vegetables and even breast milk contain toxic chemical traces.350 tons of toxic wastes remain un-cleared from the debris since the last 30yearshope the clearance of this site which involves millions of rupees does not spin into another scam.

India ProtestSo ruthless are our political babus that they can plunder even from a kargil coffin or even from disaster compensation fund. It’s time India wakes up.

Bhopal Gas Tragedy: Endless nightmare – Times Of India › CollectionsUnion Carbide

Sikh Genocide 1984: Riots happened under the purview and the protection of the netas and police. Hundreds of Sikhs were killed under the pseudo secularists’ regime their properties looted many were displaced but the main accused are all acquitted and roaming scot free even today.

Fodder scam: 1996

Main accused Laloo Prasad Yadav (then chief minister of Bihar)
Amount involved Rs 950 crores
Status of case Investigating officers were transferred frequently hindering the case. In 2012 after 16years the CBI has filed charges on Laloo. The case is still going on
Amount recovered None

2001 Parliament Attack

Our honor was attacked with 5 gunmen infiltrating into the parliament, this attack was organized by ‘Jaish-E-mohammed’ a terrorist outfit. 7 security staff fought it out and laid their lives.
After years of court proceedings and investigations the accused were convicted and given death sentence only to get mercy from the president annulling the valorous sacrifice of the CRPF guards and all those tedious elaborate judicial procedures in nailing them. The efforts, valor, sacrifice, time and money spent a mockery of the Indian citizen and gave out a loud message that anybody who kills can get away with a mercy however recently Afsal Guru the main accused in this plot was executed in a short notice leaving the aam aadmi(common man) perplexed and pondering over the gimmicks of the UPA Government’s strategy to score a point in the upcoming 2014 elections.
The bereaved family of Kamlesh Kumari the CRPF jawan and others who had returned the Ashok Chakra awarded to them when the mercy petition of the terrorist was accepted by the then president Pratibha Patil have again accepted the gallantry award by Pranab Mukerjee the current Indian Congress President after Afsal’s hanging after 12years but surely Satwant Singh(Late Prime minister Indira Gandhi’s assassinator) was hanged within 6months.

 2G Spectrum Scam: The big daddy of all scams
Amount involved: Rs. 176000 crores
Main accused: A. Raja (then telecom minister from DMK) and Kannimozhi (d/o Karunanidhi DMK supremo).
Case: misappropriation during biddings for allocation of 2G spectrum
Status: A.Raja was arrested by CBI and kept in jail for 15 months but was given bail from the Supreme Court and was back in action as he was nominated for the parliamentary committee in the energy berth. Kannimozhi who is co-accused in 2G Scam was also nominated for the home affairs committee.
But now after the DMK has pulled out their support to the UPA government they might face music again. Anybody who dares the congress will be under CBI’s scanner and will be slapped with various cases against them.
Amount recovered in this case is nill.

Loss incurred: Rs.95 crores.
Accused: Suresh Kalmadi (MP from Pune, the then Sports administrator)
He was being nominated to parliamentary berth of external affairs even after the uproar of scam.
Case is still pending against him.

COALGATE SCAM 2012—1060,000 crores
Status: attention diverted to social reforms
The case is still blooming for many more skeletons to be revealed from the closet.
This was just a flashback reminder of how things have been functioning in our existing set up. The scams in the news have caught our attention because of the huge amount involved and the extensive media coverage.

Rs.4040 crore deal with Augustawestland for procuring 12 VVIP helicopter in which a kickback of Rs.350crores was received by Indian officials to pass the deal is still being investigated with no arrests yet.

It is an irony that such people continue to get voted into power, as long as such corrupt people are voted more scams will continue to happen and we will keep getting looted and cheated if we don’t raise our voices now.

What changes are needed to cleanse the system?
 Provide quality education to everybody.
 Know your rights.
 Law and order keeping forces to be strengthened.
 Reform in judicial system making it more approachable and simple.
 Moral science and current affairs should be made compulsory subjects in colleges.
 All cases should be disposed of within 2years.
 Young patriotic minds should be ignited to get into politics.
 Every politician should be rated on a credit system just like the ratings in semester exams periodically. If commitment to perform and deliver is lacking then he/she should be sacked.
Most importantly the people should come out of arm chair criticism and actively participate and vote for genuine candidates.

If one simple man Anna Hazare who worked as an army jawan for 12 years could change the status of a barren drought prone village RALEGON SIDDI into a self-sufficient rich region with his vision and honest commitment to improve the people’s condition thus putting the small village on the global map prominently why can’t the empowered and instituted do it?
It is only a matter of our willingness to resolve things and the depth of our belief to achieve the unachievable.
Keep the anti-corruption spirits rising and empower the right people, keep questioning and give up the ‘chaltha hain’ attitude.
Think right and act appropriately.