Does Rationality Really Exist!

There is nothing called ‘Rationality’ in this world, as every saga has the sagacity of the storyteller embedded in it! And every story is told with a perspective, every narrative has a viewpoint, an opinion, a belief. It could be individual views or an ideology of a group of individuals masquerading as universal veracity. When these opinions find either large social acceptance or solemn silence they manifest as the rational truths although it may or may not be the truth.

Social acceptance can be measured by two means, one is when people demonstrate their acceptance with enthusiasm and side with it openly and the other is by solemn silence whether or not one agrees but they choose to follow nonchalantly or almost blindly. But the spirit of rationality is alive only when individuals make their adverse voices heard lest silence shall be presumed as consenting steps in the ladder of rationality which is one big frame of many individual opinions. Having said that being neutral is no rationale for rationality because there can only be a right or a wrong in any given situation and it is only rational to be siding with that rationality which has withstood the test of time and that rationality which can illuminate souls even when in deep dark dungeons.

But to accept something as rational, one should be able to see the truth and inculcate the habit of hearing harsh truths no matter how bitter it can make you feel. And to do this it is important to separate the self from the matter at hand because the essence of truth is not lost on us when we separate that egotism and focus on the root cause analysis of a problem, to arrive at a meaningful solution. Most times when you choose to make your adverse opinion heard, people feel offended and resort to personal attacks as a defense mechanism, the strategy is put to best use when one is attacked in packs. When 10people contradict you, it is a lot easier to break you down and it is just amazing to note that just like how terrorists are well networked, Adharma often adheres to building a nexus of people because it does not have the strength to stand on its own! And it thrives when just voices watch mutedly! It is human to deny our actions, dilute and digress the issue when confronted with the fact of our fallacies but training our minds to treat all issues as plain data that needs to be processed without attaching the self is one step towards furthering the ascension of rationality, to put it in more simple terms being rational is that one step or decision that aids a clean sleep with a pure conscience of having spoken the truth than suffer silently forever and it really does not matter if it is your truth or my truth as long as we make space for each other’s rational discourses and debates.



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