The Fear Factor

It has been a bloody Ramadan this year with mass killings at Orlando, Paris, Lebanon, Yemen, Baghdad, Istanbul and Dhaka, today one can say that terms like ISIS and terrorism can be used interchangeably!

As a child I remember watching the movie ‘Kaabuliwaala’, the story of a friendly Afghan man selling sundry articles to make a living back home but I do not know when the destitute Kaabuliwaalas turned into dreaded Talibans running for the trophy of Khilafat.

Did they change jobs? Or did they suddenly excel in the economic, educational, technological and military spheres? Or did the futility of their meagre earnings redefine their rigidity?

Well the very definition of Terrorism goes like this

Terrorism is the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, especially for political purposes”.

So it is important to understand who is ISIS (Islamic state of Iraq and Syria)?

The Middle East or the Arab countries is a cradle of Abrahamic religions. The Gnostic and Iranian religions were replaced by Judaism, later Judaism split up into Christianity and Islam. The Jews and Christians pride themselves as superior to Islamists and mostly use them as pawns in any given crisis.

The desert clan was a savage community that fought amongst each other for power and mostly sought to meet its basic requirements, either by conquest or conceit or simply conniving with power masters.

Around 1902 due to an oil spillage incident it was found that the Arabian Peninsula might be a great resource for oil. During the First World War, the need for oil reserves was strongly felt. Both America and the Soviet Union invested in the Arab land for further digging of oil.

A pipeline network of 3200kms of sea route in the Suez Canal was built to facilitate large scale supply of oil in alliance with King AbdlAziz.

Since Soviet Union and America the super powers with robust military and technological advancements, the duo constantly compete with each other by cutting down each other’s power abettors. But sometimes they shake hands and make up and share the loot at the end.

Ever since America set its eye on the oil reserves in the Arabian countries, it has carefully pitted every king, every little country and every tribe against each other so that the Americans can continue to rule them.

In the 1970s the CIA used the Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt to disrupt the Soviet expansion and prevent the spread of Marxist ideology.

A former British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook told the House of Commons that Al Qaeda was unquestionably a product of Western intelligence agencies and that the CIA nurtured Osama Bin Laden. Mr. Cook explained that Al Qaeda, which literally means an abbreviation of “the database” in Arabic, was originally the computer database of the thousands of Islamist extremists, who were trained by the CIA and funded by the Saudis, in order to defeat the Russians in Afghanistan. (Ref link)

Al Queda was actually a carefully planned foreign policy of the US.

Later when Saddam Hussain’s power was growing, initially the Americans used him to wage a war on Iran and later when he refused to be a dummy for them and showed signs of independent ambitions, the Americans together with the Britain and France spread rumours of fear across the world that Iraq had undeclared piles of WMD (weapons of mass destruction) and that Saddam Hussain might perpetrate a chemical, biological, bacterial and even zoological war perhaps:)!

A bloody war was declared on Iraq in 2003 and in a short time Saddam was ousted and plucked out by public hanging.

The Iraq oil belt had temporarily quenched the oil thirst of the US and in 2005 the US intelligence terminated the search efforts for any unconventional weaponry in Iraq.

The Iraq Intelligence commission concluded that the judgements of the US Intelligence about any existence of weapons of mass destruction was misconstrued and wrong.

But the Western agencies will never be blamed for their inhuman interference upon other nations.

It reminds me of Yamadharmaraya’s story, the story goes like this:

Once Yama’s mother was upset that the whole world would curse and accuse her son for causing death and regard him abhorrently as the death giver, Yama then calmly showed a glimpse of the affected families and friends…

At one home, the inmates cried that their beloved son died in an accident, they blamed the truck that hit their dear son. In another home the wretched Cancer had caused the death, in yet another house a murder, so on and so forth…. Yama smiled reassuringly at his mother and told her…See nobody ever curses your son, in fact I am revered as the Lord of death”

While Yama is diligently doing his dharmic duties, the West continues its dubious adharmic quest for the greed of global power without anybody pointing fingers at them!

In an interview with Fern Britton on a TV program, Tony Blair the then prime minister of UK claimed that even if he knew that there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq he would have still waged a war on Iraq.

Clearly winners get to write history, the other side is often a victim of vilification.

Remember Muammar Gaddafi of Libya? Oh my god, he was a real bad bad guy! Another dictator, Isn’t it?

The propagandists employed at their hands through various media houses were deployed in the task of vilification of Saddam Hussein as a dictator, a ruthless and a wretched leader. They blew up the theory of a biological bacterial war telling the world how it was the need of the hour for America to intervene and play the super protector in their sincere humanitarian effort to save the world from terror when they are the manufacturers/co-producers of terror.

Much later the American citizens realised that George Bush and Bin Laden’s families were long time partners in many dubious businesses.

The fact is that today with no evidence on the WMD, Iraq is reduced into a lawless, leaderless land seized by looters and stooges of the imperial west to reap their opportunistic fortunes amidst the distressed and unsettled communities.

Today the CIA claim that as per their intelligence reports Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction are hidden buried somewhere in Syria hence their humanitarian urge yet again to intercede and bomb Syria.

Syria’s Shia president Bashar Al Assad is a Soviet sympathiser and an ally of Iran. After Israel and Egypt, Iran is the next growing country with nuclear ambitions, a Shia dominant state which is a threat to Jewish Israel. Also Iran lies between Syria and Iraq, now that Iraq is a fallen state, Syria is the next target to weaken Iran for their idealism of global domination.

The US, UK and France are unable to push their agenda of going for a war in their favorite battleground _ the middle east through UN approvals as China and Russia will veto down their aspirations. Hence the trio can either go to NATO or play their usual humanitarian and world protector card because they want only Israel to remain powerful in the Arab region as it fits their power equations.

As to why the US and Israel act like conjoined twins can be largely attributed to the political Zionism lobby and their shared intelligence and military interests.

(Zionism is overt and covert methods for a pro Jewish policy across the world).

The CIA in its bid for its WMD theory has deployed its media houses to prove to the world how much they care for humanity even while they are supplying arsenal, recruiting and funding rebels in 62nations across the world.

This is the advantage of popularising a common lingo _ the English education to your subordinates, your mind is easily enslaved to their ideology as you can never read or comprehend an Iraqi or Iran’s point of view because of the language barriers.

But after Bush and Bin Laden’s secrets were out how can they still run their foreign policy in the same name hence they have now scripted a new name called ISIS with an invigorated focus on Iraq and Syria, as if to tell the world and Iran in particular that first it was Iraq then, and now it is Syria, next it will be you!

Although Syria is a sympathizer of the Soviet, the Russians and the Americans might shake hands and share power consensually in their common quest for oil and power.

It is  upon every other nation to challenge the western foreign policy instead of being mute spectators because today it is Syria, tomorrow it might just be anybody who dreams of growing big.

Syria is bound to fall if the soviet and the other powerful nations of the world are simply going to watch.

The US army does not like to shed much Christian and Jew blood of their soldiers across foreign soils hence they do local recruitment by misleading the youth of the newly sieged country in the name of Islamic Jihad.

Interestingly ISIS never messes up in China or Russia or North Korea or Japan for that matter, it is only in countries that might grow to be a potential threat and who are Soviet sympathisers or neighbours of powerful nations.

Today the new bad boy in town is the North Korean leader Kim-Jong-Un, he is ambitious ruthless wretched and a hard core dictator as projected by the media. Whether or not the Koreans think so who cares, we think so because we will believe what we are being led to believe and yes his growing nuclear aspirations are a threat to US and UK and Russia too.

Today the Imperial West is pumping crores of rupees into India for establishing Wahhabi Universities across India.

Wahhabiism is an extremely conservative form of Islam that propounds the theory of hatred, violence and injustice against non-Muslims and their own creed of Shias and modern Sunnis and women who don’t subscribe to the rigid theory of Sharia.

Wikipedia suggest that it might be the British Secret Service that set up and strengthened the arm of Wahhabi Islam along with their dummy puppet sheiks in Saudi Arabia. Interestingly these Saudi sheiks have all Jewish/Christian wives and Saudi as a state is just a glorified dictatorial family business of the west and less of a nation as people do not enjoy any rights or freedom.

As per an India Tv report Rs.1700crores was pumped into India recently for establishing Wahhabi centres of preaching, Rs.800crores have been allocated to set up Wahhabi institutes.

The equation for India is clear, with Pakistan on the west and now Bangladesh on the East and a treacherous China and a whole chunk of Wahhabism pumped into India with poster child faces like Owaisis and Zakir Naiks, the new catchword is ISIS and one can see it surrounding us in Kerala, Kashmir, UP, West Bengal, Hyderabad and parts of Karnataka with their fear mongering strategy because like the Mountain Mist slogan Darr ke aage jeeth hai if this fear is extinguished then they will be unable to rule us.

(Here is a video of ISIS fake beheading)

In the wake of such serious scenario at our door steps, it is a right step if the centre axes the root by stopping Saudi funding and banning faces of terror in totality.

If the US is serious about its War On Terror then it could simply stop aiding financial and military supplies to the ISIS, why ISIS, it could stop its arms supply to Pakistan first of all. It could contain them by blocking Youtube channels and other social media sites of ISIS across the globe, it could cut their food supplies but if they did all of this how can they remain powerful? So it is quintessential for them to keep the diplomacy of divide and rule and continue to spread fear through fake money and fake terror but with real blood!

Our media is going berserk covering the innuendos of the Islamic terror and eagerly showing smiling pictures of youth sporting guns like Vandom, and then we cry it is because of Islam! No I am certainly not saying unrealistic things like ‘terror has no religion”. Yes, today rigid Muslims have become synonymous with the face of terror. The conservative concept of Islam and their heinous crimes in history has besieged and drawn India backward by many yard miles but what are these Islamic terrorists worth without the western military and financial backing? Why the hell should Indian media call any Owaisi or Naik or a rigid mullah on a national debate unnecessarily glorifying him? Nobody would today care a damn if they were arrested and imprisoned or executed but for the unnecessary limelight and secular sympathy!

Why is the west together with their Indian media houses pitching only an Islamic face for terror? It is because the desert clan has already made its savage mark in history through its various invasions and inhuman acts. If it has worked in the past why change the game now when they can easily flare up a communal angle to anything and everything.

Also the first and second world wars have reflected poorly on the humanitarian image of the imperial West and today they have set up many councils for the cause of World Humanity and other fallacious foundations which will come out as farce if they blatantly began another world war hence the new strategy is religious terror and cold wars.

The vehement attempt of the West in keeping the turbulent history alive has been a huge success in India so far and if it goes any further, India will never be able to stand up and resolve its issues on its own. India should neither rely on Russia nor US as they are both like Pepsi and Coke with not much difference in their ill effects and dependability for good health.

The Mossad, the CIA, the British Secret Service have their own dedicated illegal and unscrupulous banks and printing machineries to run a dual and dubious economy so that they keep their recruited rebels that includes not just terrorists but also politico, activists, journalists, NGOs warm and running.

Maybe the Indian ministry at the centre today, should focus on similar tactics and buy out these glorified pseudo intellectuals and gruesome goons within, by compensating them as much as their western counterparts with the same dubious mechanisms and completely confiscate their Foreign incomes and cut contacts or deal with them with iron hands lest millions of rupees will be wasted in the futility of endless meaningless debates in and outside the parliament on a farcical fear mongering called freedom of faith.

Dar Ke Definitely Jeeth Hai if the central government really wishes to curb this foolery of fear once and for all from the roots lest you never know tomorrow the CIA and MI might say that Saddam had shipped his weapons of mass destruction to India!


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