If B.R.Chopra were to remake the bollywood flick ‘Pathi Pathni Aur Woh’ today, he would name it Pathi Pathni Aur Whatsapp!


Unlike the reel flick where ‘woh _the other woman” steals the husband’s attention, today the other instant messaging client called whatsapp has stolen away Pathis from Pathnis and vice versa, with such captivating charm and cheer that they instantly engross and enslave you while clenching in its fibre clutch _ your uninterrupted attention!

Such is the fervour of this instant fever that good looks and good food are left cringing for attention!

Anniversaries and birthdays have become cost and time effective as you can now bestow bouquets, bells and cakes from the clouds quite literally and even make up for a belated wish with excessive bouquets and smileys!

Whatsapp messages not only educate you but also make you witty and wise; they can turn you karmic, liberal and even philosophical in life!

You can smile your best, giggle or guffaw your arse out at the hint of a joke without worrying about that eerie incisors. You can lift any finger except one to applaud and aplomb and even turn red with rage _ it is a pit that helps you identify your true emotions and relieve them all in one funky go!

You will turn a positive person with a penchant for spirited quotes by the morning and send so many roses and good morning messages that your friends will turn red like those roses, after some positive doses you then go on to philosophically become a wife analyser by the noon with the latest husband/wife jokes in town and say all those things with ease that you normally cannot say at home. You can reap the benefits of Karma by endorsing something holy and noble with the folded hands emoticon or by simply forwarding it further!

At the office, in the little time that you get from your busy whatsapp schedule you will probably complete few meetings and send out some emails even while you wink or shed tears of ecstatic joy with your left hand at some ‘thodu’ message in the client meetings!

At tea time you become a quizmaster putting your groups IQ level to test with mind boggling and blood boiling puzzles like these

By evening you have blossomed into a social activist forwarding messages of social sobriety and political prosperity even when your partner is struck up in the bathroom without water.

By the night it’s time for all those videos that you could not play during office hours because of pretential risks and it is the perfect family time to indulge in a whatsapp jugalbandi with your partner’s latest forwards!

Such is the wonder of whatsapp that you can perform yoga, plant trees, save water, stop rapes and educate them all lifting various fingers on whatsapp even while we don’t lift our little finger on ground.

And finally when your partner is on the verge of breaking your mobile screen, you can still dare to console her quoting an old whatsapp joke!

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  1. adsunsri says:

    Hilarious post that is the order of the day…as you rightly said even bad dishes are given a go by thanks to the avid distractions which is a soul mate..bed mate and what not:-)


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