Brewing of a new cult called Saiism?

Thomas Babington Macaulay who is regarded by many as the father of modern education in India was a radical historian posted in the East India Compan who was  the catalyst behind abolishing Sanskrit while introducing English in native schools to further the imperial legacy to culturally contain the native Indians.

Even Max Mueller whom Swami Vivekananda revered as a scholar was a Jackal in sheep’s hide, in one of his letters to his wife in 1886, Mas Mueller writes……..

I hope, I shall finish that work (translating the Rigveda).  It(Veda) is the root of their religion and to show them what the root is, I feel sure, is the only way of uprooting all that has sprung up from it during the last three thousand years.” 

And on 16th December, 1868 he wrote to the Duke of Argyll, the then Secretary of State for India – “The ancient religion of India is doomed, now if Christianity does not step in, whose fault will it be?”

In their quest to contain and create sublimely submissive masses the modus operandi was to establish their superiority by belittling other faiths, their first and foremost tool of oppression was to thrust their language on us by which they could sow their beliefs on the Indian civilization and hoped to produce a brown breed of English speaking and English thinking natives, which they did succeed to a large extent but could not tear apart the religious beliefs successfully because in spite of the natives speaking multiple languages and worshipping multiple forms of Gods and Goddesses, most philosophies often concurred that Brahma Vishnu Maheshwara were the supreme trinity who formed the basis for this entire cosmos to exist.

The British had realized and witnessed that Indians by and large revered Gurus and saints to seek the path of spirituality and they also knew that they would get debunked if they got some Christian saint to do the preaching and tried direct penetration amidst the already initiated, so they resorted to its disintegration first.

 “When you cannot convince, Confuse them……..” was their mantra…

So the white man promoted everything that was adverse to the majority beliefs and customs, he inflicted various Godmen, venerated them in writings, propagated and pilloried them so much that they became new Gods in the 19th century and enjoyed instant fame with a curiously quick propaganda.

Such propaganda that it is today a multimillion dollar industry!

One such industry is called the Sai business industry.

saibaba original pics

The story goes like this….. In the early 19th century ie…just 90years back there came a Fakir amidst the farming community in a small village called Shirdi, who lived in a dilapidated mosque wearing white robes and head gear who is believed to have preached ‘sabka mallik ek’ while he blessed everyone with the words “Allah Mallik”!


Mazar of Shirdi Saibaba

He died in 1918 due to old age and sufferings like any other mortal being. A few reports suggest that after his death his body was buried in a nearby Krishna temple after removing the idol and then a Mazar(an Islamic tomb) was built which today the devotees call as Samaadhi!

Saibaba's Mazar in 1950s

Saibaba’s Mazar in 1950s

In the Hindu customs a Samaadhi is built for saints who could choose death at will while in penance, in a sitting posture not when they die of old age like ordinary mortals.

Abdul baba, devotee of Saibaba

For some time a Muslim devotee Abdul baba was in charge of the Mazar but later in 1922 it was taken over by a lawyer Hari Sitaram Dixit after winning a petition and a Sansthan trust was formed.

saibaba sculptor

In 1952, a marble Sai statue was built on a silver throne with Lord Shri Rama’s picture in the backdrop it was now called Samaadhi Mandir. This marble was donated from Italy!

We love Italian marble isn’t it?

Even some scriptures were produced after lifting from the biographies of other saints and endorsing it as Saibaba’s teachings.

Govind Dabholkar alias Hemadpant (1856-1929) wrote a devotional biography “Shri Sai Satcharitha” in Marathi, he had begun only two chapters in 1916 and in 1918 Saibaba died but he resumed the work again in 1923 after he became a member of the Sai Sansthan Trust. Later the book gained a new English adaptation by N.V.Gunaji who cleverly omitted Baba’s Muslim context and fixated a Vedantic edge to it, Gunaji ignored frequent use of Urdu words and Muslim practices of baba like Namaz and Sufi teachings, goat slaughter practices endorsed by Shirdi Sai and ascribed many alleged miracles to Saibaba’s credentials, this version was widely propagated and read.

Dr.Marianne Warren urged that an overlay occurred in much reporting about Saibaba, tending to obscure the Sufi dimensions of his profile with an evident attempt to Hinduize his teachings.

The academic commentator described the same book thus:

“A detailed presentation of alleged miraculous phenomena…. the intent of the work is clearly hagiographic, aiming at the expansion of Sai Baba’s popularity among the public at large.” (19)

A lie repeated a hundred times goes on to become the truth and it doesn’t take much time to blow up beliefs over bigotry that too with a thesis in miracles!

Image from

Image from

Those white robes have turned saffron today!

Today you can see SaiBaba’s pictures mostly in the backdrop of Shiva or Ram or Krishna! Why this coalition religiotics!


saibaba as krisna

Why this ardent insistence on this Hindu theme?

And not to forget, there will be Saibaba I, II and III, the latest being Aniruddha Baba who claims he is the reincarnation of Saibaba in this 21st century!

But the Oscar goes to this picture below:

None of our Saptarishis enjoy this kind of fame or power and the Hindu temples today are all hypothecated to the Murzai trusts. Moneys from Hindu Hundis are siphoned off for proselytizing activities, subsidy for Haj and upliftment of backward vote banks.

Today the Shirdi Saibaba temple is one of the richest temples owning over 380kg gold with an annual turnover of Rs.350crores with an autonomous control by a selected few trustees.

Earlier the temple trust was run by a 15-17 member committee which constituted of mostly Congress clan, but in March 2012 the Bombay High Court disbanded the committee and has appointed a three member panel after a PIL by two Shirdi residents.

The court had also banned the temple committee from auctioning the gold, silver and diamond articles which the temple had received from devotees after a petition argued that the valuable were offered to the god, not to the temple for raising money from them. Today the Modi government is baiting them with an interest of 1.25crores for depositing their gold in Gold Monetizing scheme but there is a HC ban on melting of temple gold offerings.

“Sai “simply means saint in Islam and Saibaba didn’t utter a single Sanskrit word but Wikipedia deciphers the origin of the word ‘Sai’ thus:

However, Sāī may also be an acronym of the Sanskrit term “Sakshat Eshwar”, a reference to God.[citation needed] Sakshat means incarnate and Eshwar ( Ishvar) means God’.

This is how seeds of provincial prowess are sown to contain the masses through mass submissions with tools of religion and linguistic similarity.

There have been many saints in the past who are still revered amongst us because they equipped us with the prudence to distinguish between the divine and the dubious by not elevating the messengers of Gods as Gods themselves.

Yes it is true that people can choose their faith by all means but a faith that is founded by lifting scriptures of an already prevalent faith only reiterates the fact that there is a constant attempt to vehemently dilute and deviate people’s beliefs to create more cults. Yes it is also true that these religious model business houses are doing their bit to provide food, education and medical facilities and employment to various people but even the Christian Missionaries do the same with a hidden agenda of keeping minds under subservience for global political-power one-upmanship!

A few thousand years back Buddhism and Jainism propped out as offshoots of Hinduism, a few hundred years back Sikhism was born out of Hinduism as people carved out a new cult and today confuse and claim that Buddha is the 9th Avatar and not Balarama! One other theory by the Tamils is that Murugan is the 9th Avatara!

Today there is a similar attempt to create another cult called Saiism that is soon brewing rapidly altering our religious identity and the religious scientists are trying their best to inflict Saibaba into our scriptures, into our hymns, they are turning “Jai Shri Ram” into “Om Sai Ram”! If I contest this, my own clan will team up against me! The white man’s dream is achieved!

200years from now somebody might even argue that he was one of the Dashaavataras and slowly denigrate the original texts. 200 years from now you never know even the followers of triple Sri or Sadguru might accredit some miracles to their beloved seers and proclaim newer Avataras like the canonization theory of the Church!

Yes in a country where even Jayalalitha, Khusboo, Sonia and Rajanikant have temples built, it would come as no surprise if tomorrow there is a temple built for triple Sri or Sadguru and their likes. It is in this context that I say, belief is an obligation and truth your choice, by not succumbing to the ballistics of propaganda politics as you owe to the future generation the knowledge of the original dharma and truth in its real sense and expose them to our ancient scriptures.

I do not know if Saibaba and his likes performed any miracles, I do not know if he really preached with the absolute knowledge and enlightenment that is credited to him but surely the Macaulays who dreamt of breaking this country’s culture have miraculously succeeded to a large extent with their tremendous foresight and vicious agendas and this new trap of cultism is a potentially becoming fatal tools of disintegration!

6 comments on “Brewing of a new cult called Saiism?

  1. adsunsri says:

    I wonder whether the saibaba ashram still has as many footfalls like before…a very thought provoking post Mayura


    • There are lakhs of people going there as they claim in their web portals, in my own community there is a Saibaba Bhajan that is advertised on public forums spamming many inboxes, in Bangalore itself their are 78 Shirdi saibaba temples and the no is only growing because of their publicity stunts, the Sanathan dharma never requires propaganda and they never force it upon others unlike some monotheist beliefs which this new cult is proving to be! Thanks for reading the post Sunitha!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Varnam Gump says:

    I am not going to comment about the many number of touts that take innocent devotees for a ride. That aside, human being needs a God to place his faith on in difficult times. It is his/her way of getting the strength that to tide over the difficulties they are facing. That can be anything – a name, a person, a place , a God. Regarding the miracles, yes they happen if you believe. You do not need to do so in Sai, anyone can perform miracle themselves. All you need is strong faith to do so. Some people call them as coincidences and some call them scientific advancements. There might be a small number of people who are taking advantage but for the large majority of Sai followers, including myself, it is a personification of ‘faith’.
    And yes people still go to Sai Ashram still to rejuvenate from the daily life.


    • Yes the Vedas themselves give us the liberty to interpret the Vedantha as per our beliefs but reiterates that those holy hymns should be made available to all to interpret as per our aptitudes and approach and never corrode its original form essentially, yes we have many saints/gods/godmen who may or maynot lead us to realize the path of the supreme but the problem is when the path itself starts proclaiming that he is the supreme self and others start milking this belief with a commercial eye. Even Raghavendra Swamiji is worshipped across the globe but we are amply made aware that he was a saint and a staunch devotee who only refurbished our faiths, even today we recite many hymns in his honour but only after revering the supreme lord and always refer to him as Yathi and not god himself.
      And considering the vile aspersions of the Indophobic west today, it is upon us to pass on our original legacies to the future generations and torch bearers. For the religious minded politics is filth but for the politically abled religion is a vehement tool, that is the biggest difference even the spiritual and religious should today become aware of, otherwise honestly I have no control nor can I make an impact on other’s faiths, this post is only about the sequence of spiritual evolutions whose essence and future impact is for all to ponder on…..


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