Siddha in a secular jam…

As the grand old party’s symbolic hand gets murkier by the day with a plethora of scams and lies unfolding each day, the more it tugs at weeding out the lotus bloom, the deeper it is sucked into its own corrupt slushy marsh accumulated over the years. The hypocrisy of secular/pro-poor/pro-farmer rants is fast evaporating into thin air as the people now see through their farce. The veteran party is left with few states under its iconic hands and hence few political strategies left! It is in this context that when all promises of progress and development have fallen flat and the party is exposed more than it could dare to bare, that the Congress crew is now desperate to retain its power bases and make the most during its current reign in states like Karnataka and is explicitly playing its caste card and vote bank politics to retain its secular passengers.


I saw this big ad on DH today and wondered how much more divisively explicit can a party chest beating about secularism get?


Whatever welfare of all people under Indian constitution meant, the Siddaramaiah government’s unapologetic obsession with Ahinda politics and minority appeasement is only growing!


We the salaried, private school educated middleclass majority are the new Dalits in the bizarre system of socialistic equal opportunities where the prices of our essential commodities, services and education facilities are sky-rocketing by the day because of the appeasement policies to subsidize and provide everything free to the Muslims, Christians, SCs, STs and backwards.

The Anna Bhagya scheme gives free rice, palm oil at Rs.25, salt at Rs.2 and sugar at Rs.13.50 per kg. Then there is Ksheera Bhagya and Ksheera Dhaare. As if the BPL schemes were not enough now there is also an APL (above poverty line) scheme in the form of Rajiv Arogya Bhagya and Hut-Free housing scheme where the beneficiary pays 30% and the rest of the 70% medical and housing expenses are paid by the government. That’s not all, there is also another unique bhagya called Runamukt Bhagya which waives off the loan taken by SCs, STs, backwards, Muslims, Christians and after that they are again eligible to get fresh loans to take newer economic activities.

Under this scheme 395crores of SC’s loans, 69crores of ST’s loans, 514crores of BC’s loans, 363crores of minority loans were waived off!

Loans these days make you more secular if not secure!

While on one hand we are bogged by the Karnataka state’s many sprucing Bhagyas squeezing the middleclass Hindus, on the other hand the center wants us to empathize with some more poor people and forcibly surrender our gas subsidy! It is another thing that I have to pay another Rs.20 to the poor gas delivery boy as an extended corrupt compulsive responsibility!

While the minorities and backwards are backed with free education, reservation quotas and schemes like Vidya Siri Bhagya, the middleclass are naively shouldering the burden of RTE quotas as the schools now stealthily pass on this additional cost to the middleclass parents by hiking their already exorbitant fees.

hitler's quote

In Bengaluru, schools are charging anything between Rs.73000-Rs.90000/- for even a class I student and the bus fees is Rs.20000-Rs.65000/- irrespective of the distance. Three years back when the RTE quota were not yet introduced the school fees was considerably lesser but unfortunately in India the very poor are exempt from tax and the very rich evade the tax, it is the gullible middleclass who is a superficial citizen of India paying up all taxes, following all the rules and regulations, paying penalties and interests but with no obligation from the administration whatsoever.

All moral values, hard work, fables of truth and honor, good manners, etiquettes, discipline, niceties are for the middle class morons while the power mongers have always flexed their muscles and thrust their hegemony.

With a state government that is too busy audaciously appeasing only non-Hindus _ the middleclass can only hope that the center devices some schemes of respite for the tax paying middleclass as well, since removing the evil of reservation politics is a distant dream, the least it could do to bring about a balance is perhaps include more and more merit and middleclass into the reservation list thereby diluting this acrimonious divide with dual economies in a caste thrust secular society or will they ask the creamy third generation reservation candidates to forgo their quota and pass on this social status accruing subsidy to the others?!


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