“BJPWalker” Rocking Kerala Election

Kerala, the spice capital of the world, the land where many ancient civilizations flourished, once renowned for its culture and traditional values is today less about culture and more about communism and their communal violence with the advent of communism post India’s independence,, yet Kerala is often seamlessly promulgated as the state with the highest literacy rates, but the insidious truth remains that even with a literacy rate of 93.91% as against the national average of 74% the state of Kerala tops the unemployment rate at 7.4% which is almost 3times the national level of 2.3%.

So where did the state go wrong?

Before understanding where it went wrong, the people of Kerala need to shun their prejudiced pseudo secular filters and understand why it went wrong? The answer lies hidden in an ideology that was adopted six decades ago!

Communism _ an idea of a classless society where society shares all property and wealth in common, in simple terms somebody else who may or may not have worked hard enough, shares profits of your labor. In short Communism is a slow poison that harvests lethargy, kills the spirit of competition and learning, disintegrates the idea of a robust economy and completely disregards merit leaving the strings of decision making with a powerful few.

The economic inequality during post Independence led to the hope of an equal distribution of uneven wealth accumulations amongst the peasants who were overwhelmed when Land Reforms and Ordinance Bills and Education Bills were passed, reversing everything as they went on to become the land owners overnight but the sad truth is that even after 60 years of Communist/Congress rule in the God’s own country, the manufacturing activities are almost nil, the unemployment graph is only surging, industrial progress is bleak, today the multinational companies are reluctant to invest or set up new business in the state of Kerala owing to the lack of infrastructural development, fear of industrial unrest by communist aggressors who do not allow the benefits of globalization to be passed on to their people. Hence there is a dangerous trend of skilled and unskilled labour drifting away from Kerala to distant shores for greener pastures that leaves the economy dented and dependent only on NRI remittances, tourism and trade to some extent!

NRI remittances are good but can an economy depend only on remittances alone which can be at stake in the adversity of a war or political disturbance?

Even tourism is a lack-lustre business in Kerala as most tourists dread about the safety aspects and lack of good hotels and good food especially vegetarian food except for a few posh unaffordable resorts.

Also communism by far claims to be Godless and pro people but on a closer look it is just a vicious combination of pseudo secular and power mongering brokers that has changed the demographics of free thinking and peaceful living.

It is in this context that the people of Kerala need to thwart down the pseudo secular rhetoric and leverage their voting rights in large numbers giving BJP a fair chance to prove them self in the larger interest of the state’s development.

The BJP candidate Kummannam Rajasekharan has been playing a pivotal role in stirring a nationalistic conscience amongst Keralites.

Mr.K.Rajasekharan has been a journalist, editor in various publishing houses who after working at Food Corporation Of India, quit his job to become a social activist. He has led the Nilakkal movement in 1983 against encroachment of temple lands when a church priest claimed that a stone cross established by Jesus’ apostle Saint Thomas in 57 CE was unearthed from near the Mahadeva temple at Nilakkal near Sabarimala, and proposed to build a church on the site, Hindus mounted a protest that lasted for six months and finally resulted in the relocation of the proposed church. In the Marad massacre incident in 2003 where Hindus were attacked with swords and the killers escaped into the local Juma Masjid, police were prevented from entering the mosque by Muslim women, as the General-Secretary of Hindu Aikya Vedi, Kummanam Rajasekharan played a tremendous role in this movement for justice and fair trial. He has also led agitation against the Aranmula International Airport project which was a detrimental to the fragile ecosystems and had various environmental violations. He has also led movements against Elavoor Thookam and Palazhi untouchable practices. He had earlier contested in 1987.

The communal and divisive vote bank politics prevalent from the last 6 decades has let down the people of Kerala with only a secular jargon coined time and again but with no visible development or opportunities whatsoever.

In the past many BJP/RSS candidates and workers have been ruthlessly murdered or eliminated through violent methods from the political corridors but in spite of the constant communal violence from the communists and Congress and all their allies, strangely it is the BJP that is termed as hardliners who involve in communal politics.

But this time around the BJP has made its presence felt remarkably, connecting and reaching out to the common man, thereby instilling confidence amongst people who had lost faith in democracy.

“The #BJPWalker rocking Kerala elections” program was an exciting experience for the voters of Vattiyoorkavu constituency in Kerala as they indulged in the festival of democracy, witnessing a glittery march with people carrying illuminated portraits of Sri.Kummananam Rajasekharan the President of BJP, Kerala State and a candidate for the assembly elections due on May 16.

The BJPWalker created with the portraits of Sri.Kummanam and Prime Minister Modi ji were carried as a light weight back packs by volunteers. They were also wearing three dimensional masks of Modi ji and Kummanam Ji. The pedestrians, commuters and bystanders witnessed such glittering fervour first time in their life and they seemed to simply love it as they took selfies and sent them to friends, BJP is connecting well with voters and ensuring that they read the content published on BJPWalkers , they are taking feedback from different section of voters and involving low cost interactive communication system with high Return of Investment says Buddha Chandrasekhar @buddhabjp creator of BJPwalker.

In addition to the bjpwalker they are using Hydraulic moving display of Modiji and Kummanamji, large balloons and models of electronic voting machines in training voters, says Buddha Chandrasekhar

The election for Kerala Assembly is picking up speed and heat as BJP is using unique campaigning techniques to reach out to the voters. BJPWalker was inaugurated by Minister of Chemicals and Fertilizers Shri.Ananthakumar and covered by major local Kerala channels.

The Communist ideology that swept with quick succession, the gullible minds of the peasants six decades ago seems to be fading away as a farce into thin air as the people now realize that hard work and a legitimate developmental plan with an earnest will to implement it alone can take a state forward!




2 comments on ““BJPWalker” Rocking Kerala Election

  1. SIMON says:

    BJP got their best ever opportunity to win the election in Kerala;
    about other contents
    – People are employable so they need employment
    – People are educated so they demand better job and look for right job
    – Even they are not employed kerala has the lowest rate of poverty in the country – how???
    – Also please explain why highly industrialized states in India having high poverty rates and you asked kerala to follow same course. (To be industrialized and get some rich while majority under the poverty)
    – High density state can not be industrialized

    I would like to advise you as a BJP supporter, please spend some time and learn about Kerala’s growth history and that would help India. Why BJP is not successful in Kerala because BJP doesn’t have any alternative political map for the state. Whatever you present to INDIA as BJP, that is already 100% reached in Kerala – sanitation (100%), health, education, road network etc.

    It would be easy for you if you answer one question: Kerala is the highest unemployed state in India but 100day job guarantee scheme (sorry I don’t remember the name) couldn’t run properly because they couldn’t find people to be enlisted. (It is true). This is the question from the people -Kerala, Kerala provide employment to 2-2.5 million other state people (average salary per day Rs.400 to Rs. 700 in the city) and they draw 22000 crroer per year.


    • Hello Simon,
      With all due respect to Keralites, I would state a few facts here….. Yes the BJP got their best in the current scenario amongst the brutal communal violence unleashed by the communists in a literate Kerala, the BJP/RSS have given their blood to get whatever little they got and that in itself is a big achievement considering the fact that previously candidates were bullied off with by amputated limbs!
      If English speaking meant education then yes people in Kerala are educated and they are employable more because of their courteous and clever mannerisms which is not Govt imbibed:) and yes they can demand better jobs but why has the Kerala government failed to give them better jobs for such employable candidature?
      It is tom-tomed time and again that Kerala has high literacy, education, health etc but the hard fact remains that 1/3 of rural and 1/5 of urban population chose public health system for non-hospitalized treatment, only 1/3 or rural and urban chose Public facilities for hospitalized treatments, so why Public health services are less opted if it was so good as you claim?
      If there is any substantial evidence with data and factsheet about public sector intervention in health and education then please share let me know, as I have not come across any such valid evidence other than plain rhetoric!
      Same thing in education… Kerala has highest proportion of students between 7-16yrs in private schools, remember not public schools that too in rural India.
      About poverty….there is a huge inequality among the rural and urban population, if Kerala is at 7% then Goa and Sikkim are equal or even better but they don’t play the infant morbidity card!
      About your third claim: Even if they are not employed, Kerala has lowest rate of poverty .how?
      ….courtesy evangelical missionaries! People’s pockets are pumped with foreign money to change the demographics and their political orientations and create dual economies thereby putting the necessity for hard work and innovative spirit to rest.
      Industrialized states in India have higher poverty because of the neglect the farmers and rural population received so far in the previous political regimes, today there is every effort is bring about a balance amongst the rural and urban inequalities.
      You say that Kerala has reached 100%growth in all streams and does not need to be industrialized like other states, the last time I visited Wayanad, near Sultan battery, I could not find even one decent hotel or a public toilet and the condition of the road was pathetic, with mounds of filth and litter on both sides although the street had decent no of gold shops I must tell you! Whatever Kerala tourism boasts of!!
      Kerala thrives on tourism and remittances and some cash crops, all along I have only seen Keralities succeed in nursing fields or in establishing chains of food or provision stores. If Keralites were so well educated why is that I don’t see many of them in the fields of research and technology apart from a very few noble names in ISRO? Why is it that Keralites only seek employment in the Gulf? It is because, they are mostly in low level banking or service industry for some quick money, which will crash once they stop hiring them, what are the current left government’s alternatives in a scenario where there is an eventuality of mass return, where will the LDF deploy or employ them?
      The 100day job guarantee scheme(MNREGA) couldn’t run properly because the employable ones have already left the state as you say and the ones left are already employed in other communist and charitable conversions agenda who will not enlist for any kind of work that requires hard work! That is the spirit of communism!


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