Have we lost our responsiveness?

There was a time when we would do things at the first instance of being told, responsiveness came like an inbuilt trait, those days! I do not know if it was the pattern of participation in the family affairs or perhaps the diligence we were wired with, that ensured we did things the way it were expected. But somehow today there is a growing trend of people all around who have grown thick skinned to this important interactive credential, as people just don’t think it is important anymore to heed to, at the first instance.

Although responsiveness has always furthered knowledgeable folks to be in the epicentre of good work and good will keeping the others in the periphery, oftentimes I find that responsiveness is becoming rationed and people take niceties for granted and respond only when nefariously yelled at or sarcastically nudged in public!

A travel website recently duplicated my content without seeking my permissions, I refuted several times politely asking them to remove the post but was able to get a response and get them to act only when I resorted to threatening them to naming and shaming them publicly on social media sites.

At an other time an arrogant muscly neighbor, mellowed down only when his reputation was at stake in public, it is indeed intriguing how people no more respect good words in good faith and succumb only when the defaming whip is lashed!

It is an unconscientiously hypo critic world out there where fear of a reduced reputation rules over responsiveness or rightfulness. A few other replace credible moral reputation with money and yes men, with whom yelling or ridiculing is an easy option to extract responses and actions but short lived as it ruins our mental peace and reflects poorly upon us but how do you handle the many occasions in life where you have to deal with the not so nice people with absolute niceties and still get your work done?

I often resort to pathetic humour to make a point, sometimes at my cost and even force myself into a metaphysical trance to counter the insensitivities! Because some viewpoints and mind sets deserve only a befitting laugh than logic and when you cannot please everyone, just tease them!! What do you think?

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