Brahminical Tyranny! Really??!

Braminical tyranny, they cry! “Brahmmanvaad ke kilaph ladenge, nahi sahenge……whatever” they cried. They hyperventilate about being suppressed by Brahmans from time immemorial but ironically Babasahaeb Ambedkar was raised and educated by a Brahmin who also gave him the name Ambedkar! We worship a Cow herd and venerate a non-brahman Valmiki who went on to become a Brahman!

The population of Brahmins today has come down drastically their literacy rate is above 85% and mostly excel in the fields of education, law, medicine and legal systems without any reservation systems because of honesty and hard work.

Brahmanism is more about following a particular life style than about just being born into a caste.
The one who knows the Brahman _ the supreme self, the ones who live a life of simplicity and dedicate their life in pursuit of knowledge, the one who does not harm or cause blood shed of any emotional beings, the one who believes in his mental strength than any violent physical strength and the one who is against all dark evils and stands by a fair justice system, it is in this context that in Indian mythology all the bad Asuras and demons who spread evil are portrayed as dark and the one who destroys the evil is the seeker of a fair justice whether this evil destroyer is dark or white is immaterial and our Vedic puranas are proof enough to this.
In the South Indian temples you will see that all deities and idols are carved in black stones, the Krishna idol in Udupi is in black while the Krishna idol in Vrindavan is made of white marble!
Krishna means black in Sanskrit. Rama, Krishna and Shiva, Durga or Kali, the Hindu Gods are always depicted in blue which is symbolic of being extremely dark in complexion! But unfortunately our historical mythologies have been hijacked by the non-believers and twisted to suit these agendas.

A sect worshipping Mahishasura, the evil demon! Really! The pseudo secular reign in the past has seen the addition of many new Jayanthis in their overwhelming zeal to commemorate the Dalits. Our sages and spiritual leaders were also not spared their castes were deliberately flaunted to create an artificial dissent among fellow Hindus. Revered sages like Valmiki, poets like Kanakadasa were leveraged to inflict a casteist divide, but they forget the very definition of a Brahmin _ “The one who knows Brahman” and it is for this reason that the Brahmin community never opposed or played into any of these moves as they believe in respecting knowledge no matter where it comes from and this has been amply demonstrated all along and stood the test of time.

We have been hearing from our births that there is a social oppression of lower castes by the hegemony of Brahmanism, I do not know when really the Brahmins got a chance to oppress amidst the last 800 years of sabotage and invasions but this is what the Joshua project says
“Brahmins are a key community in India who uphold Hinduism. Please pray that the light of the gospel breaks through the veil that blinds this community.
Pray that the true God will reveal Himself to this community and use Brahmins to preach and teach about Jesus Christ”.
The white man is hard at work to erase Sanathan Dharma by wily deploying Brown British moles across the length and breadth of India who are often disguised as rights activists or Green brigadiers or evangelists of freedom, creativity and liberalisation and not to forget “senior journalists” and “rational thinkers”!

My converted Christian colleague at office could not stop himself from piquing at me about my staunch vegetarian habits. He would say “Din mein teeka, raath ko chicken tikka” meaning a Tilak in the morning and chicken sticks at night! I was dazed at his guts and unprovoked shot at piquing me but was equally amused at the disrespectful ignorance and the hatred that was inflicted in him.

Truly a new convert is more religious than the preacher himself!

An IAS officer Uma Shankar in Tamil Nadu in the recent years openly propagated, preached Christianity and ridiculed other faiths, he also advised his followers to retain their Dalit Hindu status to avail the benefits of reservations but become a Christian at heart! Such is the hypocrisy of freedom of speech and beliefs in our country.

En route to the Manjunatha Swamy temple in Dharmastala, in Karnataka, there is a  large Dhwaja Stamba topped with a golden cross in the front yard of a church. I am talking about this here is to simply reiterate the fact that our symbols, scriptures and sacredness has been time and again manipulated and meddled with in a hush-hush way in the country sides, hill regions, amidst the untouched tribal areas, amongst naïve farmers and poor artisans who know not the evils of World’s religion based-power politics, while our media is busy blaring about the how narrow minded we Hindus are!!

But with the current day obsession with worshipping anybody and anything that is derogatory to the majority community’s belief where Mahishasura is elevated as a Dalit pawn deployed to denigrate the supreme Durga as a white skinned Aryan prostitute, which is one among the various atrocious attempts of the white man to vilify the Hindu mythology through their brown skinned commies, the Brahmin haters will never miss an opportunity to denigrate Brahmins, because when all logical reasoning ends, begins violence and vilification of the sober cult that is long shown the door out of its country by inflicting caste based reservations. Because that is the only way the white man can consume this nation and burp out his misgivings and stand tall as a super power.

If you have to appear big, cut the other person down to size!

Unfortunately Ravana and Shurpanaka were Brahmins hence no Jayanthis in their honor! Else we could have expected some Jayanthis on their name as well!

Even Ravana and all other demons are depicted as dark, symbolizing the darkness of the evil thoughts that is associated with them but the propagandists of equality will selectively cry hoarse when Mohammed the prophet is called a gay and cite freedom of speech and belief when Goddess Durga is denigrated.

They will not stop there, but shout that all Brahmins are white skinned and SC/ST are dark skinned as they have tall stakes in the divisive dividends of India. People living in tropical and extremely hot climates are bound to have higher amounts of melanin pigment and people in colder regions have less melanin which makes them fair skinned. Now the obsolete Aryan-Dravidian theory cannot be applied here anymore because going by the leftist and Maoist ideologues, all Kashmiri Muslims are fair skinned Brahmins! Isn’t?

It is Baba Ambedkar’s 125th birth anniversary this year, the architect of our constitution, the mascot of Dalits, who proposed the reservation policy only for 10years, so as to bring about a social equality, but ironically even after 70years of this policy, we remain divided and continue to fill the census forms with castes and sub castes defeating the very purpose of devising this policy of reservation.

But polity thrives on this division and they will not let go of it any soon.

Dalit Scholar Commits Suicide” was the headline a month ago, now it is “Privilege Motion Against Smrithi?” Ever since the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, Rahul Gandhi in his 45th year is attending more colleges than perhaps he ever did during his 20s, so the catch is clear! Smrithi Irani might have been late in asking Rohit Vemula, the dalit student as to why he was wasting time indulging in politics than focusing on his academics and education, the seat that he secured via the reservation quota, denying many a meritorious students what they rightfully deserved but the prince charming is never late for any of those staged campus furores.

There are several thousands of other students who commit suicide as they cannot make it to the premium institutes in spite of decent scores that fails them to scramble up the thin 40% left for the General category students with a 90+% cut off. But our secular media will pique on Dalits, minorities! Whether the Dalit students died of an over burdening load of academia or because of social inequality or was done off with, by those very people he stood with, we do not know but people will continue to come forward, not to join the forward posts on the border but for the celebrated posts of backwardness.
The union budgets will continue to appease the backward classes, time and again allocating crores of rupees(today’s budget allotted 500crores for Stand Up India Scheme _entrepreneurship scheme for SC/ST), sanctioning for more and more schemes for the welfare and upliftment of minorities and SC/STs by breaking the backs of the middle class (a large number of cunning Brahmins included!) who donkey the political loads of income tax burden entrusted upon them as a moral virtue from time immemorial. They do not make any ruckus for reservations, they never complain or file a case in courts when their clan is denigrated every time at the altar of secularism but will read some more scriptures, gulp it down and continue to shoulder it all and contribute more only in the hope that someday India will be a super power when merit alone will triumph.

I do not have anything against anybody’s religious choice but if you interfere with mine and think it is rational to masquerade as one amongst us and indulge in spewing venom against us then your divisive agenda is out in the open and calls for corrective actions from our end by participating profusely in the political and administrative decisions of the nation.
“Brahmins are non-violent and peace loving people but never tyrannical, in fact they have been systematically oppressed in an organized way today so stop using words like Brahmanvaad!”

2 comments on “Brahminical Tyranny! Really??!

  1. Beloo Mehra says:

    Kudos for writing this! For calling out the hypocrisy of the forces hell-bent on dividing India, on the lines of caste, religion, etc. These breaking India forces mean business, and it is high time more educated Indians wake up to the reality of the sinister plans of these forces. Sometimes I think many Indians take too literally the old adage “Ignorance is bliss” and just don’t want to be disturbed by things like hard facts and a deeper cultural/civilisational understanding of what it means to be an Indian while they sleep blissfully in their ignorance!


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