Nidar Nirbheek and Nirbhaya

Impact of The Make In India concept has been roaring ever since the Modi Government launched it in September 2014 with an aim to renew our manufacturing sector and play a key role in the global supply chain, and why not after decades of a slumped image, if today India is making eyeballs roll and is being acknowledged the world over for its technological prowess and its striding pace of economy, it is only natural for every Indian to indulge and take pride in the Swadeshi fervour! Having said that the recent Make In India week caught my attention for two wrong reasons, one the devastating fire, whether it was an accident or designed to its fine execution, only time will tell, two the launch of the lightest revolver ‘Nidar’!

The manufacturers of Nidar claim that it is the lightest Indian make gun weighing only 250gms and that this palm sized beauty can empower and ensure women safety by aiding them in adverse situations and that it costs only Rs.35000 which is better than its previous version, Nirbheek which weighs 500gms that costs 1,22,000!

Yes 35k might be peanuts in today’s cosmopolitan world where people do not hesitate to splurge half a lakh for fanciful accessories like watches and smart phones but then if arming people with guns were to empower them and ensure their safety why then do we need any courts of justice at all?

If guns were to reduce rapes and other social crimes against women why then was Jessica Lal shot down, why then was Sunanda Pushkar killed, why then was Geetika, an airhostess driven to commit suicide by a minister called Gopal Khanda? They were all elite women sharing proximity with powerful people. If that is the state of people who can afford Rs.35000 then what speak of people in the lower ranks of the society?

A domestic help in a minister’s house was murdered, would she feel empowered with a gun? Would she be saved if she had a gun? Or could the Barduan sisters who were raped and hanged in public saved themselves from the evil clutches of political hegemony and social atrocity? If grabbing a gun makes one feel safe then UP-Bihar would be the safest place in India!

If only our police constables and patrol police were armed with guns and a little bit of social sensitivity then the hands that preyed upon Nirbhaya would not have dared to think of such heinous acts.

Our western counterparts, mainly the US realise that they have already messed up infesting their own courtyards with the gun culture and are today struck knee deep in a society of violent crimes as a result of their own superficial constitutional rights. Successive presidents have stood mute and succumbed to the heckling between the bankers and the pro-gun brigade but have not legislated anything meaningful to its citizens

“You are 15 times more likely to be shot dead in the US than in Australia” said the Australian deputy Prime Minister Tim Fischer. The US witnessed 350 mass killings in a single year recently.

The United States of America harvests foreign souls on its shores to reap global reigning power for the few non-native aristocrats who rule them all, who weigh their success with the weight of their weaponry, so civil rights and individual safety and all that hammed up solidarity extended to the victims of shootout is just a foolery of the masses who surprisingly still believe that those very law makers who masqueraded a violent gun culture as a constitutional right will someday soon save them from this horror!

In the Indian context, in our gusto to keep pace with our western counterparts it is imperative that we do not lose focus on real development and overlook the disguised perils that come as destructive freebies which bear direct repercussions on our culture and is capable of wreaking havoc if implemented casually.

The recent launch of Nider revolver with all its aplomb about women safety measure with an assurance from the home ministry to amend Indian Arms Act to make gun procuring more easy and affordable to Indians is a sinister option given to an already lawless and corrupt society where issuance of fake degree certificates, fake Khatas, fake ration cards and even fake passports can be done in a jiffy. In a country where even land allotments can be faked right under the nose of the government, in a country where we are still recuperating from the adversity of Aadhar card issuance where Voter IDs bear wrong spellings and wrong date of birth information with mismatching photographs!

With the home ministry softly signalling to harvest a crop of gun wielding violent citizens in the name of empowerment, who will be accountable for lawlessness that looms large at us in the near future?

While the awkward exhibition of power in some recent political fervours where party men were seen flaunting their illegal guns and muscle power by shooting bullets in the air itself sends shivers to a layman the fact that the Government is talking of making it officially affordable and easier to procure a gun is quiet disturbing and definitely not what the people of this country voted them for.

Women don’t feel safe by just carrying a gun, you feel lot safer only when you know that nobody roams down the street with weapons in their hand bags! Also the acts of violence on women in India are mostly out of sick mind sets that are born out of social and educational inequalities and regional/urban/rural disconnect which can only be countered effectively by imposing visibly stricter punishments and giving faster justice.

If one compares US and Saudi Arab, two starkly opposites in their approach towards individual rights and freedom it is ironic that the violent crime rate of America, a free thinking country far excels that of Saudi Arabia.

Even with the utmost strict law impositions the violent crime rate of America is 68% more than India, their gun crimes are 21times more than us and their rape rate is 15times more than India in its current status where fear of law among Indians is lot lesser when compared to the US citizens’ fear of crime , that being the case, where India is better off without the gun culture to contain crimes India certainly does not need to wear the talismans of the pro-gun Zionist hailing brigade!

We did not follow their path on our mission to Mars we did it indigenously from our perspectives that struck the world in awe of our scientific prowess! India does not want to and should never tread on the paths of America especially when it comes to culture and values because that is what sets us apart, and we are proud of our values!

Nider and Nirbheek cannot save the Nirbhayas, it is the moral conscience that has to be empowered and ensure strict implementation of laws with harsher punishments thereby renewing the faith and fear among the citizens.

Their rightful place is in the hands of the law keeping forces and never in hands of the common man!

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.




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