Are Moral Values A Scarcity Today?

Navigating through the hostile glaciers, they march with hearts of gold on days and nights that are always ice cold! Armed with armours of unconquerable will, packed with patriotic fervour, spiritedly they secure our borders and follow order after orders.
Away from their dear families, away from the puerility of polity and all its profane political correctness and insinuating innuendoes of vicious verbatim _ they stand guard in the gruesome glacial garrisons _ not for the love of fame, not for the love of the ugly warring game _ but for the love of his country and to sustain his dependants. He knows not, all that creative rhetoric _ he knows not, the frenzy of fan following because all they know is that, they are here to fight with all their might for the honour of his country.
The white icy sheets shimmer serenely hiding beneath her belly, that twinkle of hope of our brave men who stood the fury of these glaciers so sharp, only to contain the shrewd enemy who might harp, on an opportunity to disintegrate and dissect us apart!
If only they were to steer into the heart of the nation, the very nation they stood guard for, they would encounter an even more spine chilling hostility _ they would be sunken in the avalanche of lies that were and are still being peddled as truth. They would realise the harsh truth that the real threat is not from our external enemies but the deadly ones sitting in the sanctified sanctorum of elite educational institutions and plush political bungalows that are funded by tax payer’s money, with such elitism that they will shoot you only with eloquent English, infiltrate and hijack our vulnerable youth with an ideology of hatred and divide. They are adequately armoured with the audacity to sensationalise and derail our country in the name of freedom of speech and misconceived struggles.
From the last sixty years of overtly secular storming to this day when we have steered this gigantic Noah’s boat called India that sailed against all odds with its all species of castes and creeds, the tidal waves of communalism and pseudo secularisms have finally calmed down as the ship was anchored by the robust strings of statesmanship and is now gripped with a mast of vision and compass of development that has largely changed the crest in the formation of waves.
But politics is all about race for captaincy of this ship. And in this blinkered lunacy to oppose everything and anything just to derail a ruling government chosen by popular choice, have the politicians and all their student winglets lost the ethos of polity itself, has the urge to remain powerful drowned moral values itself? Has polity stooped so low that the passengers themselves make holes in the ship to sink it down just because they did not get to lay their hands on the steering wheel?
In the context of the recent developments at JNU, it is appalling to see the youth of this country being inflicted with the inability to distinguish between right and wrong. Are the youth enrolled in such prestigious institutes, deliberately misaligned without any patriotism or nationalistic integrity? If so what has led them so far away, so much that they seem disconnected from that very land that is sheltering them?
People form opinions based on visual representations and tend to believe in what is constantly blared out at them. A loud lie told repeatedly might sound like a truth for the gullible. It is in this context that a strong moral foundation among youth of this country is foremost for integrating nationalistic and meaningful healthy politics for the betterment of this country.
Many countries in the world have a conscription policy where all its citizens are compulsorily enlisted in some kind of national service mostly military service. Citizens are required to compulsorily spend 1-3years of their early lives (after 18 years) in the military services. While many free thinkers and activists argue that it is blatant slavery and involuntary servitude that does not in any way portray patriotism, but the fact remains that people who have been in the defence and military services have always held their nation in high regard. It is true that in case of an unfavourable government formation or a war like situation where you do not endorse the policies, it would suffocate people and may even force them to think of leaving the country.
But in our country where people proclaim to leave the country without any provocation, it is only imperative to embed some moral values amongst the masses from early stages itself so that people at the decision making and opinion building levels differentiate between the gravity of the role of opposition with the role of opposing the country itself thereby botching up its integrity and image.
If not for all citizens this concept of conscription should be made mandatory for those contesting political elections, those seeking party tickets, those candidates in the central and state level Government services and perhaps even aspiring journalists to compulsorily spend 3years of their lives in military services before joining any Government services.
This would ensure a real connect and a deep understanding of the worth of securing freedom for our nation, it would also ignite strong feelings of nationalism to truly understand the value of freedom!

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3 comments on “Are Moral Values A Scarcity Today?

  1. brunda bru says:

    Beautifully articulated with a touch of reality and a standard etiquette of writing, the post amazed me with it’s unbiased proclamation and I grimace as I see my generation taking a de-tour and finally serving the country to know the indigenous meanings of all the posh words of freedom is an amazing thought Mayura:)


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