Sound Of Music!

Music is to the mind what taste is to a foodie, Music is to the heart what laughter is to life!

But more often in life we are surrounded by sounds. Some natural and some man made, some set us in joyous glee but some put us in grievous melancholy but they are often reminiscent reminders of the bustling life around us! Yet these sounds are integral for socialising and we humans are the most social beings on the planet.

Each day we are witness to myriad tones of sound waves that splash and soak us in its varied wavelengths. Some strike a chord with us and many go amiss!

If natural outdoor sounds can make you a poet, there is poetry within the four walls too!

The chirping sounds of the birds, the gentle whisper of the whizzing winds with whose every caress, those wind chimes cling, to compose a fresh tune! the Tunes that compete with the gurgling teapot and the sizzle of the yeasty batter on the smoky hissing pan! The whimsical doorbell rings casting a spiritual spell into the house and the maid walks in with jingling bangles and anklets with a fervent conviction to bang those pots and pans cramming the eerie cacophony of calmness as if to pace up our mornings!

Actions have a language and sounds are their syllables. Sounds can convey expressions; sounds can talk without words; weep without tears and plead without proclaiming. Sounds can annoy, antagonise or address, even silence has a sound _ the sound of your soul! And these sounds often make or break our moods!

Amidst blaring debates on TV and those beeping Whatsapp notifications on your phone that are as powerful as nuclear weapons of mass destruction, a feeble voice sunken in the daily din, waves you a good bye, the faint warmth of which is soon shrunken on the streets as you plunge into the deafening odyssey of the honking vehicles, rattling engines and screeching brakes echoing unfamiliar voices that clouds all logical thinking!

You enter a state of spell

And float outside of all this hell!

You try to seek some solace in music

Waiting for the Radio Jockey to play some classic;

But they are still playing Talking Tom

As if it were some soothing balm;

The back of the goods carrier read “Sound Horn Ok”!

I say _Not okay! A nasty loud horn makes you scorn!

Remember sounds can talk, plead, annoy, antagonise make or break your moods!

So slipping further into the spell, deep into the well of thoughts I ponder _ can we turn these sounds into music? What if there were to be a government rule tomorrow that all vehicles are to be embedded with low decibel musical hooters only, to create a symphony of melodious sounds to match the dynamics of the traffic stricken streets! And that too only classical ones!

The boards would not read “Sound Horn Ok” anymore instead it would now read “Sing along teek hai”!

Hallelujah! All the buses would hoot a low decibel flute tune instead of an ear splitting honk! All trucks and matadors would strike the lowest note of the violin holding back their road rage between the chin and the shoulder, all Autorikshaws would bellow like a Surpeti or Shruthi box droning and moving in sync with the melody of all other vehicular music instead of swarming and buzzing like intoxicated bees. Ambulance sirens could be replaced with Tabla beats to beat away the inching metal mortals. The police van sirens can be fitted with a Shehnayi , as they descend like Baraathis! Two wheelers can be allotted and awarded the prestigious rhythm of the Thaala to correspond with the metre of the traffic pattern. Cabs/taxis can be fitted with a Ghattam metre since they have a reasonably fat belly after stomaching the Autorikshaw’s metre! All political babus and ministers sporting red beacons could adopt the static Tamboori raga plucking unaffectedly at the strings off the mortal melee! The Fire engine siren can switch to a prolonged Aalaapan to pave way instantly and the Aeroplanes  could go on airplane mode. All pedestrians, stray cows and dogs, jaywalking at all crossroads can dangle a bell around their collars to alert the caravan of musicians orchestrating this daily dose of music!

But remember the statutory warning _Sounds can talk, plead, annoy, antagonise make or break your moods!

Music may or may not appeal to all at all times but I am sure it is still better than incessant honking! What do you think?!!

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.


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