When Rama became a Refugee in his own land!

The Ram Mandir debate is back on the forefront, but it was indeed refreshing to see a sane debate between Dr.Subramanya Swami and Mr.Owaisi with ample time for each of the parties to put across facts and truths at hand without making it another hysterical shouting match!

There were 4 things that were being reiterated time and again by Mr.Owaisi, one that the Modi Government has deviated itself from the promise of development to religion politics yet again, two that the Mandir issue is raised only during elections, three that the building of the temple would trigger communal split and tensions and four, that the Supreme Court’s decision will prevail upon all, to which Dr.Swamy rebuts point to point in his usual best!

However, firstly we need to understand that every nation is built with an ideology with inferences from its past, aspirations of the present and futuristic ambitions, where geo-political, social, cultural and religious aspects are inter connected and go hand in hand in shaping a country’s overall outlook. And this is true for all nations in the world! Whether we like it or not ethnicity, religion, politics and culture are closely knitted and decisively have a hand in defining a nation’s identity!

If religious conviction has divided people, the spiritual essence of a religion has also united people, it has influenced their thinking, their priorities their do s and don’ts as most religions have been identified based on an ideology, that ideology which has sprung out from the basket of traditions, customs and beliefs! That belief which has risen out of history that went on to become habits. Essentially religion is an ideology that has evolved from the history of our habits!

Habits that become moral values and some of these time tested moral codes went on to become laws of a society!

Every nation reflects upon its history in its social, political and cultural scenarios as societies are made of individuals and individuals are driven by beliefs and experiences they imbibe and inculcate in their paths of pursuit. In most Western nations the state policies are largely influenced by the church, in Saudi Arabia the laws and policies are clearly governed by religious decrees of the Sharia, whereas India, even with a tolerant Hindu majority that is today racing with the world, is a pluralistic democracy, and in our pursuit to develop and integrate everyone in modern India, it is really immaterial as to what core faith is applied to draft its policies as long as it is for common good and in the spirit of the constitution, because faith, laws and politics have always been interconnected from time immemorial that will continue to be so as the paths of religion are not as ineffective as it is tapered and tailored out at news hour debates because laws are an extension of moral teachings found in one or the other religious scriptures.

While Modi, known for his explicit religious inclinations has displayed a mature and balanced statesmanship with his hands full, with developmental projects and proposals for the larger good and has done pretty well taking along all sectors of the society, the yellow eyed are still struck with the C (read communal) word and question him and his counterparts on the issue of terrorism which itself is an over hyped religious bigotry in the aftermath of an ugly concoction of politics, power and religion induced by the west along with the radicals.

Ironically Owaisi questions Modi on containing terror but Hyderabadi youth get caught while escaping to join ISIS!!

While Owaisi declares that he is not an invader’s son but a Hindustani, he inadvertently or knowingly well defends the actions of an invader (Babur), who demolished the holy sites of Hindus. He says that BJP is polarising the issue and propagating communal divisions in the country but if he is really secular then why can’t he respect history, agree and affirm to his Hindu brothers, the fact that Ayodhya is indeed one of the sacred sanctums of Hindus! And the debate can never be Invader Vs God!

With the arrest of Qasmi, another mullah in Bengaluru, for alleged links with terror outfits, the Muslim groups have claimed that they will support him. Will Owaisi condemn this act and advise Muslim bodies to stay out and not polarise matters at the cost of the nation’s security? Will he condemn those supporting Afzal Guru? Or has he ever condemned his own brother for making defamatory and infuriating speech?

He suggests that the Modi government should focus on achieving economic prowess and take the country forward but will he first grow beyond the petty religious Votebank politics and establish his secular credentials in all his earnestness!?

An Owaisi supporter was all charged up amidst the debate who berated that the construction of a mosque or the Muslim community at large needs no support and does not accept any donations from Hindus in whatever form, but does the Muslim community even realize that Crores of tax payers(Largely Hindus) money are being expended into the Haj subsidy and minority welfare schemes! It is this fanatic bigotry pushed with fallacy of facts that is pedaled amongst uneducated gullible masses to keep the torch of communal fire burning eternally, and it is this ignorance that the bearded pseudo mascots of Islam are cashing and thriving upon for their votebank interests that has to dealt with iron hands!

He offered to forgo the Haj subsidy and proposes to divert it towards minority girl child education, if he is really affected and genuine about his concerns then can he talk of some women emancipation asking fellow Muslims to shun bigamy/polygamy and include their women in the mainstream and give them their basic rights?

Today, religion has shunned compassion and got into competition, inner peace is split into pieces and Lord Rama has become a refugee in his own land,!

I have not visited Ayodhya, but want to visit and worship at peace without getting a feel of being choked in the neck like in Mathura or Kashi!

Whatever the outcome, it was indeed heartening to see a mellowed down Owaisi sharpening his grace to match the wits and acumen of Dr.Swamy!

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