Tears of Irony!

The president of USA, one of the world’s most powerful countries today and the largest manufacturers and suppliers of weapons of mass destruction whose expenditure on the arms and ammunition industry exceeds more than 3% of the world’s GDP, cried in public, remembering the shootout at schools, addressing his institutional inabilities to contain their own home grown germs of gun culture germinating into their playgrounds!

Ironically the US thrives on the arsenal industry for its economic prowess and global supremacy, with this muscle power it monopolizes the middle east throwing bullets like biscuits to control the oil reserve and anybody who does not comply or opposes its hegemonic diktats face the ramification of being found guilty of nurturing nuclear interests or labeled as an autocratic dictator and a series of other esoteric lies that are organically spewed in the minds of million through a behemoth network of its enslaved media. And then there are tools like peace keeping, human rights issues, secularism, liberalism and global warming issues, world health et al that are either plagued or piped periodically to pack the situation.

They talk of peace with India but pump Pakistan with arms against us, they talk of human rights but include countries that chop and flog out free thinking bodies into their UNHRC body, they condemn terrorism but aid the ISIS with arms and ammunition but with the advent of the social media it is no secret anymore that the carcinogenic growth of religious radicalization and global terrorism are just pastime toys in the hands of uncle Sam to contain and keep a tab on third world and developing countries that pose a threat to excel independently and leave behind the so called developed nations far behind!

If religion is a means to divide people and weapons are the ends to rule people in which money and hegemony alone are declared winners! In today’s scenario where US troops are carrying out drone attacks and aiding groups that pump guns and bullets in the hands of young kids, it is indeed an irony that Obama chooses to shed a tear amidst a fun fare of gun-fare!

But the larger question is who will really bell this cat!?



6 comments on “Tears of Irony!

  1. Crocodile Tears those!
    Just like he did after the infamous shooting of Trayvon Martin: He said ” If I had a son, he would look like trayvon”
    He has reasons to cry since PUTIN has outdid him in the middle east and is going great guns alongside China!
    Good Post!


  2. You have ‘teared up’ completely President Obama’s tears, Mayura……, with this sharp little post.


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