Inspired by Nayantara Sehgal MAN RETURNS RETURN GIFT AFTER 25 YEARS

Inspired by Nayantara Sehgal, who returned her Sahitya Academy Award as a mark of protest in the wake of growing secularism in India a man on Monday decided to return a return gift given to him 25 years ago. The man has tweeted that he had silently tolerated the hangover of the ugly birthday party and brooded over the cheap return gift that was shoved upon him 25years ago that didn’t add any value to his shelf today. On being contacted he related and relived the horror of having to eat only horribly healthy food that was served in the birthday party by the host, who once upon a time used to splurge his guests in a juniper of junkies, but now that the party is over and the palate of patriarchal prowess has become puny he is forced to take this extreme step of returning the return gift as it is the one and only way left to grab eyeballs for some extra cake.

Taking cue from the ex-cake eater, kids in a neighbouring birthday party staged a protest by returning the return gifts to mark the end of boring birthdays where the host had not served their favourite pasta and pizza but instead simply forced them to have veg spring rolls and fresh orange fruit juice. Tinku a class 2 student, shared with us that he is now contemplating to return the return gifts as he now realises that it was given to compensate for the bad food served.

The kids were also quick to express their dissent at the bizarre choice of cheap plastic stuffed in a silly goodie bag and given away gloriously. This uproar has taken the country by storm so much that more and more children across the country are inspired and instigated to return the return gifts. Parents and party organisers are devising newer means to attract the uprising young minds while Doreamon sticker sellers and Chinese Crayons companies are now keeping tight lipped on the turn of events even as rumours suggest that they are meticulously exploring newer options to sustain the failing markets. The opposition was quick to demand that the Government give compensation for such boring birthday bashes in order to take stock of trending hashtag #ReturningReturnGifts.

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