Mumbai’s hens and goats file petition in

Enamoured by the hashtags of the meat ban Mumbai’s hens, goats and cows are contemplating to file a petition against KFC in, the leader of the Gau sena cried foul against the continuous racism and step motherly treatment extended towards them and questioned the explicit favouritism shown towards the ‘save tiger’ campaigns when their kith and kin were being executed day in and day out.

They demanded that the Government set up a hen rights department as a measure to officially address their grievances throughout the year and thanked Arnab Goswami for raising this issue after almost 40years and hinted that they would send a hen right activist on the panel next time if invited.

Since they come from the weakest strata of the animal society and are also often ill-treated, the cattle class is now demanding a reservation quota wherein they will not be culled for the next 50years until they establish themselves and multiply in millions and are treated at par with creamy status animals like dogs, tigers and spiders for whom even using harsh terms amounts to cruelty and attracts harsh penalties. A few young rebels questioned our team as to how would Mary go to school if there were no lambs and what would our children sing in school?

Taking cue from this even the buffaloes of Bihar have condemned the incident and expressed deep outrage at the decades of malnutrition prevailing among them because of the missing case of the fodder.

Inside reports suggest that they are also contemplating to file a case on the PETA activists for all their pseudo sympathies towards animal rights when in reality they are being ethnically cleansed.

This post was also published in Faking news

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