The Mukerjees Saga……

The Indrani Mukerjee case has been running successfully all over the Indian media ever since its release from the past one week, even as the audience are still trying to decipher where really would this investigative needle point to, whose horse shit will the media really scathe out and to whom will it be a major blow to in the end this multi starrer mega movie is only getting more and more speculative by the day which seems to have sent Ekta Kapoor into a tizzy and Kapil’s comedy now looks like a horror show. Jasleen Kaur and Hardik Patel are biting their nails in a corner wondering how their trending hash tags were consumed off so soon by the Mukerjees.

While a leading daily reported “ Indrani is being served Chai Poa for breakfast in jail”, Radhe maa heaved a sigh of relief and the FTII students decided to draw an inspiration or two and infer from this Mega movie making skills which seems to be playing as if there is nothing beyond this for Indians to watch and all Indians are more or less as immoral as it is programmed to be. The Bihar and Bengaluru polls can go to hell, who cares if the Nifty fell or if the onion prices rose, who cares if POK wants to be part of India or if Palmyra is razed out, who cares if US funded the ISIS or if Bihar is ruled by Laalu or Pappu but isn’t Sheena such a pretty face??

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