CASTEing Couch

Japan recently commemorated its 70years of the Hiroshima incident, lakhs of people were killed, their economy crashed and the developmental works of many decades was decimated but today Japan is the second largest developed economy and the third largest in the world in terms of nominal GDP, a world leader in electronics and the fourth largest purchasing power, a member of G7 and has steered ahead with competitiveness and innovation even with no natural resources and an aged population. Now contrast this with India, like Japan even we celebrated and commemorated the 70 years of freedom but our parliamentarians are still struck with pyjama politics and struggle to pass a GST bill.

We are the only country in the world that castigates itself with caste and take pride in reeking with reservation quotas, 90% of our schools are Government run since last 70years but reservation rules over resourcefulness so much that even the 10% of private schools left are sucked up to for another 25% charity (RTE) to elite socialism that we garlanded ourselves with in the guise of seeking equality. Professional courses, public sector jobs are inflicted with reservations not on financial backwardness but social backwardness, but who decides who is social backward and how can politicos ascertain the benefits of rationing resources when majority of them and their brethren seek medical aid and education abroad? Who decides social backwardness when majority of merit students are socially ostracised from the country’s main stream education and employment sectors? Who decides backwardness when food growing farmers are evicted into cities to wash dishes at Pizza hut? Our intellectuals are forced to boot polish western economies while the socialists’ chest beat about secularism and continue to castigate and dissect the society into various castes and sub castes. The diversity that we were once proud of is vilified out of proportion and a bane today with meaningless reservations and conservations.

Reservation is all about rationing availability with employability they say but all that has been rationed is the country’s economic and developmental prospects.

The Bollywood might be suffering with casting-couch but our socialists and even our constitution suffer from caste-couch, When skills have no values why not all the secularists and socialists and those seeking reservations take an austere pledge of parity that they will only employ and seek services from the most backward reservation candidates, they will send their children to Government schools and also get married to the most backward and oppressed tribal folks of the country and go under the knife with the lowest calibre medicos to promote egalitarianism.

The Vernas or the Castes were defined by the nature of the job a person did but today the job is defined by the caste you belong to. With the new caste of socialism clogging the clouds of reasoning, will the Government have the guts to evict this rut called reservation?


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