BBMP Results Bhagya

Bengaluru has been gaping with potholed corridors of corruption, stinking in the mounds of garbage piles and pending rat eaten files, our hard earned money was pitched into vote bank bhagyas while we suffered the Durbhagya of a never ending metro rail work convoluting into myriad and terrible traffic woes, the arrogance in the fair investigation of the mysterious death of an honest IAS officer DK Ravi was perhaps the death knell the Congress chose to ignore, the secularly casteist census strategy to divide us further, the BBMP’s notorious building demolition spree, farmers suicides, froth filled inflammable lakes, harassing the non-congress electorates without Kaveri water and non-issuance of Katha forgetting that it was that very electorate that had swapped the BJP with Congress remorselessly a few years back coupled with all that negative anti national pyjama politics in the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha have driven the people to give a responsible mandate which should keep the Congress on their toes for the 2017 elections and do some ground work.

The BBMP polls might have decisively ended with people vociferously voicing their choice but some people will never learn….

This was the secular tone on today’s socialist newspaper


This is the age of social media, superfast with intelligent inference, gone are the days of rigid hero worships and brand loyalty, ye public hai ye sab jaanthi hai gone are the ‘karenge ya marenge’ times….it is ‘Karo ya maro’ time now and also  an auspicious time for some hard core introspection on your secular credentials instead of refusing to see that the emperor is really stark naked. All play and no work makes Jack a really dull dud head!



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