A Thank You Letter To Kareena Kapoor

When the country is raging with writing open letters how can I lag behind so I decided I will write but a thank you letter, that too to somebody distant from the word-ly and worldly affairs but distinguished as a sizzling hot item number.

Disclaimer: The term item number here does not in any way mean a listicle number of the provisional items that you need to buy while getting back home!

Dear Bebo,

Recently my heart skipped a beat when my hubby declared that we would be watching a Salman Khan movie alongside Kareena! Now since most reviews did not reveal to me how much you had revealed yourself and I could not afford to watch a movie twice to decide if it is appropriate for kids or not because nowadays a person carrying outsourced popcorn into a cinema theatre is seen as someone smuggling gold into a mall which if confiscated will be deported to the dustbins and will cost me a bomb if I have to buy them from the mall, then what say about the tickets!

Okay now coming back to the topic, in the current worldwide scenario where Indian Cinema is rated as the most sexist against women where our liberals have raised the bar of sex appeal for Indian women in the name of creativity and freedom, an ‘under parental guidance’ tag in the Indian scenario is still under-defined and unheard of. So for a parent like me who has to worry even when kids watch a news program, sports or cartoon channel that are usually packed with many obscene anchors and ads playing content unsuitable for kids, your characterization in those beautiful salwar-kameezs was very relatable and refreshing for a change.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for wearing decent clothes covering all your valuable assets, we never got curious about your body throughout the movie of Bhajarangi Bhaijaan we were only curious about the story thankfully.

I thank you from my soul as I did not have to hang my head in shame or embarrassment while watching it with kids and family at any point of time in this movie.

I thank you for believing in yourself that you can actually carry yourself extremely well even while you are fully clad.

I thank you for believing in your acting skills than body flaunting skills.

I thank you for choosing a sensitive role and not a glamorous role.

For a word buff like me, glamour means just a style quotient but today it is deceptively  used for packaging obscenity as a cool commodity.

And finally I thank you for believing in equality in its true sense and covering yourself entirely in such cold snowy mountains at par with your male counterparts.

All in all we enjoyed watching this movie and you did make an impact even with your short presence if not with short and hot pants.

With Love

An affected parent


6 comments on “A Thank You Letter To Kareena Kapoor

  1. Archana Kapoor says:

    🙂 loved it… 🙂
    Cheers, Archana – http://www.drishti.co


  2. kokilagupta says:

    Seriously Mayura I too loved the movie from that aspect – the aspect of a parent . After Chennai Express its the only other movie which, if I found my kids watching I’ll doze off without any stress !
    Specially in this age when even cartoon are not devoid of romantic triangles read Nobita-Shuzuka-Dekisugi triangle …
    A Need of the hour post 🙂


  3. Beautifully written that movies can showcase much more than mere glamour and female assets..


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