Stung by Shashi’s speech

Shashi Tharoor’s speech at the Oxford Union with all his sophistication went viral and even got congratulatory gestures from the Prime Minister Modi, it was almost like Akshay Kumar gunning the villain down at point blank range in Holiday without lifting his little finger but what is new about all that he said? Even Rajiv Dixit, an IITian turned social activist said the same thing in Hindi but he was ignored by the main stream media, perhaps he did not feed into the spunk quotient which is a prerequisite for the TRPs or perhaps we still believe only when endorsed by westerners and in polished accented English. Did we not know that the diamond that the queen wears is stolen from India? Did we not know that our economy is still recuperating from the treacherous loot and divisive politics they inflicted upon us even after independence?

If at all they were to compensate even an iota of that grand loot they took away with them we could probably have 1000 smart cities by now but the point is _ if seeking reparations and apologies for all the vile invasions were to ease and endorse a good bilateral relation today in an international debate then why is it that even a mention of the Mandir in Ayodhya, Kashi or Mathura always seen as stirring a communal pot by our own media houses, will we ever shun all vote bank secularism and seek reparations for the Moghul invasions too? Do we have the guts to acknowledge history rightfully?

Whether the queen feels ashamed to wear a stolen Kohinoor diamond on her tiara or not the fact, that Shashi Tharoor with his overwhelming qualifications of elite English integrity is of late leaning to charm the Bhakts and their Gods, reminds me of this scene from the Akshay Kumar starrer ‘Holiday’!


where he aids the corrupt officer with two guns to choose from for a respectable remembrance.

In the gruesome context of Sunanda’s death mystery, whichever way the elite man chooses we all know that behind every successful man there is always a woman!

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