My WordUp Experience

When I first received this invite for the wordup meet from Indiblogger all that struck me was that this event was all about words and it was so much like me that I could not help but register for the event!

But I was a little taken aback when I saw the venue _ it said “At the Big Pitcher on Sunday At 9AM” _ I mean hanging out with sots on a Sunday morning leaving behind your family!

But then the buzz of words and the very mention of some amazing bloggers and speakers really hooked me up and there I was dot on time.

A pitch dark ambience welcomed me and I walked up a little apprehensively to the 4th floor where the event was scheduled, the genial spirit and warmth of Indiblogger and BigRock team lit up the place and put me at ease, I was quickly chatting up with fellow bloggers.

The event was sponsored by BigRock the domain, website providers in association with .Me and hosted by Indiblogger for me! Err…people like me … perhaps!

After a quick breakfast the event kick started at around 10 with Sruthjith, the editor of Huffington Post giving some really cool bites about the importance of the raging social media and how we bloggers could become the stakeholders making ourselves more visible sailing with this trending tide by simply leveraging on little things around us that could aid us in making it big and aptly said that this is the era of vertical videos where linking up is the currency and a button is the engine of social sharing, it all depends on how best we employ this engine to our advantage.

Next we had Dheeraj Sharma, a travel blogger and a Himalayan travelling enthusiast who shared with us his candid experiences and a few tips on ethical and relatable blogging.

While the program was definitely engaging, the organisers additionally ensured that we weren’t bored so it was time for some Desi rapping by Abhishek Dhusia or Ace as he loved to call himself, we did shake a head and tapped our foot for a while before the stage was soon taken over by Mr.Prasanna Revan, a Graphics man who spoke about the robust role of visual information and how it aids in creating your own brand value because remember 83% of human learning is visual!

He elaborated on the minute details like the typography of a header text or the importance of white space in your brand logo/design and how a conventional thought could be creatively designed to define your niche all by simply communicating effectively via a visible language with the use of a powerful palette by rightly picking the base and accent colours.


After a sumptuous lunch we had Jhanavi Achrekar, the author of ‘Wanderers’ talk about the hardship of being a consistent writer in her soft voice and about the art of storytelling which is quintessence for any piece of writing because we all cater to a vast audience who consume stories when well told but if you have to be remembered it is the narrative and the depth that’s going to make the mark.

We then had Kirthaath, a standup comedian who was a bundle of energy but I personally thought it was a little low on humour but anyways he made a sincere attempt to bring a smile on our faces and bringing out the best humour is no joke!

The next speaker was Mr.Prashant Naidu of the Lighthouse Insights fame, who made a lot of sense to us bloggers and connected and touched upon many aspects of driving traffic to your blog and struck us with some hard hitting and reality checking questions so as to introspect and empathise why should my readers read me?

After this engaging session we were really shifting our legs and straightening our backs but the last speaker simply jerked us up and boomed on the subject of marketing quotient of a blog by taking over the stage and the audience completely with his brisk and crisp talk emphasizing on creating regular useful content that has a long shelf life thereby understanding what the reader wants to read and not what you want innately explaining the skill of reader engagement and effective monetization strategies.

The session ended with announcing the day’s contest winners and some grand give aways but alas! luck just swept beside me and my fellow bloggers just next to me walked home with trendy gadgets.

I am still J…….

All in all it was a wonderful and informative session with loads of fun, food and many new friends.

Because blogging is all about people and I was glad I met many of my genres.

Thank you Indiblogger and thank you Big Rock! You really rock!

The best part of this whole event is that there was no pushy promotion and that’s why I am inspired to do this post but would love it if somebody shared with me the pros and cons of adopting a .me domain….

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