Honey Sweet Home!

As a content writer I was recently required to do a write up for an artificial power drink that claims to hasten fat metabolism and build muscles by pumping high quality ripped protein into the body that carves your muscles like any celebrity in just a couple of months.

While doing this write up I researched several diet charts and health prescriptions but by the end of the day I could only conclude that it is the natural and healthy diet along with ample physical activities that always aids and enhances one’s fitness attributes and not any artificial or quick yo yo diets that crash your inside health along with those crash diets.

Starvation is never the answer to losing weight!

In short there are no short cuts to a healthy and fit body you simply have to earn it by practicing a healthy regimen every day. A healthy regimen includes frequent portions of nutritious food, exercise, yoga, good sleep and a healthy mind.

Being Indians we always believed in fresh healthy cooking with variety of spices and sweets to seduce our palates but of late it is surprising to see that we are adopting anything and everything that promises to sculpt you into shape without giving a second thought about the damage that these crash diets do to our bodies.

When we have the fittest answers to all the fitness freaks in our own backyard in our own ancient Ayurvedic recipes, do we really need to fall trap to these quick money missions who are least interested in our long run health?

The first thing a crash diet does even with any number of artificial protein supplements is alter your fat fall and muscle build up drastically which is disastrous for the heart.

The Leptin hormone in your brain controls hunger, modulates metabolism and promotes fat burning, when fat levels fall drastically in a crash diet even the Leptin hormone falls triggering a starvation signal to your brain that is when your cravings get the better of you resulting in weight gain. In a crash diet you lose your energy and also lose out on your muscles.

Instead it is always safe and long lasting to choose a healthy natural diet!

A healthy diet in a simplest way is to start your day with a spoonful of natural honey with some warm water because honey can cleanse the body inside out with its natural disease fighting ability with loads of antibiotic properties in it, the daily consumption of honey pumps antioxidants into our blood streams killing the oxidative stress that causes many chronic conditions.

Honey has the ability to mobilize unused fat in the body, it has natural valuable vitamins, proteins and Folate and also aids in increasing the good cholesterol in the body, it reduces cardiovascular strain in the body which means you are going to be fit and energetic throughout the day by just adding two spoons of natural goodness of honey in your routine.

At the Zuri Hotel, Dabur Honey Diet Bloggers Meet

At the Zuri Hotel, Dabur Honey Diet Bloggers Meet

See! Honey can really shrink the kids!

The kid of wild cravings! by supplementing natural sugar to your body.

This does not mean that you have a spoon of honey and then continue to abuse your body with all fatty food fervor for the rest of the day, it is just that honey aids you to be healthier you along with a healthy lifestyle.

Along with Honey Diet a nutritious and healthy homemade food with lots of vegetables, legumes, milk, fruits and cereals in frequent little portions make for a great health recipe.

I heavily bank on honey for all the household remedies like coughs, cold, constipation and skin irritations and resist using allopathic antibiotics that are prescribed and available just like that unless it is really needed.

Let’s bring honey into our lives back and say Honey Sweet Home!

Did you know?

Honey is used to cure chronic conditions like cancer, Alzheimer’s, psoriasis. It can also be used on burns as an antifungal and antiseptic cream.



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