London, The Exile Haven

From Benazir Bhutto to Nawaz Shariff to Pervez Musharaff or for that matter Imran Farooq or Altaf Hussain London has been an abode of exile for many Pakistani politicians and even some corrupt Indians like Lalit Modi! For some strange reason London is an easily accessible antidote to all the evaders and the self exiled and anybody with loads of money bags invariably become close to the realms of the imperial crown .

Although Indian polity does not seem as vulnerable as Pakistan in its face when it comes to military coups and dictatorial presidential quests, the #Lalitgate, is certainly intriguing as to why money laundering barons and power tycoons go for exile only to London? And more importantly why is it that these scumbags are even allowed to escape seemingly deliberately and then all the whining vilification starts on media after they are escorted to scoot away!

If you Google about Indian Independence in Wikipedia it says that The Indian Independence Act 1947 was as an act of the Parliament of the UK that partitioned British India into the two new independent dominions of India and Pakistan.

Dominions are semi-independent polities under the British crown. It is for this reason that the Queen of Britain visited India and Pakistan in 1997 without a visa and was greeted with a 21gun salute which otherwise is reserved only for the President of India.

Essentially our freedom was a neatly packaged gift from the British after raising enough brown skinned Britishers here and not because of any glorified fasts!

It is for this reason that most VIPs take a tour or secretly go for a holiday or austerely fall sick and get treated only in the cozy hospitals of Britain where the narrative of the press, election polls, ranks of politicians, freedom of speech, tolerance levels are predetermined. It is in this context that pawns like Lalit Modi are forced to flee the country by the Brown Britishers and sheltered safely by the white Britishers only to let loose the canons at the right time and take stock of India’s rising stature which is a direct threat to the white Suzerainty.


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