Saffron Babas of India

The secular scientists in the media fraternity today are smitten with the saffron hue so much that they are reinventing Newton’s spectrum wheel scanning with scathing suspicion to understand if the colour orange indeed has anything to do with science at all because Saffron after all is a bigoted and divisive colour in India Today and there is very little evidence that Newton was not colour blind.

The lab has however established that it is this auburn hue that is the fringe element in the spectrum theory as a result of which most journalists are shunning eating oranges and are boycotting Mirinda as well lest they become combustible material on the blazing saffron screen of Arnab brigade who will anoint and crown them as right wing radicals.

A worried Congress whose official media anchors had recently taken to sporting Bindis off late were overwhelmed with this move and have tweeted that they are contemplating to shun the RSS feed widget on their websites as it appears really communal.

Most Bollywood celebs dread saffron because the moment they don saffron the directors ask them to renounce the garbs of worldly pleasures.

Even books and IIT institutes are painted in carroty red ink they say hence secular governments are taking up caste census yet again to detect the fringes. However in spite of so much of communal hegemony and saffronization in the country here is a man who is all set to teach how to renounce your old religion

Padre preaching Christianity

Padre preaching Christianity

The Rudraakshi mani, the saffron attire, a cross as a pendant __ a culmination of spirituality indeed. His evangelical discourses are all about universal brotherhood and promotion of Sanskrit as he refers to his god as ‘parameshwar’, it is because of such noble souls that the pope is able to perform these miracles

saffron baba1

Unlike silly superstitious saffroners who are busy in their idolatry for their millions of gods.

Image from This is not Karaga but St.Mary's fair

Image from
This is not Karaga but St.Mary’s fair

If monotheistic religions of the world disallow and disapprove of idolatry and if their spirituality is any better than ours why then are they masquerading in our garbs and gestures?

With such zeal and enthusiasm about universal brotherhood, I am sure saffron is soon going to become more secular than ever!

2 comments on “Saffron Babas of India

  1. brunda bru says:

    Hey Mayura, great to read your work, the time was constrained at the meet yesterday, loved your work, it’s so much content in it, your take on ORANGE is amazing, good read:)


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