The Bubblegum Match

Women rights activism and all that jingoism about women empowerment is like a bubble gum blowing championship league with eminent(as they claim) and scholarly English speaking panelists across mainstream media channels who mistakenly believe that they represent all women at large and women of India in particular.

There is a thin line between rights activism and feminism but when this is botched up losing focus on the real issues they sound like exploited facades of political vendetta where the scream of egalitarianism only echoes as shallow hypocrisy.

The recent remark of Modi on the Bangladeshi Prime Minister Shiekh Hasina that “despite being a woman she has tackled terrorism well” was perhaps well meant to exemplify his appreciation of a woman leader in a country where women rights is a still a distant dream, where the society is still grappling under radical fanaticism but for our media’s obsession with Modinama, and why not, he is the darling punching bag for all _ be it activism or feminism, secularia, or insomnia, whether it was sexist or social or just a slip the fact that his pun of words, his style and his very persona always is a breaking news and he sure is the bread and butter for all the hashtag twitter fervour, whoever said he has not heeded to the problem of unemployment, think again!!

A select few lines are picked from a speech to begin a national debate to ridicule the generic play of words and the bubble gum match begins, the bigger they blow the matter out of context the more scholarly they qualify as panelists, the fiercer they criticize for nothing and make a mountain of a molehill, in this case there was neither a mole nor a hill but the debate was blazing on the screen, a blazing debate need not necessarily mean a heated debate but some graphics of flames blowing on your screen make it Mercurious. Okay coming back to the debate.

No! Not the debate about India’s prime minister achieving a milestone by signing the Land Border Agreement, Teesta water sharing talks, or the 22 agreements signed or neither about the two countries pledging of zero-tolerance on terrorism nor about MOUs signed on cooperating to control human trafficking, fake currencies, narcotics smuggling or about the newer bus routes connecting Agartala-Dhaka-Guwahati-Shillong-Dhaka but about why he spoke about “women”, because the point of contention here is how can anybody highjack Rahul Baba’s pet patented slogan of Women Empowerment and its symbolical word ‘women’ it doesn’t matter if key portfolios in the Modi government are held by women, what if this word is high-jacked what will Raul be left with? Farmers! APSC! Harvard University!? or perhaps about Kalavathi!

And the contenders in this match were:

Priyanka Chaturvedi of Congress who is a columnist for Tehelka never opened her mouth when a woman employee of Tehelka was sexually violated, who never stood up for justice for Sunanda Pushkar , the second one was the Calendar judge for the skimpiest Bikini Shoba De a frog in the glamor world who likes to believe she is an intellectual journalist, the third one was new entrant with a big bindi, remember bigger the bindi bigger the activism! I wonder where were these activists when Gopal Khanda a Congress minister sexually harassed and abetted the suicide of a young airhostess and her family!

But the melodrama was at par excellence with TRPsand tweeples rising but the only glitch was that the bigger they blew the bubble of hypocrisy louder their bubble gums of frivolity popped for all to see.

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