It is the talking parrot that often gets locked in a cage while the silent ones soar up amidst plush woods they say but does that mean we all get into a ManMohanSingh mode and simply watch the drama unfold?

Communication is an art, a skill of understanding and analysing what the other person wants to or does not want to hear and how best you could connect and convey your thoughts with clarity and moral conviction by even crediting the constructive critiquing views and opinions of others but how do you do this when people around you are not in your perceptive league at all where debate has become a one sided verbal diarrhea and communication is all about cutting down others’ views by amplifying only your opining decibels, deviating and diluting the topic which gets bereaved in a squirming mudslinging match that is often fed with sarcastic spicy juices to enhance one’s ranting rendezvous with futile and fervently funny remarks that essentially conclude nothing.

While a good communicator is someone who connects, represents facts, asks questions and clarifications with brevity and seeks answers genuinely, the successful ones are those who also listen up and know when to shut up. Sounds gross? If effective communication is an art then shutting up at the right time is a science!

Yes really, when the world goes gaga over captivating speeches and conquering speakers, silence has its own sophistication and dignity that at times can rule the rioting ones.

Just because you didn’t have the last word it does not mean you are inferior or incompetent because silence is the loudest scream practicing which is like meditation in a disco Tec and greed, gossip, revenge and tit for tat syndromes will distract you like Menake, Urvashi and Rambha and you will itch to babble especially if you are the talking parrot types but remember you can ascend the pinnacle of this art only with a composed mind, courage and strength to retreat, control and put your acerbic tongue to shavaasana.

But believe me it will yield the best results with time, more so if you know when to leverage it. In fact silence sometimes enables better thought process and better understanding of the whole situation around you.

You can practice this with your maid, mother in law, wife, husband or pesky and pugnacious people around.

Remember speech is silver but silence is golden!!

(By silence I mean shutting up once in a while at least)


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