The Haughty Heart

The age old debate of the Heart Vs the Brain never seems to die down. While the brain is a celebrated and sought after commodity in the matrimonial and job market the heart is still a very disputable and derogatory word in the lexicon of many in our society even when we all know deep within that it is secretly the kingpin that heads your head as you spin in your everyday dilemmas amidst roaring and reeling minds as it is often the heart that decides for you like the lady of the house. While many in the medical fraternity may dismiss this theory of the heart’s superiority over the brain it is the same heart that makes news when airlifted pompously to save precious lives, it is the same heart that when attacked or not, keeps the livelihood of many medicos going, it is the heart that keeps the brain on the run to invent newer technologies to protect and care for it. Even producers, financers and creative writers use and abuse the fragility of the ‘heart’ as a commodity because you like it or not it is the bread and butter for the many woods in Indian cinemas as heart is always a block buster theme that churns crores in all seasons even when the brain sees no reason why every other tittle every other crooning number begins with this bigoted word.

Although supporters of the ‘prevention of cruelty towards the brain’ reason out that it is the brain that is often bragged of being kept in a museum to commemorate one’s intelligentsia and no heart has ever been honoured like that nor has anything been referred to as ‘heartschild’ instead it has always been a ‘brainchild’ at which the media houses especially the television news channels rejected all such theories by screaming their heart’s content and emoted that news is made when millions of hearts beat and succumb to the views of the anchor hence heart cannot be subject to the epicentre of brainless debates. They even released many heart shaped balloons as a mark of free heartfelt speech and cornered the group by questioning them if ever in the history of mankind __ any brain shaped balloons were released or distributed among kids and thus refurbished their impact theory on its viewers.

The popularity of the ‘heart’ is not just limited to medicos, media and movies it also enjoys the support of the meditating spiritual gurus and muscle flaunting fitness trainers who advise you to put your heart mind and soul to seek success that goes on to create a niche in defining the persona you are, so much for the heart.


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