Bangalore Demolition Authority(BDA)

In the wake of the sudden environmental enthusiasm of the Siddaramaiah government which is off late on a bull-dozing spree breaking homes and hearts, Bangalureans wonder if this middle class ethnicity cleansing law adopted in the name of restoration of the city is well meant for the welfare of its tax paying citizens!

Laws are made for the welfare of all but in the current scenario where the law makers themselves (BDA/BBMP in this case) who are the face of the government has flouted rules duping hundreds of innocent gullible citizens robbing them off their roofs, how justified is it to break homes that were allowed to flourish from the last 3 decades? Will the homes of the erring officials and corrupt politicians be razed off like this without rehabilitating them or without arriving at any consensual legal settlement??

When it is a classic case of the fence eating the crops the Karnataka Home minister Mr.K.J.George pitches in to say that the government is mulling to bring about a bill to protect the economically weaker section that have lost sites and roofs over their heads during the on-going demolition drive. So Mr.Minister what is the definition of weaker section in this secular era where caste census becomes a stately prerogative taking precedence over the welfare of the taxpaying gullible citizen who is punished at the fancies of an enlightened environmentalist overnight by swatting homes just like that? But the fact is even those whom you thought are very elite have today become economically weak and socially deprived after losing homes at your hands.

Successive governments have come and gone pleasing their near and dear ones by selective notification or convenient de notification of lands, while the common man still struggles to decipher this ploy of this polity and wonders where were these chest beating environment enthusiasts when layouts were formed, sites allotted, loans given and taxes collected and Khatas issued? How come the authorities have suddenly woken up from their deep slumber who until yesterday were working in connivance with builders and babus but today are talking about saving the city and all its ecological-demographic effects after having allowed it to develop haphazardly

The print and television media were abuzz with headlines like land encroachers/land grabbers and many more decorative phrases during the demolition of the buildings on the Sarakki/Banaswadi lake bed encroachments but silently somewhere near Sankey tank yet another reputed builder is granted permission to build beside a lake.

Maybe years later after many bucks have been made and when the builder washes his hands off the project and the babus have moved out to other departments the muck will be on the citizen again questioning him for the legalities of the property that was once endorsed by them.

Today the BDA, BBMP, Builders and the Banks are a nexus that seems to work around organizing and hyping up this loot bazaar called real estate leaving the common man wonder if it is saner to own a property at all. Is there any one stamp, one authenticity that the government can vouch for its citizens?

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