Why Delhi Dumped BJP

Most words emerging from my crossword today “rout, anger, underdog, bend, burst” they all seem to reflect the Delhi mood, the newspapers are wrapped with headlines of how the Mufflerman has emerged as the Pokemon amidst Delhiites twitteratti humour is at its creative best with all kinds of political satire about the boom of the broom and the doom of the bloom.

Arvind kejriwal the man whose face was blackened, called an anarchist and almost ostracised by the media has shot back reconnecting and rediscovering himself amongst people from ground level along with his 40000 strong volunteers who left no stone unturned in marketing their brand called ‘AAP’, call it perseverance, hard strategy or over hyped media magic or a consolidation of the Congis or foreign hand work but the fact remains that the BJP smugly muffed in the last 9 long months allowing the muffler a clear win. The biggest mistake of the BJP was perhaps its negative campaigning and relying only on rhetoric abracadabra by banking on personalities rather than on performance without any strong ground work which clearly set the stage for an unhindered AAP victory.

Pitching Kiran Bedi in the nth minute was looming large the ineptness of BJP in choosing an existing prominent face and blindly banking on starry faces, this did not do any good as AAP knew more about her than the BJP workers, the induction of Shazia Ilmi, pouching of Congress candidates like Krishna Tirath was not well taken as people really looked up for change in the leadership to see a change in the way things worked but by inducting those very people in a new attire was unlikely to fool a watchful Junta. Also the honesty and the upright cop in Kiran Bedi is something that BJP will find it difficult to stomach in the coming days. She will perhaps need lot of diplomatic lessons in the ugly school of the male dominated politics.

The energy of a cosmopolitan Delhi was well captivated by Kejriwal with clever social media tactics, there was this viral spoof video of Kejriwal doing the rounds which had shown him as a drama king but recently I came across this one. Do click on the links and watch the video to understand how well Mr.Kejriwal and his young talented team en cashed on the popularity of these viral videos to undo the damage done by those very videos on his reputation, this spirited makeover attitude along with his acceptance of past mistakes without conceit and door to door campaigns talking to every house and the enormous social media mind making that they pitched in was really astounding, this has been the best management lesson so far to make fortune from a fallacy we would be fooling ourselves if we didn’t concede to his unwavering determination to pursue Delhi, while Kejriwal was busy cementing his porous political wall the BJP was still honeymooning, badmouthing and boot licking the Americans, their over-dependence on Modi for everything and Amit Shah’s strategies that seemed very predictable and lacklustre without any solid work done.

The people have voted for a change to make India free of corruption, free of mindless caste reservations and caste quotas with a dream to have only merit based selections for all educational, employment opportunities where there is a uniform civil code of conduct for all with clean water to drink, unadulterated and affordable vegetables and grains to eat, clean and safe roads to move around, good education at lower costs, we cannot understand how nuclear energy is good for India when America does not have one since 1979 nor do we understand the gum chewing protocols at a republic day event as we the commoners don’t even understand what constitution is all about as we can never comprehend what the hell is written in it, only Manish Tiwari, Mani Shankar Iyer and other Stephenly clan can attempt to decode it. We the commoners cannot understand why our humble prime minister had to get a designer suit worth 10lakhs from London while coining slogans of ‘Make in India’, okay he might be misled by a Zionist designer who is all out to defame him stealthily but what then are we really making in India __ ugly political concoctions luring insignificant people like Manjhi. No! We send rockets to Mars as well! Now with reservations we get leaders like Manjhi with merit you will gets Mars Mission but unfortunately we are still struck with secular communal caste debates when all our country needs is merit and swift actions. Today’s news headline is “Christian school attacked’ now who is communal? the media or the masses? I am perplexed, recently 30 nursery kids fatally injured in a bus accident near Ram Nagar in Karnataka but who cares when it’s not happening in Delhi or Mumbai.

But why am I talking irrelevant stuff amidst Kejriwal’s glory, for the simple fact that each day of this BJP rule should be well utilised and put to the fullest use to curb and reform our corrupt system reeking of red tape and multi layered hypocrisy oops bureaucracy! only then will the losing grip be reinstated only then can we become a developed meritorious nation. To cry that AAP won because of media glare sounds like a sour grape story, if Kejriwal promised “cheaper electricity and free wifi” what stopped BJP from countering it with “online Khata” but unfortunately the BJP was having a hangover of Loksabha when AAP was having hangouts on google.

At least now instead of pretending to celebrate Congress decimation the BJP must realise that nobody is indispensable in a democracy and introspect hard as to what really led to 67:3 ratio which is something serious and certainly 3 is not very far off from 0, not that we are not aware that Jamaat Ud Dava is a cloned offspring of Lashkar I Taiba and that even if it is banned/decimated it’s offshoot will still pop up like an online ad at a different location in disguised DNA s which people of Delhi will realise a little late in the day but the point is AAP has clearly outsmarted BJP in all its campaigns by playing the holy cow on television media while it did vilely take to ugly gimmicks like this on social media to defame and discredit an honest and upright Kiran Bedi by pulling up her estranged marriage issues and discrediting her of her brave honest image by attributing those stints to someone else, we all know that Kiran Bedi was the iron lady who had the nerve to tow Indira Gandhi’s car when it was wrongly parked, we all know that the media would grab every chance to vilify and demonise Modi but what we don’t know is if Modi would stick to his ‘man of action’ image and display this iron will?

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