Musing Behind The Mufler

The Obamas have come and gone yet another time, whether it was of any significance to India’s sovereignty or detrimental to the long built relationship with Russia who cares about it as long as the muse sizzles in his muffler grabbing prime time space with his uncanny knack of sprucing spices out of a bitter split up satiating the media oomph for pseudo-secular sycophancy. Arvind Kejriwal, the poster boy of Delhi the synonym of the common man with his symbolic broom stick and the muffler is back in action after dumping and degenerating hopes and Crores of rupees down Delhi’s drain.

The large anti-corruption image that brewed up quickly amidst a corrupt congress regime cascading a clean aura upon Kejriwal with ease until recently in 2013 has now stagnated and has bred a new cult of voters, the cult that is smitten by the anopheles of scrutiny who will now introspect hard and read between every line as they now know that the man who cried the loudest about corruption joined hands with those very corrupt people against whom he breathed fire now stands exposed and has proven that opportunism is the mother of hollow hypocrisy.

Today Arvind Kejriwal making spiteful jibes and calling his ex-colleagues as opportunist reeks of narcissism or nervousness or both is for Delhiites to decide.

Okay even if it required him to play an opportunist to take control of the failing state of a corrupt capital why then did he go back to street activism when he was the one in power? What was the extreme moral compulsion to quit when he had already compromised on his party’s basic ideology of moral tenets while joining hands with a corrupt congress?

Though he was instrumental in reinventing the terms RTI and Jan Lokpal Bill into the lexicon of the common man alongside Anna his large political aspirations perhaps drifted him from the crux of his crusade and led him to grossly miscalculate and misread the mood of the nation.

Scanning his job history I found this:

1985-Joined IIT Kharagpur (ok highly recruit able but didn’t know he would cut the branch he sat on)

1989-Joined Tata Steel

1992-Resigned from Tata Steel to take Civil Services Exams

1995-Joined Indian Revenue Services (IRS) after successfully clearly exams in the first shot

2000-Went on paid leave to pursue higher education with a bond not to resign for 3years after resuming work, during this period he started an NGO called Parivarthan while he was taking government salary.

2003-He resumed work and continued for 18months and went on unpaid leave for next 18months

2005-Started another NGO ‘Kabir’ along with Manish Sisodia while he was in Government service

2006-Quit IRS stating that 18months work and 18months unpaid leave had justified the 3year clause his resignation was only accepted in 2011 after he paid the dues of 9+lakhs.

(This honest officer was never transferred out of Delhi, the norm for transfers is once in 3years)

2011-Started the India against corruption alongside Anna Hazare

2012-Formed Aam Aadmi Party on 26th November

2013-Elected the youngest CM of Delhi on 27th December

Jan 6th 2014– Kejriwal claimed he would not contest Loksabha elections

He went around subsidizing power without any practical back ups

January 17 2014– there are news reports that Kejriwal rethinks his decision not to contest

January 19th 2014– Kejriwal declares he will contest Loksabha elections

Jan 31st 2013-The National thermal power corporation (NTPC) had rejected AAP’s plea not to stop power supply to BSES Yamuna power Ltd for defaulting payment citing lack of funds to pay NTPC , BSES Yamuna Power Ltd the backbone of Delhi’s power supply has threatened to cut power supply to Delhi for 10hours

February 13th 2014– the controversial Jan Lokpal bill was tabled in Delhi Assembly without sending the bill for recommendation to the Lt.Governor before introducing it in the legislative assembly but Kejriwal refused to follow any constitutional protocols and threatened to resign if the bill was not passed in the immediate upcoming assembly session even without a debate. If Kejriwal was serious about bringing the Lokpal why then did he let Lokpal to be bogged down by egoistic autocracy instead of a strong sensible debate?

February 14th 2014– The cupid struck Kejriwal and he made the supreme sacrifice of the chair for the love of Lokpal or Loksabha we don’t know!!

The job hopper in Arvind Kejriwal orphaned Delhi in just 49 days and that he calls Delhi to vote for him yet again sounds like a desperate child who lost his tart for the toffee with no vision. The people today are skeptical that Lokpal was a scapegoat or an exit strategy for AK’s Loksabha run else one can easily see through why a CM of a state shunned away from a debate for which the people had voted him.

Aspirations are good as long as they don’t become overtly overambitious hare-brained misadventures but for the man who claims to be the simplistic Aam Aadmi, maintaining the credible equinox of polity and principles is the need of the hour, talking about why he is good for Delhi and why people of Delhi should believe him yet again after expending crores into futility would perhaps do more good to his image instead of instigating ugly jibe wars and engaging in mud-slinging, rhetoric, cheap gimmicks, cheap comments like a seductive siren in an Ekta Kapur soap where all roads lead to destruction of civility.

Whether he is an anarchist or antidote to our corrupt politics as he claims one can only hope that he doesn’t make a claim to contest against Obama in the next US presidential elections!!

2 comments on “Musing Behind The Mufler

  1. sharath says:

    Seriously .. how do you come up with something like the 2nd paragraph.. it took me while to digest the sentences, ( especially .. ” anopheles of scruitiny” )let alone the inconspicuous message underneath ..


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