When AK became PK

I have never done a movie review before but this one although a little late was compulsive not because of the hype and controversy but because of the blatant insensitive hypocrisy of the celluloid who shape millions of minds.

I normally watch Aamir Khan’ movies without any scepticism because they are usually watchable with family with a well written and well told story so after much anticipation I watched the movie PK leaving aside all prejudices.

The movie begins with Aamir Khan doing a Kate Winslet when he lands nude in a Rajasthani desert posing with only a necklace but much to our surprise it suddenly turns out like Kapil’s Comedy when his space ship remote, a chain like accessory is chain snatched leaving the nude alien with the famous tape recorder, remember the extensive promos of PK!

I almost thought it was a film to encourage some scientific temperament but this alien is more interested on religious research work, no! you got it all wrong, the alien is truly secular where only 97% of the movie is Hindu deriding and rest 3% is allocated delicately to other non-interfering and peaceful religions, now don’t ask me why he grabbed an obsolete tape recorder in this mobile era but whether he grabbed a tape recorder or a gramophone disc is really immaterial as long as the marketing decibels trumpet about the egalitarian rights of males in a female dominated Bollywood where sleaze is constricted only to item girls.

Anushka Sharma plays Jaggu, not the chota bheem Jaggu! a poetry lover who falls in love in 5minutes and gets dumped in 2minutes at the altar by a Pakistani boy in Belgium as the boy neither has a smart phone nor is smart enough to get a data connection on his phone but it is all the Hindu Godman Tapasvi Maharaj’s fault as he had predicted their break up and is solely responsible for the lovers not pursuing their love. Anushka lives up to her role and at times has outdone Aamir although the lip redo will take us a while to accept but the problem is the goof up of the story.

Aamir Khan the Charlie Chaplin like confused hobbit without any language codes embedded into him who can only communicate by reading minds by holding hands roams around mutedly stealing money and clothes from men and women from dancing cars, the idea of dancing cars is a recreation novelty in a rigid rural Rajasthan where urban coats meet rural lehangas to pay homage to Adam and Eve, anyways incidentally the alien is hit by Sanjay Dutt’s vehicle who makes a cameo as Bhairon Singh a village folk ends up taking care of the alien, on realising the hitches of this touch mode alien he converts him into the voice mode by introducing him to a prostitute whose Bhoipuri binary code gets downloaded into the alien in 6hours by holding hands. Aamir’s acting gets monotonous in this movie with his usual wide eyed gestures, that the script requires the alien to be wide eyed forces Aamir to further widen his eyes making it too dreary, artificial and forced. Aamir’s best efforts to look different in each movie has gone awry in PK even the acting is far too mediocre killing all our expectations.

Jaggu now a reporter spots Aamir the alien in the crowd with long ears sticking out quite naturally and is amused by his erratic ways of finding god by posting missing pictures of Hindu Gods and Goddesses on the streets. She shadows him for his secular approach and figures out that he is an alien looking for his lost remote and is seeking god’s help as people tell him that only god can help him find it ___ “sirf bhagwan hi madath kar saktha hai” after which he begins his hunting stint for “bhagwan” in temples, mosques, churches, Gurudwaras provoking controversies if not thoughts he is eventually branded as PK (pee kay meaning boozed up) by people around.

There are some funny scenes here and there when the alien tries to understand the various customs of different sects that are in stark contradiction to each other which easily tickles kids but the funny quotient soon loses grip and trickles out as blatant mockery of Hindu beliefs. At one point the humour subjectively turns hurtful where Aamir Khan smears paan as kumkum on a round stone to prove a point and people start worshipping it but who decides where and how one should pray? Of course there have been funny movies like Johnny English mocking the would-be pope but never about the beliefs and practices, will Aamir and Rajkumar Hirani show this innocuous courage about namaz? Thank god the remote was apparently with the evil Hindu priest and not the pope or the prophet else Bumman Irani would not be pointing about his pierced buttock instead he would have gone missing or would not have his head between his shoulders.

I do not know why people of Aamir and Hirani’s caliber had to resort to cheap slapstick scenes like Lord Shiva running out of a toilet and hiding amidst people’s feet and use lines like “Jo dar gaya wo mandir gaya” which was irrelevant and could have been portrayed in a more subtle way.

Sanjay Dutt who in real life is convicted in the 1993 bomb blast ironically gets blown in a bomb blast abruptly without any connect or significance to the storyline but never mind the unusual questions and looks of the alien take him to a prime time debate on national TV, he questions Godmen and calls them ‘wrong number’, the TV debate is set on fire when Anushka’s Pakistani love story goes live and it is here on national TV that she comes to know that the whole ditching drama was because of a silly cat but there is no shame in being secular and that too in a Hirani film, eventually the godman loses to the scholarly questions by PK and PK gets back his remote without anybody knowing that he is an alien. In true bollywood style the alien ends up falling for the girl but never gets to romance her like in all his films. He finally embarks on his journey with loads of Duracell batteries only to come back with another good looking hobbit that looks like a fairer version of Neetu Singh.

PK is more like a PJ where in the first half you try to understand the numerous characters introduced and in the second half you are trying to connect the story so far, of course it looks like they are struggling all along to make a point or two and give a message to temple going duffers amidst loads of Hindu bashing but emotions strode really high and I was completely overwhelmed with its creative script writing and almost on the verge of tearing my neighbours’ seat at one particular scene when the whole of the Pakistani embassy folks __ the liberal messiahs__rejoice and celebrate the love story and say “jaggu ka call aagaya” as if it were a call from Obama.

For PK’s information only

Idol worshipping is done solely to fix our concentration because the whole world believes that God is everywhere but nobody prays in a toilet. Praying is an attempt to keep your mind steady to put your soul at solace for which you need focus and a spiritual decorum that is the reason we have a dedicated pooja room/prayer place at home, that is the reason people go to a temple, masjid or church or gurdwara where one achieves concentration by focussing mind on a form which could essentially be an idol, a book(quran) or a picture, whether I call it as Krishna, Rama or Vishnu or Shiva or anything else is my choice and my belief and nobody’s business to poke fun.

Also a temple sanctum is considered holy because of the Vedic mantra chanting that invokes positive vibrations and energy for all and this is precisely the reason Vedas are recited in the Buckingham palace

Veda Chanting by British Kids in Sanskrit at the Buckingham … and the Gayathri mantra is aired as a morning show in Britain radios, the USA has set up a vedic city to promote our Hindu values but here are our stalwart crusaders of secularism who go all out to rebuke our faith, I am not even sure if the movie was really conceptualized to give a social message as most commercial flicks or TV shows today know that religion and only religion sells faster than anything else in India more so when it is a derogatory about Hinduism. But any amount of jingoism about pseudo secularism and selective democracy will only lead to more radicalisation of the society polarising one sect against another.

PK was a huge disappointment and a complete waste of time and money as the story is no novelty and thoroughly loses grip forcing many irrelevant scenes and characters without any substantial hold on the subject taking undue liberty in outraging beliefs in the guise of freedom and creativity. I wonder why Leela Samson didn’t quit over PK we should thank her for not banning this movie as it clearly exposes her bigoted clan who are all bent upon denigrating Hinduism.

Raising awareness about the evils of any religion is fine but doing so selectively and insensitively without talking about evils of shariat laws, rampant conversions, women’ rights, and only stalking Hinduism on all its aspects is like a witch hunt that exposes their chicken headedness or bias or both.

I could still agree with Aamir that all godmen are thugs and thieves if he donated all those crores collected from PK to

run orphanages or schools or hospitals like what some unholy evil Hindu Godmen are doing, Aamir are you listening?


7 comments on “When AK became PK

  1. brunda bru says:

    phew that was one set of bottled up feelings Mayura! I could make out your disappointed in almost every line and yes I do agree with most of your points and the new gig of intolerance wave hitting the nation more the cyclones in Chennai.

    Albeit being Aamir’s fan for movies, I don’t actually agree with the latest buzz he has coe up with and hands away from PK ,apart from the alien with the traditional lost remote and spaceship, I admire it to have forced us from the way we think and perceive, there are loopholes yet it the movie has managed to spur up the questions we Indians have always wanted to confront!!

    I liked your sentence where religion and only religion sells!! It is so true…a very interesting article:)


    • This post was written even before he made any ruckus about our tolerance levels, before this movie even I was an ardent admirer of Aamir Khan movies and always looked forward to his intellectual platters, although the movie PK starts off humorously as an attempt to raise some pertinent questions it fails to carry the message and instead ends up pointing fingers and branding one side of the coin as black in a biased and disrespectful way, yes there are fraudsters roaming around as Godmen but do you think they exist only in India and only in Hinduism, this is where PK loses its stake as a balanced movie especially when Aamir does a paan(betel leaf) pratishtaapan or shivji runs out of a toilet and crawls amidst stamping crowds, will he ever dare to show Mohammed in the same light, will he ever have a pope cornered on TV, from times undated there have been Godmen who only preached about God, it is the people who give them that place and continue to see some element of God in them so a name does not really matter, millions of devotees pray to Raghavendra swamy who existed some 500years back, today there are millions of devotees of Ravi Shankar but what if tomorrow someone wants to build a temple and call him God just like they did to Sai baba, how will we contest that by doing a paan pratishtapan on their idols?? My god may be different from yours, my belief may be different from yours but as long as I don’t interfere in others business and ask them to convert or go around killing people calling them kafirs or don’t go around belittling somebody’s faith just to have a hegemony over the world affairs, it is nobody’s business to say what I should worship or believe in, coming to the fraudulent Godmen, who are they? Today we all have judged Asaram Bapu even before any courts convicted him, will anybody make a movie about the Madrasa molestation in Kerala, will anybody make a movie on the rampant child abuse in Churches, Asaram was put in jail but what about Barkha Dutt, what about Shashi Tharoor, what about Gopal Kanda and many others who have been accused of fraud, criminal charges but they are a celebrated lot, the biggest hypocrisy is that in India the media will only show you fraudulent Hindu babas but have you ever heard of a fraudulent Imam or Padre being ridiculed and broadcasted, the problem we Indians are broadminded and don’t realize the hidden agenda beneath all that which is propagated. There are loopholes in every society every religion but to demonize one and sympathize the other with kid gloves is bigotry of the worst order. Thanks Brunda for reading this elaborate gyan:) someday take your time and listen to Rajiv Dixit’s speeches on youtube, its very long but worth listening to! Thanks for reading me !!

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