Kiss Of Love

After Kerala, Kolkotta and Delhi now Bengaluru is smitten by this campaign called Kiss Of Love that has been newly coined by pseudo liberals and modernists who claim to achieve freedom and liberty through kissing in public.

But in a country that is bogged in rapes, child abuse, dowry, honour killings, female infanticide, where Ghoonghat and Hijab are symbolic with pride of religious values when in reality these women are at the bottom of the pinnacle to voice their concerns, what liberty and freedom are these messiahs of love talking about? What empowerment or revolution will a public display of lust disguised as love bring forth amongst masses that are still struggling with basic things like lack of good education, drinking water, pollution control, food adulteration and traffic woes?

Love, an intangible adoration and respect you show for your dear ones, an expression of care by being there for each other is not just about lip service quiet literally in this context where lust is confused as love. It cannot become a commodity at the hands of media and unsophisticated mania of pseudo liberals who refuse to accept that the kernel of love between a man and a woman is sacred only when it is a secret consensually behind four walls. But the argument seems to that in India when you can piss in public why not kiss… so what are they suggesting that if you cannot control the pissing in public you can justify that by kissing in public?!! But then even dogs kiss and piss in public then why do we really need any social code of conduct at all which is brazenly highlighted as moral policing.

If there was no such need of a code of conduct why then do we need a censor board in movies, why then do we restrict obscenity on kids’ channels, why then do we have something called as public space and private space. Do we lock lips with all those whom we love? It is this social decorum of conduct that needs to be maintained in a society as diverse as ours but it is an irony that in India a man displaying his privates’ will be booked for obscenity but the so called human rights/ social activists will run a cleavage campaign and shout their lungs out to adopt the trashed cultures of the west in the name of liberty.

Moral policing they cry but can we really wear all those fanciful pieces of clothes of a fashion show and walk on our streets? Are we so smitten by unrealistic Bollywood fantasy flips that these day dreamers expect a swarm of junior artists to swing and dance around them when they engage in kissing?

No wonder Indian cinema and media is reported to be the most biased and sexist against women that objectifies them as commodities of sex.

Take any commercial ad or any TV/Movie actress, if she does not strip enough she will be thwarted as non-glamorous. Obscenity is celebrated as bold act.

Will this obscenity and vulgarity that often takes shelter under the name of creativity, elite modernism and liberal thoughts invoke any kind of respect for the women who walk on the streets or will it trigger adverse effects affecting one’s safety?

So are these icons of liberal ideology going to bring freedom and modernity with their wild lip-locking in all that limelight when our government schools are locked and jammed in obsolete wilderness?

I wonder how liberty and freedom can boil down to a carnal aspect. If the furore is to spread love and liberty then they could probably extend it  to all those kids and trans-genders begging at the traffic signal and free them from their destitution. They could even extend this kiss of love to all leprosy patients and soothe their souls.

In spite of so many bigotries in our country that are crying for the attention of our youth today if these misled youth front-ending to settle some political scores believe that kissing under the media glare is all about liberty and freedom then it is high time they look out for ground realities that are really slowing our nation down. They can still kiss or hiss inside their private walls or dark jungles without any disturbance by moral cops or media soaps. But the larger question is who is sponsoring such cheap gimmicks amidst our gullible youth?


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