What Does The Dog Say??!!

Whoever said ‘it’s is a dog’s life’ think again because that bony creature you thought of as puny is a today a well fed, plump, macho mongrel enjoying celebrity status, if it were to stand for elections it would easily win a whopping victory with sympathy votes amidst the frenzy of merciful NGOs, animal rights activists and a zillion confused compassionate people out there talking about Karma that you actually owe the dog.

You Google it, it’s all there Sarvodaya, Karuna, Jaagruti, Paws, CUPA, Aasha, Bluecross, Voice of Strays and many more echelons of love and compassion unlimited for the stray dogs but surprisingly they are not moved by the inhumane killings of the cow, pig, hen or the goat not even at the gross gluttony of the marine world. Probably they need all that protein in their bellies to garner enough energy to fight for the poor dogs and why not when we are living in a country where the cow is communal and the dog is secular.

dog marrying girl

All those lovely noble souls fighting and screaming their throats out for the dogs have they ever heard of something called as Halal, do they even know how much beef is exported from India although it is illegal? Why don’t they muster the same courage to save the harmless cows? Has that compassion evaporated after a heavy chicken biryani or a beef steak?

Saving a cow would make more economic and ecological sense for India but sadly India is today the 3rd largest exporter of beef.

So where is compassion? Is it auctioned at the tables of hypocritical NGOs or can it be earned by giving moral science classes in the casinos of Mizoram serving Hot Dog?

The street dogs of Bangalore that were once humbled with left over curd rice have suddenly developed a palate for meaty grubs thanks to the insane mounds of open garbage and a chain of regulated and unregulated eateries popping up each day in every nook and corner strewing food waste mindlessly with primitive policies and antique administrators with an even more insensitive urban crowd that wakes up only when they are affected.

The ABC(animal birth control) rules notified in Dec 2001 under prevention of cruelty to animals act 1960 prohibit killing of stray dogs except in special cases when they are rabid or terminally ill. It rules that stray dog menace can be controlled only by sterilization and vaccinations and all this has to be done humanely without inflicting any pain else strict action will be taken.

So much for the dog my God!!! But the dog menace and disease control that has to be handled by the municipality is currently delegated to animal rights groups funded by NGOs whose financial sources we don’t know. With 3 vans on paper and only 1 dog catching van in use for all practical purposes for the whole of Bangalore city that has almost 3lakh stray dogs today are struggling to catch and sterilize dogs in spite of the tens of millions of tax payer’s money allocated by the government for ABC and animal welfare programs and policies where neither animals nor humans have seen the light of welfare.

Dogs that were domesticated from their wolf family today have no natural predators, it can litter twice a year adding up to 20pups each year/bitch, even with so much of hype about sterilization the dog population is only ballooning out of proportion in stark contrast to what the animal rights activists claim.

In fact the aggressive nature of the city dogs leaves one pondering if the sterilization program has contained or aggravated the scenario as medicos claim that ABC actually creates a hormonal imbalance in the dog making it more irritable and aggressive in contradiction to the sterilization myths.


The WHO says ‘Promote and enforce pet control laws, undertake sustained re-immunization and eliminate unwanted dogs’ for the control of dog population.

The Karnataka High Court has ruled in PIL filed in 2012 that all dogs, which are a menace or cause nuisance, irrespective of whether they have or not attacked anybody, could be exterminated in a humane manner — even if they are vaccinated, sterilized and free from diseases — as per the provisions of the Karnataka Municipal Corporations (KMC) Act 1976.

The animal welfare lobbyists thrust ABC as the only legal option to control the stray population where crores of public money is wasted with unscientific and shoddy implementation practices by our Municipalities, is it too much to ask for a little sympathy for the basic human rights of moving fearlessly in our surroundings?

Natural defense to save your lives from any impeding danger is a universal right. There is a ‘Save Tiger’ campaign because it does not walk on our streets traumatizing us every day. Man and dogs have been friends from times unknown as the dog is known for its loyalty and intellect but a dog obeys and wags its tail at the master only because he feeds and takes care of its hunger similarly man likes to believe he is superior to all and puts everything around him to use, the day man stops feeding it, this friendly soul will revive its pack behaviour and hunt us down just as the man would swat or spray on cockroaches and mosquitoes and ants that does not add value to him in any way.

It is another thing that these creatures add lot of revenue to companies like Hit and All out.

Man you know ‘bada kutta kamina hotahai’.

The loyalty and all that celebrated love is just mutual convenience. If you don’t believe me feed not your dog and see for yourself. Dogs are directly dependent on humans for food and cannot fend for themselves unlike other domesticated animals that can graze or find food on its own. So when there is no food available it will definitely attack us, in order to avoid this scenario there should be no ownerless dogs.

Stray dogs without any vaccinations are a threat to the society as it may cause Rabies but sadly neither the BBMP nor the dog activists are ensuring that all dogs are vaccinated and re immunized , they only run noisy crusades for the dog without owning any responsibility for the welfare of the society they live in.

Here is what Mahatma Gandhi had to say about stray dogs:

“A roving dog without an owner is a danger to society and a swarm of them is a menace to its very existence…. If we want to keep dogs in towns or villages in a decent manner no dog should be suffered to wander. There should be no stray dogs even as we have no stray cattle…. But can we take individual charge of these roving dogs? Can we have a pinjrapole for them? If both these things are impossible then there seems to me no alternative except to kill them.” 

The icon of ahimsa the father of our nation who said show your other cheek to the one who slaps you could say something so harsh but only the truth because he thought it was an insult to throw a crumb at the starving dog by not adopting him and keeping it in your homes.www.karmayog.com/dogs/gandhijiletter.htm

Okay it is barbaric to kill and we are nobody to decide about other’s lives but if that is the case why are snakes and leopards that stray into our territories killed. Poor guys they have not built this kind of lobbying clout. I really wonder where all that money is coming from for these dog rights activists? They protest all across India and handicap and arm twist the government from taking any sane decision and in turn the government allocates millions of tax payer’s money to fund these kinds of misplaced compassion in the name of social justice which is denied to others who cannot bark.

In fact there was not so much of dog menace nor such aggressive behaviours before any of these dog legislations took shape, the BBMP argues that ABC is well implemented but it is no secret that the dog population has exploded in the last few years leaving one wonder if this is some well-orchestrated money minting scheme where only money is allocated and no action happens in reality, no accurate statistics of dog census is available nor is the number of dogs sterilized measured and authenticated by the authorities. It is a herculean task to get the BBMP dog squad to even register and attend to your problems. Is there really any animal love involved in protecting dogs or is it just obedience and subservience of authorities to a larger profitable industry who pay authorities promptly. In a country where most trade statistics are easily available, the money involved in the dog industry that includes dog food, accessories and services sold each year in India and how much revenue it generates is a big secret.

But what really is the solution to these menacing man-hunting stray dogs?

  • A private player without any kind of interference from NGOs and BBMP should be given the task of implementing the ABC program effectively on a fast track basis, if it is not done within a year he should be shown the door.
  • A friendly dog adoption programme should be promoted where all stray dogs could be adopted and taken home by genuine dog lovers.

One such program is run by a Bangalore based NGO called ‘Lets Live Together’ who has been promoting adoption of Indian dogs in the city. And interestingly most takers for these Desi Indian stray dogs are foreigners who claim that Desi Indian dogs have unique temperament and build, they are athletic, highly intelligent, highly alert, quick learners, calm indoors and fast outdoors and sensitive and adaptable to environment and don’t fall sick easily. Humane extermination of aggressive, unwanted and diseased dogs is another method employed by most countries to keep a tab on the strays.

The Royal Lineage:

These street feral strays that are reduced to scavenging today at our gutters and garbage dump yards were once owned by the royal families. When the British came, everything Indian took a toll and everything native was classified as cheap, the Desi Indian dog was beaten and thrashed and left to fend on leftovers by the street side.

The Mudhol, Rajapalayam, Combai,Chippiparai, Jonangi, Kanni are a few of those Indian royal dog breeds that enjoyed the dignity of regal legacies that walked as royal companions and went hunting with their kings. Soon the craze for anything English picked up and breeds like Pedigree, Poodles, Mastiffs, Cocker Spaniels were smuggled into India and seen as status symbols replacing and discriminating against our Desi breeds. When the Pedigree became friendly with some abandoned native dog the new cursed breed of the ‘Desi JungleeKuttha’ was born to be starved and strayed for eternity.

Some poopy information for you :

Cow Dung:

The cow provides 100 million tonnes(as of 1990)of dry dung a year costing 5000crores which saves 50 million tonnes of firewood which again means that many trees saved and more environmental damage prevented. It is calculated that if these 73 million animals were to be replaced, we would need 7.3 million tractors at the cost of 2.5 lakh each which would amount to an investment of 180,000 crores. In addition 2 crore, 37 lakh and 50 thousand tonnes of diesel which would mean another 57,000 crore rupees this is what we stand to lose by killing them.  The biggest energy contribution from cows and bulls is their dung. Cow’s dung, far from being contaminating, instead possesses antiseptic qualities. This has been verified by modern science. Not only is it free from bacteria, but it also does a good job of killing them. Believe it or not, it is every bit as good an antiseptic as Lysol or Mr.Clean.

(Refered from Dr.Subramanya Swamy’s article)

In spite of the immeasurable service that the cow offers it is killed ruthlessly in the most unbelievable and barbaric way to savour the palate and protein requirement when there are richer protein sources like soya beans and ground nuts available.

Where is compassion? Humans are simply bigoted hypocrites adapting moralities that suit their convenience. Moral values are gripped by rationality they say but I say rationality is subjectively subject to perception and perception is never reality. Your reality may be a fallacy to me.

Dog poop.

Dog waste is an environmental pollutant. In 1991, it was labeled a non-point source pollutant by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), placing it in the same category as herbicides and insecticides; oil, grease and toxic chemicals; and acid drainage from abandoned mines.

dogs attacking nilgai picture by vicky dubey

Ownerless dogs are not just a threat to the urban population but the unmeasured explosion of dog population is also a threat to our wildlife and endangered species like Neelgai, Blackbuck, blue sheep etc as these stray dogs are not just sharing space with city inmates but also are encroaching the jungles and passing all pathogens from here to there and vice versa.

So why is taking a measured and sustainable approach to bringing down numbers not on the development agenda? Are we really so obsessed with selective compassion and selective legalities even if it were to create ecological imbalance?

One comment on “What Does The Dog Say??!!

  1. I appreciate your efforts of putting up something which is so important and valid but always neglected. We regard Gau (cow) as Mata(mother) and still witness it being slaughtered mercilessly! However, in her entire life a cow is just serving us.

    I hope many more people read this post and spread this awareness!


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