Bon Voyage Mr.Nitish Kumar

After a heavy pizza party Lalu and Nitish are seen singing ‘Ye Dosthi Hum Nahi Chodenge’ that has many Bollywood actors biting their nails as this flick surely has more heat and passion than any of their new releases. Even as critics and media are still clueless as to how such a mind boggling chemistry was churned, Nitish might be heaving a secular sigh of belief as it was Laalu’s political economics that parachuted Nitish from his egonomics that went on to reiterate to Biharis that there can’t be a samosa without Alu.

As this new love story brims in the social media, an enthusiastic Nitish looks assertive that there is no looking back now as he has turned into a new leaf holding the lantern of love with disciples of power simply following him so austerely that he really cannot differentiate between fodder and French fries. Thanks to the Bodhi tree under which he was enlightened about Communalism and all its vices during the lok sabha elections, that lead him to such saintliness that he even shunned his CM gaddi but for Manji who was kind enough to bring back Nitish from his reverie.

Now with election waves rising, will this Noah’s boat of secularism set to steer in tested waters attested with known foes turned friends, will Bihar really hit the icicles of development or will Bihar see through the paparazzi of power hungry gimmicks fed to them at their own cost?

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