Mind Pollution

The smoke struggles to rise

Thickened and blackened by all our vice

Air water and sound pollution

Can be dealt,

But that illusion of mind

Can we really melt?

People big and small racing up to their work

In search of money, fame and luck

Seeking the decree of degrees paying a big buck

To claim the glory of attainment that we never duck

At ethics and humanities we throw muck

In the name of honour and prestige

But with no vestige

Of remorse or empathy,

In horror and apathy we gape

And sympathise oh it is a rape

Is it because she did not drape?

Or is it because of red-tape?

Which let them all escape.

Images of nude mutilated and battered women we share

Spreading gory pandemonium as if to scare

And say we care,

On witnessing a sneering glare

Or a jeering at some unholy square

Do we really dare not to spare

That mental pollution

To give every girl every woman a soothing solution

Or do we still live in an illusion

In the name of saving our skin

Wandering in life akin to a lifeless ghoul

Devoid of any inner soul

When morals go insane breathing is a bane

Hiding pain in the long mane of lawlessness in vein

Waiting for the black smoke to disperse when

The thick soot of vice lies deep rooted within so fierce.


(This post can be originally read at Pollution: With a difference

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