Sexual Terrorism

Each day we wake up to horrific news of rapes everywhere, I wonder if extensive coverage about such barbaric incidents trigger more ill minds and go on to become an epidemic in the society, should the media be talking more about the punishments meted out to them instead of stalking the affected victims? Is the society at fault or is it the law makers and law enforcers? But end of the day it is everybody’s responsibility and morality that is in question.

The rape of the 6year old in Bengaluru by her own teacher during the school hours sends shock waves reeling in our spines. If only the fellow teacher at the Vibgyor school could prioritize humanity and moral responsibility over her job security, if only the principal could prioritize ethical values over his prestige I could repose some faith on our society but all that cover up only leaves one thinking as to who was more brutal the rapist or those who tried to cover him up.

Have we stooped so low that we  cannot stand by our conscience? How many times have we tried to stop an eve teaser and stood by the vulnerable, can we reiterate our presence by our alert responsible actions and make a difference in our own little way and hope to put an end to this sexual terrorism.


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