On Your Mark, Get Set Go

The CET counselling has just picked up and the fevers are running high, 18lakhs for an electronics seat, a crore + for a medical seat and much more but still there is no dearth for takers because you cannot turn your back in this race that began a decade ago when your child was only in primary school attending all those science and maths Olympiads, ABACUS, Vedic maths, ACE, BASE and what not.

Even a 97% will not do as merit is only a minion at the hands of CET s and COMEDK s where eligibility is long swashed off by the tides of quotas and reservations leaving destitute parents and deserving students red eyed in the middle of an organized loot bazaar called education.

But still we Indians are obsessed with Science and Maths only because we are the lineage of Aryabhatta and his likes hence anything other than Science or Math is demeaning, denigrating and invariably qualifies you as a dud.

The neighbors and relatives ask ‘how much in Science and Maths?’ If you succumb to their curiosity your credibility to pronounce ‘Science’ will be scrutinized, if you pass the animosities of their analyzing eye Q not IQ then your fluid intelligence is further explored to ascertain the density of neurons left in your head and if it is in compliance with your CET score.

No, it does not end there! You are also assessed for your socio-economic status depending on the college and stream that you settle for your child. If you didn’t comply with the trending norms your IQ is at stake!

Because only dimwits with 80% who can’t afford the ticket for this edu-race will enroll in all other backward courses but we blame our luck and move on with our forage for Science and Maths.

A recent chain of mails on a common forum only reiterated this vogue, a signature on the mail affirmed aloud “IIT something” to prove his point, I wondered if even I had to add a signature too, maybe something like a “house cook” okay “Cooker” to make it a little more regal sounding because even cooking is a science you see.

But on a serious note even Science has a history that is passed on to us by scriptures, the various arts and many civilizations and their observations, calculations, explanations about natural world around us have all contributed immensely in evolving the modern day science.

Science is simply an understanding of how things work in the world around us. It is an on-going process of observation that will help you learn and explore. It is also an elixir of interpretations from art, history, geography, spirituality, nature, language and calculations derived by our forefathers for the betterment of humanity but if this calculation is applied for destruction and reduction of our environment then it is only scarcity of science.

But with today’s rage for economic prowess, knowledge is only a tool that has been divisively devised to elevate one subject over the other. Is it because we are largely influenced by the academicians who shape our beliefs or is it because it is more profitable economically for an individual if not the country? Going by this logic the proprietors who run the educational institutions as businesses are more scientific than the primitively prejudiced parents.

But why only Science when there are so many other professions like radio jockeys, journalists, counselors, sports, media anchors, travel anchors or maybe even a job like Steve Irwin’ as I explain this to an aunt of mine she giggles, what? You want your son to be a haavadiga(a snake charmer)!

If only Arnab Goswami ever heard this then Arnab and the nation will want to know why Indians are so obsessed with Science and Maths?

Of course any nation with scientific advancement is more powerful as Science today is more about bloating the defence powers of a nation and less about the purpose of humanities but what rhetoric ……

Dumbo don’t you know what is the square root of….. I scream as I want a new signature “mother of an IITian” what to do we Indians are like this only.


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