TRESemme Split Remedy Review

Most long hair stories have a grand mom or a mom advising and caring for their daughter’s beautiful hair but for me long beautiful hair was always a yearning distant dream.

During childhood the long hair story was fiction because of time constraints and rigidity. Well if you didn’t understand the later part ‘rigidity’, let me explain. As a kid I used to be very independent and very fussy about everything I did including combing my hair and preferred to do everything on my own. But my mom would insist to do my hair but this only led to constant nagging with my mom for a perfect partition in that rush hour. Unable to bear that everyday morning traumatic frenzy my mom finally chopped my hair really short.

My dream of swinging my long hair in front of the mirror had just been cut down but I secretly nurtured this dream and kept craving for long hair.

When I grew up the never ending studies, loads of homework, exams, tensions, pollution, shortage of time, bad hair care all led to horrible split ends and hair fall, again I had to forcibly cut short my dream and declare fake that short hair was always fashionable.

Today after so many years of yearning I still relate to long strong hair as an ever green fashion statement and I no more have to be at the mercy of time and rigidity as a good hair nourishing product is all it takes for a great long beautiful hair no matter how your hair is done.

I was offered this wonderful shampoo and conditioner from Tresemme for a review.

What does Tresemme claim?

Helps rescue 96% split ends after 3weeks

It comes with Amino Vitamin Blend that cleanses and restores hair with professional quality.

Tresemme believes that your hair should have beautiful ends and that endings should never be cut short.

But why should I trust Tresemme?

It is misconception among many that split ends can be ridden off by merely chopping it off but did you know that often split ends occur because of a bad diet, extensive use of chemicals to style your hair, use of bad shampoos with unregulated ingredients, exposing your hair to heat, pollution that result in ripping the protective cuticle from the hair ends. Once this protective layer is robbed, your hair end splits into two or more leading to breakage of hair.

So it is important to use a hair product which caters to your specific needs. I have been using Tresemme and just like it claims it does make your hair shiny, smooth, frizz free and glamor up your hair. Its formulation with amino-vitamin blend really gives you salon quality hair. You can definitely get rid of that scarce hair scare caused by split ends.

Tresemme has certainly made my hair velvety and sparkly in the short time that I used it. There is not a single frizzy fly away hair standing out after I have done my hair, this is definitely because of the high smoothening it does to your hair.

But what I don’t like is the presence of silicone in it which results in hair fall.

It has an amazingly captivating fragrance that lingers gently with you. A little quantity of shampoo lathers a lot. It comes in both a large bottle that lasts for months and also comes in a compact travel friendly pack. It fits into your purse and pocket as it is priced reasonably.

The conditioner works your hair to a complete smooth finish but I think that the conditioner bottle and cap design could have been better, when I actually squeeze the bottle upside down it throws the content in unpredictable directions like a spitting mamba maybe TRESemme could look into this one aspect.

I do not know about what Diana Penty says or what TRESemmé Global Hairstylist Marcus Francis says but I just say Khul Jaa TREsimsim to the TRESemme shampoo and conditioner that sits amongst my treasured toiletry

After this luxurious experience this is what my mirror has to say :

Ye baal hai ya koi maya jaal

Kaho na keise huva ye kamal?

Baalo ka mehfil hai

Uthro iske gehrayi mein

Chamakthi huyi manzil ki aur

Tamsagayi hai deewangi

Khushboo ki iz peigham mein

Jhoom Jhoom lehara rahi hai resham ka ye bahar

Chalo kho jao lambe baalo ki safar mein

Tresemme hai tho kya fikar hain. 

Ye baal hai ya koi maya jaal

Kaho keise huva ye kamal

 I am really very happy with this product.

 I would rate it as 2 on 5.


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