The emotional break up in the India Against Corruption was a bitter news for the people of India, the wide split between Anna Hazare and Arvind Kejriwal was thought as an ideological difference initially but then with Kiran Bedi standing by Anna and making her stand clear against Arvind’s aspirations, the muse of the masses only added to their speculation.

Soon the anti-corruption baby was reborn with a new name to connect well with the common man the Aam Aadmi.

People still believed that here was a man, an IITian who would really make a difference to the country and bring about many reforms, the many exposes, the articulate arguments, promise packed discourses brightened the hope of developmental extravagances, the corruption free rhetoric goodies simply kept the cheering crowds well connected or rather too very well connected with each and every move of the crusader so much to even assess the nitty-gritty and the integrity of this toddler.

The unseemly friendship with a known foe, the Delhi blunder and the empty Lok Sabha thunder all proved to be a terrible miscalculation.

As if it was not enough the Magsaysay awardee even cut a sorry face by trying to clinch back Delhi in his last attempt to reclaim the lost glory.

One could easily have discarded it as the slipup of some over ambitious person but the timing of Shazia Ilmi’s resignation followed by Capt.Gopinath’s exit and now rough relation with Yoginder Salim Yadav and Naveen Jaihind’s departure is looking more like a make shift shop being shut down, the scenario certainly raises many a misgivings about the very intent of the formation of this party, it is indeed sad that a party that had won millions of educated minds overnight is disintegrating its hard earned trust by its own dismal disintegration. Is it a classic case of misplaced talent or is it a well-orchestrated ploy deployed?



4 comments on “Kejrinomics

  1. myblog1962 says:

    Lol …Interesting !


  2. Suresh Gadiyaram says:

    Actually Iam surprised and very proud of you for the fact that you know so much about Indian polotical system. Great work and continue to feed our brain ,,,


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