Sunsilk Natural Recharge Review

I am one of those kinds who shampoos every day and hate it when the scalp goes dry. To me a shampoo should do what a beautiful smile does to the face…’ENHANCE THE FACE VALUE’ be it of the face or the hair.

I am a travel freak and can’t wait to get out of home and escape into a vacation. Traveling different places means change of weather and water which is directly proportional to the amount of hair lost.

This time I travelled to a beach and thought of rejuvenating myself but often during these rejuvenation excuses the hair and the pocket bear the brutal brunt, isn’t? So I was a little cautious this time I checked the Sunsilk Natural Recharge shampoo that was lying in the beautiful package ever since I received it for a review. It was so nicely packed that I wanted to keep it like a memento. After one wash at home I liked the mild fruity fragrance and the shimmering mossy green liquid looked promising enough to percolate that shimmer into my hair to make it shiny. I decided to carry the new Sunsilk Natural Recharge shampoo and conditioner that was anyway given to me for a review. What better time to review especially when your hair is tormented under scorching heat and dipped in saline waters.sunsilk shampoo10


5 things I look for in a shampoo

It should not make my hair and scalp dry

I should not see hair on my bathroom floor

I should not wake up with an itchy scalp

It should cleanse in the first wash itself

My hair should remain obedient, soft and shiny even at the end of a harrowing day.

I am quiet ruthless and lazy nowadays and don’t really take much care of my hair but still expect my hair to be bouncy and healthy looking without much effort.

All these days with a lot of reluctance I used to slightly oil my hair before shampooing to keep my hair soft as most shampoos make your hair very dry and dull especially when you use it every day.

But here at the beach neither did I have the opportunity to oil my hair not did the humid temperature permit it yet I had to wash my hair twice in a day as we were drawn to the beach morning and evening.

I was really worried then I remembered Sunsilk Natural Recharge Shampoo that I had carried among the personal care items. I reread their claim that



After the wash while drying my hair,

I could actually feel that my hair was not at all tangled and felt really smooth.


The best thing was it cleansed my hair completely without drying or damaging the sebum.

My scalp felt cooler and the itchiness that usually comes back with all other shampoos had disappeared.

My scalp and hair were completely rehydrated and rejuvenated.

My hair is now lot smoother and softer, there certainly is less hair fall as I see less hair on the floor

I do not know about the fullness that the shampoo claims as I am blessed with voluminous bouncy hair maybe the lesser hair fall is an indication of the fullness it claims. I have to wait and watch.

Also the thoughtful design of the bottle with slight tapering at its center makes it easy for a perfect grip even with soapy foamy hands. The moss green bottle consists a shimmering not so thick no so runny shampoo, it lives up to its appealing promise of a shiny strong hair by infusing that shimmer into your hair making it all bouncy and shiny.

It has very mild fragrance that lingers gently with you and suits me right as I don’t appreciate loud and gaudy scents.

Sunsilk Natural Recharge is Parabens free.

Did you know that it is believed that most shampoos, cosmetics and personal care items contain a chemical compound called Paraben?

 Paraben is a synthetic preservative and these chemicals when used enter into our skin and are directly responsible for various cancers especially breast cancers.

I guess that’s the reason Indians have avoided chemicals from a very long time and still believe in traditionally massaging their hair with thick oils and use the natural soap nut powders, roots and herbs for skin and hair care but how practical is it in today’s fast moving world we neither have the time nor the energy for such elaborate procedures. But thank god for Sunsilk, I don’t have to worry about those chemicals anymore. Although I miss those days when I used to pamper my hair with the dense castor oil and then washing it off with heavenly smelling herbal soap nut powders, today owing to time constraints and of the course the convenience and care that the new era shampoos offer, after many on and off affairs with many good looking shampoos and after betraying them all because of their betrayal to my hair I have completely switched to Sunsilk ever since I fell in love with it on the beach. With Sunsilk my hair is fully insured and I feel assured now. Not only is it free from chemicals like parabens but it also contains the natural goodness of Ginseng root oil.

 Ginseng is a herbal root that fuels hair growth, lessens the stress level in the body thereby controlling hair loss and importantly prevents cancer.

The presence of Ginseng root and oil takes me back in time when I used to religiously gather various hair friendly fragrant herbs from the market, soak it in warm coconut and gingerly oil for over weeks until the goodness of the herb descended into the oils by turning into a dark oil. The traditional hair wash was like an elaborate festivity or a ritual in itself.

Today I am glad that Sunsilk with its natural ingredients has recreated the magic of a traditional hair wash and transformed the tedious methods into an easy everyday hair fair for me.

I have tried it both on well-oiled hair and dry hair but both the times it cleansed thoroughly without robbing the sebum leaving my hair hydrated and smooth.

I have been using Sunsilk from the last 4 weeks now it has definitely been a richer experience and I will not hesitate to flaunt my tresses now.

Overall it certainly seems like a genuine product and far better than many shampoos that are cluttered with chemicals.


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