Being MODIfied

A resounding verdict and an even more gratifying victory, people of this nation have indeed made their choice visibly loud and clear by giving the largest mandate to a single party which is a record in post- Independent India. I see a sense of pride and overwhelming happiness emanating from all corners on the social media, among the morning joggers, among the evening gossipers, even from those who never spoke of politics.

The vernacular by the UPA that the social media wave was a farce didn’t quite go well with social media fanatics who exist in real.

The constant denial of the underdevelopment, the stoic defence on the ever pervading scams and rampant corruption, the rise in the lawlessness, the persecution of the middle class by anti-middleclass policies with unjustified price rises, the horrendous inflictions on the farming lot, the bleak opportunities provided for the youth and most importantly concealing all these fiascos with mere English rhetoric, venomous media campaigns banking only on white imperialistic faces have really taken an ugly embarrassing toll on the veteran party.

Even those who seemed to establish connect with the young and the educated failed miserably. The Aam Aadmi in this country can certainly see through the filth and dubious intents. The detrimental Delhi Drama only furthered and facilitated the people to make their choice wisely. Canoeing in the deep sea with an eye on the big vessel has not only failed the strategist but also the people of Delhi. The dramatic ditching of Delhi eyeing a fat share in the Lok Sabha polls was just an over ambitious reverie of the young debutant literate party who is now destitute for power with deficit of credibility and people’s trust.

Don’t underestimate the intelligence of a common man (Aam Aadmi)!!

Also the communal baby fostered gently by the pseudo secularists all along their tenure has suddenly burped and is now throwing up at them. It is indeed interesting to see the melodramatic media debates all mellowed down and accrediting themselves about their speculative expertise.
The fact that Modi who was constantly vilified and bickered of being communal has secured a colossal mandate from the masses, this is a stark reflection of the ground reality and it’s really time the rhetoric experts and the many social activist agents who worked hard to keep the media debates secularly communal and amusing learn their lessons and realize that people are well informed and any attempt to radicalise thoughts would be castoff off categorically.
Maybe it’s time to redefine secularism and communalism in India.
Ye Public hai ye sab jaan thi hai!!!
People are more aware and no longer succumb to false propagations and are not bound by sentiments or hero worships but purely by virtue of the policies and the quality of polity.

Amidst all this euphoria the Modi Government certainly has a grim task ahead to tame and shoulder a dinosaur of a responsibility because clearly the people have voted for the man with loads of expectations, so how tactfully or how tacitly will he handle the power hungry pocket filling clan and how soon will he bring a sigh of relief to the poor and the middleclass of this country or how impactful in one’s everyday life will this change of guard bring about is to be waited and watched because in India corruption, inflation, communalism, illiteracy, nepotism, red tape, reservation is all inter connected and multi layered hence any alteration will conveniently snowball only a communal angle denigrating and thwarting the very idea that was envisioned for the country’s developmental aspects and bright prospects of this intelligent nation. It’s time to retrospect and reinvent ourselves by allowing the new leader a free hand to achieve a striving and thriving India and flow with the feeling of being MODIfied.

2 comments on “Being MODIfied

  1. Yet another fantastic post Mayura. The recent elections remind me of the IDEA ad, ‘Na ullu banaving’. All the people cannot be fooled all the time. This is what has been proved by the election results. Really look forward to refreshing changes. Let’s see.

    Thanks for sharing your ideas and writing so well.


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