Its Jibe Time

Its election time in India and it’s raining rallies but more so there is a hail storm of jibes and raging vibes spat against each other amidst a crowd that can hardly update itself about the daily dose of the many ‘tu tu mein mein’ bulletins because all these entertaining words of war are meant for the aam elite couch potatoes sorry social media pumpkins who de-stress by watching the many yelling and yelping debates.

But it’s not our fault you see these rally speeches are like political subhashitas. In fact the acerbic and filmy jibes are far spicier than a Ekta Kapoor’s Saas Bahu soap, who said only women can bitch and bicker? Our male netas have outdone them.

It is not just the speeches and rallies, every gesture, every ad every talk is a befitting answer to the opponent party.

First came the poverty anthem where malnourished men and children jump and clap in their slums as if they have achieved the Nirvana of contentment and can’t wait to enter the ‘Alice’s wonderland’ which was quickly countered by the ‘thaki haari jantha’s’ curses.

Then came the ‘chai wala’ comment, the commenter probably thought that it was not as glamorous as a bar tender’s job. The humble chai soon brewed, broiled and was branded emerging as a new patent that fast sold the brand name and its brand values.

The endless and unseemly bickering of blood and their bloodiness took a toll on the EC who now runs like a referee of a punch bag amidst the secular communal punches.

The chowkidar jibe, the gunda jibe, the toffee jibe the trophy jibe, the married bachelor jibe, jibe after jibe maybe they are missing Meira Kumar’s ‘shaanth ho jayiye’ lullaby but as the masses look forward to hear out their favourite Netas to get some appeasing words of assurance about what their party can really do and how they can change the existing misery, the rally stricken Netas are smitten by the reel neta syndrome posing in their many avatars.

Deriding and belittling the other to override and over power has become the mantra but this is not what the people of the country want to know and hear from tall leaders.

The people of this country want to know if there will be egalitarian educational opportunities for all without playing vote bank politics,

The people of this country want ample employment opportunities in accordance with their merits,

The people of this country want to know if the rising costs of basic commodities will ever come down, if so how?

A layman like me cannot understand and digest the number of zeroes in the many scams that we are scrummed with, all I am concerned about is that the rickshaw wala does not demand more from me, the gas delivery boy does not demand an extra 10 buck from me, an RTO goon does not harass me for a bribe to get my license, a municipal officer does not demand a share for giving me my ‘Khata’ . I don’t want to be stalked and whistled at but I want an assurance that I can walk safely on the streets, I want an assurance that honest and upright IPS officers like Manjunath(the IPS officer who was killed by petrol mafia) and Narendra Kumar(IPS officer who was killed by mining mafia)don’t get killed or people like Ashok Khemka and Durga Nagpal don’t get transferred for raising their voice because I teach my kid that this is a great nation and that honesty and truth always win, I do not want him to feel cheated and misled tomorrow when he grows up to know about this stench of deep rooted corruption plaguing every nerve of the country.

I do not want to know what the other party did but I want to know what you will do and how?

One comment on “Its Jibe Time

  1. mpuppal says:

    I fully endorse your take on the painful scenario!


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