A Rape Stricken Society-is bollywood responsible?

Every day we wake up to ghastly incidents like a minor girl raped, a 3year old raped, a 40 year old raped, journo gang raped, medical student gang raped, law/media interns sexually harassed, school girl molested by her own teacher, minister exploits airhostess sexually, college girl eve teased so on and so forth.  Have we ever wondered why?

This rapidly rising rape statistics is a grim reminder of the casual nature of our

  • Law upholding forces, the politicians who cannot take tough stands to handle crimes against women
  • The dangerous pitch of the information and broadcasting ministry in the name of creativity and modernisms and most importantly
  • The callous attitude of the film fraternity who play a massive role in shaping the minds of a vulnerable and highly impressionable society.

Every other news channel is busy covering the verdict on the Mumbai rapists, they name it as Mumbai’s shame, Delhi’s shame, Kolkotta’s shame etc, at the lok sabha they scream their lungs out demanding more reservation for women, the national leaders talk about women empowerment et al but just then paradoxically an erotic commercial with a bikini clad model breaks in diluting all that serious shit and calls out all the hairy men of India for an AXE EFFECT BOAT PARTY reducing women absolutely to nothing more than a piece of fleshy oomph. All the women rights activists might jump and say I dare not teach our women how to dress and brand me radical, saffron, pink, blue, burgundy or yellow but the point is when you cannot enforce curt laws, when you cannot ensure the at most safety of our women, when you cannot eradicate filthy mindsets by educating enough, when you cannot and don’t want to differentiate between vulgarity and creativity you have no business to mislead people into believing that it is okay to wrap yourself in a handkerchief and call yourself modern and broad minded. If modernism had anything to do with flaunting bare skin then the textile industry would be in utter chaos but I see today’s pseudo modernism as more of an invisible cultural scam inflicted on us with shallow thoughts but deep repercussions on the moral fabric of our society because modernism after all is not skin deep that can be ascertained by one’s outfit, unlike poverty it is in fact truly a state of mind.  I wonder how relevant this boat party is to those Indians who queue up their pots for their daily dose of water. How disconnected is it from the real India where even urban women don’t feel safe to walk confidently in broad day light in a fully clad salwar kameez.

This post is not about what people should wear but certainly about how and why women are portrayed as only a sexual commodity in the most
important mass mediums that impacts millions of minds.

What social responsibility are these mass mediums meeting by resorting to unnecessary nudity and vulgarity to capture audience?

What impact will this kind of content have on hairy rickshawwalas, cleaners, sweepers, security guards, barbers, coolies or truck drivers and numerous other unemployed road Romeos? Will they swell in pride that India is fast developing and becoming all modern empowering women to shed clothes equally or will they hallucinate that appeal from every other girl walking on the street?

The visual media should come out of its bigotry along with the CBFC(censor board) which consists of our bollywood and many other regional woods surely has a lot of responsibility on its shoulders in entertaining, educating and in bringing out the real India and real issues out without tinkering the ethical etiquettes of people from all strata.

The detailed visuals of a rape and violence against women in cinemas, incessant coverage of rape, molestation cases, acid attacks and murders have only ragingly augmented similar kind of crimes across the nation. Yes awareness is good but the punishments meted out to these hardcore criminals should be highlighted more than the gruesome crime so that a strong message is sent? After all ‘out of sight is out of mind’.

Even film personalities have an important responsibility towards the society as their claims and choices have a large impact on millions of fans. How many celebrities really think about contributing some social good other than their personal gains? Should CBFC the wing of Information and Broadcasting ministry also come under Lokpal as the current set up seems nonexistent and unaffected by the growing crime rate which is to a great extent the result of poor portrayal of women in the obnoxious Bollywood masalas.

In a recent Bollywood flick Dabbang 2 Salman the macho policeman takes his younger brother to an A grade cabaret in a red light area as a mark of celebration for his machogiri, it is A grade because it is Kareena who swings sways and thrusts hard for a Fevicol oblivious to the fact that she is portraying women as piece of fleshy shit when men get high.

Another film Dhoom3 has Katrina performing an Indianized strip tease to hook an offer even as many Munnis and Chemelis and Sheelas roller coast their silicon assets, the white junior artists swirl and shake their best Honey Singh has outdone all of them by launching an Indianized Bay Watch doing a ‘pani pani’ completely incognizant to the fact that this fleshy video whose outright appeal is stark nudity is by no means artistic creativity but is only sowing a dangerous seed eroding away moral values portraying mostly urban women as easily accessible and loose sexual objects, at least this is what an unsophisticated mind perceives at the outset. This is how women are going to be viewed and approached by the adolescent genre. The unrealistic concoctions of love stories between a poor roadside rag picker and a high class babe are giving a high to the local cleaners, sweepers and rickshawalas to hit on every jeans tee clad girl or even aunty for that matter with their lusty eyes.

Yes we all want equality in our country but not by compromising our safety.

Today all leading actresses who are often role models to millions choose sexuality and obscenity as a shortcut to fame and money in the name of glamor confusing and contradicting a society that is still struggling to accept women as individuals.

A Rape is definitely a result of an inhuman sick mindset devoid of moral values lacking any kind of respect for a woman but when this crime rate is directly proportional to the amount of obscenity and nudity being thrust upon the ingenuous impressionable masses day in day out by the visual media it is highly unfathomable to know how really our women can be empowered.

It is acting as unwound electric wire hanging loose on everyone’s head about to electrocute the delicate social moral fabric of our society.

If at all any government is serious about empowering women then it’s time the IBC ministry pulls up its socks instead of simply imitating the west by permitting lewd stuff in the name of freedom which is completely bizarre and in stark contrast to the ground reality.

Is it time our supreme court interrupted to take precautionary steps by setting the censor board in place instead of revising and devising anti-rape laws after the brutality?


6 comments on “A Rape Stricken Society-is bollywood responsible?

  1. aamjunta says:

    Very crisply analysed ! I agree with the writer’s views and admit the urgent need of our society to address the root-causes, instead of only blaming it on Law-makers and Law-enforcers. Media definitely has a huge role to play… We need a holistic approach.

    Early this month, I too have voiced similar concerns through my article titled ‘The Chaste of Liberty’ at my blog-site.


  2. Sunset says:

    I take pride in Indian culture, traditions. But many people embrace the westernization. I don’t say it is wrong, but I don’t like it when people mock our culture. If you really look into the early scriptures, women were given equal rights in India (only the Manusmirthi kind of demeans women – which is believed to be tampered by the invaders) …What is India turning into now?

    The worst part is when I was studying abroad for a year, in one of the history sessions, when the teacher asked what is famous in India… one of the students stood up to say “rape”. I felt ashamed.

    This AXE ad I see everyday is making me throw up. Though it is crazy, I even thought that such boats should capsize (my bad… I was just furious).

    The eradication of inhumane acts like rape can be done only by the joint efforts of everyone. It begins from educating a child to give respect to others by the parents, teachers. Our education system is just about vomitting and reproducing the crap in books. More moral based or atleast healthy interactions should be a part of school life. Even in this generation, I meet fellow students in college who believe women should be part of home.

    TV is a powerful visual medium. Students might end up being bored in “moral value” classes. But movies are something everyone would watch. Instead of wasting time on glamour, they can really work of good movies. Sensuality factor never needs to be equal to skin show. That is lame. Nowadays everything is accessible to even a 5 year old in the internet, so what good does an A certificate do?

    Besides Skin showing is NOT equal to modernization. Stupid.

    Also the punishment for this heinous crime must be brutal. That would atleast keep them in check.

    Wonderful article. It touches the perfect flaws in our current society. I’m happy that I’m not the only one with such feelings. All children will soon grow to be Miley Cyrus if this goes on.


  3. Do you know about National Cleavage Day? This is a feminist campaign to portray a fake empowerment notion. Actually feminists want to control all sexual encounters – national cleavage day for empowerment http://wp.me/p2QDMq-CD


    • Honestly had never heard about any such thing, just visited your blog and was a little prejudiced about who really is inventing and funding such days and are there really any such takers in the Indian scenario except Sunny leone. I do not concur with any of these feminist anti Indian agents who simply try to brew things up on the media if only they dared to show this identity in a local bus station then they will know what empowerment is all about. Such pseudo feminists who do nothing for the women education or women rights in a true sense can continue to bull shit like to spice up some traffic.
      Thanks for reading me.


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