Some Smelly Souls


We ran out together in the rain and ate ice creams on terribly cold days, scrolled down the Results list together, I remember the days when we walked long distances biting on the same spicy butta(roasted corn) and running madly in search of water to cool our tongues, We were inseparable and struck to each other like magnets no matter what. Be it studies, shopping, chitchatting, going to college we shared every secret, stood together during rough times, lived every moment and dreamt together.  She was my best friend or at least I thought so.

Oh! Life you were so beautiful

With people around so wonderful

Innocent genuine and unconditional

With trust, love, friendship so surreal

Devoid of any ills and evil mind

So simple it was to bind

Unaware of avarice or any malevolence

We only knew to rejoice in benevolence

Life then was very beautiful with people around so wonderful

But time is a cunning troll who robbed it all

Year after year in the season of fall

The spiteful venom of malice brewed tall

Casing her eyes and heart in a ball

Of fire spewing a hateful squall

Cracking friendship’s wall

The green eyed monster had trumped after all.

Despite being so close whenever I got some extra attention or applause she would develop cold feet and move away from me, I thought she was too shy. On the various occasions where I scored better or dressed better She would unnecessarily get upset with me and disconnect from me without even reasoning out, I thought she was feeling low, she would suddenly walk out on my face, suddenly cry, and emote it was my fault, I thought I had probably ignored her. I would go any distance to console her and kept explaining till I made her feel better and patched up.

After college we both took up jobs and used to meet regularly during weekends, soon the weekly meetings became monthly and slowly even the phone calls reduced. I always insisted on meeting but she evaded every time saying she was lot busier than I was, I thought her job was very demanding.

But secretly she did meet all my other friends and evaded me I did not know why? But she kept announcing that we were great buddies.

Yes we were busy in our own lives, soon I was getting married but not once did she come and meet me, she did come for the wedding but only for a brief while like an alien with a peevish look. I had expected her to be with me all the while during all the rituals but I could smell that loathsome jealousy in her as she wished me with a blank face without an iota of happiness. Her heart was in abject poverty without any love but filled only with the misery of malice. My eyes swelled in tears looking at her gruesome reality. But this time I thought it was tears of joy on my most memorable day.

I always thought she was close to me but secretly she despised me for reasons unknown to me but I just kept telling myself that she was just childish but loved me dearly.

The truth was she was absolutely jealous about every aspect of me all along and I never wanted to believe it.

Today we cross each other at many points but she makes sure her eyes don’t meet mine. I cannot believe it, times may change but certain people always smell the same.

I have come across many such species with innate reeking traits of jealousy, hypocrisy, lies, pretensions, dubious intensions and unpredictable behaviors the ones who shine their smiles on a sunny day and freeze cold turning away faces on a rainy day, specimens who don’t greet in a lift in spite of knowing you and wait and watch like a game of ‘who blinked first’ expecting you to always smile first, parents who scowl  at each because their kids had a bitter fight all these ugly encounters has made me tough and now can smell it all in a jiffy.

I just ignore those stenches and wonder what’s that smell boss?smelly bannerWhen the ugly thoughts hover

Wash it away with a hot shower

Cleanse your soul, feel refreshed and nice

Experience that state without any vice.

This is my entry for Racold ‘Whats That Smell Boss’ contest.

4 comments on “Some Smelly Souls

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  2. Team BlogAdda says:

    This post has been selected for the Spicy Saturday Picks this week. Thank You for an amazing post! Cheers! Keep Blogging 🙂


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