My Secret Santa

Souvenirs are like time machines that slide you back in time bringing alive those wonderful moments you love to cherish. In this materialistic world sometimes little things that touch your heart can go on to become more precious than you ever thought. One such little gesture now occupies my living room very gracefully.

updated horse7

It was Christmas time and we were playing Secret Santa at office. Each one of us shamelessly announced seeking the most expensive gift on earth as we were a liberal friendly team of witty nuts who often made fun of each other ruthlessly so much that it had become the norm and everyone was in sync with it.

The next day I arrived at office, I called Vijay our office boy to Xerox some papers for me, as I pulled papers from the stack I noticed a small gift lying on my desk that was crap wrapped with brown tapes.

‘Which miser has gifted this Vijay ’ I said opening it only to see a splendid horse. It was indeed very beautiful, I turned around to find my Santa but there was none.

It was late noon by now but the mystery around the mysterious Santa remained unraveled I then called Vijay and asked him to bring me a fruit bowl. Vijay was a very shy and silent person who did not understand English nor our language so he stumbled and struggled to follow instructions but one good thing about him was he was very dedicated and made sincere efforts to better himself. He had moved to the city recently and was completely new to all this urban culture.

As he kept the bowl on my desk I enquired if he knew who had kept the gift. He was very hesitant to talk to ladies usually he looked down and politely asked me if I liked the gift. “Yes of course but I will not spare that scrooge till he compensated for the sad wrapping” I said. He quickly handed over a little candy and said ‘Madam, I am a very poor man and this is all I can afford please accept this candy as a compensation as I had packed the gift myself’.

I was dumbstruck and felt wretched about my insensitivities in the name of funny norms, I thanked him immensely and explained that I never meant to hurt. He smilingly said ‘I know Madam’. But I had just realized why he remained mysterious till then. He feared that he might not have lived up to our expectations but it is the most sincere gift I have ever received. He might have forgotten me by now but for me it was truly an unforgettable emotional experience that helped me to empathize with others and understand the harsh realities of life.

Sometimes souvenirs are not just memories but also reminders to practice the little lessons you learnt in the journey called life.

This post is my entry for the ‘My Most Memorable Memento’ contest conducted by My Yatra Diary travel blog and Indian Coupons.”

I also invite my fellow bloggers Saket Kalikar, Nandini Deka and Ragini Puri to take part in this contest.

8 comments on “My Secret Santa

  1. saketspeaks says:

    You packed so many emotions in one post- anticipation, fun, joy of receiving gift, guilt, and empathy. Good writting!


  2. purbaray says:

    What a heart warming gesture and post.


  3. kimi colney says:

    very nice post….:)


  4. One emotional post…. Loved the horse too …. Just a beautiful gift! 🙂


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