Back From The Dead

The winds howled drifting the dry leaves noisily as the dust picked up like a monster spinning and hovering haywire I sprung out assembling myself from that dingy place. I had not smelt fresh air in many days. I headed straight to my home the newspaper was still not picked up I opened it and saw my name in the obituary column. Was it a reminder to all those who had forgotten me or did they really miss me?

It feels like yesterday that I hurriedly purchased the last tickets at the movie counter with loads of popcorn in my hand along with my family but I am already a bygone era now.

Every time I watched an emotional scene I would cry incessantly and all my friends and family would catch me crying even in the dark and make fun of me but today as I sob in this intangible form looking at my own funeral I wonder how they could hold back their tears I wonder if it has evaporated with time?

Today as I traverse over the skies trying to understand life selflessly I see my family in a stoic silence with a blank expression. Everybody else is crying but he still didn’t cry but had forgotten smiling I mused what tough configuration God has coded men with. But I see that he and the kids have moved on, they are all doing their job on time without any reminder calls or shouting. My kids have learnt to get ready on their own and my hubby now does not require a verbal alarm to switch off the TV it is as if all these years of my shouting reminders has set an inbuilt alarm clock in them. I glide through the solid wall of the kitchen like Harry Potter to see if things are orderly, everything is orderly and I am shocked to see this. Pat rang the doorbell, who could it be at this early hour I thought? I watched my maid Lakshmi come in and quickly take over the kitchen she was now promoted to a cook. “I have been replaced by a maid servant” I thought, was this all I was to them? Am I behaving like a rooster who thought sun never rose without its croon?

She kept the water for boiling maybe to make coffee. I hated the smell of coffee and he loved it but I always made only tea for him. Quickly enough I saw her making tea instead of coffee. She finished and left and my husband then served the breakfast and tea on the dining table and insisted that everybody come to the table itself which was a thing of rarity when I was there. He had adopted all my ways in fact I had become a way of his life.

Next day it was my funeral rites and I was quite disappointed that I could not eat any of those delicacies made explicitly for my remembrance. Many people had assembled, many whom I knew and lot many whom I never knew. They savored the elaborate menu and sanctified me as the holiest and nicest person in the world with many nice words. I wondered why they never acknowledged this when I was alive. I would have been holier to them. I moved forward to see who else had come and was shocked to see that even that annoying neighbor who disturbed and fought with us constantly was there happily eating and mourning me. He now had stopped smoking in the balcony and letting his dog loose, I was glad to see the change but why are people better understood only when they depart?

At night my hubby who normally watched English movies or some funny stuff to relieve stress was now watching “Arnab Goswami’ as if to say he missed me. He really missed me as the house was echoing with silence without my ranting and now he was only trying to find an alternative. In the hall my highly depressed but addictive relatives could not help but watch ‘Diya Aur Bhati’ which was still being broadcast even now. The actresses still wore the same heavy makeup and gaudy apparel batting their nylon eyelashes for their next witch hunt. I was reassured the fashions had not changed much nor the mindset but the only change was even NatGeo and Discovery channels had subscribed to Ekta Kapoor’s soaps for their TRPs.

I then visited my wardrobe, alas! It was all donated and now it was filled with useless wires and unrecognizable laptop spares. I then turned to find my hubby and was aghast to see him lying in the middle of the bed surrounded by various stylish wide bottomed sleek faced beauties, touching the touch screens he was working really hard with his paraphernalia of laptops and tabs. Laptops they were!! Else I would possess him and haunt him like a werewolf. I peeped into his laptop and yes it was my picture on his wallpaper. Times had changed, life had moved on but when I woke up dead I was in his heart so sacred.

This Post is Written for the theme “Waking up from the dead and watching how life unfolded without you.. Is your lover remarried? Is your mother over your loss and likewise.” for In(di)Spire ideas.


13 comments on “Back From The Dead

  1. saketspeaks says:

    Nicely written with each sentence a meaningful one. ‘I saw her making tea instead of coffee’
    A touching post with an dash of humour.


  2. Nandhini VK says:

    That’s the irony of life. What we wish to have happened during life comes to pass after life 🙂 Beautifully said!


  3. The strong code of men and inbuilt conditioning after years of pestering, so true. indeed. marvelously woven.


  4. ashadeofpen says:

    Every time I come across a blog hosted on WP at IB.. it gets me all pumped up…
    I particularly loved the line
    “Times had changed, life had moved on but when I woke up dead I was in his heart so sacred.”

    awesome post.. i really loved it…


  5. Amrita says:

    Excellent post..I love d simple yet striking perspective U bring out- dat y r v understood better wen v r dead?


  6. Anita says:

    Many striking observations like the TV Serials and choice of Arnab Goswami debate over funny shows, people coming in to eat to mourn, laptop wires in wardrobe and screens on bed…
    Really touching…. And yes even I get emotionally carried away watching movies! 🙂


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